Political Correctness And Its Real Enemies: The NYT Goes Full Maoism To Attack Real Liberals

Red Guards Apologize For Cultural Revolution – YouTube  (in Chinese…sorry)

Political Correctness and Its Real Enemies – The New York Times is a hilarious editorial by the NYT staff about a school one of my ancestors founded and it is also the same bizarre school where one of my ancestors began the Skull and Bones witch coven which many of our Presidents joined and learned how to do black magic.  Which is why one of my ancestors fled England way back when the New World was discovered, to help found and live in the first Dutch town in the New World, New Amsterdam.  Yale now has many ernest kiddies who demonstrate for more blacks on campus and fewer arrests of black criminals (oh, they will get that demand in spades!) and they are NOT demonstrating against the Skull and Bones.


What the hell?  HAHAHA.  The NYT is wailing today about…conservatives having a voice on campus and being allowed to have events without an army of Maoists attacking them.  Madame Mao was for strict sexual equality and also, no sex at all for anyone.  She also enforced this with an iron fist.  The first human to stand up to her, in her face, inside China, was my wonderful father.


To retell this story for people who don’t believe me, when Nixon went to China, he asked Zhou Enlai, or rather, Kissinger asked Zhou Enlai, if he wanted anyone else to come to China.  Remember, this was when the Cultural Revolution was just starting up!


Zhou asked for my father to come!  I was stunned.  Well…during WWII, the only Chinese rocket scientist, Qian Xuesen  went to my father’s school and was his dear friend.  My father wanted to have him along when he went to seek the Nazi rocket caves but President Roosevelt said this was impossible.


Then, the year I was born, Qian was attacked by the politicians for being a communist in 1950.  My father freaked out, he spoke up for Qian, his dear friend but was told to shut up or else.  My father’s other friend, Eisenhower, was not President.  When he was elected, my father wanted his friend freed but he was instead, held prisoner until the Chinese made a deal with the President to free him.


He then ran the Chinese nuclear program but remembered my father very, very fondly so he had asked Zhao to see if Nixon would allow him to visit.  So my dad came.  Back to Madame Mao: she was VERY UNHAPPY about this visit.  So she decided to intimidate and insult my father right in front of Qian.


This led to a fight over the single beds bolted to the floor.  She insisted my parents sleep apart, my dad refused.  After a hot argument, in front of all the top Chinese communists, my dad took out a screw driver and unscrewed the beds and shoved them together and told her to go to hell.


He was the very first human to defy that nutty, evil woman.  And he won.  This event was a turning point inside the upper echelons of government there and was a force pushing for the arrest of Madame Mao and the very first American invited into China again when she was arrested was…my father!  This is why the Chinese sent their top officials to live with me and no one else, back then.  Qian asked for this.


OK: this is all not off topic, it is very topical today.  Today, the cynical Chinese made a deal with the US about ‘global warming’.  We have now promised to totally deindustrialize and to cripple our economy totally while the Chinese get to burn coal for quite a while longer, much longer.


The Chinese are not stupid.  They know this will destroy the US totally.  They know that once they destroy us, we can’t force them to do anything, treaty or no treaty.  Arrrrgh.  Stupid liberals have brought this catastrophe on us.  We also see the Chinese making deals with Russia in military matters and the US still won’t let China run the China Sea, instead, we insist on patrolling there and offshore of Russia in a very hostile way.


Ahem: THIS IS HIGHLY DANGEROUS.  I know the Chinese leadership very well in a personal way.  When they tried to crush the students years ago, I defied them and forced them to stop when I protected a large group of Chinese students and helped them demonstrate for a month right in front of the UN in Manhattan and forced Bush Sr. to back down on deporting them.


US army official berates Australia for indecision over Washington & China ties — RT News


A top US military official has said that Australia should choose between stronger ties with Washington or Beijing, stressing that there has to be “a decision as to which one is more of a vital national interest.”


