NYT Naked Lies About Surge In Black Crime, Won’t Even Say ‘Black Crime Surges’


Murder Rates Rose in a Quarter of the Nation’s 100 Largest Cities – The New York Times reports.  Rich Jewish people are terrified of street thugs.  At the same time, using black voters for Jewish power means controlling many of our dying cities and the votes of DNC tools there supports all sorts of initiatives that Jewish leaders want badly especially concerning 100% support of Israel’s ethnic/racist cleansing.  Today, they begin work on this gigantic wall around Gaza built with US taxpayer money, for example.  To keep up this looting, Jewish leaders have to keep blacks in the US enslaved to the DNC so they get some welfare goodies while trapped inside ghettoes that are falling apart here.


On top of this, Jews in the media are yelling at us that we cannot build any walls to stop illegal aliens.  None of these guys tell anyone what is going on in Israel, the dispossession of Muslim and Christian homes, moving them into tiny ghettoes that mimic the Warsaw ghetto.  Nope, that is a deep dark secret here in the US.  Back to the news printed by these lying creeps, the NYT is the gold standard for lying about everything to keep the Jewish leader/black masses machine running smoothly.


Seeing the obvious that black populations are exceedingly dangerous now and are growing more and more restive, violent and criminal, the NYT and other US media have to pretend that the surge in crime, especially murders, is mysterious and to make it all feel better, they explain how it isn’t as bad as 1990’s surge in murders.



HAHAHA.  No mention who runs these joints.  The RNC?  Nope.  It is the DNC.  The President of the US is a half black male and during his reign, riots and crime in black cities has shot upwards.  There is no examination about who is committing these crimes, either.  That is a toxic subject because then blacks will be angry with Jewish reporters and publishers who need them desperately in order to run the DNC so it is a servant of Israel.


The findings confirm a trend that was tracked recently in a study published by the National Institute of Justice. “The homicide increase in the nation’s large cities was real and nearly unprecedented,” wrote the study’s author, Richard Rosenfeld, a criminology professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis who explored homicide data in 56 large American cities.


In the Times analysis, half of the increase came from just seven cities — Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington.


Chicago is run by Obama’s good buddy who quit the Obama administration to run Chicago off the cliff for Obama.  It was to be a power base for future domination of the US, instead, it is now a hell hole and whites are fleeing even the ‘safe’ parts as armed gangs run riot.  DC is like this, too, amusingly.  It, too, is a DNC power base.  And utterly incapable of stopping crime due to ideological reasons and the need to keep blacks voting for their own destruction.


The number of cities where rates rose significantly was the largest since the height of violent crime in the early 1990s.
Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, has said that crime is “out of control” and that decades of progress are now being reversed. But the Times analysis shows that the rise in homicides is much more nuanced; while violence is up in a number of cities, it’s not soaring across the nation.


Oh, how dishonest the NYT is!  How charmingly they openly lie.  Has Hillary said, ‘Crime is out of control in the cities’?  No?  Has she pin pointed the fact that his out of control crime is nearly 100% in black DNC controlled cities?  No?  HAHAHA.  She dare not utter that phrase in public!  She supposedly will win due to her refusal to talk about black crime and how this is destroying our entire nation.


It is like a hole punched in the bottom of the Titanic: a small tear can sink a very big, unsinkable ship.  How is turning all our former major manufacturing giant cities into black crime hell holes going to be good for the US as a whole?  Obviously, the answer is, it is wrecking more than Chicago and is bankrupting the nation as a whole.



No, the looting going on there is due entirely to the police standing down.  I predicted this.  They stupidly did this in 1977 when my darling neighbors decided to loot the city during a simple thunderstorm blackout.  It took years of hard work, years of persuading the cops to be pro-active again, years of me arresting people left and right, nearly every week, years of political fighting leading to the arrest of a number of top NYC politicians who thought the crime wave was a fantastic time to loot the city coffers, too…all that to undo the damage created by the liberals coddling rioters in 1977.


At least three of these cities have also been embroiled in protests after police-involved deaths of black males, like Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Laquan McDonald in Chicago and Tamir Rice in Cleveland.

In his study, Dr. Rosenfeld said that rising crime might be linked to less aggressive policing that resulted from protests of high-profile police killings of African-Americans. But he said this hypothesis, a version of the so-called Ferguson effect, which has spurred heated debate among lawmakers and criminologists, must be further evaluated.

“Even if the uptick continues in some cities, I doubt the pattern will become universal,” Dr. Sampson said.


