Democrats Steal Trump Signs, No One Bothers Stealing Hillary Signs

Woman Steals Trump Signs – Videotaped Herself Doing It – Posted Online Bragging About Her Crime – YouTube: Yes, not only are Hillary supporters especially illegal aliens waving Mexican flags, are attacking and physically being thugs towards Trump supporters, they were nasty to Bernie Sanders supporters, too.  Hillary has never muzzled them or condemned them, she is silent as her thugs run riot in Democratic machine cities that happen to also be high crime cities, all of them without exception.


So this thug election by a Bilderberg criminal runs on and on and she is now losing support and it is because of all this.  The US media works hard to pretend Trump and his followers are thugs but they have done nothing anywhere near the thug stuff Hillary supporters engage in.  Here is a prime example from You Tube clearly showing that Trump supporters are nearly uniformly victims of Hillary thug attacks:


Enya Umanzor – Thief – Girl Steals Donald Trump Signs – YouTube

Video for youtube woman steals trump signs
► 0:07 4, 2016 – 7 sec – Uploaded by Counter Globalist
Enya Umanzor – Thief – Girl Steals Donald Trump Signs … WomanCaught On Video Stealing 

Girl Films Herself Stealing People’s Trump Lawn Signs – YouTube

Video for youtube woman steals trump signs
► 0:45 7, 2016 – 45 sec – Uploaded by Bill O’Keefe
Girl Films Herself Stealing People’s Trump Lawn Signs … What a GirlWants ( 2003) with 


Video for youtube woman steals trump signs
► 44:51 27, 2016 – 45 min – Uploaded by xavier Garza

Woman Caught On Video Stealing Trump Campaign Sign – YouTube

Video for youtube woman steals trump signs
► 0:56 10, 2016 – 56 sec – Uploaded by Dark Horse News
Woman Caught On Video Stealing Trump Campaign Sign … to trespass on private property 

Two Stealing Trump Signs – YouTube

Video for youtube woman steals trump signs
► 0:52 30, 2016 – 52 sec – Uploaded by Lynn Frickey
My signs were returned later with a letter from the thief’s saying thesigns … Woman Steals 

Student steals Donald Trump signs – YouTube

Video for youtube woman steals trump signs
► 0:45 8, 2016 – 45 sec – Uploaded by CampusReform
Student steals Donald Trump signs …. Woman Steals Trump Signs – Videotaped Herself 

The ONLY You Tube video about someone stealing a Hillary for President sign is this hilarious example:

Crooked Hillary supporter steals anti Hillary yard sign – YouTube

Video for you tube stealing hillary signs
► 1:12 19, 2016 – 1 min – Uploaded by yardsignsecurity
Some disgruntled Hillary supporters didn’t like our ‘Hillary for Prison 2016′ yard sign. In 

And there is this story, same thing, Hillary supporters attack anyone’s signs:

Hillary Goons steal Bernie signs from Bernie Delegates … – YouTube

Video for you tube stealing hillary signs
► 0:22 25, 2016 – 22 sec – Uploaded by Gillian Seed
Hillary Goons steal Bernie signs from Bernie Delegates at the DNC … DNC Goon ripping 

They have been doing this all year long!  And not a peep from the press.  We are fortunate that citizens can post videos and write stories so we can toss out our ‘free press’ when seeking news.  I find the US media nearly totally useless for finding any news at all, they can’t even report the effing weather anymore with any sanity.


It is all pure propaganda and immensely annoying at this point.  And it is failing.  Since it doesn’t reflect reality, more and more people are dumping it and using the internet to find real news.


Gun violence surges in Chicago, where residents want to show ‘everything is not all bad’ – The Washington Post starts off with a vain attempt at lying about everything.  Ever since Obama’s best buddy took over  Chicago, the murder rate, the open thug activity, the gangs have proliferated and the toll of all this is shooting upwards.  Rich people in the Loop are now in a panic and leaving.  Hillary will carry Chicago, no doubt about that.


Most of the events in Chicago received no money or help from the city or philanthropic foundations, organizers said. In Bronzeville, six women pooled $700 and rented a bouncy house for tots, hired a DJ and bought hot dogs and other summer treats.


“This is the first time we’ve seen this kind of thing in years,” Kaaron Johnson said at the Bronzeville gathering. “We wanted the community to know it’s safe to come out and have a good time.”


