VMA Music Awards Is All About Sex, Race And Social Destruction

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The medium is the message – Marshall McLuhan famously wrote many years ago and he is correct.  The VMA ladies illustrate this perfectly.  They pretend their ‘message’ is ‘stop sexual violence’ but the medium they are using, by dressing up sexy and being very dirty and provocative, urging males to have a hard on while teasing them…is the exact opposite of their stupid message.  And it is highly destructive.  Young ladies are being ‘dumbed down’ about sex and it is very dangerous.


College lasses think they can be totally sloshed, so drunk, they pass out, and nothing will happen.  College dudes think they can have sex with their messed up young lasses and end up in prison.  Meanwhile, the MTV gang twerks and gyrates and do sexy dirty stuff claiming that being a slut is great and men should have sex with drunken sluts and we have Dionysian chaos with the ladies demanding the cops arrest all the satyrs after the orgy which they freely participated in, deliberately getting as drunk as possible.


This insane double trouble mess is getting worse and worse over time.  Aside from all the sex fiend chicks suddenly turning into helpless Victorian virgins when drunk, we have blacks screaming about being killed by cops when the vast majority of their premature deaths are due to themselves leading criminal, violent, ugly lives and loving this very, very much and ALL the VMA dudes celebrate violent, nasty black criminals and then there is Beyoncé making another powerful statement about gun violence on VMAs red carpet:


Beyonce’s VMA Formation: Star gets political as dancers get ‘shot’ on stage during charged performance after earlier leading the mothers of gun violence victims on the red carpet


While performing a medley of songs from her hit album, Lemonade, the pop megastar was surrounded by backup dancers dressed as angels.


However, as red lights flooded the stage, each of the ‘angels’ was shot down during the performance, which viewers said was a representation of police brutality.


The singer, who is due to perform at the show on Sunday night, was joined in the spotlight by mothers of gun and other violence victims Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Oscar Grant…


HAHAHA.  How pathetic.  Almost all those creeps she celebrates were shot when they were doing illegal stuff and were in places where black males run riot and destroy the community and and these people are continuing their rampages destroying entire cities.  Now, the elites encourage this because…THEY, too, are on a rampage, destroying all of our former industrial cities, too.


This covers up their own vast and infinitely worse crimes.  These same rulers encourage this sex fiend stuff, too, because they love having sex workers who can service them.


Chicago, run entirely by New World Order Democrats, home of Obama’s rise to power, is falling apart rapidly, moving up in the ‘be more violent than Detroit’ ranks:  Two brothers charged with shooting Dwyane Wade’s cousin in Chicago REVEALED: Sibling gang members including six-time gun offender on parole ‘accidentally shot Dwyane Wade’s cousin dead while chasing Chicago taxi driver because he made eye contact’!


Detectives said the shooting occurred Friday when a taxi driver working independently pulled up close to Dulles School of Excellence at around 3pm.  The man, who has not been identified, was transporting a group of women home when he made eye contact with the Sorells brothers out of the window of his car, cops said.

He walked the women into their house, but when he reemerged he found the brothers waiting by his car armed with pistols, detectives say.  Police say the Sorells brothers falsely believed the taxi driver was armed, knew he was from a different area and objected to him being on their turf…Meanwhile Derren had been released early after a vehicle theft charge and was wearing an electronic tag when Aldridge was shot.


Johnson said the tag was turned off at the time of the murder under city regulations that allow criminals a certain number of ‘free hours’ each day.


Yes, they release violent black male criminals and then tell them, ‘To see if we can trust you, we won’t watch for three hours a day!’  Helps to plan out when to commit crimes better.  I would expect the victim in this ridiculous shooting to sue the city for giving free rein to these thugs so they can run riot.
Screen shot 2016-08-29 at 6.33.08 AM


None of the sex singers being honored and who were yapping about black thugs dying when they fight cops, mentioned all the white females killed like this poor young lady.  The many real victims of gangland shootings in Chicago and other cities were not honored or mentioned, either.  There are many, many little children killed this way and not a peep from the sexily clad vixens and their handlers, not one wretched creature said a peep about stopping black male thugs from murdering children and the elderly, etc.


Youngsters are going to school now and every university has open doors to everyone since ‘students’ are now money machines to be ruthlessly exploited and expanding the base of students so everyone no matter how poorly prepared, can go to school and go deep into debt they can never escape except via death which seems OK for ghetto youth since many have death looming anyhow in their futures.

Screen shot 2016-08-29 at 6.33.47 AM

But here in NY, the students dragged into college didn’t have to wait to die: Ithaca College student dies after he and another man were stabbed at Cornell University:


Ithaca College President Tom Rochon said in a statement: ‘I hope you will hold these students — along with their families, friends, classmates, and professors — in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult and tragic time.’


