Obama Releasing Massive Numbers of Prisoners

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The last President to let out a flood of criminals with pardons was LBJ.  Right at this time the huge surge in black inner city crime took off like a rocket.  By 1977, it was utterly out of control and our major cities were being systematically looted and burned down and slowly over time, and I was working in a huge way to do this, crime was pushed down again only to see our major cities ruined utterly and totally by free trade and of course, crime began to climb again and black children in particular, after four generations on welfare and the out of wedlock birth rate nearly 80%, we are seeing a collapse of all systems with the President and his wife demanding no more arrests of black children, they are to be allowed to run wild.


Obama commutes sentences of 111 inmates, setting record for a single month – The Washington Post that is, more in one month that LBJ did for his entire time in the WH.  And Obama is far from done, he has many more he plans to release and is focusing very much on this and it will go down in history as we watch a repeat, only ten time worse, of the 1970s.


While the pace of commutations he granted had worried activists earlier this year, Obama has made a push in August to give clemency to scores of additional inmates. Earlier this month, Obama commuted the sentences of 214 other inmates, setting a single-day record for his administration. The 325 commutations he has announced this month are the most from any president in one month, the White House says, and have nearly doubled the total number he has granted while in office.


And he is proud of this.  I looked at the list of the prisoners released.  Most were drug charges.  Now let me tell you something about drug dealers and I know a great deal about them: most of them commit various crimes that are often unspeakable, the only way to work and hold territory and keep your profits is to kill people and they kill lots and lots of people.


Most murders are never solved!  And most are connected with drug/gang warfare.  Testify against any of these people and your family is killed.  So there are never any ‘witnesses’.  Everyone on the Street knows this from the smallest child to the oldest crone.  It is life knowledge.  The news media and the DNC have to pretend that no one knows this and that what people are arrested for is their worst crimes.


Mostly, the system puts away known criminals for smaller charges.  The Mafia knows this!  Mafia bosses commit many crimes and are put away for…tax evasion.  This doesn’t mean they aren’t vicious criminals who would kill you in an eye blink if you cross them!  It means that this is the only tool the State could use to stop them and in prison, they can still kill people.  Easily, put out the word and voila: a dead body appears.  No one snitches, either.


“Entire communities have been ravaged where largely men, but some women, are taken out of those communities,” Obama said during a news conference the day after he granted clemency to 214 inmates. “Kids are now growing up without parents. It perpetuates a cycle of poverty and disorder in their lives. It is disproportionately young men of color that are being arrested at higher rates, charged and convicted at higher rates, and imprisoned for longer sentences.”..


So, enforcing laws is creating poverty and disorder in black hell holes?  HAHAHA.  This is exactly what the liberals said way back in 1977.  The mayor of NYC even said, to my face, that we were lucky blacks burned down their own neighborhoods during the black out riots and I said, ‘I live there, too.’  Well, he didn’t.  So as far as he was concerned, everything was OK if they destroyed huge hunks of the city so long as he and his friends didn’t live there, too.


Today, our elites live in palaces guarded by armed guards and so they say, ‘Let Rome burn’ while fiddling away in their tall towers, laughing as we scream and die.  They can have a power base in cities via giving blacks welfare and letting them loot, rape and burn so long as blacks let the elites go around the entire earth, looting, raping and burning whole countries including the USA.  They are buddies in crime.


The criminal class knows better than to attack the super rich, they leave them all alone.  They focus on the Little People Next Door and so we have creeping crime leaving the inner cities and spreading insidiously across the landscape.  Now, rural fairs near big cities are being shut down thanks to inner city youth coming out to the suburbs to riot and destroy, for example.


Obama said that he hoped the bipartisan push for criminal justice reform could wind up weighing how to fight crime alongside “the need for proportionality in sentencing and the need to rehabilitate those who commit crimes.”

Police picking on black students in Houston for no reason what so ever. Worst story ever? – YouTube: This video is Colin explaining what the DNC and Obama mean by ‘fighting crime by not arresting black criminals’ and what this means for the rest of us.  I already have had a front seat to the destruction of this sort of goofy policy…hell.


In June, a group of experts, activists and former officials wrote to Obama urging him to speed up the process, worrying about the pace during the twilight of his administration.


They are terrified Trump will win and put Hillary in prison.  Of course, all our Presidents the last three decades, should be in prison for war crimes.  Invading countries on false charges is a war crime.


This is a white dude, by the way:  Man charged with kidnapping his wife, holding her hostage and torturing her for two weeks is let out on bond only to ‘do it again’


He was charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, carrying a gun without a license, terroristic threats, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment and reckless endangerment, but was allowed out on bond.

