Trump Up, Clinton Down, Clinton Scandals, Health Wrecks Media Propaganda Campaign

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The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

HAHAHA.  The NYT headlines are funny as all hell.  So, Trump is secretive about his health and so is Hillary?  What does he have to hide so far?  The main danger to his health is being assassinated and since his poll numbers took off this week, the elites are back to square one: how to kill Trump.  Hillary’s declining health is a huge issue online outside the mainstream media but her attempt at hiding this by not appearing in public at all is a huge clue to even clueless people, something is very, very wrong.  The NYT does the ‘kill the messenger’ on this story.

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HAHAHA.  The NYT editorial front page is equally funny since it has the same editors!  So, the $400 million Iran ransom was fake?  HAHAHA.  It just so happened that money we owed them was handed over in exchange for the prisoners and this happened because…the US elites illegally held the money in the first place!  So that is the real scandal here.  Oh, they can’t talk about that!


The editors of that miserable and now nearly useless rag of a paper which once exposed the Pentagon papers and other real news stories, are hot and furious about Trump talking about the Bilderberg gang’s secret affairs.  How dare he!  There are  no conspiracies against Trump!  HAHAHA.


‘Hillary wants to be your FB friend’ is supposed to be a story about how smart she is as she has staff post stuff online since she can’t walk to a podium and give a brief speech anymore.  How very clever of her and her gang.  We all know that Trump really does chat online which sends the media into a frenzy daily.


Reading the young staffers at the DNC pretending to be Hillary is…yawn…BORING.  Ick.  Online comments that are boring are snoozers, this doesn’t bring people to the polls, it sedates them.


Washington Post:  Emails reveal how foundation donors got access to Clinton, State Dept. aides shows clearly that the dirt the media hid is finally hitting the fan and s**t is flying all over the place.  Thanks to hackers!  Bless them all.  The biggest issue is how our elections are fake since the owners of the politicians are totally concealed and the biggest prostitutes of all are the Clinton clan, they whore all over the planet earth and then pretend they are little people working for the rest of us.


More Washington Post front page editorial stuff:

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The irony, the hilarity never stops, does it?  ‘How dare Trump talk about Hillary’s health!’ howls Ruthless Ruthie the Marcus Royale of the editorial pages there.  ‘Cheap populism’ snorts Bilderberger Gerson.  Black minstrel to the rich, Robinson, whines that Trump can change direction when necessary unlike…HAHAHA.  Hillary, the weathervane.


Rampell signs on to praise the latest generation, the one being fleeced by insanely high university costs, can’t afford to buy a home, forever renters or living with mom: ‘Good for them!’  Oh, the horrors of owning property, snorts the snobs who are running our nation into bankruptcy.  ‘Owning stuff is stupid, live in places owned by US and we will be the landlords for all you PEASANTS.’


My family owned land since around 1100 AD.  Before that, we simply ran wild in the wilderness.  Once we took over England, we settled down to crushing peasants, stealing stuff, fighting with the kings, etc. until kicked out in 1610.  Main thing here hammered into our heads since birth is: OWN PROPERTY.  Period.


No generation has not owned property for a thousand years.  But for the vast majority of Americans, nearly none owned any property before coming here, this is why they came here in the first place!  Outside of the slaves who were ‘property’ the majority of immigrants came here because they heard they could get jobs and above all, buy homes and own land, themselves!  It was a huge, huge selling point.  Still is.


Another editorial scolds us all on immigration: the elites need a flood of cheap labor to keep down wages and to enslave via making them live as tenants.  I was a landlady for many years and guess what?  I had more money and property than tenants!


Here is an article written by a black lady that ends up standing on its head:  Black People on Welfare: Let’s Not Sugarcoat It


The article starts out ok; that there are more Whites and Hispanics (combined) on welfare than there are Black people on welfare. This statistic is well-known and cannot really be twisted in a way that states the contrary. But there is more to that statistic than meets the eye. You see, Black Americans make up 32% of welfare recipients, even though they comprise a mere 12% of the US population. So the demographics of welfare recipients are not comparable to the overall demographics of the US. Even more concerning, Black Americans are more than twice as likely to have been on welfare than White Americans.


Don’t Worry, I Am Not Trying to Promote the Myth of the Black Welfare Queen!


Before I go on any further, I should explain that my goal here is not to say that conservatives are correct in denigrating Black Americans as lazy moochers who needlessly take advantage of welfare benefits. Quite contrary. I know of many people on welfare. I myself am in the process of applying for food stamps. The vast majority of people really and truly need these benefits in order to secure food, shelter and living necessities for themselves and for their families. So let’s clear the air on that. But what bothers me is the inability for people to accurately articulate why welfare is such a hotbed issue in the Black American community.