“I think the Australians need to make a choice … it’s very difficult to walk this fine line between balancing the alliance with the United States and the economic engagement with China,” US Army Assistant Chief of Staff Colonel Tom Hanson said on radio station Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


“There’s going to have to be a decision as to which one is more of a vital national interest for Australia,” he added.


Hanson blasted the lack of protest by Australia against Chinese maneuvers in the South Sea, saying that Beijing “clearly … believes that they have an opportunity and they feel empowered to flout that.”


China can do as China wishes in the future because China is gigantic in population, bigger than the US, is one of the physically biggest nations on earth like Russia, and is not in debt to any foreign powers unlike the US which is deep in debt.  All this points to China being the global power in the future and the US going the way of Rome.  Putting the global warming noose around the neck finishes us off.


Back to the NYT silly article about Yale demonstrators demanding we have Madame Mao-type sex laws that forbid males and females from being sexy:


Last November, Scott C. Johnston, a 1982 Yale graduate, was attending a conference organized by the William F. Buckley Jr. Program at his alma mater when student protesters disrupted it. Soon after, he watched an online video of a black Yale student hurling imprecations at a professor who headed her residential college for failing “to create a place of comfort and home.”


Yes, the NYT won’t mention where this video is, it is on You Tube and I posted it in the past at my own site and the NYT won’t show it because the Maoist girl is standing right in the face of one of the deans shrieking and waving her arms extremely aggressively, demanding he censor people and have only one point of view on campus: the Maoist view.


Yes, the Black Lives Matter movement is Maoist!  I knew ALL the Black Panthers way back in the 1960’s and I watched in horror as they all joined the Maoists and began waving the Little Red Book at meetings. This is when they turned against me and refused my advice.  They were utterly destroyed both internally and externally and the road to ruin was joining Madame Mao.


Such protests have prompted Mr. Johnston and other alumni to cease funding what they see as coddled children and weak-kneed administrators. “I don’t think anything has damaged Yale’s brand quite like that” video, he said. “This is not your daddy’s liberalism.”


Why didn’t the NYT run that video or provide the You Tube link??? HAHAHA.  Nope, they had to hide it because it is scary, it shows us all the contorted, evil face of Maoism: students screaming at adults trying to make adults do stupid things.


But it isn’t the protests per se that damaged open inquiry and expression, but the frenzied way they have been portrayed by the right. The video that so angered Mr. Johnston was shot by Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which the Daily Caller then reposted under a headline, “Meet the Privileged Yale Student Who Shrieked at Her Professor,” with photos of her and her parents’ suburban Connecticut home.


Yes, this budding Madame Mao is wealthy.  And she hates her parents, too.  I knew kids like her in the 1960’s.  The Weather Underground was all rich kiddies.  I knew them!  Personally!!! Argued with them!!!!!  When the FBI came to me for information about them, I gave it because I was horrified at their bombing plans!!!!!!!  Then, when the FBI was closing in on them, one of them hid behind my couch while I negotiated surrender.


Well, we are going down the exact same road again.  Amazing, isn’t it?  History is not a road that goes anywhere, it is a round about where we go around and around again and again, we humans are very amusing to the Goddess of History who views us as hamsters running in our wheels.


What the video didn’t show were the hundreds of white students having their first frank conversations about race with minority classmates. A thousand students of all colors joined a vibrant campus “march of resilience” — I know, because I was on campus last fall. Another thousand convened in the chapel to hear classmates and professors speak from their deepest humanity, without malevolence or duplicity. (HAHAHA, right!!!) Free speech and open inquiry are alive and well on campus.


These meetings are all about attacking anyone about capitalism, liberalism (not PC liberalism but real liberalism) and defying authority.  The Red Guard run by Madame Mao was all about students humiliating teachers and forcing them to say, they were stupid and criminal and should be humbled by students.

