Obama Suddenly Surrenders To China And Russia And Backs Off On War Talk

Chinese History in 20 Minutes – A Summary History of China – YouTube

New World Order chaos!  Putin’s mastery of NATO leaders continues to irritate them to death.  As Europe slides into total chaos due to millions of illegal alien Muslim males start their long march to terrorize and destroy Christian nations…even stupid people can see that this is coming…but the left is too stupid to understand it!  Well, Russia got the US to finally cooperate in Syria instead of using Syria to back terrorists and tear up Syria which is what Israel dearly wants to  happen, that is, a dead Syria in ruins.  The US continues to warn China to not do what the US does all the time, that is, run things offshore and elsewhere. Another futile enterprise.


Where does a 1,000 lb panda sleep?  Anywhere he wants, of course.


The Chinese have a 4,000 year history of wanting full control of everything next door to China and no where else.  The Chinese didn’t even want to know what was going on elsewhere so long as everyone left China alone.  They built huge walls, the longest on earth, to make this happen.  China didn’t reach out to Rome two thousand years ago.  Rome went to China.


When Marco Polo went to China, they let him in but didn’t step one inch out of China to go to Europe.  At no time has China invaded Russia unlike France and Germany, etc.  US claims that China is expanding is false.  When Japan expanded, the Japanese went far and wide attacking everyone.  Not China.  I don’t see this cultural aspect of China which is thousands of years old, changing in the future.  It just doesn’t fit.


US and Russia announce breakthrough Syria ceasefire – and plan to tackle ISIS and Al-Qaida TOGETHER is a triumph owed to Putin, 100%.  He played his cards well and caused this to happen.  The US basically is ceasing attacking Assad.  The Assad attacks were for Israel who wants him dead.  It failed.  Time to turn tail and ease out of the region.  The war there is causing Europe tremendous problems.  This stupid attack on Syria has boomeranged against NATO and may even destroy NATO.


Which is why making nice with Putin is double down, life and death.  Putin can save Europe from the stupid policies and choices the US imposed there which threatens to destroy Europe from within.  BREAKING: Two Islamic Terrorists From Paris Attack Arrested At Austrian refugee camp…‘Radicalized fanatics’: French police arrest 3 women planning terror attack on Paris train station, etc.  Endless attacks being hatched and carried out.


Trump praises Putin at national security forum – The Washington Post screams in rage.  Yes, telling us he will cooperate with Putin is EVIL!!!  And…the same day, headlines say that Obama is now cooperating with Putin…HAHAHAHA. So much for the ‘red scare’.  Most US citizens saw the shrieking headlines of Trump cooperating with Putin and will NOT see the headlines of Obama doing the same thing.  That is, those headlines will be back page stories and the Trump ones, front page.


Russian fighter jet flies within 10 feet of US Navy aircraft above the Black Sea | Daily Mail Online in England reports.  The Pentagon will still play this game on Russia’s front doorstep.  Why?  Well, starting WWIII takes lots of work, no?  Imagine Japan complaining they couldn’t do war game offshore of California in 1941.


US spy planes intercepted near Russian border had transponders off – Russian MoD — RT News reports.  This story won’t make the news in the US at all.  Geeze, flying secretly right on top of Russia, a country repeatedly invaded in history by other powers who hope to sweep into Moscow and rule in a cruel and horrible manner!


PressTV-China wants US out of territorial dispute is news from Russia.  I read Russian news, have for many years.  Gives one perspective.  I used to go to the Russian Tea Room in Manhattan to do this.  Would see a number of UN officials reading foreign news there, the restaurant carried all the Sunday papers from many nations.  Read the German papers there, too.


Our rulers stupidly wanted to resurrect the Cold War to keep in power.  They are hysterical about this and it is failing badly.  It was stupid back then, too.  And how did we ‘win’ the Cold War?  By stepping back!  The minute we removed pressure on Russia and China, the communists in both collapsed totally!  Amazing, isn’t it?  HAHAHA.


Now it is our turn to finally collapse and stop doing dumb ‘rule the planet earth’ garbage.


Brazenly copying Nixon, Obama administration granted immunity to a SECOND Clinton computer guru – who deleted emails after Congress warned her not to thinking, ‘Now, we don’t have to worry about Watergate anymore.’  It didn’t work back then, won’t work today.


The IT specialist who had an ‘oh s***’ moment and deleted Clinton’s emails months after he was ordered and weeks after a congressional committee said not to reportedly received immunity.


