Private Space Programs Ruinously Expensive: Space X Blows

Why capitalism can't conquer space

The moment Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket EXPLODED on the launch pad | Daily Mail Online


Billionaires at war: ‘Disappointed’ Mark Zuckerberg hits out at SpaceX after Facebook’s $200m satellite explodes but Elon Musk says the cause is ‘unknown’ as his fortune drops $390m in one day cause of accident | Daily Mail Online:  I want this war between billionaires televised.  HAHAHA.


France-based satellite provider Eutelast and Facebook spent an estimated $95million on the satellite’s Ka-band communication array for a five year lease.


The plan was to use the Amos-6 satellite from Israeli company Spacecom, to beam internet connections directly to smartphones in Southern, West and East Africa.


They lost a lot more than $95 million.  This is a billion dollar plus mess.  The fun and games now end for this isn’t the only disaster in this budding capitalist venture program.


Thursday’s launch pad explosion could derail the sale of Spacecom for $285million to Beijing Xinwei Technology Group.


The companies unveiled the agreement last week, but said it was contingent on the successful launch of the satellite and completion of its in-orbit tests.


So, before this explosion, it was to be sold to the Chinese.  So it all goes…the US relies on nasty Putin, the man Hillary hisses all about all the time, the Evil One, to send stuff into space.  NASA is busy worrying about global warming and no longer is doing much space stuff unless Putin helps.

‘It’s not sustainable to offer the whole Internet for free,’ he continued. ‘No operator could afford this.’




SpaceX is one of two companies shipping supplies to the International Space Station for NASA.


The company also is working on a crew capsule to ferry station U.S. astronauts; that first flight was supposed to come as early as next year.


Um, if you are an astronaut, make certain you have your papers in order and have a will.


The California-based company, led by Musk, had been ramping up with frequent launches to make up for a backlog created by a launch accident in June 2015.


And now everything is wrecked.  So much for ‘full speed ahead.’


The first crewed flight was supposed to take place by the end of next year. Boeing also is working to develop a crew capsule for NASA.


With the end of the Nasa’s Space Shuttle program, SpaceX has also stepped in to allow the US to continue to send supplies to the International Space Station.


Leave out the many years Russia did this with little problem.


Part of SpaceX’s model for reducing the cost of space travel is to reuse its rockets.


Russia is cheap.


But this has been beset with a series of accidents that saw the rockets topple over and explode during these landing attempts.


Reminds me of my childhood watching this happen back in the 1950s.


It lost two rockets after they failed to land safely before it managed to successfully land the first stage booster at Kennedy Space Centre on December 21 2015.

One year of semi-success.  No wonder they are trying to sell this to the suspicious Chinese.  I don’t see that sale happening.


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2 responses to “Private Space Programs Ruinously Expensive: Space X Blows

  1. Jim R

    The internet is like a highway system. And highways are free (mostly) these days. So why not? A free utility provided by the government. It might cost a lot to run the big server farms at google and facebook, but the actual infrastructure of connection is quite cheap.

    If the government weren’t so stuffed to turgidity with corrupt parasites.

    The ‘privatization’ fad is stupid. And the other stupid meme: “war is good for the economy”. Both a sign that the Nazis really won in 1945…

  2. Jim R

    As for the satellite, I watched the video. It looks like the second stage was ignited by mistake. What caused the mistake is impossible to tell from the video.

    But the second stage was still attached to the first stage, so it could not propel anything, and all it could do was burn up the whole mess. Which it did.

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