What an idiot Dr. Sampson is!   The pattern is obvious: when the black criminal class riot and burn and loot a city openly and nothing is done to stop them, they continue to rape, loot and burn!  DUH.  How simple is this?  That is the ‘universal pattern’ and is why nothing will stop this from happening again and again except if Trump is elected and goes down hard on DNC strongholds doing this garbage.


Universally, when the mayor and city council and the President all unite to excuse, condone, coddle and please street criminals, and embraces their mothers at DNC conventions like Hillary just did, we have looted cities burned to the ground.  Only when RNC people take over as mayors and governors, etc. does this stop and it stops when the cops are again allowed to fight criminals the old fashioned way, that is, by killing them if they resist arrest.


I will note here that there are countless videos of blacks resisting arrest on You Tube.  This is now standard practice.  They will fight to the bitter end and then other blacks will demonstrate against the cops if they hurt or even pull the hair of violent criminals like this guy: Dashcam/Bodycam: Cop Disciplined For Pulling Suspect’s Dreadlocks – YouTube

Since liberals encourage resisting arrest and running from cops, blacks do this a great deal now.  Here is the result:  Car Crashes Into House, Catches Fire – YouTube

Knowing that it is OK to fight cops and run, this is now out of control nationally and getting worse by the hour.  Having made many citizen’s arrests, I know how important it is for criminals to freeze when you say, ‘You are under arrest.’  It makes it much simpler and I would tell judges that the person did not resist arrest so they are shown leniency, at least, long ago.


Democrats today have made our cops equal with criminals, that is, they have to be super careful to not anger criminals or fight them when they resist arrest.  Cops are told literally to stand back, not move forwards.  I lived through that cycle in the past and had to step into the breech and do all the crappy stuff cops were not allowed to do.  That is, be forceful.  The results of all this are obvious: crime is shooting up literally shooting is up in all DNC top strongholds.


Hillary is anti-cop and wants more of this.  This is criminal.  Encouraging looting, raping and burning of major cities is a major crime in my books.



Yes, it is very predictable.  It is confined nearly entirely to DNC strongholds which are decimated by DNC and RNC trade policies which destroyed our home industrial base, moving most of it to Mexico and China.  This is treason in my books and all the parties doing this should be arrested and that means arresting all the Bush and Clinton Pesidents/candidates and putting them in Gitmo for life.


Police attempts at stopping the destruction of major cities by fighting street thugs isn’t destroying our cities, it is the DNC leadership encouraging criminals that is wrecking these cities which are now utterly useless for anything except a holding pen for DNC voters who are black.  All other ethnic groups are fleeing these places because living next door to criminals is very difficult if not impossible.


Some experts attribute the sudden spike in violence largely to a flood of black-market opiates looted from pharmacies during riots in April 2015. The death of Freddie Gray, a young black man who sustained a fatal spinal cord injury in police custody, had set off the city’s worst riots since the death of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


During the riots, nearly 315,000 doses of drugs were stolen from 27 pharmacies and two methadone clinics, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, a number much higher than the 175,000 doses the agency initially estimated….Dr. Futterman said the city’s problems were intensified in recent years by the closing of more than 50 public schools in 2013, the dismantling of public housing throughout the 2000s, and the federal government’s successful prosecution of big gang leaders, which destabilized gang hierarchies, territories and illegal drug markets.


HAHAHA…so the illegal sale of drugs is causing all this…NOT.  Crime shoots up in cities whenever the DNC takes over and allows this.  When NYC was run by the GOP, crime dropped like a rock.  Black males hated this greatly.  It ruined their fun.  They demanded the cops stop frisking them for illegal weapons.  A DNC mayor was elected, he stopped all the stopping of criminal class thugs and lo and behold, the crime rate resumes climbing upwards, the murder rate is lower than Chicago but give it another ten years and it will surpass Chicago.


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11 responses to “NYT Naked Lies About Surge In Black Crime, Won’t Even Say ‘Black Crime Surges’

  1. Lou

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society.
    Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture.

    Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people.

    Real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. And we certainly must not forget their abhorrence for crime and their dedication to observing the law. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

    / Sarc

  2. Lou

    BLM leader Seals body found shot and set on fire. Blacks have a thing for setting people on fire—

    No one white or black will be much surprised by this event. Someone will say – “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword” . And they will be right.
    Young Mr. seals worked at a dangerous occupation – street agitator.
    I imagine Barrack Obama looks upon Seals as one who pursued the more dangerous strain of ‘Community Organizer”. Obama himself believes in much of the same rhetoric but he is too timid to be completely candid. He would never expose himself to danger from those he exploited.