It was no tragedy.  It was inevitable.  The black kids were fighting each other which they do in between predations on other bystanders.  Black young males kill each other at a ferocious rate.  50% of all murders are done by less than 7% of the population.   This amazing fact is totally, utterly and completely ignored by our government and our media and if Trump mentions this, he is hammered relentlessly for being a ‘racist’.


Anyone daring to point out this screamingly obvious fact is attacked relentlessly and removed from the public eye.  I cannot get any letters to the editor published because I am totally blacklisted (great term here) due to talking about how dire things are in the black community and how to fix this (having worked with black criminals in the past, I have a fair idea what is going on in their heads!).


Black males and females are used for sex.  Sex sells.  They get paid a lot of money at the top, peddling sex.  Sometimes, this gets out of control.  At the Olympics, one black athlete hit the jackpot and went out to celebrate and has been doing drugs, drinking and having crazy sex all the while the media breathlessly follows in his wake:  Usain Bolt: Show me your boobs if you want to wear my medals | New York Post reports today, for example.


Now on to this final nail in the liberal coffin, showing how nasty, ill-tempered and stupid they all have become as they think ‘entertainment’ is all about sexual abuse, vicious snide obscene ‘jokes’ aimed at women, etc.  Filth peddled as jokes!  ‘One of the most repugnant, hateful b*****s alive’: Comedians tear into conservative pundit Ann Coulter with some VERY incendiary jokes on Comedy Central’s roast originally aimed at Rob Lowe


English comedian Jimmy Carr went as far as to say during the taping in Los Angeles: ‘Ann is one of the most repugnant, hateful, hatchet-face b****es alive.’


He continued: ‘It’s not too late to change, Ann. You could kill yourself!’


HAHAHA.  Ha….ha…ha.  Very clever.  Smart.  Witty…this is what the sex fiends think is ‘funny’.  The lady is sitting right next to them as they sexually abuse her, threaten her life, sneer at her, etc.  Anne sat there.  I would have risen up and punched them out after asking them to throw the first blow, just to be fair and to let them discover how stupidly weak they are (blocking shots comes automatically when one does a lot of fighting hand to hand combat and I have years of experience).


Lowe tried to explain why Coulter had been asked to join in the first place and to step on the daises to roast him.


‘I think the best daises are daises where you’re like, ‘what the f***k, he told reporters after the event according to USA Today….’She seems stiff and conservative, but Ann gets wild in the sheets. Just ask the Klan,’ Spade said. ‘It looks like she’s having a good time. I haven’t seen her laugh this hard since Trayvon Martin got shot.’..


Note the sex attack here on a lady this creature invited onstage.  Note also, his aggressive sex talk being obscene to show off how tough this cream puff is…hahaha.


…Singer Jewel (pictured with Lowe) said: ‘As a feminist I can’t support everything that’s been said tonight, but as someone who hates Ann Coulter, I’m delighted’…


Yes, she too can be a monster.  She is OK with raping women who disagree with her ideology.  We know how this works since extremists like this nut case have taken over whole nations and tortured millions of women in various artful ways.


Lowe suffered jokes about his 1988 sex tape with an unidentified 16-year-old girl and on some of his failed projects – but insisted it was all fair game…Coulter also tried to rib Davidson, but he managed to get more laughs with a sarcastic ‘Good one’ to the camera, according to the Hollywood Reporter.


Anne, who has not raped any juveniles, is attacked ferociously…by a rapist who had sex with a young lady illegally.


The commentator had never seen a celebrity roast, as she told Fox earlier in the evening.  ‘There is nothing you can tell me to discourage me,’ she said. ‘My whole career has been an Ann Coulter roast.’  Lowe meanwhile, thought the taping was fair game: ‘If you’re in the NFL, hit hard. This is the NFL, you’re here to hit,’ he said.


‘There are other places to do soft jokes. If you’re on the Comedy Central Roast, you better bring your A-game.’


What benighted jerk thinks any of this is ‘funny’?  It is not funny, it is pathetic.  Children in high school taunting each other in the bathrooms before killing each other, are not funny, either.  This is tragic, it is also evil since the clowns doing this are doing this to make money.  Whores, every one of them.


Speaking about creepy people, Huma Abedin’s mom linked to shocking anti-women book | New York Post reports while her husband creeps about doing nasty stuff: Carlos Danger is caught out AGAIN! Disgraced Anthony Weiner ‘sexted a brunette asking to meet her for sex while his son, five, was in bed with him’.  Hillary is the Female who wants to lead women…off a cliff!