On The Cultural Revolution – YouTube: this man is a Maoist in the US making excuses for the Cultural Revolution and the evil Great Leap Forward.  Watch him to see how these lunatics think. This kid is a young Maoist and there are many more but they don’t realize they are copying the Madame Mao stuff, the far left knows how to sucker young people who are naive.


The Maoists latched onto black students way back in 1968 and they are doing it again.  They have great memory since they seldom change and they remember how they used the Black Panthers back then and are most anxious to repeat this today and are succeeding in using them as a false front.


But today’s conservative “free speech” campaign doesn’t want you to know that. What motivates it is not the defense of free speech, but an ideology that condemns “politically correct” activists and administrators and dubiously recommends “free markets” as the best guarantors of such rights. “Our colleges and universities, though lavishly funded and granted every perquisite which a dynamic capitalist economy can offer, have become factories for the manufacture of intellectual and moral conformity,” thundered Roger Kimball, board chairman of Yale’s Buckley Program, at a black-tie dinner that the program sponsored last year in New York.


If Buckley were smart, he would invite me to talk about all this because I know a great deal more than he about this, I was in the middle of this when he was an outsider, we are the same age.  And yes, schools have been taken over by Maoists, you see, this is the fault of the capitalists who are also stupid and short sighted.


You see, the scheme for removing professors and replacing them with very cheap labor and the campuses are now full of very angry young teachers who hate the system for good reasons and their collective ire is being redirected by my generation’s left over Maoists into…Maoism.  I left the university system when they all eliminated German language degree programs which was my major.


Today, our schools are full of increasingly, female teachers living hand to mouth due to being ‘adjuncts’ who are paid minimum wages and instead of being able to unionize, the US making this impossible, they are going to the far, far left which is quite natural and is another reason to stop the severe exploitation of teachers.


Teachers create their own competition via teaching others who then replace them which is why tenure was created otherwise, why teach?  Today, we have teachers who have zero power and this emphatically includes teachers in grade schools.  They are no longer allowed to discipline students and black students, in particular, are untouchable so they learn to run riot long before college.


Black schools are nearly uniformly nightmare places with terrorized staff and no learning.  It is now a stew for creating criminals and a huge section of the black population now are criminals since there are no alternatives, no civilizing systems running in any of our ghettos.  And they hate civilization and cheerfully loot and burn it to the ground and then demand we give them housing, heat, food and medical care so they can burn down more cities.


If anything, the real threat to free inquiry isn’t students, but that same market imperative that First Amendment defenders claim to hold dear. Most university leaders serve not politically correct pieties but pressures to satisfy student “customers” and to avoid negative publicity, liability and losses in “brand” or “market share” — terms that belong in corporate suites but appear, increasingly, in deans’ offices.


And the NYT, being all about propaganda, turn things on their heads.  The students being pandered to are Maoists.  They humiliate teachers and make bizarre, dangerous, anti-education demands and the president of the school gives it to them so they stupidly stay paying the school $20,000 a year plus to hang out and harass teachers and protest this and that and feel very powerful.


They have zero power outside the schools, of course, as they will learn like the previous Maoists who renounced Mao and became capitalists to survive.  I was never a Maoist.  I defied them all way back in the beginning.  They hated my guts but needed me at the same time which is why we had this bizarre relationship.  When the real Chinese Maoists came to my home in the mid-1980’s I was rubbing my hands in glee looking to change them and did change them.  It took time and patience but unlike right wingers, I knew how to talk to them, I am an old-style liberal, not modern leftist.


Such obfuscation is nothing new. In 1953, Buckley, whose book “God and Man at Yale” urged alumni to roll back professors’ godless socialism, helped found the Intercollegiate Studies Institute to train students to counter “liberal” betrayals of “our nation’s founding principles — limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, the rule of law, market economy.”


