Hillary’s Obvious Physical Deterioration Is Freaking Out Media Giants Supporters

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Bruni: Hillary Health Shocker! The NYT is now in desperation mode.  Their staff are toiling hard to fix the flat tire candidacy since it is obvious to everyone now that Hillary plans nearly zero public appearances except on comedy shows (WTF?) run by liberals.  This serious campaign is being conducted at Comedy Central.  Hillary opened a jar that was pre-cracked open to prove she is fit to run for office.  Seriously.


Although she has gone to extraordinary lengths to distract and deceive American voters, the truth is finally coming out: Hillary Clinton has an 11th toe.


HAHAHA.  How about a second head?  I wondered all summer long, and it was supposed to be the Hottest Summer EVER according to warmists, this lady always appeared in public in the rare occasions she showed up anywhere, dressed as if it were winter.  From head to toe, totally covered up with a tent and wide pants.


Maybe, this NYT comedian should suggest, she is really a Muslim?  HAHAHA.


don’t have the medical records. She refuses to release them. But just try to come up with some other explanation for why she’s so infrequently photographed in sandals or flip-flops; why she seldom appears barefoot in public; why, during debates, she keeps her legs, especially the lower halves, tucked carefully behind the lectern.


This bitch won’t release a single speech she made to her pay masters at Wall Street or overseas!  We have been demanding these speeches to see what she really plans to do to us all and the NYT had been an utter disgrace in this matter. They know what she said at all the Bilderberg meetings because the NYT attends all of these damn meetings, don’t they?


They also know what she said to Wall Street, too, for the same reasons.


She’s covering something up, and it’s that freakish, disqualifying digit.


Idiot writer.  This stupid, stupid man is paid a lot of money to write like a child.  He thinks he is funny!  HAHAHA.  Nope.  He is ‘funny’ but not due to his cleverness but due to his stupidity.  Like watching a drunk stumble about, he is funny.


Have you watched her walk? Look closely. She wobbles a bit, or maybe it’s more of a teeter, combined with a lurch, and the likeliest cause is podiatric asymmetry. I consulted foot specialists. At least they referred to themselves that way online, and when I assured them that an interview with me could be their springboard to Sean Hannity, they opened up.


We are not making fun of how she can’t walk very well, we are asking legitimate questions especially since her election schedule has nearly no public appearances at all.  When there was terrible floods in Louisiana, Trump showed up instantly, Obama played golf and complained about being forced to show up in a black community to ‘make nice’ and then grudgingly flew his private jets down there to yap for a minute or two.


Oh, the irony of global warming!  His jet flights are a prime example of hypocrisy.  Back to Clinton: she never showed up at all.  She appeared on a comedy show, instead, to boast about how strong she is.


Op-Ed: Why Trump’s Election Observers Are a Bad Idea the NYT whines.  How dare they do this???  The NYT is pushing hard, along with the entire DNC leadership (sic) to allow illegal aliens to vote.  The hope is, since blacks voters are less than 10% of the voting public, they desperately need recent immigrants and even they are not enough, the illegals must vote illegally, too.


This is infuriating, the editors are traitors.  This is treason.  Handing over the choice of our leader to people who are illegally here is treason.  No ifs, ands or buts.


Are Trump and Clinton Healthy? – The New York Times asks and it is all about how stupid it is to ask questions.  If Trump were running against a healthy, young lass, the NYT would be screaming about future and present health problems of Trump.  But since Hillary is obviously too frail to campaign, they pretend that Trump is equally bad off while at the same time, the paper is claiming, Hillary has no problems so shut up.


Should Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton be more transparent about their health than they have been?


Yes. I think that their physicians are — I don’t want to say that they’re coerced into saying that they’re in good shape, but I think it would be much fairer to their personal physicians if their medical data were available to a neutral panel of physicians, a bipartisan panel who could review their data and say, Hillary doesn’t really have a clotting problem, Trump is not really a manic depressive psychotic. It would be much better if we had a neutral view.


We don’t need a panel, we need openness.  And there isn’t any.  It is obvious, blindingly obvious that Hillary isn’t very strong anymore.  She has obvious problems that anyone with half a brain can see.  It is a very important topic to cover and the same paper screaming that there is no problem is the problem here.


I keep thinking some shred of honesty might show up at the NYT but nope, it is pure hogwash, nonstop these days.  What a comedown from past years!


And today, I give a cheer for the Washington Post.  Evidently, someone at the top has decided that the many scandals nipping at Hillary’s heels is worthy of examination:  $50,000 tickets to dine with Clinton spotlight a vulnerability for her campaign.  No kidding!!! Duh!!!!  About time!!!!!  All the rest of the editorials and stories are anti-Trump but at least one ray of honest light is being cast.


Officials investigate trooper’s fatal shooting of a deaf man in North Carolina is making smallish news, not huge headlines.  The deaf man shot dead was, like the other recent shooting by a cop, done by a black cop, not a white cop.  Therefore, it is not all that important news.  Black and other ethnic cops have been arrested for killing blacks in the past and cops are getting increasingly leery about doing anything at all at this point.