West Midlands Police planning to let Muslim officers wear full BURKAS | Daily Mail Online in England reports.  The Brexit voters are furious.  This is the entire point of pulling from the EU was to protect England from foreign invasion.  The Brits are building a big wall in Calais to keep out illegal alien Muslims now.  China laughs.


Hillary Clinton’s campaign say Matt Lauer ‘failed’ in Commander-in-Chief Forum as NBC exec calls performance a ‘disaster’: the game plan is to hit Trump all the time and to ignore Hillary’s coughing fits, waddling around, inability to answer questions, etc.  Instead, Matt pushed her hard on her insane foreign plans, that is, her desire to start WWIII with Russia and China!  Matt will be punished now.  The ‘disaster’ was him wrecking their plot to impose Hillary on us all.  the executive (executioner) is a Bilderberg gang member, by the way.


Nudist beaches with Arabic signs. The vandalising of a mosque. And whey ever more Germans envy Brexit: Robert Hardman on the substantial shift taking place in Angela Merkel’s backyard as Germany basically invented nudist colonies!  The police in Los Angeles tried to arrest me for flinging myself into the surf in the ocean there, half naked, way back in 1967.  A mob of onlookers kept the cops away as I escaped.


Isadora Duncan, the famous American modern dancer, the mother of all modern dance, had to flee the US back 100+ years ago because she was being pursued by the cops for being indecent on stage.  She went to Germany and became a huge hit in Germany.  All her adopted daughters who carried her legacy onwards were all German, too.  I went to Germany and was happy I could be like Isadora and there I began to learn about her because Germans told me, I reminded them of her.


Merkel is doomed.  She is messing up something the Germans love a great deal.  Ahem.  HAHAHA.


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10 responses to “Obama Suddenly Surrenders To China And Russia And Backs Off On War Talk

  1. Petruchio

    “The Assad attacks were for Israel who wants him dead. It failed. Time to turn tail and ease out of the region.” It is also time to STOP subsidizing Israel to the tune of billions of USD each and every year! If the khazarians want to oust Assad, let them tee it up and send in the ISRAELI army and Air Force. The khazarians want to get rid of Assad so badly, they can do it themselves. AND ON THEIR OWN DIME.
    Of course, Israel doesn’t do this; they don’t want to mess with groups like the Hezbollah. Things haven’t turned out too well for Israel the last couple of times they tried this and now that Syria has the S-300 anti air system, the Israeli/khazarian air force isn’t going to have a cakewalk if they choose to attack Syria.
    I think it is safe to say Mr. Putin is aware of Israel’s role in the Middle East. The only question is how and when he is going to neuter the Israelis. I suspect this very topic is discussed in Russia, but behind closed doors.

  2. melponeme_k

    “China didn’t reach out to Rome two thousand years ago. Rome went to China.”

    Apparently China was very much interested in Rome. They sent emissaries.


    Both were prevented from deeper ties because of geography and the Persians.

    I wonder what our culture would have looked like to today if they were able to make direct contact regularly.

  3. Joseppi

    I for one, so enjoyed the image of Elaine provocatively dancing into the ocean like Isadora Duncan back in ’67……Oh, and I found the rest of today’s post interesting too. Thank you.

  4. Jim R

    I just wanted you to know I still love you, Elaine. It’s just that you are wrong about that one little thing…

    Here’s Pepe, about the latest (G20?) summit:

    The funniest bit is the Pentagon vs the CIA. Fighting each other in Syria.

  5. emsnews

    They did that in Vietnam, too! What a mess that all was. Everything was a mess due to ideology and the desire to exploit people easy to fool Fooling people is the easiest thing, ever.

    Casandra was royally pissed about all this but what the hell, the same entity that created her did me a favor, too. Lots of lightning bolts.

  6. nani

    Russia, China not backing off. Preparing for war: http://tass.com/defense/899189

  7. emsnews

    Yes, this is what the stupid NATO rulers want due to Britain’s Brexit vote.

  8. nani


    How anyone could yearn for war is beyond me.

  9. Lou

    How anyone could yearn for war —search ‘Georgia Guidestones’ ‘Population Control’ etc.

  10. Jim R

    The warriors in NATO and the Pentagon (but I repeat myself) all yearn for war. They have been brainwashed to think they can win that war, and that their families and country won’t be affected.

    They are very wrong.

    Once a generation, they should have an above-ground test, and set off a small nuke, and make all the generals watch it in person, with just dark glasses so they don’t go blind (they’ll eventually die of cancer, but then they pledged their lives…).

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