Yes, the NYT wants UNLIMITED POWER for the government.  And looting of taxpayers for Israel.  And the NYT doesn’t want the rule of law, they want to do as they please.  Which is, loot us.  And personal responsibility: keeping blacks on the plantation as voting slaves who get a pittance for voting into power people who really hate and despise them all…keeping them all there as criminals, welfare whores and other riff raff to keep the rest of us scared to death and divided as we all run away from black communities which are very dangerous places to venture these days.


Today wealthy donors back groups like the Intercollegiate Studies Institute: the Bradley Foundation, the Scaife family foundations and the Koch brothers’ Donors Trust ( for donors who don’t want to go public) that funnel money to, among others, the David Horowitz Freedom Center (whose “academic bill of rights” would monitor professors’ syllabuses for “balance”) and Campus Watch, which tracks comments on the Middle East.


David Horowitz is a Jewish Nazi.  A real Nazi.  He wants to wipe out the Muslim side of things…while the Maoists want to invite in an army of Muslims to terrorize us.  The Maoists hate Israel, the American Nazis love Israel and the Goddess of History is going to die laughing at all these crossed wires.


The NYT supports ethnic/religious cleansing in Israel, too!  The NYT lies about Israel nonstop.  The difference between the NYT and Horowitz is what color of bed sheet they should wear at Zionist meetings.


If collegiate civil societies are lurching into ditches as often now as the “free speech” campaign claims, that’s partly because the larger society is, too. Yes, some students are as intemperate as the Republican presidential nominee, and some deans accommodate them. Their behavior may not be your daddy’s liberalism, but what their outraged critics are selling isn’t his conservatism, either.


These spoiled brats who will have a life of deep debt due to ‘going to school’ to learn how to be Maoists are in for a hell of a time in the future.  They will all be either very, very poor or will grow up, look at what is really going on and become big time capitalists and make a lot of loot.  Which shall it be?


By the way, I have been banned at the NYT for not being PC.  Only PC people are allowed comments there which is why they get no outside opinions but then, by not listening to anyone but echoes, they become dumbed down which is hilarious to watch and at the same time, sad, since the NYT used to be a vibrant place for debate as recently as 2001.


I am very astonished to see the NYT allowed this letter which mirrors my article nearly totally:


Fortress America nyc 1 hour ago
Um, I’m a self-styled Right Wing Extremist, 60s rad turned progressively (oops) more conservo since the Reagan years, in part b/c 1960s opposing the Vietnam war had me march under a Viet Cong flag – You had to be there-, and in larger part b/c of the rampant, virulent, visceral, eternal/updated JOO-hatred in the Left.


I’ve long-since defunded my two schools, Columbia and U Mich, both schools judicially affirmed compensatory racism.


ALSO, nascent then, were Red Guard Mao-ists / academic vandals of the Left. Stalinist airbrushing of history was in the future, or per ‘1984,’ written in 1948, prescient.


The nascent intellectual fascism of the Left was visible, then, Columbia May 1966, with a successful shut-down of NROTC ceremony.


There were no sanctions; I said this will recur.


When 1968 blew up I had some smug Cassandra satisfaction (Cassandra was cursed, to see the future and to NOT be believed).


1966 also saw Berkeley’s Peoples’ Park, developer vs public spaces (early Occupy), and Ronald Reagan becoming governor over that.  (Note to my readers of my blog: I was very much there at Berkeley back then).


A half century later, eye-blink, 50 years of ‘progressive’ academic fascism and descent (NOT dissent), this article is about me.


I have great respect for FIRE, know people who work there, find this article …banal… in tedious bogey-man-ization / conspiracy eg the Koch brothers and other ogres.


Let’s hear from other readers, I am an outlier,PS I doubt many readers will understand ‘Jacobin’ and ‘ordered liberty’ is a dog whistle,cf #nevertrumo.


