US And Foreign Media Lies And Filth Guarantee Trump Victory In November

Richard Nixon-Checkers Speech (9/23/1952) – YouTube


I have never seen such levels of filth and lies poured onto a Presidential candidate and there have been a lot of this over my lifetime.  This election is a virtual Niagara Falls of filth gushing forth from media giants desperate to stop Trump.  This will all backfire because these adults doing these crimes and yes, they are criminals doing this, don’t understand basic human psychology: the more Trump proves they are lying bastards, the more they attack his children, grandchildren and wife, the worse they look and the angrier voters are about these attacks.


After practicing law and serving in the Navy during World War II, Nixon’s political star rose quickly. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1946 and made a name for himself on the House Un-American Activities Committee. In 1950, he was elected to the U.S. Senate, where he continued to rage against Communism.


At the 1952 Republican National Convention, presidential candidate Dwight D. Eisenhower chose Nixon as his running mate. Two months later, the New York Post ran the headline “Secret Rich Men’s Trust Fund Keeps Nixon in Style Far Beyond His Salary” above an article claiming that campaign donors were buying influence with Nixon by keeping a secret fund stocked with cash for his personal expenses (some $140,000 in today’s dollars). Outrage followed, and many Republicans urged Eisenhower to take Nixon off the ticket.


On September 23, Nixon appeared on national television from the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood to defend himself. He said that the fund did exist, but the money wasn’t secret, was strictly for covering campaign expenses, and that no contributor to the campaign fund ever received any special treatment. He produced the results of an independent audit of his finances and proceeded to reveal his financial history, touching on everything from money he made from speaking engagements, to the rent he paid for an apartment in Virginia the four years he was there ($80 a month!), to the $10 check he received from a supporter too young to vote that he promised never to cash.


Nixon was a creep and a crook.  But his crookedness compared to today’s criminal clowns running our country looks trivial, like a pick pocket compared to a bunch of Mafia bosses.  LBJ and Nixon were both war criminals but then so are the two Bush gangsters and the Clinton Bonnie and Clyde duo.  Arrest them all and include Obama, the butler.


One of the Nixon bribes was Checkers, the cute dog.  Nixon said that people were attacking his poor dog.  Sympathy followed because the left was attacking an innocent pooch!  So this speech is now known as the ‘Checkers speech’.  I was a tot back then and knew nothing about all this, I was watching the very first Disney TV shows back then.


Attacking the wrong target can backfire.  I am expecting all the hysterical attacks on Trump to backfire badly.  Exclusive — Donald Trump: Race Is Turning Around, Hillary’s ‘Polls Starting To Go Down’ While ‘Mine Are Going Up’ and this headline is not appearing in the mainstream media.  It is a back story for them today.


The NYT has removed their daily box which says who will win, the usual box was ‘Hillary win: 78%, Trump win is only 22%’ for example.  Suddenly, two days ago, this little box vanished.  HAHAHA.  I am going to laugh to death this election.  I used to really read Pravda back when I was studying Russian way back during the Vietnam War.  This was to get news about the US, not Russia.


Pravda lied all the time about Russia but never lied about US foreign activities!  I found this immensely amusing.  It helped me understand what was going on in the world, and having gone to school in Germany, I had many sources.  I began reading Pravda in Germany since it was sold there, it was illegal to sell here.  When I was deported from Germany, I illegally brought in Pravda issues to the US in my luggage.  This is a reminder about how free our ‘free press’ was back then.


Control of the media is how our rulers maintain an iron grip on our society and it helps them loot our nation.  Our deepening debts are them looting, we owe money to them all as they loot us more and more.  Trump is actually one of them but he isn’t totally one of them and frankly, their foreign interests are clashing with his desire to win so they are forced into the light of day, these vampires, to stop him from stopping their looting.


Well…all this is backfiring badly and we should start a betting system on what day Trump is assassinated and by whom.  Can’t be a fellow rich man’s kid like the Reagan assassin who was a family friend of the BUSH clan.  Nope, too naked.  It has to be someone else, can’t be a black person, nope.  Can’t be a female (yes, we have female assassins and having one screaming for Hillary while killing Trump is no good especially if she can’t aim too good!)…


Problems hiring!  They are desperate.  Who will do rid them of this turbulent man?

the murder of Thomas Becket – YouTube


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11 responses to “US And Foreign Media Lies And Filth Guarantee Trump Victory In November

  1. ziff

    proves how stupid they are, imagine if they had done everything to portray him as establishment darling.

  2. ziff

    and did the math on Hillary’s 55000 emails , thats 15 pages! a day for 10 yrs [ don’t know the actual time period] , she is just filled with words !

    funny how no one else has noticed that.

  3. Lou

    55000 a year ?

  4. ziff

    don’t know the time frame but apparently one line counts as page now , my mistake.

  5. Jim R

    Max von Sydow, from Three Days of the Condor. Some time around Halloween. Is there a Bonesman’s magic number around that time?

    Of course, Hils could actually throw that final blood clot by then, and Biden or somebody would have to step in…

  6. Moe

    Trump assassin: has to be Caucasian, preferably a ‘Christian’. Perfect ethnics for a fall guy.

  7. melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    Halloween is the death of the Green pagan mythology. Some equate this figure with Cernunnos, the horned god.

  8. Floridasandy

    Trump will be fine.

    I would worry a lot more about Hilary’s health right now

  9. emsnews

    October is my birthday month. It is PEGASUS month, it is all about paying for one’s crimes and irritating gods month. And all hell is now breaking loose, our rulers are freaking out, big time all over the place.

    Google is attacking users of its services right now wanting to shut down any money going to right wing content providers on You Tube, for example. The attack began two days ago and I would have written about it yesterday but I was very busy taking care of a friend’s death and his children who came to me for help yesterday.

  10. Lou

    And Google is ((( ))).

  11. melponeme_k

    “October is my birthday month. It is PEGASUS month, it is all about paying for one’s crimes and irritating gods month. And all hell is now breaking loose, our rulers are freaking out, big time all over the place.”

    And here I thought they would welcome the time when legends say the wall between the living the dead would be thin.

    So Elaine, do you follow Sidereal or Tropical Astrology. I have been having fun reading all this wacky stuff. Like being a teen again. I think I prefer Sidereal (aka Vedic). It feels right. But I did come across one writer who meshed the two together stating Sidereal is who you really are and Tropical is what you would like to be. LOL

    Now why do the elites fetishize Christmas or winter equinox? What goes on then? I only know that the Norse believed Hella was allowed to walk the
    “Middle” earth at that time.

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