So, the very last thing we need when crime is shooting upwards is a street party.  NYT tried this after my darling neighbors tried to burn down the entire city after looting whatever they could.  I, on the other hand, laid blame for the disaster on my darling criminal neighbors.


Neighbors who were not criminals, became criminals in one night when they saw the criminals snatching everything, they ran out and did the same.  Then complained when there were no businesses left and guess what?  For 20 years, none came back!


Graduate student brutally gunned down at NY West Indian carnival festival told ‘shooter to stop grinding on her before she was murdered’:  This noxious story was not featured at the NYT today.  I live in NY and got this news from Britain.  Prominent activist who protested Michael Brown’s death is found shot dead in burned out car…hahaha…he, too, didn’t make any NYT or WP news or is being talked about by Obama who has pushed the storyline that cops are evil.


What worked was law and order.  I began this by organizing street patrols and in the first year, we were armed because we had to tackle and bring down criminals all by ourselves.  Since I was a female, the media couldn’t call me names though they did call me ‘The Housewife from Hell’.  I love that name to this day.


Nonetheless, our leaders back then all said, ‘I can’t do nothing!’ to me and when I showed them that physically bringing down criminals works, suddenly voters voted for my associates one of which was Giuliani.  I had several judges and the future police captain of Manhattan who was at my precinct back then as allies and working together, we put a number of thugs away for life.


Obama is releasing them now.  Rats.  Welcome to Hell City, everyone.  The new Democratic mayor has turned NYC back to a killing field, too.  Back to the WP attempt at lying about everything racial:


Still, other people in Chicago said they have given up. Despite the sunshine, music and friendly crowd at the Roseland festival, Jonas Lee said he was not happy as he watched his two daughters, both girls wearing pink tiaras and black leggings while they walked with their pet pug.


“I don’t like them outside at all,” Lee, 37, an exterminator, said at the event. He said it was because a family friend had been shot in the head while sitting on his porch this year. “If it could happen to him, it could happen to anybody,” Lee said. His house is on the market, and Lee said he plans a move to Indiana to escape the “never-ending” violence.


So, a black man is moving his family…only to see it happen all over again.  He must stand and fight.  This means voting for anyone who isn’t a Democrat since the Democrats now support criminal activity in cities.  They are definitely NOT ‘law and order’.


Comments to this stupid article are amusing and nearly uniformly making fun of the WP attempts at white washing black crime:


7:20 AM EDT
This isn’t about guns, folks…its about drugs! Sun Times reports that drug overdoses killed 1768 people in IL last year, of those 682 were in the Chicago area. In comparison, Chicago area had 491 homocide deaths in same year. If you add the drug-related homicides to the overdose numbers, you’ll get the real picture.


IMO, all drug dealers should be charged with attempted murder. Its drugs that kill.


7:15 AM EDT
If the city of Chicago had a community organizer with the community organizer skills that obama has, Chicago would be a clean and crime free city. NOT!

And with this very troubling report on the black on black murder rate in Chicago, what is BLM doing? They are out in CA asking for black only housing at the California State University in Los Angeles. I truly believe that if liberals knew how stupid liberals actually are, then they wouldn’t be liberals any longer.


What?  So universities that are liberal are now desegregating? How…amusing.  Inevitable, actually.  Calif. university latest to establish ‘black-only’ housing | Fox News


“[It] would provide a cheaper alternative housing solution for Black students,” read one of the union’s demands. “This space would also serve as a safe space for [black students] to congregate, connect, and learn from each other.”


The newly debuted Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community “focuses on academic excellence and learning experiences that are inclusive and non-discriminatory,” Cal State LA spokesman Robert Lopez told The College Fix.


University of Connecticut and UC Davis and Berkeley also offer black-only housing. In February, reported that UConn’s main campus in Storrs launched a program slated for fall in which 40 black male undergraduates live together in on-campus housing.


According to the WP and NYT, Hillary is sailing to win with a few bumps along the way.  So where does this news come from?  Dems Warn on Voter Turnout, ‘We’re PANICKING’ – Fox Nation.


Top Democrats, already sweating new polls showing Hillary Rodham Clinton in a dead heat with surging Donald Trump, are now warning that the GOP is passing them in registering voters.