For a brief time, I was a wild sex fiend hippie chick in San Francisco but have then been a married mom and I look back at my wild days in dismay, nearly got killed several times!  Yikes.  Today, young ladies are told, ‘You, too, can be a wild sex chick!’ without telling them what I really was when I was doing all that: a very dangerous young lady, attacking me was highly dangerous. So I could run riot because I could do all sorts of stupid things and even then, I stopped because I realized I was courting death and stupid, too.


Can’t hide that!  Jumping off of cliffs is fun until you goof and hit the rocks below!  And our ‘entertainers’ are screaming to girls, ‘There is no cliff, no rocks, jump!’


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15 responses to “VMA Music Awards Is All About Sex, Race And Social Destruction

  1. Melponeme_k

    My uncle had a Mcluhan’s book the Medium is the Message (or Massage). It was filled with incomprehensible quotes (I was only 8 when I found it in a pile of old books) from Mcluhan and filled with pictures from the news, tv, etc.

    I’ve just rediscovered him and find him amazingly prescient on where culture was being led to as a result of technology. In one old interview, he admitted he had no idea how culture was formed or how it was shaped, but that he came to his conclusions through thinking and debating. I was amazed that he admitted he didn’t know but was in a continual state of discovery. Then I knew he was the real deal and not a demagogue.

    Today Mcluhan would have no opportunity to teach at any major university. He would be shown the door for violating the safe space of hot house flowers we call students today.

  2. Lou

    50% of all murders are done by less than 7% of the population. —

    Ahem, my math is slightly different.
    Blacks are 13% of USA current population.
    Young Black males are about 4% [1/2 of the male population of 7%].

    And YBMs are only 4% or less of our population.

    Elaine refuses to see the genetic component.
    Africans act the way they do regardless of which continent they thug on.

  3. Lou

    Elaine, you read of the 120 MILLION dollar QB who feels ‘people of color are oppressed?’

    He is a very ugly fellow, looks to be mixed race or north African.

  4. Petruchio

    What is mystifying to me is this: how many times do young white women have to be “OJ Simpson’ed” before they do the natural, normal thing and keep MAXIMUM distance from themselves and black males??

    What is even more bizarre is how the Politically Correct Double Standard works: if a black or other minority says something, there isn’t even a peep of condemnation, but if a white person, especially a white male says the SAME THING, he is condemned FOR LIFE!!

    People, especially those in the media, will NEVER let the white male live it down. Example? Just imagine a white male saying AND acting like the dudes in those rap/hip hop videos. A black dude says violent things against women–especially white women–the “rapper” is celebrated!? And more than one of these “rappers” have a gun battle or two on their “resumes”.

    So I ask again, how stupid can young (white) women be? These are the women who should be screaming the loudest against these violent, women-hating rap “songs”.

  5. Lou

    Pet, ‘before they do the natural, normal thing and keep MAXIMUM distance from themselves and black males?’

    You are unaware of the ((( campaigners))) who push black men as sexy, strong, superior.
    Children are being brainwashed.

    Found online,
    I wish they would stop showing the “showroom perfect, just like us”
    blacks on tv and in movies.

    Those film makers and producers should be in jail for fraud.

    I was watching regular network tv last night to catch the finals of Olympic swimming and gymnastics.
    Normally, I never watch “regular” TV because I can’t tolerate the PC commercials of happy, well-adjusted blacks that only exist in the minds of Hollywood (((executives))).
    That’s why we only watch television shows we like on Hulu Plus: no commercials.

    Within a single commercial break last night, I saw a negro little girl becoming an astronaut, some sort of family-based commercial in a nice house where everyone was a light-skinned black, and then a trailer for an upcoming movie about…wait for it…a sub-Saharan African chess playing champion!

    The good news is that if you type “blacks in commercials” on Google, you’ll see more whites asking why the hell there are so many unrealistic portrayals of blacks in tv commercials these days (I assume they’re white people asking…why would Negroes complain?). Hopefully more people are waking up. I think (((Hollywood)))is underestimating the ability of whites to notice and call BS on their non-stop Negro-worship programming.

    Blacks on TV are always athletic and at least as tall as their White peers. This seems to be an unspoken rule in Hollywood.

  6. I think these thugs love going to prison!. How else can you explain a 26 y/o male throwing his life away for having been “looked at”? The Mississippi nun murder case was totally senseless yet the killer was smirking in his booking photo. I think he is happy knowing that he will no longer have to struggle to find food and shelter for the rest of his useless existence.

  7. Lou

    Kevin, repeat aloud;

    3 hots and a cot.

