You Tube Eliminates Colin Flaherty Forever In New War Against Conservatives


Over the years, I have been banned at all major media because they hate my guts and want everyone to be stupid.  Then they hold meetings called ‘Bilderberg Gatherings’ protected by entire literal armies including armored vehicles, mostly overseas, to plot ways of silencing citizens here in America so we don’t upset their plans for World Domination.  Well, I warn others that the Real Rulers hate all of us and if any of us are uppity, they are eliminated and no one mentions their names or puts them in the media, etc.  Like I am a ‘nonperson’.  This hasn’t stopped me from periodically turning the Wheel of History.  But today, they just eliminated an author of several books, Colin Flaherty, he is now an official ‘nonperson’ too.


Colin Flaherty is an award winning reporter and author of the #1 best selling book Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry: The hoax of black victimization and those who enable it.

From Colonel Allen West: “Read Colin Flaherty’s book, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry. And be certain to share it.”

TownHall: “Heroic.”

FrontPageMag: “A national treasure.”

Steve Malzberg, NewMaxTV: “Amazing.”

Bill Cunningham: “Amazing.”

Anthony Cumia: “Amazing.”

His work has appeared in more than 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine. His story about how a black man was unjustly convicted of trying to kill his white girlfriend resulted in his release from state prison and was featured on Court TV, NPR, The Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune.

He is also the author of White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

Both books are about black mob violence, black on white crime and the Knockout Game — and how public officials, reporters and activists deny, excuse, condone and encourage them.

Thomas Sowell: ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

Sean Hannity: White Girl Bleed a Lot  “has gone viral.”

Allen West: “At least author Colin Flaherty is tackling this issue (of racial violence and black on white crime) in his new book, White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.“

Los Angeles Times: “a favorite of conservative voices.”x

Daily Caller:  “As the brutal “knockout” game sweeps across the U.S., one author isn’t surprised by the attacks or the media reaction. Colin Flaherty, author of the book “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How The Media Ignore It,” began chronicling the new wave of violence nearly a year ago — revealing disturbing racial motivations behind the attacks and a pattern of media denial.”

Alex Jones: “Brilliant. Could not put it down.”

Neal Boortz: “Colin Flaherty has become Public Enemy No.1 to the leftist media because of his research on black culture of violence.”

From the Bill Cunningham show. It is official: “Colin Flaherty is a great American.A wonderful book.” “Prescient. Ahead of the News. Garnering attention and sparking important discussions.”

David Horowitz: “A determined reporter, Colin Flaherty, broke ranks to document these rampages in a book titled, White Girl Bleed A Lot”


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I am putting up all his You Tube information before it is totally erased.

Why YouTube Now Hates YouTube – YouTube


Here is a screen shot to preserve this particular video which he made after assuring me, You Tube wouldn’t silence him forever.  It is a reminder of how we are all always in danger of being suddenly silenced for life.  The elites hate my guts, big time.  I live on this mountain, am armed to the teeth and they know this and leave me alone because I leave them alone.  I haven’t shown up in person to torment them like in the past.


This was due to the New York Daily News and CNN before it was sold, both supported my anti-crime/global actions and I was able to turn the Wheel of History due to having some voice to reach the masses.  Now, I have none.  Once, NBC was going to feature me but then dumped me after President Bush threatened them, for example.


Now, no one talks to me and they scream ‘I can’t HEAR you’ to the rest of Americans and they don’t hear you and now that many are screaming back, ‘We are voting for Trump,’ the elites are screaming, ‘How dare you talk back to us’ to millions of Americans.  Just two weeks ago, the mainstream media giants huffily told everyone we didn’t need no stinking elections, Trump had a less than 15% chance of winning so why bother actually voting?


HAHAHAHA.  Then Trump pulled ahead despite all attempts at stopping him.  They are scared and desperate.  They know they will lose and are frantic, what to do about this???  I know the answer: murder, of course.


‘How To Be a White Ally’ posters say all white people are racist according to Panoma College which wants all white males to know, they are evil.


Safe Spaces Segregate the Claremont Colleges: we have re-segregation now with blacks calling for this.  Amazing, this is the final result of 8 years of having a mulatto President who is big on Black Lives Matter.  And Hillary is even bigger on this cause.

College Has ‘Safe Space’ from White People Where Whites Aren’t Allowed – YouTube: this is one confused kid.  This movement to re-segregate schools is a terrible evil.  It has a very nasty downside, big time.  And youngsters don’t see it.  I lived part of my, nay, nearly all of my childhood under the old Jim Crow system and lived part of it on a reservation in Arizona and had supported and helped many minorities all my long life, I pulled a number of black men out of prison to help them start life all over again.


And we did discuss racism and how to NOT use it as an excuse, the key to survival was to not use that tool, it is a fatal tool, highly dangerous to black males in particular.  Sigh.  This is beyond sad.


