Hillary Clinton Goes After Alex Jone’s Infowars Without A Peep Of Her Own Secret Society Crap!

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The video reminds us of previous dirty tricks from way back in the early 1960s.  Goldwater was one of my father’s friends and I remember well how upset everyone was about these odious ads.  Now our media giants play ‘dirty tricks’ over and over again, nakedly.  This time, in pursuit of stopping a non-Bilderberg gangster from gaining the White House.  Clintons and Bushes are one and the same, behind the curtain.  In front of the stage, they pretend to be at odds.  But as more and more Bush dark figures openly campaign for the Clintons, this hidden association is now rising to the surface for all to see.


Judge orders expedited release of 15,000 Hillary Clinton documents found by FBI – CBS News reports because this is the news.  The other news, as usual, will be all about how this information is stupid, unnecessary and don’t look at it too closely, so what, etc.  But it is real news and like Watergate which happened before Nixon won overwhelmingly only to go down in flames and who had an enemies list which included not only my father but me!  HAHAHA.  Well…more fun for us.


The NYT today has desperate headlines.  Trump is going to lose in the West due to all the recent Hispanic immigrants, they are hoping.  Why is the media so frantic about Hillary?  She is winning, hands down, has the recent immigrant and black vote in her back pockets, why fret so much about this?  HAHAHA, again.  And look at the NYT photo of an ‘electric’ Nick Kyrgios.  He plays tennis, that white nobility game, yes, nobles invented it like horse racing, and he looks like a street thug.

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Dr Drew’s show is CANCELLED after he claimed that Hillary Clinton is suffering BRAIN DAMAGE while speculating about her ‘dangerous’ health as the Ruling Elites frantically muscle everyone into voting for Hillary.  Oh, I am SOOOO anxious to vote for her because anyone who is against her is immediately severely punished.  Yes, vote for the Bitch.  She’ll destroy you if you refuse.  Great campaign, guys.


US Killing More Syria Civilians Than They Admit because every one of these deaths is a war crime and all the civilians we have killed in the last 50 years is a war crime. I wish we could arrest all our war criminals and haul them to Nüremberg.


The US Army Lost Track of $6.5 Trillion: I wish I could arrest them all, too.  Nothing useful will come from this news.


War criminal Bush Advisor Wolfowitz Says He’ll Likely Vote for Clinton: HAHAHAHA.  Fellow war criminals!  Duh!


And now on to the funny news, funniest of all:  Clinton’s speech on the ‘alt-right’ fits a familiar pattern – The Washington Post reports.  Hillary went before a tiny group of young ladies to whine about Infowars and good old conspiracy theory dude, Alex Jones.  This became the happiest day in his life.  He laughed so hard, he nearly had a heart attack.


In a speech in Reno on Thursday, Hillary Clinton called out some of the weirder and darker corners of the Internet in an effort to reinforce Donald Trump’s associations with the racist fringe of American conservatism.


Yes, even if Trump never said a word to any of these people including me, still, she wants to tell us all, we are nasty and she is nice because the people she hangs out with and yes, she HAS met with, are the criminal mothers of thugs who cops had to kill.  What is wrong with all this???


“This is someone who retweets white supremacists online, like the user who goes by the name ‘WhiteGenocideTM,’ ” Clinton said. “Trump took this fringe bigot with a few dozen followers and spread his message to 11 million people.”


The combination of social-media jargon and extreme-right lingo might have made Clinton’s remarks seem like a new and different kind of speech for a major party’s presidential nominee.


Yet progressive politicians — including Clinton’s husband — have been delivering similar speeches for decades. Sometimes, conservative politicians’ messages can seem to exploit voters’ racial anxieties. Progressive candidates often respond by emphasizing the racial dimension of those messages and turning their opponents’ rhetoric against them…


Yes, as they all embrace violent revolutionaries who hate all of us and want to kill us, we are to be scared of racists who want to act like the Black Panthers.


In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson ran a television advertisement against Barry Goldwater, the Republican nominee who opposed civil rights legislation, with images of hooded Klansmen and a burning cross. An actor quoted a leader in the Klan endorsing Goldwater.


The video link is at the top of the page.


Later, during John West’s campaign for governor of South Carolina in 1970, he used a similar strategy when his opponent called for “discipline” in schools and ran television spots that mentioned the riots in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles several years earlier.