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17 responses to “Political Correctness And Its Real Enemies: The NYT Goes Full Maoism To Attack Real Liberals

  1. emsnews

    At the NYT comments I came across this:

    “C.C. Kegel,Ph.D. Planet Earth 4 hours ago

    Conservatives at Yale are a small minority, even among donors. They don’t deserve all this attention. Yale can easily do without the Koch brothers, Johnston and their ilk. Send them to Texas where they can wield the guns they love.”

    The picture with this professor’s posting shows a female. She is exactly what I am talking about here. She doesn’t want no stinking money going to her school!

    She wants to be a radical leftist and be paid for this. By whom, we may ask. By taxpayers.

    Another professor writes anonymously to the NYT (out of naked fear):

    “John Midwest 4 hours ago

    I agree with Jim Sleeper’s critique of the consumer model of higher education. Further, I supported Bernie Sanders, despise Trump, and will vote for Hillary. Yet as a tenured prof at a large public university, I agree with the quote from Roger Kimball. To have an open, honest discussion on race, I must go off campus, to one of the local debating societies. My liberal, center-left view – that we should faithfully follow the civil rights laws and not discriminate against any person based on race or gender – is too conservative to obtain an open hearing on my campus. The handful of colleagues who share my view know to keep it to themselves. Just remember, though, to “celebrate diversity.” ”

    The Maoists believe in open discrimination based on ideology as well as race.

  2. emsnews

    A professor at my old school, Berkeley, writes:

    “Ron Hendel Walnut Creek, CA 3 minutes ago

    The author writes, “it isn’t the protests per se that damaged open inquiry and expression, but the frenzied way they have been portrayed by the right.” This shift of blame is a common tactic of the left, and mirrors the overwrought rhetoric of the right. As a professor at UC Berkeley — and a passionate moderate — I can attest that there is a problem on campus, in which voices of moderation are drowned out by the shrill tactics of the left and the right. Academia is in a strange transition, and reasoned public discourse about it is a scarce commodity.

    , which is precisely what the left and the right want.”

    HAHAHA. I left Berkeley because I witnessed a policeman (the first Japanese hired there and he was being friendly with us when killed!!!) shot by a radical Maoist leftist. Who fled and I helped the police capture him.

    I then wrote an editorial about all this at the newspaper there and immediately, the Maoists went nuts on me and hounded me and I decided to go to school elsewhere because I was finally sick and tired of them all and their drama queen idiocy.

  3. billibaldi

    Elaine, re: The China choice for Australia, we are in the middle of a political scandal as the ruling party has been taking money from Chinese (foreign) interests for decades. Believe or not our biggest purchase from the US is heterocyclic compounds aka rocket fuel and explosives. We are trying to sail a middle course, we have been, old cold war term, Finlandized.

  4. Petruchio

    “Yale now has many ernest kiddies who demonstrate for more blacks on campus and fewer arrests of black criminals (oh, they will get that demand in spades!) and they are NOT demonstrating against the Skull and Bones.” Gee whiz….maybe Petruchio should enroll at Yale!! HaHa! Trust me on this one: there most certainly WOULD be someone demonstrating against those overindulged rich kids, the Numbskulls and Boneheads with Petruchio on campus.

  5. Lou

    Mao killed how many millions? 50? 100 million?
    I recall the 1970s and all the trendy fools with ‘The Little Red Book.’

    I found this somewhere, probably at TakiMag;

    There’s an old saying here: “Mao has his head in China but his pendejos here”.
    While the cult of Mao died out a few years before my birth, I managed to get a look at it, chiefly because so many Mao devotees arrived in positions of power, see José Barroso of EU fame.
    In my younger days I wanted to know what drew these young men and women from wealthy backgrounds to worship a man who declared “There’s a serious tendency toward Capitalism among farmers” and then proceeded to starve said farmers to death.
    I was massively helped in my endeavor by coming across a copy of the Little Red Book (also called The Red Guards’ Handbook) on a second hand book stall. It was printed in 1968, at the height of the Mao Craze, and was brand new: and it was there that I understood everything.
    Most people never went past the fact that Mao was somehow cool because he was a revolutionary of some sort, like Che Guevara. They were never interested to learn from his (confused) ideology, let alone practice self-criticism. They were just stupid boys and girls considering a tyrant cool because he lived thousands of miles away who grew into equally stupid men and women.
    But those who read and absorbed Mao’s teaching, learned an invaluable lesson. One of Mao’s most famous phrases is “Communism is not love. Communism is the hammer we use to crush our enemies”. And crush them he did.
    What Mao meant in this phrase is that Communism was merely a justification, a means to an end, and that end was firmly installing himself and his cronies in power.