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73 responses to “You Tube Eliminates Colin Flaherty Forever In New War Against Conservatives

  1. Petruchio

    This kind of stuff is interesting to watch. The Propagandist must at all times maintain a façade of credibility; they MUST censor opposing views but they can’t be too obvious about it. This is why Fox Propaganda would always have “open” discussions featuring panels consisting of 3 right wingers and one, token “liberal”. Fair and balanced? HaHa!
    Personally, I think the elitists who own and operate the MSM are going to drop even the smallest pretenses of being honest about reporting news. They don’t have much choice. The Internet has been a royal pain in their sides.
    Shakespeare says All the World’s a stage and each must play his part (Elvis said it too,btw). I hope Petruchio, in some small way has been a thorn in their sides. The Truth is out there, and more and more people are aware of it.

  2. Lou

    Volodya September 7, 2016 at 2:21 pm # at Kunstlers site—

    You can’t make this shit up, California State University is offering segregated housing for Black students, you know, a “safe space”.

    So, the obvious question, if it’s ok for Black kids, it has to be ok for White kids.

    If “safe spaces” for Black kids passes muster, so they can be sheltered from micro-aggression, why not “safe spaces” for White kids so they can be safe from, I dunno, what would you call it, macro- aggression?

    While we’re at it, why not segregated housing for Muslims, where they can be sheltered too from all this stuff but not only that but also PORK PRODUCTS. And ALCOHOL.

    And what about Hispanics and let’s not forget those people that had two continents ripped out from under their feet, the Native Indians. Sure, Diversity, just as long as all these diversities don’t have to rub shoulders.

    –has to be ok for White kids. –Thats equality.

  3. Once they get their safe spaces and find they still can’t make the grades what then?

  4. Lou

    I pulled a number of black men out of prison to help them start life all over again.–‘They’ are always TRYING TO TURN THEIR LIVES AROUND.

    The 2 dead nuns were helping blacks.
    I wonder if (((media))) knew things (rape, torture) that were not reported in the story?

  5. tio

    The same people who champion/finance equality also finance the disparity between the media and reality. The resultant cognitive dissonance allows these creatures to direct the great unwashed in profitable ways. For example, in reality you have a growing black on white violence, whilst the media is awash with BLM. Result? Identity politics. These creatures now have complete control of these increasingly irrational factions, who are too preoccupied to notice they are being fucked like the kamasutra.

    “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” George O

  6. tio

    p.s. apologies for the brain fart.

  7. Melponeme_k

    I don’t think Flaherty realizes how hard ball the elites can play.

    Maybe he will when Amazon plus Barnes & Noble slow down real slow on restocking his books.

  8. Lou

    Mel, Costco didnt stock books, including Dinesh Desouzas book. He made a film that was negative on Obama.

  9. Jim R

    Meanwhile Europe continues to publish actual science.

    15 years later: on the physics of high-rise building collapses

    Merry Ninelevenmas, Elaine!

  10. emsnews

    The WTC was no ordinary two buildings. Its only internal structure was the elevator shafts. 99% of buildings today have ‘honey comb’ systems.

    The other collapsed building was buried in tons of concrete similar to being hit by a volcanic eruption.

  11. Melponeme_k


    Dinesh Desouza is a sanctioned talking head. If he was banned from Barnes & Nobles and he was never invited to speak anywhere…then I would take him seriously as a non-Bilderberg.

    When he is written about in VANITY FAIR

    That tells me something.

  12. emsnews

    He is a naughty Bilderberger who has been punished publicly but not privately.

    He isn’t a nonperson. HAHAHA. They really know how to make a person invisible. On the other hand, each time I came out of the darkness to turn the wheel of history against them, I could do this because I was invisible so they had no warning and since I don’t need them for money, I am free to act.

    This is true of everyone who defy them and they are equally invisible unless the Rulers want to make an example of them.

  13. Christian W

    @ 10

    WTC was more than two buildings. Dodgy arcitechure or not, what other plausible explanation is there for the simultaneous collapse of the supporting structures in WTC 7 than a controlled demolition?

    Proximity to the two towers does not explain why those structures gave way exactly the same instant, all of them.

  14. Lou

    I dont know much about Dinesh. He made a movie about Obama that was unfavorable to bath house Barry [+1] and he is ‘pro immigration’ [-1].

    Limit results to Dinesh Desouza book banned in costco?
    Costco removing D’Souza’s ‘America’ from shelves – WND
    Costco removing D’Souza’s ‘America … But Costco’s book department issued the “pull order,” requiring all … Judge restricts Dinesh D’Souza’s …
    [Search domain]…
    Dinesh D’Souza on Costco’s ‘political decision’ to pull book …
    Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza reacts to his book bestselling … Dinesh D’Souza on Costco’s ‘political decision’ to pull book. … Pull every book from the …
    [Search domain]…

  15. Lou

    Mel– That tells me something.–he is controlled opposition?

