We Always Have One Day Left: Death

Meditation at the Grafton Peace Pagoda – YouTube

I called my little site ‘The Culture of Life News’ because I want life, not WWIII.  Our rulers, on the other hand, gain their vast power via the power to kill with impunity and to accuse others of crimes while committing much worse crimes.  They are the Culture of Death.  Daily, we have news about their unpleasant crimes alongside the underclass which gets similar impunity for committing crimes, 80% of which are never prosecuted which is still more prosecution than the elites who nearly always get away with crimes.  But then there is the other element here: people die suddenly and we can’t do a thing about this.


I went off to suddenly move my daughter and her family.  While overnight at their new house, I discovered her youngish husband has a fatal disease which attacks the heart and lungs and will die suddenly.  The next morning, for some reason, I was plagued with presentiment that he was going to die and we had a huge fight over this with him denying he was ill.


At that same moment, one of my daughter’s tenants upstate who is also a dear friend, suddenly died of a heart attack and he is the same age as my son in law.  This was devastating news for us all, he was a nurse, yet was brought down with no warning when he rose to go to work at the hospital.  He, his lovely wife and recently new baby girl, live only two blocks from the hospital he worked at and still, he died.


I spent the day heartbroken by this event and it moves me as always to call on everyone to take care and to listen to what is really going on and I know this is impossible for our rulers but this is the dire price they pay for their activities: when you go through the Doors of Death, when your soul is severed from the body, you take NOTHING with you except…your GUILT.


This element is impossible to escape.  It is part of the soul, after all, and if ignored, it grows in size and power and well…it wins in the end.  Pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t help.  It is very much there, for our guilt attaches itself to the element that is what makes us ‘people’ or rather, our existence as part of Nature which embraces all things without guilt but humans do have guilt.


We were given this via our evolution.  We went from being creatures living organic, elemental lives in Nature to being able to destroy our planet and all living things.  This made us ‘gods’ but rather, ‘demons’ since this destructive force is powerful enough to destroy all living things.


So we have a responsibility to choose our paths carefully.  My friend who suddenly was taken from us will be very dearly missed by everyone.  He was a nurse and was well-liked and conscientious  and did his best to save lives.  My father-in-law during WWII was a navy medical personnel and crawled into the caves of Iwo Jima to save lives and three planes he evacuated people in crashed and he was the sole survivor in one crash.  So he spent his life bringing life via chemistry and invented some things we use every day and are happy to use.  He is still alive and almost 100 years old, bless him!  One of the last of his kind, too.


What we do with our lives is highest importance for we all have to pass through the Gates of Death and the ONLY thing we carry over there that is unpleasant is our guilt.  It can’t be ignored like on earth, it is inescapable.  I was born a Libra/Virgo, the virgin with the scales of justice, that is, Athena and her element is Pegasus and Pegasus is the Lightning Horse, my oldest friend and annoying buddy who showers me with attention every thunderstorm.


Pegasus escorts us through the Gates of Death, so to speak, that is, flies through Time and Space and delivers us all to our destinations.  And He is a very annoying pest, too, quite untamable.  You can’t bribe Him!  There is no bridle.  No spurs.  Just trust.


I know my friend was embraced by all who are already there who were attended by him during his useful, wonderful, loving life.  I spent a few hours at the Grafton NY Peace Pagoda which is run by Junsan, a Nipponzan Myohoji who is from Hiroshima.  She is  wonderful friend who I have needed in the past when troubled by events and we prayed together for enough time for me to collect myself and go forth again.


She annoys our rulers all the time by praying for them.  Sometimes, they think she is funny, persisting in warning them all about what happens next.  They think, they will go to Pegasus and snap, ‘Do as I order or else’ and Pegasus, being a Lightning bolt, will teach them all about who the real boss is in the Afterlife (I figured this out when only 5 years old!).


Life is NOT futile!  It is part of the essence of our collective being, called ‘souls’ and all things are part of this, living and inorganic, that is, we are all part of the creation of the universe and never leave it, we just change the collection of the various elemental stuff in the Periodic Table and after life, the various elements remain stubbornly in ‘reality’ that is, it remains as part of the Universe and simply continues onwards, never changing except is swallowed into a Black Hole vortex, I assume.


Our elements were existing before incorporated into our corporeal beings and when we die, it all returns to the greater reality and becomes part of something else and eventually, becomes part of a star or swallowed up by mega-universe entities and that is reality!  And the rich imagine they can control all this when in reality, they are in dire danger due to their delusions of power.


They have ZERO power the instant they die.  Even if they can inspire followers to continue committing crimes (and boy, this can go one for centuries and even eons!) still, not one follower can evade the powers of Pegasus and His Lightning.  When everyone dies, they end up facing this reality and there is nothing we can do about it except to unleash the greatest power we possess: our love of living things and our desire to do the best we can despite being humans.