Ewing posted a $100,000 bond on July 11 and was freed on the condition he wore an ankle tag, but not one with GPS tracking.


Yes, all over the country, criminals are being released with no tracking devices.  The judge told the man to stay away from his wife, he was supposed to be tracked and this turned out to be fake.  He had a tag and no tracking.  So she thought she was safe and she wasn’t safe.  None of us are safe anymore.


I reported yesterday that Chicago lets out criminals with GPS and then turns these off for several hours a day.  Why on earth do they do this???  It is insane.  So everyone thinks the criminal is being watched and this is a lie.  So we get to find out after criminals run riot.  Oh, the mayor of Chicago still hasn’t been arrested for the crimes these guys committed due to him conspiring with them to have them unsupervised.  Arrest the mayor and no GPS home stuff for him.


Many of the comments to the Washington Post article points out the dangers of Obama letting out a bunch of criminals, some of whom were convicted of using guns for crimes, the fear is rising that the DNC plans to let out nearly all prisoners and tell the blacks, they will not be arrested according to the crimes they commit but only according to their proportion to the population so they can commit over 50% of the murders but only 12% can serve time for this????


2:53 AM EDT
Rewriting history is a thing straight out of Orwell’s 1984!

The President says : “Entire communities have been ravaged where largely men, but some women, are taken out of those communities,”

ACTUALLY … the communities WERE ravaged BY these men and women, their disrespect for anyone, their hates, their hormones; their drugs…..

….. and THAT is why they were taken out or the community in the first place.

A few may have finally grown up, but the spike in crime to come ….(being out of prison changes little about what people are or were before they went in )

… will be proof of this ideological, living rich & in private schools all his life …. now 1% President is really just acting out “white guilt” and its twin “successful black guilt” at the same time.

Putting people back on the street is NOT loving anything … it is a cynical, manipulative “show”.

7:30 AM EDT
Reading through the list there were some who used guns in their crimes, one used a sawed off shotgun, but……….that’s OK too I guess.
Ang Nihtgenga
12:02 AM EDT
How many of these offenders were offered a plea bargain? You know, plead guilty to this drug charge and we won’t prosecute you for the violent offense. Prosecutors are lazy, but these plea bargains still end up in their “win” column.

12:22 AM EDT
Most ,if not all, of them.


Readers know that most of the criminals were put away not for all their crimes but for whatever the DA could get on plea bargains.  Yes, they will let someone not be charged with say, attempted murder and let them plea down because trials are very expensive and drug dealers and street criminals who have lots of loot when on the loose all end up on welfare when caught and the taxpayers have to pay for their defense and so it makes economic sense to degrade bigger crimes to smaller ones just to avoid a trial.


With a little help from her friends! Hillary hits the Hamptons for $25,000-a-ticket fundraiser at Jimmy Buffett’s house to see Paul McCartney and Jon Bon Jovi sing Hey Jude in her honor.   The rich know who butters their bread.  And living lives totally secure from all pain and outsiders, they can demand the rest of us live in fear and terror as screaming maniacs burn and loot our cities.


 The vandals burning entire countries are ISIS and our own government:  Now 30 BENGHAZI-related emails have been recovered from Hillary’s server – and they weren’t in the batch she turned over to the State Department as that war crime continues unpunished.


‘I can barely keep up with her!’ Tim Kaine vouches for Hillary’s health – and goes after Trump for his tax returns and he is referring to Hillary’s war crimes.  He can’t do what she has done.  Poor chap.  And he and his partner still won’t release a single Goldman Sachs speech.


Trump has held SIXTEEN formal press conferences this year – but Hillary’s last one was 269 days ago!  And no media outfit is demanding she have a press conference.  She is too busy preparing for the ‘debates’ run by our media and those are a month away and the poor dearie has to have lots and lots and lots of practice or she will fail.  Taking an hour out to answer questions is out of the question.


And so our empire dies.  How the Bilderberg gang plans to run the earth minus their money machine (US debts) and muscle (our increasingly incompetent military) baffles them and they worry about this day and night.


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21 responses to “Obama Releasing Massive Numbers of Prisoners

  1. Lou

    Elaine, you were wrong. ‘Mittens’ [your term] would NOT have been worse.
    Clearly Obama is anti ‘most good things’ with his;

    Health Care
    Climate Change
    Ebola importations
    Bringing criminals to the White House.
    Wars [were they ALL started by Bush? I cant remember]
    Destroy Coal Industry
    Muslim faith [his exact words]

    The ‘best list’ of his bad policies and ‘firsts’ I cannot find, but theres,


  2. Melponeme_k

    “How the Bilderberg gang plans to run the earth minus their money machine (US debts) and muscle (our increasingly incompetent military) baffles them and they worry about this day and night.”