  16. Jim R

    And, Elaine, where did you get your architecture degree? I’d have to assume you have at least a PhD to make such an argument. (and in the first two buildings, the outer walls were supporting structures as well as the center column) Flimsy as they may have been, the stood for several decades that way.

    Many professionals with real degrees, and who really can do the math, are saying it required on the order of tens of tons of specialized pyrotechnics to accomplish what we can see on the videos. Now, who allowed the Saudis into the buildings to place them?

    It is not reasonable to assume that, after standing for several hours of fire and impact damage, every single bit of internal support failed in the same instant. When a planned demolition is botched by poor synchronization, the building being demolished topples over to one side instead of collapsing straight down.


    ELAINE: I spent my life building houses. I am trained in this, big time. Furthermore, my ex-huband worked on the 64th floor of Building #1 and I told him long before 9/11 to leave and he did. Why?


  17. JimmyJ

    What is it with all the 9/11 conspiracies about controlled demolition of WTC? The earliest and engineer confirmed reason, perfectly plausible and adhering to Occam’s Razor, is heat deformation of the supporting structure. Did no one watch the innumerable videos of the impacts, extraordinary fires, and cascading collapse? There is plenty of real conspiracies without adding the fairy tale of controlled demolition. And yes I’ve worked as a technologist with structural engineers so I’m not just some loudmouth shnook.


    ELAINE: I built houses in NYC, multistory buildings. And here upstate NY, too. I was working in NYC while the Towers were being built. I and other building people would go there to hobnob with the crews.

    The crews were horrified at what they were building! It was all skin and a freaking elevator group and NOTHING ELSE. ‘Revolutionary’ we were told. We took bets about when the towers would collapse.

    This is why we all were utterly pissed off on 9/11. It was so inevitable.

  18. Jimmy J is right. The core frame and the outside frame of the twin towers were also the supporting structure. Each floor spanned the gap by means of what is known in the field as “truss joists”. Basically iron angled welded with rebars or something like them to form a long, 18″ high or so truss. These things were spaced about 3 or 4 feet apart. After the plane crashed and the fires burned, the truss joists relaxed and sagged. Once the fires burnt out, the joists cooled and contracted, yanking out the bolts that connected them to the outside frame and the core and they went off, like a machine gun, all at once.

  19. Jim R

    All within the same 100 milliseconds? Please. Anyway, the joists that were 20 stories away from the fire would not have been affected in the same way, or at all.

    And cascading collapse has been debunked by engineers analyzing the video to show that it was clearly free-fall.

    Not my analysis, but that of architects and engineers.

  20. Christian W

    There was no heat deformation in WTC 7. Building 7 was a huge square box, about the most stable structure you can build. And the whole building pancaked perfectly just like that – with no equivalent in the history of mankind. If there was structural damage it had to be (magically) even in every single spot of the building.

    1 tonne bombs dont flatten buildings perfectly, they damage the structure unevenly. The only explanation for such a collapse we see with WTC 7 is that all supporting structures were taken out simultaneously, and that impossible without a controlled demolition.


    ELAINE: Boxes are not the strongest at all. Not remotely. Try pyramids.

  21. JimmyJ

    NIST report Sept 17, 2010

    “…. the smallest charge capable of initiating column failure “would have resulted in a sound level of 130 dB [decibels] to 140 dB at a distance of at least half a mile.” Witnesses did not report hearing such a loud noise, nor is one audible on recordings of the collapse.”

    SBD detonation?

  22. Jim R

    Barry Jennings said otherwise — he heard detonations. And a number of first responders did, too. He talked about stumbling over bodies in the pitch black lobby of his building (WTC7). The first responders talked about hearing a “pop-pop-pop” sound immediately before the collapse, not during it.

    Barry is no longer alive to ask about it … and many of the videos have been pulled from U Tube, but there are always some people putting them up again from private collections this time of year.

    And then of course, there was that hilarious clip in which Silverstein said “a decision was made to pull it”. He tried to backpedal out of that one, but nonetheless, it had been said.

    It’s fairly obvious that arms were twisted at NIST, too, to get that report to carefully avoid any “controversy”. NIST has lost a lot of their credibility in the last decade and deservedly so. And the thermite devices are a lot quieter than that, and better at melting large amounts of steel.

  23. emsnews

    Gads, one idiot ‘heard explosions’ and you fall for this???? HAHAHA.

    Good lordy. Why on earth would anyone want to destroy the WTC except for radical Muslim terrorists? If it were for insurance or make a scene, they would do it at night, not 10:30 am on a week day.

  24. Lou

    The ‘what or who’ brought the 3 buildings down? dialogue continues.

