Susan Wojicki Suddenly Started Stealing Profits From All Right Wing You Tube Producers

YouTube NOW CENSORING ALL Creators?!?! RIP ETCShow – YouTube


Susan Wojcicki who runs You Tube without any warning or explanation, began to remove all finances from a huge number of You Tube sites because she suddenly wants to make You Tube more child-friendly.  She didn’t issue what she considers to be ‘the right stuff’.  Many You Tubers are freaking out today at this sudden, unannounced change.


In September 1998, the same month that Google was incorporated, its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin set up office in Wojcicki’s garage in Menlo Park.[8][9] Before becoming Google’s first marketing manager in 1999, Wojcicki worked in marketing at Intel in Santa Clara, California[5] and was a management consultant at Bain & Company and R.B. Webber & Company.[10] At Google, she worked on the initial viral marketing programs as well as the first Google doodles.[11] Wojcicki also took part in the development of successful contributions to Google such as Google Images and Google Books.[12]

Wojcicki grew within Google to become senior vice president of Advertising & Commerce and lead the advertising and analytic products including AdWords, AdSense, DoubleClick, and Google Analytics.[7] She developed AdSense, which became Google’s second largest source of revenue.[7] She oversaw Google Video, and proposed to Google’s board that the company should purchase YouTube, then a small start-up that was competing with Google.[7] She handled two of Google’s largest acquisitions: the $1.65 billion purchase of YouTube in 2006 and the $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick in 2007. In February 2014 she became the CEO of YouTube.[13]

Wojcicki, called “the most important person in advertising”[14] was named to Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2015[15] and described in a later issue of Time as “the most powerful woman on the internet”.[16]

YouTube vs the Angry Internet Mob – AlphaOmegaSin – YouTube


The You Tube mistress has also announced if you do You Tube videos talking about WARS and POLITICAL CONFLICTS will now be censored, too.  Especially no news about Israel’s ethnic cleansing, I am presuming.


Google lost a boatload of money this week when the rocket blew up.  Google has made no mention of their rocket blowing up, it had a satellite designed for Google when it blew up.  I was wondering how a billion dollars lost would be made up and here it is.  One day later, they decided to take the money from all the ‘irritating’ You Tube producers.

Why Doesn’t YouTube Explain Anything?! – YouTube


This video is by a young man complaining about how he can’t make money on You Tube anymore and yet You Tube still runs stupid, irritating ads at his site complaining about how he can’t get a cut of the value anymore.  He is now pure exploited slave labor.


You Tube figures these people will be desperate to be on You Tube and publish anyways.  So why help them?  Also, this is a DEMOCRATIC PARTY HILLARY SUPPORTER doing this.


Not one You Tuber, not even all the political sites I went to to see if any of them figured out why this looting of their work began so secretly.  Not one.  I posted to them what caused this economic crisis.


So they are just one more exploited labor in the world.  I do NOT have ads at my own site, I am one of the very few people doing this, I pay $99 a year to have no ads.  This is why I have to rely on readers’ generosity instead.


Silly, Silly YouTube… – YouTube is a typical example: lots of viewers, cut off now, and ads have actually grown there as You Tube hopes to exploit the content.  Originally, Google was all about being a socialist site that let everyone ‘grow’ and ‘work’ and still be ‘partners’.


Then disaster struck.  Suddenly it is a dictatorship set up to exploit labor as slaves.  Yes, all the You Tube people creating content are now slaves unless Google’s female Jewish executive thinks you deserve some small reward.


Will the You Tube people figure out how they were shafted?  Will they continue to create content?  Will some enterprising person rise up and fix this?  Well…right at the same time, Twitter announced they are doing videos now and will share 70% of ad revenues thinking this would drive down content at You Tube that gives only 50% of ad revenue with content producers.


Now I bet they are happy as all hell, this will take off like a rocket now.  There is an army of very angry You Tube young people who will be more than happy to flee the system.  They simply have to inform all viewers at their sites where they congregate now.


I am expecting You Tube to die on the vine due to this sudden shift.  What angered all the You Tube content providers the most was that there was no discussion, no warning, nothing when the president of You Tube shifted gears.


The content remains at You Tube so far but when everyone runs off to a new service provider who isn’t going to censor them for did I say, You Tube suddenly has many rules about what and how you do things for fear a 5 year old might see it?  Yes, heavy censorship but not via elimination (so far!) but via denying profits generated by so many eyes seeing stuff You Tube has decided it ‘dirty’.