“We’ll be honest, friends, we’re PANICKING,” said an urgent email just sent out.


Despite numerous attempts at stealing Trump signs by Hillary ladies, I see not one, nothing for Hillary anywhere I go.  I do see quite a few Trump signs.  Maybe the reason no one is stealing Hillary signs is…there are no Hillary signs.


#NeverHillary: Despite Bernie Sanders’s Urging, Die-Hards Still Resist Clinton:  I used to see many Sanders signs in my region.  When he kow towed to Hillary, all of them took them down.  There is great anger about him surrendering to her.  It is keen.  They hate Hillary due to this underhanded business.


Hillary would rather have dinner with PUTIN than Trump: Clinton press pack are stunned by response during traditional orange roll game aboard Hill Force One: yes, she really did say this.  And she also said she wants to bomb Russia.  Is she trying to assassinate Putin by making him laugh to death?


And this ‘orange roll game’: I bet it is to make fun of Trump and is a sign, how infantile and silly reporters are when hanging out with Bilderberg gangsters.  Sheesh.  Imagine these people flying with me!  You have to let me use a parachute, first.

With Koch Brothers Academy, Conservatives Settle In for Long War – The New York Times reports.  Supposedly, one would imagine this article would attack the Koch brothers for messing with elections.  Nope.  It is all about how they hate Trump and plan to destroy him.


The rise of Donald J. Trump, with his hostility toward free trade and vow to protect entitlements, is a sharp rebuke to the free-market principles long championed by the billionaire brothers Charles G. and David H. Koch.


Hillary, on the other hand, agrees with them.  They do meet…Bilderberg meetings…and plan how to fool people about all this.


But if the Koch brothers have lost the battle for conservative values in 2016, they are also quietly preparing for a long war.


Their secret weapon is the Grassroots Leadership Academy: a training program dreamed up by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, the political education arm of the Koch network, and intended to groom the next generation of conservative activists to shape the future of the Republican Party.


HAHAHA.  Wonder what dregs they will find to play puppet.


Taking inspiration from icons of the left like Saul Alinsky, the Marxist-inspired Frankfurt School, and even President Obama’s Organizing for Action, the academy offers classes like “Messaging to the Middle” (about reaching not just the conservative base but also persuadable voters), community organizing and how to wage a successful public protest, complete with costumes…


This is a plot to make us all die laughing.  I suggest they dress as clowns.

“We want a cultural shift of people being able to know what they want and how to talk to the people in their communities, so that in the future, when there are political leaders that want to demagogue free-market issues, they do hit resistance,” said Levi Russell, the director of public affairs for Americans for Prosperity.


Even people with little education are rapidly figuring out, finally, that globalization means death to US jobs and most working class people are being decimated rapidly by this and the flood of illegal aliens.


After Americans for Prosperity spent more than $100 million during the 2012 election, yet failed to take back the White House or the Senate, the Koch network undertook a major self-assessment and overhaul. It is spending $3 million on the training initiative, which officially began in February 2015, and plans to expand it next year.


Now on to our insane foreign policies under Obama which supports radical, insane, vicious Islamic assassins identical to the ones who attacked us on 9/11:  Times reporter abducted and shot in Syria says his kidnapper now US-backed rebel — RT News which goes under ‘duh’.  All of these are US secret agent operations.


A Times reporter who was kidnapped and twice shot in the leg in Syria claims to have recognized his abductor on a recent Facebook video, which shows him in the ranks of a US-backed “moderate” opposition rebel group.
Journalist Anthony Loyd was captured on


his way from Syria to Turkey along with his colleague, photographer Jack Hill, not far from the Syrian town of Tal Rafat in 2014, a week after they had started covering the situation in Aleppo…Two years ago Jamal used to be a leader of a gang, Loyd added, that was seeking to receive a kidnap ransom for the two reporters.


“He has apparently transformed effortlessly from criminal pariah to a worthy foot soldier,” Loyd wrote…The publication noted that US Central Command failed to respond to Times requests to explain “how such a well-known hostage taker with family connections to extremists could have passed US vetting procedures.”

Good lord, think, dudes: bin Laden, the Bush friend.  How did he operate?  And for what?  Remember Russia in Afghanistan???  How stupid this article is when it comes to understanding this is exactly how the CIA and the dark forces in the US operate.  They create the terrorists and when the terrorists are done, they become allies again.