    Communism as presented by Mao could be appealing to the average Chinese farmer. Before WWII, Mao preached about confiscating lands from latifondistas and warlords and redistributing them “to the people”. He also promised to “pulverize” the Kuomintang, again something which may have appealed to the average Chinese as by all accounts Chiang Kai-Shek weaved the rope Mao used to (metaphorically) hang him by recruiting and putting in positions of power every thug and scoundrel he could find.
    Those who absorbed Mao’s message back in the late 60’s and early 70’s may have traded their Mao jackets for Armani ones and Marxism-Leninism for “Democracy” but nothing has changed.
    That’s the reason why the EU has evolved so quickly into something that strongly resembles a Soviet client State: it was never really about free trade or even pushing Scandinavian-style Social-Democracy on the rest of the Continent. It was merely about putting the Barroso’s of this world and their cronies into power, freeing them from any shred of accountability and allowing them to play their little computer simulation game in the real world.
    After all it was their teacher who said the Chinese people was nothing more than a blank sheet of paper on which rewrite history.

  6. Lou

    One ‘Ivy’ [Harvard or Yale] refused 20? million dollar donation.

    It had a string attached.
    The money was for teaching ‘American History.’

    I read that in one of Buchanan’s books.

  7. Lou

    ‘I have been banned at the NYT for not being PC.’
    Well, it would help to be Jewish or working for Zionist interests, yes?

    Crimes of The Times blog—

  8. emsnews

    Correct, Lou. I knew all these people who were doing this, I was very involved…IN FIGHTING THEM. From day one! They hated my guts, big time.

    Well, when the Chinese who were happy to eliminate Madame Mao took over, they remembered me fondly via word of mouth so they trusted me.

  9. anony mouse

    Any comments?
    The second video spotlights the very severe mental issues of Zarna Joshi, a Black Lives Matter activist who begins harassing a man who supports Seattle’s police. After Joshi confronts him and repeatedly pesters him for his name, the man jokingly states that his name is “Hugh Mongous.”.

    At this, Miz Joshi begins screaming that his goofy joke was “sexual harassment” and begins howling at everyone within earshot that she’d been “sexually harassed” and why won’t anyone do anything to arrest the man who’d been “sexually harassing” her?

    And despite the fact that she’d shown up to protest the police force, she winds up screaming at the cops to help her find and detain the man who’d “sexually harassed” her. [reminds me of the woman in Ohio who hated White Police, until her home was broken into while she was in it

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email editors@takimag.com to buy additional rights. http://takimag.com/article/the_week_that_perished_takimag_september_4_2016/print#ixzz4JL0fEUTH

  10. Christian W

    Exactly how are these people Maoists, Elaine? Do they quote from Mao’s little red book? Just because they share a similar mental attitude does not mean they embrace Mao’s political views. I bet 99% of these people would not know what Maoism – let alone Marxism or Leninism – was if it bit them in the butt.


    ELAINE: I assure you, many of these new rulers DID read the Little Red Book by Mao way back when I was also a student during the Vietnam War years. I saw this with my own two eyeballs and I was at top schools back then. And in Europe.

  11. Shawntoh

    Elaine, I get it now, we live in a NATION OF CHUMPS!