The welfare queen stuff is no ‘myth’.  I lived right dead center in ‘welfare queenland’ in NYC in the 1970’s and my black female neighbors laughed as my husband and I both worked while they all goofed off and spat out a kid periodically to collect welfare and then send their elder children into the hood to loot it and bring in drug money.  They systematically destroyed huge swaths of NYC doing this.


The black lady writing this stupid article complains about how she and her buddies must get welfare…no one is supporting their out of wedlock children!  Oh, they didn’t get married, they simply had kiddies and now they are helpless.  Once again, learning nothing.


Instead, there is this liberal push to pretend there is no problem with marriage and two adults raising children, there are no welfare mothers, blacks aren’t in trouble falling into this trap, etc:  20 Years After Welfare Reform, The Fight to Destigmatize Poor Black Mothers Continues – In These Times


Twenty years after the passage of welfare reform, its legacy is still controversial. Critics of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton have pointed to the 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, which she championed as first lady, as a stain on her progressive bona fides. In April, Clinton acknowledged that policy makers should “take a hard look” at whether changes imposed by the law—including tying work requirements to cash assistance and cutting off all aid after five years—increased economic hardship.


Others have been more blunt: In February, author and legal scholar Michelle Alexander wrote in The Nation that welfare reform was never about “personal responsibility” or taxpayer dollars. Instead, it was a bid by Bill Clinton’s administration to win millions of white voters back to the Democratic Party by advancing “the right-wing narrative that black communities ought to be disciplined with harsh punishment rather than coddled with welfare.”


Once upon a time, Atlantic Monthly was a semi-sane magazine.  I actually subscribed to it around 40 years ago. Today, it is a silly rag and here is a prime example of bad statistics, bad writing:  Understanding Out-of-Wedlock Births in Black America – The Atlantic has this gem of a paragraph:


One obvious reason that you have a higher percentage of children born out of wedlock in the black community is that the number of unmarried women (mothers or not) has grown a lot, while number of married women has grown only a little.


HAHAHA.  The black lady writing this tripe set out to prove nothing is amiss in the black community.  Her vain attempt at this was to compare numbers of married black women with not-married black women while ignoring the real statistics, the multiple children born to the single mothers while the married ones have few to no children!


The entire debate about the social collapse of the black family and how children are being born mainly to welfare mothers.  The ‘welfare reforms’ collapsed and we have returned to the ‘my job is to have  many illicit babies so I can stay on welfare forever’ scheme all over again.


The destruction of black families is very attached to the problem of exporting most US good-paying industrial jobs.  Liberals running the DNC know perfectly well, they are exporting jobs just as the RNC is doing the exact same thing.  Trump isn’t an insider to this game of fleecing America while lying about race or lying about job creation or lying about education (being deep in debt with a useless degree isn’t economic freedom!).


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4 responses to “Trump Up, Clinton Down, Clinton Scandals, Health Wrecks Media Propaganda Campaign

  1. e sutton

    Hillary´s owners keep parading her around like something out of ¨Weekend At Bernie´s¨ Honestly, you could not pay for this amount of comedy. Here is our girl displaying how full of vim and vigor she is by opening a pickle jar.

  2. emsnews

    Yes, no speeches, no travel to cities, no nothing but private lawn parties and TV buffoons making stupid jokes.

  3. Petruchio

    Must we talk about that hideous, vile hag Mrs. Clinton? I guess so. Eeeeewwwww! Anyways, I find it REALLY interesting to watch the Clinton campaign ads.

    No, not the ones where Mrs. Clinton portrays herself as a defender of children’s rights and issues, the other ones. The ones where former BUSH advisors and top neo-cons like Charles Krauthammer come out and support Hillary. Het wait a minute!! Aren’t these guys REPUBLICANS?! HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!

    It’s out in the open now. Republicans, supporting Hillary Clinton!! My goodness, the façade is wearing mighty thin now, isn’t it? Not a dime’s worth of difference between the Two Parties, and hasn’t been for a long time. I hope people pick up on this Republicans endorsing the Democrat situation. And: I notice there is only ancient video of Mrs. Clinton in her campaign ads. Mrs. Clinton’s TOTAL lack of fitness for the Presidency is getting too hard for even the media to hide. Fun stuff to watch.

    As I have said before: “All the King’s horse and all the Numbskulls and Boneheads can’t put THIS Humpty Dumpty back together again!” Mrs. Clinton as Humpty Dumpty. That’s a good one, if I do say so myself. And I do. HaHa!

  4. Melponeme_k

    Hillarity is turning into Charlie McCarthy for the Edgar Bergen Elite BUT according to Oxford University, it is TRUMP WHO IS HITLER! OMG!

    I swear comedy can’t get much better than this.

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