Many Micro Quakes On San Andreas Fault Between LA and San Diego

Sept. 1 2016 california micro earthquakes San Andreas

Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada – Index Map: for the last two years, California has seen increasing numbers of small clusters of quakes at the San Diego end of the San Andreas Fault and the San Francisco end at the north part.  This week, it has been quite heavy, shaking nearly constantly with the middle stretch continuing to be totally still.  This is a sign of the inevitable major quake that is going to rip through some day with little to no warning.


My family has lived off and on in Southern California since 1850.  We have been in many, many quakes.  We have had more than one house messed up by earthquakes.  When I lived in California, I had more than one annoying earthquake and I rebuilt my parent’s home after a quake back in the 1980s.


Most people in California are new comers compared to my family.  So they blissfully wander about, intellectually knowing about quakes and maybe even discussing these but not really viscerally ready to deal with a deadly quake.  Most houses are not ‘quake proofed’ that is, everything stowed away in such a fashion that it won’t fall on you or crash and burn, etc.

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 7.32.33 PM

So the bowl of jello is shivering away, relentlessly warning everyone.  If there is a Grand Mal shake when the many major faults that criss cross Los Angeles erupt simultaneously, this will be a mega-disaster event and since the place is politically and culturally very unstable, it could lead to a collapse of society, not ‘neighbors helping each other’.


This is why I would never, ever live there.  Did once, ran off years ago.  Could see the looming disaster.  Moved to NYC to have disasters there, instead, which is why I moved again.  Yikes.  One extreme to the other, I say.


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4 responses to “Many Micro Quakes On San Andreas Fault Between LA and San Diego

  1. Lou

    Having been in a California quake, believe me, it is scary.

  2. melponeme_k

    Even the tiniest of earthquakes are disturbing. As a child in Alaska, I hated sitting through them. I actually remember vowing to leave the state as soon as my toddler self was able.

  3. nani

    The Los Angeles metropolitan area is home to about 18 million inhabitants, the second largest urban area in the USA. It is quite frightening to think about how much damage and carnage a major earthquake would cause in such a large city.

    Tokyo and Mexico City are in a similar situation.

  4. Petruchio

    Elaine: did a little research into this subject. Found out that the San Andreas Fault isn’t the only–or even the biggest(!!!) fault line for Californians to worry about. The Cascadian Fault line is reported to be even bigger and badder than the San Andreas Fault line. But anyway you slice it, The Big One earthquake is long overdue to strike California. The whole state of CA needs to be afraid, not just Southern CA as some folks seem to think.

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