    “The Princeton Review analyzed the transcripts of the Gore-Bush debates, the Clinton-Bush-Perot debates of 1992, the Kennedy-Nixon debates of 1960 and the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858. It reviewed these transcripts using a standard vocabulary test that indicates the minimum educational standard needed for a reader to grasp the text.

    During the 2000 debates, George W. Bush spoke at a sixth-grade level (6.7) and Al Gore at a seventh-grade level (7.6). In the 1992 debates, Bill Clinton spoke at a seventh-grade level (7.6), while George H.W. Bush spoke at a sixth-grade level (6.8), as did H. Ross Perot (6.3).

    In the debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, the candidates spoke in language used by 10th-graders. In the debates of Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas the scores were respectively 11.2 and 12.0. In short, today’s political rhetoric is designed to be comprehensible to a 10-year-old child or an adult with a sixth-grade reading level.

    It is fitted to this level of comprehension because most Americans speak, think and are entertained at this level. This is why serious film and theater and other serious artistic expression, as well as newspapers and books, are being pushed to the margins of American society. Voltaire was the most famous man of the 18th century. Today the most famous “person” is Mickey Mouse.”

    SOURCE: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article45408.htm

  12. melponeme_k


    Voltaire was one of the patron saints of the revolutionary movement. You can be damn sure the elites don’t want him remembered or anyone like him to come into the limelight again. Hence the destruction of education for plebes.

    The elite are still crying over the death of a French Queen and King. Believe me, they remember. What they don’t remember is what caused it. Mainly their own behavior.

  13. emsnews

    80% of Voltaire’s population in France were illiterate for the most part. The first public schools were invented by AMERICANS. And that, after the Revolution.

  14. emsnews

    The public schools of the USA were the pride of the earth once upon a time. Back then, teachers carried switches and struck kids if they were annoying. I went to school during the tail end of that era and know the switch well as a child…hahaha.

    This is also why I enjoyed fighting medieval warfare when an adult, hitting each other all weekend was fun.

  15. Petruchio

    @#14 Elaine: The US Public school system was at one time the pride of the earth. This is why the elites are so fierce about destroying it. A country where the masses are literate and, more importantly, have critical thinking skills are difficult if not impossible to control. Also, the PC culture is just another attempt to control the ‘soiled masses’. Political Correctness just drops any pretenses of a reasoned dialogue or argument.

  16. melponeme_k

    “80% of Voltaire’s population in France were illiterate for the most part.”

    True. It was the middle class who knew him and they informed the lower classes.

    One of the few changes they have learned from history was that ignoring the lower class allows the middle class to yoke them. Now they have the welfare state. And they have destroyed education for the middle class today.

    Most lower class and middle class children could be called, sadly, functional illiterates. When students can’t write coherent essays (I could see this problem more than 20 years ago when I was a student), it is a sign that they can’t think critically. Even I struggle due to the holes in my education. That was done on purpose.

    Since reading is hard for the majority of people, they totally rely on internet “news”. The majority of which is video only performed by actors who mimic real emotion.

    Harking back to my comment about Burning Man, the encyclopedia industry was ruined by Wikipedia. Which isn’t even vetted and anyone can post on it. What you read on it today could be gone by next week. But people still use it for information. If we had little control over information and history before the internet, we have none today. The elites can continually rewrite history using people’s over reliance on the internet.

    Back to Voltaire. The destruction of education in the US today, ensures that none of us have ready access to his writing.

    One of the interesting things I’ve read about Catherine the Great was that she was aware of class warfare. She could see the dangers to her power. She tried to institute changes gathered from her correspondence with Voltaire. But she was stymied by her own elites. This ultimately led to the Russian revolution less than 200 years later.


    ELAINE: I hate to contradict you but you write beautifully, clearly and are easy to read while your vocabulary is magnificent. You get an ‘A’ for your essays here.

    Congratulations. 🙂

  17. Lou

    Classic, ‘all Whites Racist’ sign at college.


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