    Having been in the WTT and riding its speed demon elevators, scary is what I felt.

  25. Christian W

    No, boxes are not the strongest, but we don’t build pyramids because they are impractical. Boxes however are more stable than tall, bendy skyscrapers.

    It is obvious 9/11 was planned in detail, including the ramifications of it. It is no coincidence that huge blockbuster legislations were at the ready (Patriot Acts). It is no coincidence that multiple start up companies (“Homeland security”) were at the ready. It is no coincidence that strategic plans for war in the ME and elsewhere were at the ready (to attack nations that were strategic targets for the US and Israel, but had nothing to do with 9/11). It is no coincidence that economic looting plans were at the ready using war economy as cover.

    9/11 was a coup on top of a coup. The reason the Supreme Court installed Bush was that he would bring in the neocons. After 9/11 neocons have ruled supreme in the US and the rich elite have looted the US and much of the world.

    Now ask yourself why the elites are so adamantly pushing Hillary into the White House. What devilry have they planned this time? I bet war with Russia, and of course the PTB will create a magnificent casus belli event, like they always do. See the long list of fake casus belli created by the US government including:

    * Spanish American War (USS Maine)
    * WWI (Lussitania), WWII, 9/11)
    * WWII (Pearl Harbor)
    * Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin)
    * 9/11

  26. Lou

    WRT–one idiot ‘heard explosions’.

    Thats the Puerto Rican Janitor, the last guy to get out alive, if I recall.
    He would talk on NPR, during fund raisers.

  27. Lou

    Christian, have you listened to the talks at You Tube? All the money made or stolen during and after?

  28. Christian W

    And look at how effienct the Jewish run media was at hiding who the attackers really were. “Loot at the freedom hating Muslim terrarists attacking us” they screamed, “America is under attack!”. Yes, America is under attack, but you don’t blame a hammer for hitting your finger. The Saudi attackers were only the hammer. The hand wielding it was the US Deep State in cahoots with Israel and the Saudis.

  29. emsnews

    Correct, Christian. This is why the only humans allowed to fly planes AFTER 9/11 were all Saudis. No Americans were allowed to fly, anywhere.

  30. Christian W

    Lou, no I haven’t but I have observed the patterns myself. I did read about how someone placed a huge bet on the markets on 9/11 and cashed in. I’ve seen how Zionist run businesses have been at the core of the Homeland Security charade. I observed how the Bush administration used the war to inflate the international and domestic economy until it blew up, then let their owners rake in the loot. I’ve seen the $Trillions spent on the Afghan, Iraq, Libyan, Syrian wars etc simply disappear into shady hands. I’ve seen the deterioration of the US courts, economic systems, military, political system, media, in fact all systems, in order to serve a few (the US Deep State, Israel and Saudi Arabia). And so on.

  31. ziff

    so why blow up the buildings ? 2 hijacked planes crashing in would have had the same effect on public, collapse was a bonus. and none of you conspiracy jobs wants to explain the myriad details [which would get more and more complicated the more you thought about it]] ,, of such a conspiracy.

    and the fact that all these people with engineering degrees believe this stuff means that you can have multiple degrees and still be a bloody fool [ remarkable ]

  32. Christian W

    @ Ziff

    Nothing complicated about it at all. The US government has not said a word that was true about anything regarding 9/11. Everything that come out of the Bush administration was complete bullshit. Even the authors of the 9/11 commission report have retracted their own support of their report in the face of it’s absurdity.

    In truth, it is up to you who claim you know what happened on that day to prove your assertion in the face of the mathematics that show that the collapse of WTC 7 had to be caused by a controlled demolition. None of you have proposed an alternative to this explanation that makes more mathematical sense. So, you are in fact against the science and scientific method until you come up with a better argued theory supported by facts and mathematics.

    In the face of these facts, I don’t see why I should pay your opinion any heed whatsoever?

  33. Christian W

    I might add that the 9/11 commission report made sure NOT to mention the collapse of WTC building 7. They offered NO explanation as to how and why it collapsed. I guess we are expected to use the Ziff method of knowing what caused it to collapse which is… well I don’t know really apart that it cannot have been caused by a planned event because that would mean it was a conspiracy. And we all know that conspiracies are by default impossible, since all conspiracies are conspiracy theories, meaning they cannot be conspiracies to start with, if I understand Ziff correctly.

  34. Christian W

    Also, if it is true that airplanes are such extremely powerful bombs, why didn’t the Pentagon collapse upon itself, completely, at the speed of gravity when it was hit, like WTC 7 did (without being hit)? The Pentagon was barely scratched in relative terms and looked much more like what you would expect a building being hit by an airplane to look like, that is, the flimsy aluminium frame gets ripped to shreds and the fuel evaporates in a big fireball, like you see in any footage of airplane crashes.