  8. Petruchio

    “This seems to be an unspoken rule in Hollywood.” Speaking of Holly-weird, have you noticed how many foreigners are on air personalities nowadays? I was channel hopping the other night and noticed yet ANOTHER TV host from the UK.
    You would almost think US television is the BBC! Same thing in movies and Weekly TV series. They use the same small number of American actors and then for every other movie or TV part the showbiz industry is absolutely obsessed with hiring ANYONE other than an American actor or actress.
    And I get a kick out of the way the Acting business honchos claim to want diversity. Diversity!!? They don’t know what the word means! The blacks on TV/movies are always geniuses and the white folks are the bad guys, either that or they are idiots. Diversity my a##.

  9. melponeme_k


    The reason why there are so many foreign actors is just the old Free Trade tactics. They are trying to destroy the American acting unions. Plus hiring foreigners is cheaper. The death knell sounded way back in the early 80s when they pulled into the US British actors for popular musicals such as Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon. The American union rolled over for it. Now we are in the state we are in now.

    What is particularly galling is that we have to watch these people play American people and accept their crappy accents as the real deal.

  10. emsnews

    It is worse…hahaha…there are so many English actors here because US actor training is crummy. And US kids talk poorly, they don’t enunciate clearly, they don’t feel the rhythm of the language, they are poorly brought up and need lots of training.

    Go back in time: where did 90% of the ‘great actors’ in US movies come from during nearly the entire 20th century starting when sound came into the entertainment systems?

    ENGLAND! Virtually all famous US actors by 1950 were imported. Where did Elizabeth Taylor and Burton come from?

    Today, it continues! Another reason to change our schools.

    When I returned from Europe after going to school there, I was stunned at how far behind we were in the US in so many areas and I went around demanding changes which never happened.

    Too bad for us. Lousy.

  11. emsnews

    In the Harry Potter movies, exactly ONE American was in it, Zoe Wanamaker. And she lived in England nearly all her life.

  12. Melponeme_k

    That is UTTER BS Elaine, and you know it. I’ve been in the trenches on BOTH sides of the Atlantic, and I’m telling you there is a concentrated effort NOT TO HIRE AMERICANS. I’ve met many American actors who were intelligent and well spoken. None of those people I met in my travels have ever broken into the upper echelons. A great many of these actors were from the Midwest, where Standard English was born.

    The only difference I’ve seen between American and British training is that British schools teach elocution. Which schools in the US could NEVER DO because some SJW would start screeching it was racist. Also British teachers claimed they were more accepting of different accents and didn’t push RP anymore. Which wasn’t my experience, these same teachers wouldn’t rest until I spoke in some atrocious quasi-British accent.

    Yes, many big stars were British in the past. But the biggest stars that have changed the industry were American. They are Marlon Brando and Tom Cruise. Unless Omaha, NE and Syracuse, NY are in some part of the British Isles, I don’t know about…the argument that American actors are bad is just BS.

    The same argument can be used in regards to dancers. Russian dancers are not superior.

    I don’t understand you sometimes Elaine. If you used your argument in regards to Free Trade fruit, we can say that Chile Blueberries are just superior to Berlin, NY blueberries because the earth is just so much better in Chile.

  13. Lou

    Stabbing at Cornell, on day 1 of school.
    1 dead.

  14. Petruchio

    I have to side with Mel on the subject. If you watch TV, you will see the SAME small group of actors in supporting roles over and over and over. Actually, the same goes for Lead Actors. Bill Paxton, Tom Hanks, to name just two.
    I watched part of a movie last night that had Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner in it. Both these guys have been around FOREVER. Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino are two others. With these two, it seems like the PTB cast these two guys and THEN create the movie.
    There is NO WAY you couldn’t find competent, AMERICAN actors to fill each and every one of these roles! But the Powers-that-Be (PTB) do NOT want to do that. The PTB have a clear focus on hiring the fewest American actors as possible, and for reasons closely along the lines of what Mel is claiming.
    I am not an out-of-work actor, but I think Mel has it right; the PTB want to crush American actors and their Union. Also, as another example of what Mel is talking about. Current actors/actresses on the Soap Operas are making 25% to 35% LESS than Soap Actors of 25 years ago! It is sickening. The people who run the TV/Movie business aren’t happy with making huge sums of money already; they want to gut the employees finances as well. There is a name for this. It is called Feudalism.

  15. Shawntoh

    Check this out Elaine about rap “music”–

    “People who prefer listening to rap over pop and classical music are more likely to by PSYCHOPATHS”

    While the sample is very small for the research, and probably more research needs to be done, I will say this– I know this to be true already from my experiences in encountering people in general who listen to a lot of rap “music”.

    To be fair, I attempted to listen to “Lose Yourself” by Eminem after reading the article. I didn’t get very far into it before I stopped listening because I intuitively note the evil due to lack of melody in the vocals.


    SOURCE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4920738/Psychopaths-prefer-listening-rap-music.html

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