Ahem.  So, anyone producing ‘dirty’ stuff whatever that is, will now see no more money and You Tube is, as I have shown with just two videos out of hundreds of angry video, above, You Tube is running ads cynically right in the faces of the content creators who are now slaves and who have to see You Tube tormenting their viewers with stupid ads and they get nothing for this.


Again, I pay for my service systems because I want to control my content and ads interfere with my content very heavily and all my chat here would be hypocrisy if I ran ads while railing about the ruling elites who run the ads!  I have some shreds of integrity left.  And freedom!


I can tell WordPress that I am a paying customer and get them to jump to my calls.  It matters a lot to me.  And my site looks lovely with no irritating ads and do note that ads are increasingly irritating online.  All over the place, these intrude more and more on content and it is OK so long as the content creators get money for this but You Tube has decided to not share the wealth because a stupid rocket blew up.


As I noted the other day, You Tube and Google and others hoped to sell this to the Chinese who were watching the launch preparations and guess what?  The Chinese will now buy Russian rockets which is why our elites in the media now are attacking Putin with increasing ferocity.


Yes, Google is attacking Putin too.  Sigh.  HAHAHA.  Stupid Google who has decided to not operate as clearly can cleanly as they did say, five years ago.  Google stinks now.  It is degrading rapidly as the executives frantically seek ways to exploit labor and steal stuff and irritate users.  So much for ‘working together’.


It is funny watching events spool out.  Virtually no commentators online have noticed the connections between You Tube’s sudden confiscation of wealth from its content creators and the rocket blowing up.  Well, I have some small pride in my ability to connect the dots.


P.S.—I notice that the ads have greatly proliferated at popular sites on You Tube that have ‘evil content’ which is mostly by libertarians and young white males in particular.  This is where the ideology of the left ‘liberals’ is secretively attacking Trump supporters and others who don’t support Hillary or are not ‘girl friendly’ or dispute stuff spewed by the liberals concerning social collapse, the mess in Chicago, etc.


This is very definitely an attempt at rewarding only certain political entities while crushing the opposition by denying them access to the public, that is, censorship which is what I have experienced all my long life.


Many, many times I have made national and even international news and my name and face won’t appear at all.  Not at all!  Zero!  I have turned the Wheel of History and only the Goddess of History who writes with a pen dipped in blood, is aware of what I have done over the years.  And so be it!  I am content, no assassins are assailing me anymore.


But it is irritating watching our Rulers screw things up and the executives running Google and You Tube are Hillary supporters and coincidental with this move by the executives (executioners) is with Hillary’s numbers falling dramatically as she hides from voters.


P.P.S.—The internet is on fire over this issue and…NO NEWS.  HAHAHA.  Our media giants are media midgets.  I laugh at their stupidity.  Deliberately being dumb isn’t smart, you silly gooses, I say to them all.


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16 responses to “Susan Wojicki Suddenly Started Stealing Profits From All Right Wing You Tube Producers

  1. Lou

    I am expecting You Tube to die on the vine due to this sudden shift. –Where will people go? Vimeo? WSHH? Live leak?

    I sense (((Google))) is deep in government pockets, like Facebook.
    And predictably, Jewish. There is a great article about Facebook at ‘Occidental Observer.’, Read it.

    I like You Tube and use it. I stopped using Google [except when I have to] due to their anti White doodle.
    Easter — Cesar Chavez [who was anti Illegals, if truth be told].
    Various obscure Blacks as heros and geniuses.
    And Google I sense is front for CIA.

    Bezos now owns Huff Po. So HuffPo is things like,

    Huffpo isn’t mentioning the gang rape or alligators.

    But they do have a picture of the mom embracing a black..

    On the bigger scale, is Obama about to ‘give’ WWW to the UN?

  2. Lou

    In the above you tube clipo, at 1.50 they talk about the feminist nut in the back of a car. I actually listened to that.

  3. melponeme_k

    I’ve mentioned this before, but the industry as a whole grew up mainly California and like the rocketeers (Parsons being a black magic magician), the tech people were all into alternative beliefs. A great many of them were into EST and Jaron Lanier mentions this in one of his books. A great many pressure points in EST training are part and parcel of how tech companies deal with customers. Not to mention all of them are into Singularity. They are all convinced they will become one with the big server in the sky and live forever.

    They hate the people using their platforms. They don’t look at us as human, only stupid slaves.

    I have a blogger and I’m too lazy to switch it to another platform. But I have never turned on AdSense. My tiny blog is also ad free.

  4. Jim R

    … but mind the difference between wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG, hee hee!

    Yeah, a couple days ago I saw the headline that they were doing this. In the Russian media, of course. And thought, what a bunch of assholes!

