Hillary Is Definitely Dying…Parkinsons? She Lies About This Vital Matter


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She is finished.  The election is basically over.  She and her enablers (aka: the Criminal Class) moved heaven and earth to deny she is falling apart, physically.  They lied, she lied but then they all lie all the time, it is so common for them, if the Truth came by with sword in hand, they would not be able to see Her.  But then, Truth is another name for DEATH. You can’t lie to the Grim Reaper.


I was wondering what our 9/11 event would be today and here it is!  She was at a ceremony where Dark Forces brought into the US by the Bush clan, trained in Florida next to Jupiter Island, Saudis plotting to terrorize US citizens, Bush plotting to misdirect understandable anger and fear onto the totally wrong targets, that Black Hole event that swallows everything is highly toxic and it eats at people’s minds and souls and since our Rulers lied about 9/11, that is, lied about the Saudis and the black magic aspects…we have Retribution from the Watchers.


The name ‘Watchers’ is one I came up with when only a child.  I was hit by this lightning bolt, you see, and died.  I was thrown into this scary place I called ‘The Outerdarkness’.  While poking about there where everything is widdershins, sort of like Outer space, you know, I met my Watcher and cried, ‘Where am I.’  It said, ‘You are now dead’.


I wanted to go and like a bright light, Pegasus flew in and took me out of there and dumped me very violently onto the hall floor, where I fell when the lightning hit my bed. I opened my eyes to see (my ears couldn’t hear, still ringing) my father crying something at me while holding me.


Well, since that brush with the Outerdarkness, I must say, plotting to evade the Watchers who have all the inside information one hides in one’s own soul is impossible.  Hillary doesn’t understand this.  Too bad, the Bushes get to skate along but then, I assure everyone, Geronimo has hitched up with bin Laden and both are sitting there at the Gates of Death waiting for all Bushes.  Fun times for them!  Not so much fun for the Bushes.


The very stupid Huffington Post has this headline today: Trump is evil and Hillary is OK if she calls voters names.  New National Poll Shock: Trump Surging Among African American and Hispanic Voters! ⋆ The Constitution which really upsets Hillary since she wants desperately for the very poor to vote for someone the very rich want for obvious reasons.


In return, the very poor get some pittances that makes them deteriorate even further and the very rich get to lord it over the despised middle class.  Dell Fires 3000 US Employees, Requests 5000 Visas For Foreign Workers | Zero Hedge reports.  Typical treason at the top.


Massive Crowd 15,000+ Attend Donald Trump Rally, Pensacola Florida – 8:00pm EDT Live Stream… | The Last Refuge reports.  Yes, all the Trump rallies have been gigantic even despite Hillary’s fellow criminals, often illegal aliens, attacking attendees at Trump events.


Back on September 8, MSM Coverup – Clinton Draws Shocking, Dismal Crowd In KC


She was supposed to display her deep support by black voters and virtually no one showed up!!!  I think her flushed cheeks is not just rage but her declining health.  They tried to make her ‘crowd’ look big by chopping off 70% of the space and the other trick is, to park everyone behind her to make it look crowded.


The alternative media has noted for months now, the ‘crowds’ for Hillary are much smaller than Trump crowds and I have seen enough citizen photo proof of this which is why I have been saying for a while, polls are BS.  She isn’t popular at all.  It is all manufactured by the media owners.  Note how the mainstream media didn’t break today’s story, it was on the internet with full proof before the media reluctantly mentioned it.


Of course, they are now pretending her collapse is temporary, due to a flu or something.  It isn’t flu season!  And flu season doesn’t last 2 years, either!  Give it up, dudes, it makes you all look unbeliveably stupid.


In the above photo, I note the lady photographer looking bewildered.  I bet she was wondering if she should be honest and show reality or if she is going to fake it and make it look ‘crowded’ instead?  Choices, choices!  Of course, she would be fired if she opted for honest reporting.


On the other hand, this is all very funny…Weekend at Bernie’s(1989) – Tribute – YouTube

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10 responses to “Hillary Is Definitely Dying…Parkinsons? She Lies About This Vital Matter

  1. emsnews

    And a huge thank you to Lisa for bringing the news! I appreciate all news from readers who are often highly knowledgeable about lots of stuff.

  2. Petruchio

    “Of course, they are now pretending her collapse is temporary, due to a flu or something.” And her enablers/owners have the temerity to say, “She’s fine now.” after her latest collapse. I read the news report.
    So, “she’s fine now.” What does this mean? Madame Hillary is so drugged up she doesn’t know where she is? I’m guessing that isn’t far from the truth. I’m thinking that the DNC criminals running the show are hoping Hillary doesn’t kick the bucket–at least for awhile.
    Then, when the truth about Hillary can’t be denied–she’s dead, the DNC elites will anoint their cherry picked choice and explain it all away by saying “it is too late to select a Democratic nominee any other way”. At this point, the elites will lean on rigged voting machines to give them the election. These guys don’t plan on tapping out–EVER. If the elites have to be obvious about it, they will.

  3. emsnews

    No, there is a party they can assassinate.

  4. Lisa

    You are welcome! I knew she was sick but was surprised at how sick she appears to be. If this had been Trump it would still be all over the news, since it was Hilary it doesn’t appear to be a headline story anymore. Anything to protect the queen.

    Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, has a blog here:


    from the article:

    If humans were rational creatures, the time and place of Clinton’s “overheating” wouldn’t matter at all. But when it comes to American psychology, there is no more powerful symbol of terrorism and fear than 9-11 . When a would-be Commander-in-Chief withers – literally – in front of our most emotional reminder of an attack on the homeland, we feel unsafe. And safety is our first priority.

    Hillary Clinton just became unelectable.

  5. emsnews

    I complained three weeks ago that her campaign schedule had only ONE big event, the rest were private meetings with tiny groups of rich people…so they upped her schedule because Trump has taunted her about this non-running for office. When they said ‘She needs a month to prepare for the debates’ Trump doubled down with taunting her.

    So…she is all over the place the last three days and wilting fast. She can’t do it anymore. So the media is back to lying about all this and having anti-Trump headlines first, stories about her are back page news.

    THIS IS BACKFIRING! I think most Americans think only one person is running for President! It looks like it if you look at the news. She is barely there at all. HAHAHA.

  6. Lou

    Pat Boyle said…

    This morning Hillary Clinton had another ‘health issue’ when she tried to attend a 9/11 memorial event. She couldn’t stay for the entire event. She was basically carried away by what I presume were the Secret Service.

    She was hauled away and packed into the vehicle like a sack of potatoes. So the race has come down to Trump versus a sack of potatoes. Maybe she was trying to build up the suspense for the first debate. Millions will tune in to see if can stand up for the whole debate or if she will be seized by a non-stop coughing jag or if she has those strange tonic-clonic movements. Some may be interested in what she says but major attraction will be her health.

    If I were a believer it would tempting to attribute her ongoing campaign Gethsemane as payment for her pat sins. Maybe she can’t walk because of business with the cattle futures in the sixties. But realistically she’s just an old woman and old people suffer from mounting frailties. When I was sixty eight I fell off a cliff – I still feeling the effects of that. I didn’t have any Secret Service chaps to grab me and hold me up.

  7. george

    why is this out in public view. an on head line news

  8. ziff

    somebody said , now you can look forward to two dead candidates

  9. emsnews

    Yup. Could be. Must talk to the CIA about their plans now. VP vs VP? What an election this is.

  10. ziff

    what i find a bit odd, what with ” dr google’ and millions of online experts there is very little armchair diagnosis , you would think it would be an easy one. Stuff about post fall brain damage, but falling seems to be one of the seizures.

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