EU Commission Demands $14.5 Billion Back Taxes From Apple And Ireland

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Ever since our stupid rulers decided to have ‘free trade’ we have lived in this piracy system whereby all good systems in the US are transferred overseas and US good paying jobs have vanished and nearly all our major former industrial cities are now holding pens for black criminals who systematically destroy it all and meanwhile, our rulers yell at us to vote for Hillary Free Trade Bilderberg Clinton because she is going to do more of the same to us including coddling black criminals and burning down what remains of our cities.


Trump is not a great candidate but he is utterly hated by the elites.  At Least 110 Republican Leaders Won’t Vote for Donald Trump. Here’s When They Reached Their Breaking Point.  Yes, their ‘breaking point’ is when someone is upsetting their apple cart whereby they get bribes and lots of goodies when they retire after decimating the US economy and conspiring with aliens to eliminate US jobs!  Now, the EU is desperate for money so the Brussels gang is now going after all the US corporations that moved to Ireland and Iceland and other offshore tax evasion entities: Apple Ordered to Pay Up to $14.5 Billion in EU Tax Crackdown – Bloomberg


 The world’s richest company benefited from a “selective tax treatment” in Ireland that gave it a “significant advantage over other businesses,” the European Union regulator said Tuesday in its largest tax penalty in a three-year crackdown on sweetheart fiscal deals granted by EU nations…


“Ireland granted illegal tax benefits to Apple, which enabled it to pay substantially less tax than other businesses over many years,” EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said in an e-mailed statement. “This selective treatment allowed Apple to pay an effective corporate tax rate of 1 percent on its European profits in 2003 down to 0.005 percent in 2014.”


“This is a significant ruling that could cause multinationals to revisit the tax implications of their current structure,” said Matt Larson, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. “It’s strange to think that Ireland would not want to collect more taxes from Apple, but Ireland’s primary concern here is protecting domestic investment and jobs.”


The US should demand this money, too.  And do this with ALL corporations that have relentlessly looted our nation, evaded taxes and moved overseas so they can stuff their own faces while we all die.  The 110 Republicans who are siding with Clinton are all co-conpirators with her and her gang of DNC looters.


BOTH parties pretended very hard that they were saving US jobs and helping us cope with free trade but that was all lies, obviously.  Far from harming Trump’s run for President, these 110 traitors are now openly revealing who they really are.  They do NOT want strong borders at all.  They do NOT want to bring home US jobs.

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Here is the NYT explaining why Trump is bad: “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”is a Trump statement on undocumented immigrants from Mexico the NYT is using to illustrate how evil Trump is and how dangerous he is for all of us. Ahem: I grew up on the border of Mexico. YES, they do bring in oodles of illegal drugs across that border. Duh.  And crime went through the roof beginning in 1972 and I had to fight these criminals who attacked my Tucson neighborhood relentlessly, both black and Mexicans were attacking us so frequently, we went full vigilante on them.


41 injured, 2 dead including La. fire chief as unlicensed party bus driver plows into crash scene – The Washington Post: the bus was driven by an unlicensed ILLEGAL ALIEN crashed into American heros fighting a fire and killed and injured many.  This was not big news to our elites who ignored it.  Hillary prefers to feature over and over, the mothers of rank thugs shot dead by cops, not this stuff.  Hillary said nothing about a Mexican ramming a bus into a bunch of firemen and police trying to save American lives.


The Jews who run the NYT and supports crushing Palestinians continue to rage about how evil Trump is.  Here is another example from their editorial today:  “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” according to the Jews who run and own the NYT, this is horrible, nasty news!  How dare he stop a flood of millions of illegal alien Muslim males from coming to the US!  This is utter insanity.  The NYT is against building fences and walls to stop criminals from coming illegally into the US.  While supporting racism, religious bigotry and huge walls in Israel and Palestine, they yell at us about doing what Jews get to do…at our expense!  We pay for all this for them over there!


Christine Todd Whitman:“Trump … is employing the kind of hateful rhetoric and exploiting the insecurities of this nation, in much the same way that allowed Hitler and Mussolini to rise to power in the lead-up to World War II.”  This Bilderberg bitch hasn’t the brains to figure out why we are ‘insecure’.  Hint to her: shipping all our best paying jobs overseas is destroying the US middle class.


The National Review, a conservative magazine founded by William F. Buckley, publishes a series of essays by 22 prominent conservatives, including the radio hosts Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson, denouncing Mr. Trump’s candidacy. “Donald Trump is a menace to American conservatism who would take the work of generations and trample it underfoot on behalf of a populism as heedless and crude as The Donald himself.”