    There’s a video server company called RuTube, that’s a Russian version of it. But it doesn’t work as well, since their servers are on another continent. And all the porn sites long ago moved to their own servers. And of course some of the big news outfits run their own servers like CNN and RT and AlJazeera.

    But even with this new level of client abuse, I doubt that YouTube will be going out of business any time soon. Almost every video I watch has an annoying ad in front of it.

  5. Jim R

    @Lou, I quit reading HuffPo back when Arianna was still in charge of it. And I tend to identify as a progressive. The site was just that obnoxious.

    And @Lou #2, thanks for that video! That was funny!

  6. Petruchio

    “This video is by a young man complaining about how he can’t make money on You Tube anymore and yet You Tube still runs stupid, irritating ads at his site complaining about how he can’t get a cut of the value anymore. He is now pure exploited slave labor.” And you can bet your a## that the roadblocks ALREADY up to prevent YouTube alternatives are in place. Our Rulers have NEVER liked real competition in the Open Market; they already know they can’t compete in that kind of an environment.

  7. floridasandy

    what an annoying voice that girl had-and so whiny.

    He was super nice to that idiot, nicer than I would have been. She was obviously trying to start something, but not quite smart enough to figure out how. 🙂

  8. e sutton

    Indeed. Seeking a ¨safe space¨ inside someone else´s car seems a bit beyond the pale. Gotta hand it to the Millennials. They have catapulted the concept of ¨victim¨ into the stratosphere. Good luck in the workforce, kids! I have had some real bitches as bosses and none of them cared about my ¨feelings¨.

  9. Lou

    E Sutton, I am not sure how many jobs will be left. In USA.
    I am saying by 2020.

  10. Christian W

    @ 1 Lou

    Google is indeed a CIA front now, like most anything in the US power structure.

    The CIA employs a vast range of people from Al Qaeda thugs and MSM journalists to executives of the largest US companies, just to name a few.

  11. She didn’t issue what she considers to be ‘the right stuff’.

    The so-called Right Stuff, of course, is that content that is totally acceptable to the corporates, the Dem-Reps, and the deep state. Say good bye to the alt-right Youtubers, the real liberals, independent REAL reporting, self-directed musicians like Shmoyoho, individual amateur videos (those things are SCAREY!), etc., etc. Say hello to the same corporate dreck that’s killing braodcast and cable TV, radio, and the mainstream press.

    It will become like that ALL OVER the internet, EVERYWHERE. Time to go samizdat, Elaine.

  12. Melponeme_k

    “Say good bye to the alt-right Youtubers, the real liberals, independent REAL reporting, self-directed musicians like Shmoyoho, individual amateur videos (those things are SCAREY!), etc., etc. Say hello to the same corporate dreck that’s killing braodcast and cable TV, radio, and the mainstream press.”

    The joy of Youtube is 99% watching regular people talk about their real lives, their real hobbies and their other dorky interests. How empowering it is to watch people who are not plastic and not spewing a corporate driven propaganda line.

    But I believe, like you, that PTB will drive all these people off Youtube.

    I watch quite a bit. Although there are many arguments of his that I don’t agree with, I do agree with him that the media is tightly controlled to nth degree. The only people who reach the masses (actors, directors etc.) are the people chosen by the powers. The people who are independent, who are organic successes chosen by the people are forced out.

    Take for instance the director, Jennifer Kent, who created the hit film “The Babadook”. It was so loved by audiences and made a success. But because she won’t sell her creation to corporate interests so that they can make a million dreck sequels out of it…her career seems at a stand still. This is even true to the film’s lead actress, Essie Davis. If the media was free and organic, these women would both have much bigger careers. But since they don’t fit the party line…OUT THE DOOR.

  13. emsnews

    Once Upon A Time, we started our own news papers, I wrote for these for years and years. Our printing press was usually a mimeograph machine. We posted these on bulletin boards and sold them on street corners.

    We broke real news!!! Remember the Student Riots when the news about Cambodia illegal bombings happened? We, the underground news, broke that story. I got it via shortwave radio…broke more than one story thanks to my huge antenna and shortwave radio! Got the news from Paris, France.

  14. emsnews

    What we did was, use the old WATS system to spread the news to all other campuses. The WATS system became..THE INTERNET. This is how long I have been using the systems for information spreading.

    And it has been narrowed down a lot over the last 8 years under Obama the pretend liberal and Hillary wants to utterly wreck it.

  15. Meleponeme_k,

    Hey, I prefer the amateur vids, even the scarey stuff, to the corporate dreck.


    Damn straight Obama’s a pretend liberal. And Hillary? She’s neither liberal nor conservative! Corporate all the way!!

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