  35. ziff

    i WAS a conspiracy of sorts , and airplanes as bombs,, good point, not considered by those engineers above ”’ burning steel frames don’t collapse ”” , lets see, airplane 210000 lbs going at 132 mph ,,,hmmm,,,

  36. Christian W

    So why was the Pentagon barely dented then? Why did WTC 7 collapse on it’s own with no air plane hitting it? Why don’t we see more damage when air planes crash otherwise? Why did the US government NOT investigate what happened on 9/11 but lie and do everything in it’s power to cover up and deflect? The last thing is not conspiracty theory, it is an obvious fact. Why did the US government fail at every single step to prevent 9/11? Why did Condoleeza Rice claim that nobody could have forseen hijackers to fly planes into the WTC, when it’s a fact that the Pentagon had recently completed a war game scenario using that exact idea (which the White House was perfectly aware of)? Why did the Bush administration protect the Bin Laden clan instead of investigating the Saudi connection to the Al Qaeda terrorists?

    Sorry, but there is nothing that makes sense in all the bullshit the US government came up with after (and even before) the attacks given that the US was explicitly warned about the incoming attacks. If you don’t smell the bullshit coming from the US government in this case well then I can’t help you.

    Sorry but you are just bullshitting and not giving any argument to support your position or dismantle my arguments.

  37. The pentagon is not a high rise , very simple eh? WTC 7 was hollowed out on one side. Why do you bother coming here to read the wise woman when your head is full of who knows what ?

  38. emsnews

    The whole bombs in the building business is a lie put out by the Real Rulers via their various tools online, people who cook up fake stuff to fool people so no one dares mention 9/11 anymore due to an army of brainwashed people who can’t understand basic construction physics and how a large jet is like a hammer, not soft but has the speed movement added to impact.

    Well, the Pentagon couldn’t collapse because it is only a few stories high! And it is very dense and has few windows, 90% of the WTC skin was…GLASS.

    Less than 30% of the military building had windows. The fact that everyone has to lie about simple facts is how all discussion of 9/11 is crashed to the ground. The real conspiracy, letting the Muslim Saudis do the act and then releasing all the Saudis to fly away while keeping everyone else grounded, is the real facts to be focused on and no one focuses on it thanks to this bizarre army of delusional people screaming about bombs in the buildings.

  39. Christian W

    Well, crummy structure or not WTC 7 was still not hit by a plane and “hollowed out structure” does not explain uniform collapse at speed of gravity, something never before observed outside controlled demolitions.

    As Jim R said, a multitude of hard evidence and math goes against the governments claims that the buildings collapsed due to impact of airplanes and fire. More, there IS no official explanation of the complete collapse of the WTC buildings. apart from assertions made by the government that we are expected to accept at face value, but which are not explained.

    And as I’ve said before, you don’t need “bombs in the building” to see that the US government actions pre, during and post 9/11 were marked by lies, cover ups, deflections, secrecy, illegality, hidden agendas, destruction and hiding of evidence and crime.

    Even the authors of the official 9/11 report have said it’s worthless because they were systematically lied to by the White House, the FBI, the CIA, NORAD and so on.

  40. Melponeme_k

    I can attest to the awful construction of the World Trade Center buildings. I was in the several times because I used to donate books to the Merchant Marine Library Association.

    The buildings were completely hollow inside. There were no columns holding up any of the floors. The only structure inside the buildings was the elevator shaft in the middle. The support for the building was totally on the OUTSIDE. It was the steel honeycomb that also did double duty of being window frames.

    When windy out, not even violent wind…you could hear it whistling around the building. At times you could even feel the building sway.

    Again, the structure holding up the building was on the OUTSIDE. When a huge jet crashed into it, it took out a large portion of the support structure. The heat from the explosions and fire weakened the remaining structure around the hole. There was no need for bombs.

  41. Christian W

    Look for yourself. That is not a destroyed building collapsing. Half of it or more is intact. There is NO reason for it to uniformely and simultaneously collapse like that due to fire or impact on one side or part of the building. If so it would collapse the same way every other building in history has that has had damage to part of it, including from earthquakes and fires. No fire in the history of mankind has burnt out steel structures to the point of immediate, complete and uniform collapse before. The fires in WTC were even relatively minor.

  42. Melponeme_k


    The buildings collapsed because there was no superstructure INSIDE the building.

    YES, Fire damaged the honeycomb support structure as well as having a huge hole due to the plane crash.

    How hard is this to understand? Why turn it into some big conspiracy theory?

    “The fires in WTC were even relatively minor.”

    Yes, so minor that many poor victims jumped to their deaths rather than burn.