The NYT today has its ratio of race articles, too:  ‘I Have a Black Son in Baltimore’: Anxious New Parents and an Era of Unease – The New York Times.  It is about Bill Janu who is a ‘white cop’ living with a ‘black wife’ in a very dangerous city due to it being filled with lots and lots of blacks who like the life of crime.


They had chosen not to find out their baby’s gender ahead of time. But their nearly two years of marriage had been punctuated by the killings of African-American men and boys in Ferguson, Mo.; Brooklyn; Cleveland; North Charleston, S.C.; and Baltimore, all at the hands of the police. Mr. Janu, who longed for a son, tried to reassure his wife. Mrs. Janu emailed him one article after another, warning of the perils that face black boys.


As the due date approached, Mr. Janu found himself praying for a girl.


And why do black boys do so badly???  This isn’t addressed.  Black boys kill each other and egg each other on when they become teenagers.


She worries as her husband holsters his Glock 22, kisses her goodbye and heads out the door to pursue gun runners and violent criminals in this predominantly black city. Will he be a target now on the street?


She worries as she has adjusted to the rhythms of round-the-clock feedings and diaper changes. What dangers might Wesley face as a teenager at the hands of the police?

Baltimore black rape gangs strike again == white racism to blame, again – YouTube: news from this week, one of zillions of stories of black street criminals killing people.


Today’s second WTF moment has arrived thanks to the hard work of NYT writers.  Thank you.  The NYT dare not mention that 90%+ of the dangers this black child faces in the future are due to black youths going down the path to utter ruin.  The black mother, it appears, grew up in a white neighborhood and attended a white school.  But now they are in Baltimore, a place with horrible schools where black children run riot.


Mrs. Janu considers herself the no-nonsense, practical parent, but the list fills her with sadness. “Black boys aren’t allowed to be innocent or young,” she said. “They don’t have that privilege.”


Black boys are DANGEROUS. Around 50% of all murders are done by black males and of these, more than half are by young black males.  No sane person wants to be anywhere near any young black males anymore due to this fact.  Most house break-ins, most street crimes are by this same demographic group.


If the stupid mother in this propaganda piece were truly worried about her son’s future, she should be talking about raising him far, far away from other black children.  She would then have a 90% chance he will grow up non-violent and sane.  But they are in Baltimore, a place that is being systematically ripped apart by black youths.


Mr. Janu felt bewildered at first by such talk. He is the optimist in the family, the dreamer. He had never imagined such a discussion with his son. “You wouldn’t have to explain that to a white child,” he said.


The discussion with the future teen son would have to be, ‘I raised you in a white school district to avoid seeing you become a street thug.’


He said he had lived most of his life “with blinders on.” His conversations with his wife have opened his eyes.


In the past, Mr. Janu said, he often assumed that the black boys he saw on impoverished street corners were criminals-to-be, youngsters destined for handcuffs. Now, he looks for the exuberance in the faces of the wisecracking, jostling boys still savoring the waning days of summer.


He hopes that other police officers will see that, too, someday, in his son.


WTF again???  What?  Whenever anyone sees a group of young black males in our dying cities, on a street corner ‘joking’ and pushing each other (and anyone who is stupid enough to get near them) around, they run the other way unless they are stupid, then they get beat up and learn to run the other way.


This attempt at whitewashing reality so that the deterioration in cities across the nation as they become hell holes for violent criminals again, is shocking when one considers that the entire staff and owners of the NYT will move heaven and hell to prevent any black criminal youths from being anywhere near the NYT people…is hilarious.


HAHAHA.  Move all the black youths of Baltimore to the Hamptons on Long Island!  Move them to midtown Manhattan, too.  Move them to the DC suburbs where all the white liberals camp out.  Adopt a thug program could do this.  Put their pictures on milk cartons and say, ‘Can you adopt this pathetic thug?’


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6 responses to “Hillary’s Obvious Physical Deterioration Is Freaking Out Media Giants Supporters

  1. e sutton

    Now Mel, ya´all know that that be rayciss n sheeit, gnome sane?

  2. ziff

    funny ting, bout trump , when i’m awake i’m all for him but at night my subconscious is giving me nightmares.

  3. floridasandy

    that NYT article was enough to gag anybody.

    With 2 clueless parents, how can you expect a child to thrive anyway?


    maybe dad the cop can point out exactly how many cops were murdered by thugs this year, or maybe he can’t be bothered— since he seems to be spending his free time imagining his son standing on the street corner, given up to a city that kills.

    the stupid, it burns.

  4. floridasandy

    nani, how crazy is that? first, Obama releases piles of money to Iran and then evidently doesn’t trust them so we have this:

    The United States and other countries are concerned about Iran’s support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, its ballistic missile program, and its backing for Shiite militias that have abused civilians in Iraq.

    The U.S. defense official said that in Tuesday’s incident the USS Nitze tried to communicate with the Iranian vessels 12 times, but received no response. It also fired 10 flares in the direction of two of the Iranian vessels.

    He has empowered them with our cash, and now wants to get combative???

    the stupid, it burns.

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