    I can’t wait for China to tell them all to bend over and spread. They’ll be no strong US to cover for them and rattle sabers. And Russia will just laugh. This day is coming quick and no matter how much they shake the bones of their dark god, it won’t stop the inevitable.

  3. Lou

    Black male criminals— Huffpo isn’t mentioning the gang rape or alligators.
    But they do have a picture of the mom of Brittanee embracing a Black guy



  4. emsnews

    Just looked at an attack article on Trump at the Washington Post editorial section today and every comment without exception, was making fun of Trump and praising Hillary. They must have banned half or more of the commentators there.

    The rigging of this election by the media is hilarious. It is as if the internet doesn’t exist. Closing eyes and screaming ‘I can’t hear you!’ isn’t going to work.

  5. csurge

    True, the empire is almost at an end. The core, however, is not quite dead. Obama will do his worst, but if Trump wins he can set things right fairly quickly on the domestic front. 2-3 years perhaps to bring crime back down to acceptable levels

  6. JimmyJ

    Up in Canada the drug world is just as bad, with dealers who’ve executed people and traded kids for debts, it’s a hideous underworld. Occasionally you’ll see public glimpses in media of this horror with decapitations and mutilations (in Northern BC for example a few recent cases) and many disappearances of debtors briefly, until they quickly bury it so as not to scare the unaware righteous. Things to easily rival what you hear about in Mexico right in “safe” little old Canada.

  7. Melponeme_k

    Meanwhile Israel fully supports racial profiling.


  8. Jim R

    (Off-Topic) It seems to me that few tropical storms have made it to the naming stage this year. In 2005, we were up to ‘K’ by now with Katrina. And Rita was not far behind. Apparently storms L through Q went somewhere other than the Gulf of Mexico.

    But this year, I’m seeing mostly ‘Invest 9’ or ‘Tropical depression 11’ or the like. I guess we are up to ‘G’ or so …

    (back on topic) You know, releasing 111 prisoners is hardly ‘massive numbers’ in a country that has incarcerated millions. Of course, he’s probably letting out the worst of them …

    ELAINE: It is a lot more than 111. And are there any white dudes? Nope.

  9. Lou

    Elaine, why would DT go to Mexico? Is he suicidal? Fool hardy?
    HuffPo regu


    ELAINE: How about ‘brave’? 🙂

  10. Lou

    oops—fat finger. regularly censors. so what else is new?

  11. Christian W

    Sorry, but Trump won’t stamp out elite corruption and crime, which is the root problem, in 2-3 years. All the other problems stem out of that root problem.

  12. Lou

    Sorry, the violent crime in USA is at the bottom. All of the problems are not from the ((( billionaires))) and (((Zion supporting))).

    You are in Sweden?

  13. Christian W

    The violent crime in the US is at the top first and foremost wrapped in expensive suits and silk. The crime at the bottom is a consequence but far less bloody in the larger context. Don’t you read what Elaine is writing here daily?

  14. Jim R

    At least the criminals at the bottom just kill each other, they don’t start WWIII. Does the name “George Soros” ring a bell?

  15. ziff

    jimmy j, i’m in the lower rainland haven’t heard about what you refer too.

    note for the KKK, riot at the CNE in toronto , looks like blacks , but cbc is color blind.

  16. Lou

    Jim, you really are brainwashed.

    At least the criminals at the bottom just kill each other, [nonsense, EMS regularly mentions criminals who will kill whoever]
    they don’t start WWIII.—this nation is being destroyed from the (((inside)))

    Does the name (((“George Soros”))) ring a bell? Fixed that for you. Do you get it???


    ELAINE: Lou, he is CORRECT. The crimes at the top inspire crimes at the bottom. This is true in all history. When there is sanity at the top, there isn’t a seething underclass at the bottom.

  17. Lou

    @ Nuns who were dumb enough to serve their inferiors, dead;

    The natural stupidity of blacks combined with the absence of impulse control explains a lot of their behavior, but I have not been able to understand why so many of them seem to enjoy torturing and killing harmless white women.

    They remind me of the self-hating apelike creature called the Outsider in the Koontz novel “Watchers” that had the habit of gouging out the eyeballs of its victims so they couldn’t view its hideousness.


  18. How does one person generate 55000 pages of email ? It’s like those enormous pieces of legislation that are 10 foot high that are created not read. I’ve noticed this about US gov stuff pages of dense text to cover the simplist matter. What’s the name of the college course where they learn to produce that stuff?

  19. emsnews

    It is called ‘obfuscation’. The texts are to provide COVER.

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