  43. Christian W

    WTC 7 was a much more traditional design. Even if the buildings were tubes it doesn’t explain why the frames came down. They were still built to withstand much more than the fires that supposedly took them down. There is no reason for the outer frames of WTC 7 to collapse the way they do in all parts of the building at the same time, because the fires did not burn evenly or damage the frames evenly. What you see is all the support giving way the same instant.

    Loot at bombed out buildings. They are burned and collapsed, but they are not pancaked. You can see with your own eyes the complete framework of WTC 7 giving way the same instant all over the building. WTC 7 was not hit by a plane and it’s structure was more traditional than the towers.

    So we have a unique event that has not been adequately explained by US government scientists.

    We do have plenty of experts in structural engineering pointing out the impossibility of a building collapsing like we see in the video due to damage to parts of it.

    Yes, so minor that many poor victims jumped to their deaths rather than burn.

    People are not made of steel and will run away from much smaller fires than fires hot enough to melt steel. It is actually the smoke that kills human beings in fires, they are dead before the fire reaches them in most cases.The fires in WTC 7 were not hot enough to melt the supporting steel structure, especially not across the entire building. No other steel building has ever collapsed due to fire, which is yet another anomaly in the case of WTC 7.

  44. Jim R

    @Mel and @ziff and @EMS,

    Building 7 was not the same flimsy construction as the towers. It had dozens of steel support columns inside it. They all failed at the same time, within a few milliseconds. Holding up any part of the building would have caused it to topple over instead of sliding straight down like that.

    Of course, there are lots of other interesting facts to add to those, the inability to scramble fighter jets, the fact that those Saudi creeps were allowed to take flying lessons (but not learn how to land), and so forth and so on. Later, the pre-scripted news stories, the hasty disposal of huge amounts of debris from the site, and a sham of a congressional investigation.

    The point is that the whole event that day was planned. And the planners were not in Riyadh, they were much closer, in the vicinity of DC.

  45. Lou

    Thanks, Jim. The various talks at You tube about the insurance, shorting market, cheering israelis etc point to ‘a conspiracy’– not the ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ that Hillary says is out to get her.
    6? of her enemies dies in the last few months. I wonder who dunnit?

  46. ziff

    Jim Lou Christian , we are trying to point out , you can maintain your [ our] paranoid world view WITHOUT RESORTING TO NONSENSE .

    “They told us to get out of there because they were worried about 7 World Trade Center, which is right behind it, coming down. We were up on the upper floors of the Verizon building looking at it. You could just see the whole bottom corner of the building was gone. We could look right out over to where the Trade Centers were because we were that high up. Looking over the smaller buildings. I just remember it was tremendous, tremendous fires going on. Finally they pulled us out. They said all right, get out of that building because that 7, they were really worried about. They pulled us out of there and then they regrouped everybody on Vesey Street, between the water and West Street. They put everybody back in there. Finally it did come down. From there – this is much later on in the day, because every day we were so worried about that building we didn’t really want to get people close. They were trying to limit the amount of people that were in there. Finally it did come down.” – Richard Banaciski

  47. ziff

    AND why do the conspiracy guys have a conspiracy of always showing the intact view of WTC7 and not the damaged side, why are they hiding the evidence?

  48. Jim R

    If one side was missing and the other was intact, why didn’t it topple like a tree?
    You know, when you chop a big notch in one side of the tree and leave the other side alone, it usually falls in the direction of the notch. And it never ever collapses into a pile of toothpicks centered on the stump. None of the truth-seekers are hiding any evidence; many of them would have preferred to have the pile of debris left to forensic investigators, instead of scooped into trucks and barged away from America as quickly as possible.

    Show me this picture, of which you speak, @ziff?

  49. ziff

    if one side is blown out why plant explosives ?

  50. Jim R

    So, why isn’t it leaning in the direction of the gap? Why didn’t it topple and do much more damage to its neighboring buildings?

  51. emsnews

    Because the damn building had honey-comb style interior reinforcing construction so one side would collapse and the other remain standing. Sheesh.

    I built stuff all my life and also did demolition including using dynamite. I know how to blow things up and it isn’t simple at all. I have been a guest at demotion of tower buildings in NYC and NJ in the past. The explosives are DEAFENING. They are EXTREMELY, VIOLENTLY LOUD. Got that? You can’t mistake it for anything else.

  52. Jim R

    So, where did you get your architecture degree?

    This wasn’t “blowing stuff up”, it was demolition. Not the same thing at all.

    And, as I said above, the first responders DID hear the charges going off. Their statements were ignored, and video footage was pulled. Imagine that, U Tube arbitrarily pulling videos…

  53. emsnews

    Ever hear of the world called “Reality’???? This school is run by people who pass on skills all over the place. Since I was a young FEMALE I couldn’t do things like build stuff but more than one man chose to teach me and I am very skilled in this field especially understanding how things break, etc. Structural engineering is my talent and my degree is ‘see those buildings still standing’.