BREAKING NEWS: Car packed with explosive gas cylinders is found outside Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral as police arrest ‘radicalized’ vehicle owner  from overseas news which is a million times better than US news that seems to be run by drunks who get news from pigeons.


Obama administration admits paying entire $1.7billion Iran bill in CASH from little-known fund of taxpayer money is another article not in US news front pages due to our slow moving, ancient, run by drunks system creaks along slowly.


 Limit migration numbers or we’ll dump you, Merkel: German Chancellor is ORDERED to scrap her open doors policy by leader of CSU party that backs her: she is a dead duck, politically.  Finished.  Germany will have to claw its way out of this mess just like the US, France, Britain, etc.  We are all in the same boat.  With the same results.


Thank the Bilderberg gang for all this.


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9 responses to “Democrats Steal Trump Signs, No One Bothers Stealing Hillary Signs

  1. Jim R

    We are almost ready for 911mas this weekend. I wonder if they’ll be giving us a day off work for it in the near future.

    And yeah, it’s a testament to the stupidity of the US public. Or at least they think the US public is stupid, as they keep insulting their intelligence that way. Those ultra-dangerous jihadi scum that attacked us, are now the heroic freedom fighters in Syria.

    All over the news this morning is the alleged “Chlorine attack on Aleppo” by the “Regime”. Sometimes the news includes words like “unconfirmed report” but more often it does not. If you do a little searching, you can find videos of ethnic-looking children, coughing. Their cough is not as convincing as Hillary’s but they are being touted as “victims” of the “vicious regime” in Damascus.

    The reporters always forget, and leave out the fact that about 2/3 of Aleppo is and has always been part of the country that answers to Damascus, and was never overrun with jihadi scum. Also omitted is that the chlorine plant was captured by al-Nusra several years ago, along with its stockpile. Or that the “white helmet” non governmental organization is in fact the propaganda arm of the “rebels”.

    Anyway, what law of nature says that “rebels” always need to win? How did that work out for Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi back in the day?

  2. Jim R

    As for the Hillary signs, it’s always tempting to cross the first ‘l’ so it reads “Hitlary” … not that I’d ever recommend doing such a thing.

  3. tfloridasandy

    I liked the instant karma on the one Trump stealing video. She didn’t get far with those signs, haha.

    i am glad people are filming it and recording it. My neighbor’s Trump sign is missing now, as well.

  4. Lou

    off topic, but I want Elaine to see— ITT gone,

  5. Jim R

    40,000 Students In Limbo, 8,000 Employees Fired As ITT Suddenly Shuts Down by Tyler Durden Sep 6, 2016 10:26 PM

    The long-running tragic saga of ITT Education Services, which was established nearly 50 ago…

  6. emsnews

    ITT has long been accused of being a scam now. The real news is, nearly all the liberal arts colleges are also scams, too!!! They run on and on and on and on, cheating students, handing out useless degrees like candy to toddlers and then living their entire lives, deep in debt.

  7. Jim R

    And then this, also on ZH:

    Millennials Horrified As Facebook Algo Accident Exposes Millions To New Ideas

    At Facebook, the algorithm doesn’t always know best. In late August, the social network put an algorithm in charge of its “trending” feature, selecting the most popular topics, articles and keywords. The change came after allegations in the spring that the contract workers who curated the news headline feature altered which articles appeared for political reasons.

    The company was stung by the criticism that “trending” was biased, as alleged in a May report by tech blog Gizmodo. Facebook denied it was biased.

    Relying on an algorithm distances the company from what appears on the site—though the algorithm itself is written by humans.

  8. Ken

    The reference to “Dems Warn on Voter Turnout, ‘We’re PANICKING’ – Fox Nation” is just a fund raising ploy. I get them on a daily basis from both parties. Both parties are trying to raise money by claiming that the race is tight, and only my contribution to the cause will save America.

    The Democrats don’t really believe that Trump will win. They are simply saying this to get gullible people to make contributions.

  9. “I find the US media nearly totally useless for finding any news at all, they can’t even report the effing weather anymore with any sanity.”

    Oh I know that’s right! One of our local weather people gets up in front of the camera every time there’s a Winter cold snap, and screams, “It’s freezing! Your pipes will burst! You’re all gonna die!!”

    Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating… a LITTLE.

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