    One is tempted to compare Seals actual life with that of how he could have lived. Had he worked in a bank or a grocery store it’s unlikely he would be dead today. But that’s not completely fair.

    Most conventional jobs want applicants who have high school diplomas and a history of no drugs or crime. I don’t know Seals’ personal history but I’m guessing that he wasn’t all that attractive to the job market.

    These black protesters have gotten themselves into an ideological cul-de-sac. They emulate deviant black heroes like Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown – both of whom ended up dead from violence.
    Their deaths by gun shot is hardly surprising.

  3. Lou

    Elaine, your writing skills are professional level. Dont you know about ‘passive voice?’
    ‘Gun Violence’ ‘dangerous streets’ etc?

    ‘so the illegal sale of drugs is causing all this’…NOT. Use of Passive Voice to deflect from facts.

  4. Christian W

    Another direct consequence of 9/11. Israel took complete command over US foreign and domestic policies and gets a free hand to do whatever it pleases domestically in Israel and in the US. And the US says nothing because “Muslim terrorism” yet Saudi Arabia, who actually is behind ISIS and Al-Qaeda, gets a free ride because they have bags of money they give to American politicians. journalists, the MIC and banks.

    It doesn’t take bombs in the building to see how 9/11 was played to the benefit of the inside powers and to the detriment of everybody else. And there is the real conspiracy fact.


    ELAINE: Worse, the bombs in the buildings bilge kills all conversations and destroys the evidence so everyone ignores the real lessons of 9/11. Namely, we are at with with Islam and Islam intends to win and all the bombings and shootings and other attacks against the populations living inside the NATO structure should tell us, this is full war and our rulers kill civilians who are Muslim and they retaliate.

  5. Lou

    Rewriting history, The real reason for the success of the space program has been revealed.
    Complex propulsion, lift, thrust and trajectory calculations were performed by black women known as human computers.



    ELAINE: Yes, there was a black woman doing math before we had computers. I remember my father’s very expensive computer with this gigantic key board. You had to count the keys to strike them correctly and…WOMEN DID THIS because it was considered ‘mindless work’ and guys would screw it up because they wanted to do other stuff.

    Elevating this work to ‘math genius’ is childish. I used to do this work, when a teenager, to make summer money.

  6. Jim R

    I the historic pictures I’ve seen of the ‘human computers’, most of them were white. And the lady in the picture doesn’t look very dark — of course, American ‘blacks’ almost always have quite a bit of non-African blood in them. (for reasons beyond the scope of this comment, but recall the life of Thomas Jefferson for example)

    But by the 1960s, which is the space program I remember watching, they were using IBM computers. Or Sperry Univac. Or Digital Equipment. Humans had long since been replaced by the time the Mercury and Apollo programs got going. Really, NASA should be honoring its Nazi rocket scientists, the ones EMS’ father saved from Germany…

  7. emsnews

    The keyboards they used and I used them, too, had 100 keys and you entered the data one digit at a time and had to track which key strokes were used. It was NOT GENIUS WORK, it was tedious work and I was so happy new systems came out. The first IBM calculator which was the grandfather of all modern calculators, my dad was given one as a gift from the President if IBM and he took it home.

    “Look, children, at this amazing tool!’ he cried when he came home from his trip to IBM headquarters.

    We used the old key board as a foot massager when it retired. Good riddance.

  8. Jim R

    The work done by those “human computers” was tedious to the max. They’d be given a task like “compute the sine of 37.27913 degrees” and sit there and pencil it out, or use primitive chunka-chunka calculator machines. Not glamorous at all.

    The actual scientists were more like Dr. Strangelove — they’d use a sliderule for a quick guess, understanding all the physics and mechanics of the problem. Then the computers, human or electronic, would have to figure out the small details. Programming has never really been genius work.

  9. Lou

    How many jobs are lost???

  10. Lou

    No wonder so many Black people are jobless. between immigrants, illegals, guest workers and out sourcing.
    Does someone have a list?

  11. Lou

    The New York Times in its zeal to call critics of Chobani Yogurt xenophobic for criticizing its refugee hiring practices that have roiled Twin Falls, Idaho reminds us of the social media call to boycott Chobani Yogurt.

    I’m thinking that the NYT has not done Mr. Chobani any favors with this reminder.


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