  54. emsnews

    And no one heard EXPLOSIONS. They heard the natural sound anything including trees make when they fall. I have been invited, by other demolition businesses, to witness large concrete towers taken down by explosions. YOU CAN’T MISS IT. The flashes are BLINDING, the noise hurts the ears and you have to cover them. And you won’t believe me is I tell this over and over again because you never witnessed a real building being blown up. Videos don’t come even remotely close to the reality.

    I have seen mountainsides blown up, too, in Arizona at the mines due to a brother in law being a mining engineer who specializes in blowing things up. I belonged to the Fire Society in Tucson which blew up stuff for fun. I have set explosives.

    So I have tons of experience in this area. Enough that the FBI questioned me about this matter. When I was still underage, no less.

  55. Jim R

    The buildings were not blown up.

    They were demolished.

    A very different thing than your youthful pyromania.

    Interestingly, in the NIST page someone linked above, the representative dismissed thermite, based on the assumption that it would be required to melt a foot of a steel beam, which would require an impractically large amount of thermite. But then real thermite cutting devices only melt about a quarter inch of the steel – like a cutting torch. So it’s this kind of misdirection they used to avoid answering any real questions.

    Liquid steel was found in the basements of WTC 1 and 2. Not warmed-over bent steel but runny liquid, like from a ladle at a steel mill. It was found by the debris-removal crews. Gravitational energy released in the collapse is insufficient to account for it by several orders of magnitude.

    It’s hard to say precisely how it was done, but you don’t achieve free-fall collapse without removing all support simultaneously.

    And it is a lie to say that no one heard any of the detonations. The first responders, as well as the building engineer, all heard explosions in WTC7. Loud explosions. Not during the collapse, but before.

  56. emsnews

    Holy cow, well, people swallow the most amazing misdirection stories and firmly believe these. Can’t stop it. Telling you all that I have been around demolition of various buildings over time, means nothing compared to online accounts of amazing stuff (do you really imagine that someone took the trouble to do all that crap when there was tons and tons of OPEN TERROR just from the jets hitting the towers???)

    There has to be good reasons to do things. Destroying the WTC buildings don’t have this element. The terrorists were most charmingly open about what they wanted: terror causing the US to go back into Afghanistan and Iraq and go bankrupt fighting crazy Islamic nut cases. It worked like a charm.

  57. Jim R

    Cue the space lizards and teensy tinesy nukuler brigade in 5, 4, 3, …

  58. Christian W

    If you are an expert, what do you think about the explosion heard at around 24:43 in this video?

    Also in this video there are professional experts with decades of experience with building demolitions who say the buildings were brought down.

    I just don’t see how it is possible that ALL of the supporting structure, beneath the fires, of those building failed completely to do what they were designed to do at the same exact moment. Suddenly all support vaporated, and the top of the skyscrapers came down – straight down, without any resistance. It is not true that these buildings were “flimsy”. They may have been weird constcructions, but they were designed to withstand much more, many times more, mass than the weight of the top of the buildings that came down. The weight of the top of third, or so, of the building itself was not enough to push the bottom three quarters away instantly and uniformely.

    These are completely unique events in the history of mankind. No other skyscapers have collapsed in a similar manner, and supposedly only because they were hit by airplanes and by fire. Fire that by no means was hot enough to melt the steel supports of the building. Nor could the impact of the flimsy airplanes have broken the entire support structure of the buildings. You can see that planes vaporize together with the fuel load they were carrying, but the planes did not cut through the core of the buildings.

  59. ziff

    jim just watch some documentaries about building demolition , you will see what Elaine is talking about, lots of prep work and very loud bangs , easy

  60. ziff

    I just don’t see how it is possible that ALL of the supporting structure, beneath the fires, of those building failed ”

    they pancaked from accumulating weight , also easy

  61. ziff

    another thing, if there is no onus on you to prove how the conspiracy actually worked there is no onus on me to prove how the building fell other than the obviious.

  62. Christian W

    Well, according to the math it is not possible for the top to push down on the bottom three quarters to the point they disintegrate completely and immediately. The top weighs less than the support propping it up. The only way for the top to come down at the speed it did is if the support is removed. The pancake theory does not hold up, because the towers did not pancake. There was no level by level pancaking. The support, throughout the entire building, disappeared BEFORE the top came falling down, which is the only way the top could have descended with the speed and in the way (direction) it did.

    You cannot claim that the building was a hollow structure which caused the top to come down because the top was hollow too, it was simply a continuation of the same structure holding it up. It was not an extra heavy mass capable of pushing it’s way down like a wrecking ball against all the support.