Note how useful Buckley was when it came to protecting US jobs and borders: ZILCH.  Nada.  Useless fool.   National Review has this editorial from the creep praising free trade as a great thing when Bush pushed for it and note that the Clintons clinched the deals!  These clowns are all in a private, hidden conspiracy with each other to loot the US and to leave us at the mercy of merciless aliens who hate us, hate democracy (look at Mexico!) and love criminal activities.


Criminals at the top invite a flood of criminals at the bottom to attack the citizens and then tell us only they, the top criminals, can save us but they are the ones bringing in the criminals in the first place.  It seems many Americans have finally figured out the obvious.


Here is a very odious editorial from the NYT which savages Trump while petting Clinton:  Cutting Ties to the Clinton Foundation – The New York Times


The foundation must distance itself from politics, and the foreign and corporate money that risks tainting Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


Accepting massive bribes from foreign entities is TREASON.  Damn.  Pure and simple: arrest Clinton.  Both of them are traitors.  Arrest the Bush clan, too.  All of them.  Some are even grave robbers, for crying out loud.  Return Geronimo’s skull to the Apache tribe, while you are at it.  This is all damnation.  The crooks destroying America want us to run to them to be saved from closed borders and taxing corporations heavily for moving US manufacturing overseas.


This is life and death for our entire nation.  Time is running out on us all.  When Is a Scandal Really a Scandal? – The New York Times headlines today when discussing obvious illegal bribes from aliens overseas seeking to control our government, bribes that Hillary collected by the millions.  The NYT will say, ‘This is OK.  Look, Hillary is so valuable to these people, they give her millions of dollars to do NOTHING!’  Yup.  Nothing.  She just smiles and they pay her, the old whore.


Is this proof of illegal influence peddling, or just how the intermingling worlds of politics and philanthropy work? And at what point does the difference between an apparent conflict of interest and an actual conflict cease to matter?


Craig Minassian, a spokesman for the Clinton Foundation, acknowledged that recent reports on how the foundation operated while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state have led to “perception issues.”


“That’s pretty obvious,” he added, then laughed…


Yes, it is blindingly obvious.  But why is this criminal laughing with the NYT ‘reporter’?


The Associated Press reported, based on analysis of these emails, that “at least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her family charity or pledged commitments to its international programs.” The report also dug up email exchanges which seemed to suggest that people who had donated to the foundation received access to the State Department in return.


One specific exchange the report highlighted: Douglas J. Band, a Clinton Foundation executive, reached out on behalf of Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, the Crown Prince of Bahrain — who had given $32 million to the Clinton Global Initiative for a Bahraini education program — and was granted a meeting with Mrs. Clinton.


Education in Bahrain – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: looks like the country has the longest run of all education systems in the region and doesn’t need Hillary to spend $32 million to fix anything, it has a more comprehensive system than the US, the students don’t have to be buried under a mountain of unescapable debt to get to go to school!


Bahrain has the oldest public education system in the Arabian Peninsula. The system was established in 1930 when the Bahraini government assumed responsibility for operating two pre-existing primary public schools for boys. Subsequently, separate girls’ schools and various universities were established in the 20th century. According to data from the 2010 census, the literacy rate of Bahrain stands at 94.6%. As of 2008, education expenditure accounts for 2.9% of Bahrain’s GDP.[1]


So it takes less than one minute on the computer to see clearly that this money is pure bribery!  Arrest Clinton, both Clintons.  I would charge them with treason, myself, but our entire political system is rife with traitors though they are happily revealing themselves daily for who they really are and why they accept so many bribes from foreign powers.


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19 responses to “EU Commission Demands $14.5 Billion Back Taxes From Apple And Ireland

  1. Brava! for calling these scum out.
    Great reporting on that same topic by Ken Silverstein
    details blatant money laundering via the Clinton Foundation, and how the elites turn a blind eye to clear illegalities.
    Arrest them all!

  2. Jim R

    Businesses always demand tax relief from governments, because ‘it’s good for business’. Eventually the business will run out of steam anyway, because exploitive business models always do. The few businesses that don’t, are the true primary producers like farmers, miners, and such. Any other business will soon saturate its market, and its profits will flatten out and fall…

    And then the government that granted the tax abatements is left holding the bag. I suspect the EU is trying to extract a little cash while Apple still has some. If they were really interested in a sustainable economy, they never would have granted abatements in the first place.

    Thank $DEITY that the TTiP has failed. No doubt they’ll try again with another set of initials, which hopefully will also fail.