Yes, as I was running around NYC yelling about the disintegration of society, the criminals running riot, our city burning down nightly, the high murder, high crime, organizing my own street patrols in desperation, literally fighting thugs using crow bars and machetes, during this mass crime event, we were told, we were racists even though my patrol was half black, thanks to the many brothers who joined in our desperado group.


Today, our schools are hell holes.  People are desperate to remove their children from the schools and go to tremendous lengths to get them into more or less white schools because the black dominated schools are violent hell holes.  And now teachers have to call cops to discipline students and the lack of respect and honesty is now rampant in black schools which are holding pens for the prison system and the graveyards.


“I will not by word or deed or action do anything to inflame or polarize class against class, rich against poor, color against color,” West said. He won the race.Bill Clinton echoed West’s language in announcing his presidential campaign in 1991. “For 12 years, Republicans have tried to divide us — race against race — so we get mad at each other and not at them,” the future president said.


I won my battles in NYC and my ally, Giuliani, became the law and order mayor and NYC thrived and everyone whined like crazy and now the crime rate is climbing rapidly and things are falling apart and the Democrats are running it into the ground and the only places in NY that voted for Clinton were in Brooklyn, parts of Queens, the rich part of Manhattan and the dying cities of Buffalo and Rochester.  Otherwise, the entire rest of the state went for Trump and Sanders.


…These voters might have always found Trump’s rhetoric unappealing, consciously and otherwise. All the same, they might be persuaded to support him because they dislike Clinton or her policies, Valentino suggested. He said that Trump is trying to win them by shifting his position on immigration and by appearing concerned about the problems of black communities.

Hillary Clinton Lies About Alex Jones To Attack Trump – YouTube

Alex Jones Caught by Surprise Hillary Attack – YouTube


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9 responses to “Hillary Clinton Goes After Alex Jone’s Infowars Without A Peep Of Her Own Secret Society Crap!

  1. Petruchio

    I am reminded of the smear campaign the media used on Michael Dukakis. The Willie Horton ad. The ad with Dukakis in a tankers helmet. The media didn’t look too closely at that deception. The media hasn’t been “fair and balanced” for a long, loooonnnggg time.

  2. Jim R

    Speaking of war crimes, we could easily see US soldiers/mercenaries shooting at other US soldiers/mercenaries. Has this happened before?

  3. Lou

    From ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’ to ‘Alt Right Conspiracy’–does this woman ever change her line much?

  4. ziff

    i thought jones was cia disinfo

  5. Shawntoh


    Here’s something I found about Dr. Drew mentioning about the concerns about Ms. Clinton–

  6. Mewswithaview

    Look over there a bear!. Pulling in Alex Jones is a measure of desperation to change the subject from her health issues and corruption and keep the democrats “base” in line. The problem for her is the base is walking away.

    The black vote are questioning her see the article in the nation earlier this year titled “We Spoke to Ashley Williams, the Black Queer Organizer Who Interrupted Hillary Clinton”

    and the steelworkers union vote from the 2014 article in the Huffington post titled “Following the Clintons, the Bidens Cash in on Ukraine”

  7. Lou

    Censorship from Bezos and his HuffPo

  8. anony mouse

    Immigrants are more reassuring than refugees because there is an endpoint to their story; however they arrive, whether they are documented or not, their desires for a new life can be absorbed into the American dream or into the European narrative of civilization.”

    So according to Ho Chi Minh here, refugees and immigrants can only be non-white and can only move from non-white parts of the world to white parts.


    “For people like my parents and the Syrians today, their voyages across land and sea are far more perilous than the ones undertaken by astronauts or Christopher Columbus. To those watching news reports, the refugees may be threatening or pitiful, but in reality, they are nothing less than heroic.”

    This sneering little slanty eyed boat-people stowaway is implying limply here that Neil Armstrong and Chris Colombus were white-privilege frat boys who “they didn’t build that,” while he and his simian-lookalike rice munchkin kind are really the superior races. The vermin at the New York Times hate hate hate hate the white man so much, they are dizzy with hate, they are losing it.

    And it is pure delight to watch happen.
    Posted by Artur at 5:51 AM -Crimes of the times blog

  9. wtfg

    > Clintons and Bushes are one and the same, behind the curtain.

    To be more specific – they are both long term partners in crime with deep ties to the most corrupt faction of the intelligence community. They are the ones that Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address.


    And here they are celebrating the death of Nancy Reagan. (Nancy bitterly hated the Bushes because they were behind the assassination attempt on her husband.) Reference CIA director Bush and MKULTRA.


    And the establishment media spin: “nothing to see here folks, move along” :


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