    And Ziff, the conspiracy is right in your face. The government conspired to keep the records of what actually happened secret or diretly misinformed and lied to the public about events taking place that day. Even the official commissioners have said that. The government has destroyed and hidden evidence. The government has not said a word of truth when it comes to matters related to 9/11. That is a conspiracy by the US government. Qui Bono, who benefits? The people who benefited from 9/11 are the same ones who have controlled all the governments actions when it comes to all things related to 9/11 and resulting policies.


    ELAINE: Neither jet hit ‘the top’…one crashed right into the floor in the MIDDLE where my husband used to work and the other was a bit above that but still well below the ‘top’ where the Windows on the World was and where another friend of mine worked until I begged her to leave her well-paying job there.

  63. Jim R

    @ziff, the onus is not on me. It is on YOU to disprove what the scientists and architects and professional demolition guys are saying in the video posted in #59 by Christian. Because, you see, whenever I contribute to a discussion like this, I always get “So where’s your architecture degree?” from the liars. Because liars are like that.

    All I got was a lousy BS degree. I think that’s all Elaine has, as well. So there ya go. I never claimed any special expertise besides common sense. And Elaine says she was poor in math but good as language. And now she’s claiming to be all this stuff that she clearly isn’t.

    I see that Congress has passed a bill allowing victims to sue Saudi Arabia for 911 now. That might be interesting if the discovery process really raised all these questions. Though I’m not optimistic; the standard propaganda line will be “it’s all the Saudis’ fault”, and take the heat off of Bush and Company, who were much more likely at the center of it.

    Of course, the liars will all claim the Bush was too dumb to tie his own shoelaces, and that’s a good point. But then again, he never had to do anything on his own. They had hired help for that.


    ELAINE: It took over a decade to finally allow the obvious. The entire ‘bombs in buildings’ was put out by the effing CIA to fool people and get them to not agitate against Saudi Arabia.

  64. ziff

    the scientists and architects and professional demolition guys ” just proves you can find somebody to say anything.

    and i did disprove what your video claims by posting my video, as neither of us knows anything but one has more common [ ? ] sense

  65. kenogami

    Danish scientists found thermite in the dust of 9/11 building:

    “The dust thereby shows traces of the use of thermite, an incendiary whose chemical reaction ramps up temperatures to 2500 centigrade, enough to cut thorugh steel columns. This supports his contention that all the three skyscrapers were in fact taken down by explosives and incendiaries.”

  66. Christian W

    @ Ziff

    well some of us commenters on here are using reasoned arguments, some of us are using fluff and blind faith.

  67. Christian W

    This is hilarous. This is a clip of the BBC on 9/11 declaring the WTC 7 building had collapsed due to “weakened structure” BEFORE it actually collapsed…

    Now who told the BBC that the buildings were collapsing due to “weak structure” when in fact this was the first time in history such buildings collapsed in this novel, new fashion? And on the very same day, long before any examination of the facts had taken place?

    Who was this prescient person feeding this information to the BBC?

    It is obvious that the “weak structure” baloney was part of the brain washing MSM script of 9/11.

  68. Christian W

    Then realizing their mistake the BBC cuts away from the reporter with WTC 7 STILL standing in the background, and an obviously flustered anchor tries to recover…

    As you can see very obviously for yourself in the video of WTC 7 collapsing, there is no pancaking whatsoever. There is no heavy top in free fall pushing away the even stronger underlying support. One instant the entire building is solid, the next the entire building from top to bottom and side to side is collapsing. The entire building simply loses all support exactly the way building do when they are demolished which is impossible unless it was demolished.

    Otherwise the fire would have had to be exactly strong enough exactly at the right places and exactly at the right time across the entire building.

  69. Jim R

    Well, now we know where ziff gets his argument skills.

    And from Elaine, we have learned that the buildings were simultaneously flimsy and very strong, so that they did/did not collapse as the story evolves; also, they apparently had bees living in them at one time.

    So, that’s all for me, I’m outta here. Leaving before drjudywood arrives with the inevitable army of space lizards.

  70. Good and don” t forget to shut the door or I’ll post another link to flatten you’re building.

  71. emsnews

    The buildings were CRAPPY. I said this WHEN THEY WERE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I wasn’t the only one to see the obvious, it was a huge irritating issue to anyone in construction business. Then my husband’s workplace moved there and I was freaking out to the point, I got him to leave his job!

    Making up stuff about ME infuriates me. Talk about insane. Anyone reading me that thinks I am as stupid should go jump in a lake. I am disgusted by all this.

    THIS is why NO ONE talks about 9/11 anymore. Dummies! Our rulers don’t want us to talk about it!!!! See how you are all patsies for them???

    Blind followers off a cliff! Tools of the Bilderberg gang who were desperate to misdirect people from their Saudi connections to 9/11, Why on earth was all that classified after 9/11 and then scrubbed today??? Figure that out and I will be very happy, means that all my hard work here isn’t for nothing.

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