  3. e sutton

    Visit Greg Hunter´s USA Watchdog for a great interview regarding this same topic. If this entire mess does not blow up in that harridan´s wrinkled, sour puss, absolutely nothing will. She will indeed be made out of teflon, like that miserable SOB husband of hers.

  4. JimmyJ

    I’ve come to believe the Globalists are doing exactly to the US what they’ve done in Iraq, Syria, Balkans etc, that is to dismantle any serious opposition by extracting all resources (offshoring jobs and tax revenue) and pitting groups against each other. That a so called bastion of “conservatism” such as the National Review would come out against a Nationalist like Trump tells you how treacherous and entrenched the Globalist cabal has become. (Not counting patriotic conservatives like Pat Buchanon and Dr. Paul).The support for Trump shows how many folks see the truth of it at least to some degree. I see no way forward no matter who becomes the next President except for an existential battle for the future of the Nation as it was originally conceived. Dr. Paul was the gentle reminder, Trump is the clarion call. The next voice will be one of action speaking louder than words.

  5. “Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez.” The illegal alien has two Jweish middle names! Now what does that tell you?

  6. Jewish, not “Jweish.” My bad.

  7. Christian W

    @4 JimmyJ

    Yes. That is why I say Ukraine is the future. Look there for an example at what they will do to the rest of us unless they are stopped.

  8. Petruchio

    “EU Commission Demands $14.5 Billion Back Taxes From Apple And Ireland” HaHaHa!! This is rich. Didn’t these US Tax dodging Multinational Corporations realize that, because they are holding HUGE sums of money in tax havens in places like Ireland, that they are a BIG, FAT, JUICY target for politicians in every country??
    Lots of economies are facing hard times and politicians can and are bribed, but that only holds up for so long. Sooner or later, that big pile of money is too much for the Political Class to ignore.
    And what are the tax dodging companies going to do? Move their casgh to China? HaHaHaHaHa! Even funnier. The Chinese know a profit when they see it. I guess you could say tax collecting has gone Global. Does that make these tax collectors Globalists? HaHa!

  9. Christian W

    I wonder how much of the Apple tax decision was tit for tat for when the US looted Volkswagen for $18 billion (the Germans left VW alone).

  10. JimmyJ

    @ChristianW: Ukraine is a particular grievance to me, my heritage is Ukrainian through my maternal grandmother’s family, who luckily immigrated to Canada in the late 1890s and avoided the whole Bolshevism, Nazi-ism, Stalinism, Nulandism eras.

    Once the US Civil War II comes along and all the Democrats “escape” to Canada (200 million or so) then yes the US will become like the current Ukraine.

  11. emsnews

    We are Ancient Rome. The cities becoming useless hell holes and the real activity being the countryside.

  12. Lou

    The cities becoming useless hell holes –due to foreigners. due to immigrants, refugees, anchor babies. Now do you see the beauty of the White race?

    Give Whites bricks, Whites build a city.
    Give blacks a city, blacks turn it into a pile of bricks.

  13. Lou, Latinos are a crapshoot. Some, even illegals, build a city with a pile of bricks. Others take the city and turn it back into bricks.

  14. Lou

    Elaine, what caused Venezuela’s economy to collapse?
    Oil prices? Socialism? Lack of Socialism? The present leader?

  15. Jim R

    I reckon they’ll run out of zoo animals soon enough.

    Problem is, despite all their central planning, they didn’t really plan for this economic collapse. They thought the oil money would just keep rolling in. Other than that, they didn’t have an economy.

    The bad news is, neither do we in North America … and the economy is in the process of collapsing right now. We’ve already sold off most of our industry. And ‘privatized’ lots of stuff that in normal times would be public. Regardless of any racial makeup, Detroit is coming soon to a city near you.

  16. Lou

    Jim, Irv Schiff recently died.
    Know about him?

    As early as 1970-1975 he was writing about the Un Economy [paper pushing financialized economy].

    The DOW– Dow Jones INDUSTRIAL Average.
    What Industry??? Look at the 30 and tell me.

  17. emsnews

    Yes, note how the GERMANS did NOT ‘deindustrialize’. They were doing just fine until Merkel stabbed everyone in the face by letting in millions of illegal aliens who hate the West with a passion and intend to destroy it.

  18. Christian W

    I recall a chart that Elaine put up in one of her articles which showed how Germany and Russia were enjoying booming growth leading up to 2008 and pulling away from the US/UK.

    Germany and Russia were set up for destruction after that.

  19. Lou

    Elaine, you know the Power Elite offer clues as to our future.
    You have discussed that.

    Do you look at the ‘Economist’ covers? 1988, Death of the dollar cover.
    2015, The Year ahead, with the horribly misnamed ‘Angela’ on the cover.

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