Most US Media Refuse To Report Melania Trump Is Suing Media Libel For $150 Million

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Melania Trump sues Daily Mail for $150m over ‘defamatory’ stories interpreted as suggesting she had worked as an ‘escort’: I just got this news from Europe!  It is NOT HARDLY ANY NEWS in the US.  CNN has a low level headline, not a major feature.  The NYT and WP have nothing.  Wow.  HAHAHA.  Melania is going for $150 million and has a good chance of winning this since this defamation of her character was political as well as personal.  It was set up to change the election in favor of the so-called pro-women’s rights female, Hillary.  Who is a fake feminist.


There are so many elements to this case!  Hillary is challenging Trump on this very issue: she is all about power for women and not shaming women and not attacking women even if they are sex workers!  This is her entire schtick.  Her silence in this matter is most telling.  She won’t do a thing, I am betting.  Not a peep from her.


If I were her, and I am certainly not her ilk, I would have gone to the media back on August 20th when this defamation of Melania was first booted about the media.  Instead, she smirked.  Every time anyone supporting Trump says anything stupid, the entire media organ blasts away at this and howls of rage ring out and demands he apologize for things various people might have said…and when something really nasty like this libel comes along, we get dead silence since it is aimed at Trump’s family.


Wow.  This is super headline news and at least CNN is carrying it.  It has been known for a number of hours now so there is no excuse, ‘Oh, we had no idea!’ No.  If I know it, they know it.  The fact that search engines like Google News is hiding this information is infuriating.  Google News should be renamed ‘Google Snooze’.  The owners of Google give money to Hillary so they are part of the criminal operation and their hiding the news is how criminals operate, they provide cover for the law breakers.


Trump and his wife suing for many millions of dollars should be top headline news.  It is not.  This is criminal.  It is like living in Russia, reading Pravda.  It is naked aggression, publishing only anti-Trump news and headlining every single itty bitty thing that can be even slightly negative while covering up major, major news that is pro-Trump.


We once had an election where news headlines screamed ‘Dewey Wins!’ when he lost.  There was the excuse that the information given was flawed.  There is no excuse for hiding important news today and it is futile.  The media giants hope that by burying this major story, massively major story, everyone will not know about it in time, only a handful of us citizens who know how to dig up information will know and if we talk about it, the average citizen will think we are making all this up.


This is, again, nothing new.  It is how all propaganda systems operate.  Our only chance to stop this is to blast the real information around the world via the internet.  But if the search engines hide this news, then the victory goes to the Bilderberg gang and search engines are rapidly deteriorating when it comes to finding exact information.  I see this every day, getting worse.


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3 responses to “Most US Media Refuse To Report Melania Trump Is Suing Media Libel For $150 Million

  1. Right you are Elaine, I love you!

  2. emsnews

    I forgot to point out that one of the few media carrying this story is a Russian paper. HAHAHA.

  3. emsnews

    I finally found the news story about suing for $150 million by carefully wording it so the NYT story about this yesterday showed up. The NYT can claim they covered the story…ON THE BACK PAGES. You had to find it via some severe effort and only if you knew the story already!

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