How simple this is and how impossible it is for so many people who imagine the Afterlife is all about their puny powers, not this elemental force that is inside all of us which is the only thing we have when we die.


I  had the privilege to know survivors of Iwo Jima and Hiroshima as well as Nazi death camps and Nazis, I have known many people and all of them were aware, all their lives, of what they had done and dealt with this in various ways that interested me greatly.  One of the dozen survivors of the first wave hitting Iwo Jima’s deadly beaches was my friend, Walt, he dealt with the death he saw and gave to others during that very long, deadly battle, by never leaving his farm…literally!


He made life live there and was a great help to me and when he passed, it was beautiful and we all mourned him greatly.  The Nazi death camps and secret rocket factories were an immense burden for my father who saved everyone, Nazi and Jewish slaves, equally.  He tried to save everyone!  Everyone, of every sort who I met when I relentlessly tracked them all down which including getting a scholarship to go to school in Germany, and finding out every detail of his secret activities in Operation Paperclip and I was continuously amazed at what he did back in WWII and yet…the need for secrecy plagued him greatly and made our lives quite miserable as we struggled to live with him.  What a terrible burden it was for him!


And yet EVERYONE I interrogated had only amazing, wonderful things to say about him!  No one had a bad word to say!  How I do admire him for this.  And how sad it makes me that the burden of keeping it all secret is what wrecked him emotionally and blighted so much of his life.  I spent my entire life demanding the information be released and this upset my father but I knew every detail of Operation Paperclip so why not release it!!!


And this takes me back to my blog: I have no power.  I have turned the Wheel of History while the elites scream at me and then cover up my activities because they fear others can see that they, too, can do the same.  Whenever I did manage to turn this terrible wheel, it was costly to my life and health but I had to do it.  Sometimes, I have tried and failed to turn the wheel forwards and we all pay for it.


And are today! Over and over again, the elites have tried to push Hillary on us all from day one, they wanted no primaries and they really want no election.  They are willing to commit vast crimes to have their own way.  Their howls of rage are now deafening.  They use bribes like with Sanders, to get outsiders to cooperate with them all but they know they can’t bribe me.  So I am an unperson, never appearing in the news even when I am really pushing them very hard and they can’t ignore me.


Which takes me to the day our Democracy finally died.  Yes, it is dead.  We cancelled an election and got a dictator, Bush Jr.  We then had fake elections since that day but more open bribery and criminal activity.  The illicit Supreme Court ruling still stands, that is, we can’t use the bad election as precedent for reforms.  My ‘Uniform Voting Act’ I presented to Congress and which made the news for exactly one hour (then WIPED OFF) sits there, like my Watchers and can’t be evaded.  The mess of our elections showed up very brightly with Sanders nearly defeating Hillary.


It is a deliberate mess designed to keep the People out of the process as much as possible.  This last week, as Hillary’s troubles multiply, our rulers even issued a demand that we have NO election and simply put Hillary in power!  This was at the Washington Post, no less.  Yikes.  They really mean to put her in power no matter what.  Fools!  They imagine that WWIII will bring them more power, not annihilation.


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2 responses to “We Always Have One Day Left: Death

  1. JimmyJ

    This warning, which you often return to, about guilt in our soul passing through the Gates of Death is of utmost importance and the essential reason I come to your blog Elaine.

    The soul scarring of guilt prevents us from accepting freely available love, which is simply being completely present and combined with the universe or multiverse (ie 10 dimensional loop). It’s an awareness of the futility of all our scheming and treachery in the scope of ultimate existence and how our actions prevent others in the same way.

    I often muse that gaining this awareness takes eternity as we move into parallel quantum existence slightly statistically different upon each ‘death’ but seeming like our previous life. The ‘hell’ we give ourselves depends on gaining this awareness. Always our choice at every moment.

  2. EC

    God bless you, Elaine. When you come before your judge in the next life who asks you what did you do with your life, you can say, like your father, that you loved others and tried to help them. The world is corrupt and full of evil doers who only care about themselves and their power/pleasure – like the Clintons. If you had faith in the Ultimate Reality and source of all love and all awareness and our souls, God, you would not have fear. The evil one(s) and your Watchers want us to be afraid – of WWIII, of our own health problems and inevitable death, of not having enough, of our many insecurities and doubts, and more. Remember “Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” The evil one tries to destroy us and keep us in fear and away from God’s love. Hell is our choice to be separated from God who loves us all unconditionally just as we are, more than we will ever understand – until you come before the Lamb. Choose wisely. Choose love and eternal life, not fear and death. A wonderful book about others’ near-death experiences is Imagine Heaven.
    Some practical wisdom about finding peace and joy from a woman sexually abused in her youth:
    Continued luck on your journey. Condolences for your loss and prayers for your possibly sick son-in-law.

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