US Media Barely Mentions News: Entire Seattle Hawks Football Team Won’t Salute US Flag


This astonished me greatly.  I got this news from England.  Increasingly, I feel that in the US, we live in this Alternative Universe run by our bosses who have nearly totally eliminated all reader’s comments and now are systematically eliminating news, too.  This is also hilarious to watch, it is self-defeating in the end and thus, useless to try this means of population control.  Doubly so during the internet revolution.  REVEALED: Seahawks will ‘interlock arms in unity’ as national anthem plays during Sunday’s 9/11 game in support of Kaepernick’s protest, here is what one team member tweeted:


 ‘We honor those who have fought for the freedom we cherish. And we stand to assure the riches of freedom and the security of justice for all people. Progress can and will be made only if we stand together.’ In his tweet Baldwin included the Martin Luther King Jr quote: ‘Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that’.


A number of Baldwin’s teammates have already vocalized their support, tweeting out his hashtag #BuildABridge.  ‘Change can only happen together,’ quarterback Russell Wilson wrote. ‘Unity. Love. Forgiveness. Change.  We are linking arms to stand up for Social Justice, Love & Peace for All.’


Wherever football fans are, if they get the news, I think they may end up rather pissed off.  We saw a Superbowl entertainment last winter which was all about Black Panthers marching in formation while wearing stripper sex gear which I found to be rather hilarious, talk about mixed messages!  It did excite young blacks.  But it was a terrible message design but the real message was not missed.


The latest foray in using football as protest is guaranteed to back fire on teams that encourage this.  Fans will desert their teams, for example.  These poor men on these teams of gladiators killing each other steadily, over time, will feel some backlash in popularity.  I have always deplored football and millions of American women refuse to allow their sons on the playing field, alarmed about all the bad news about very serious brain damage and health problems that kills players.


Then there is the terrible news about how nearly all these players go rapidly bankrupt when they stop playing.  These things are very good reasons to protest.  But they aren’t doing this, they want to confront US fans with the idea the players actually hate patriotism.  A very bad idea.


The photo at the to of the page shows clearly that less than 15% of the players today on this team are ‘white’.   All the rest, for the most part, are various levels of ‘black’.  This is true across the board for all teams.  Whites are vanishing as players.  This is also evolution: the hard life of slavery and Jim Crow eliminated physically weak black children and left a population that was extremely physically strong.


This is the exact mirror opposite of the Jewish community, the vicious history of trapped in ghettoes and unable to do any physical labor left Jews with high intelligence, ditto, China, abused by foreign rulers for many generations (the Manchu were foreigners, too) and so the IQ levels are high, too.  People hate thinking that humans are part of evolution and what choices we make determines our genetic future.


Back to the story of our former slave population now working under dire circumstances to get briefly rich playing violent arena games that kills them off one way or another: this story about the Seahawks refusing to salute the flag is NO NEWS AT ALL.  I couldn’t find it on any front page of major papers:


The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia



Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis – The Washington Post


Google News had nothing, too, at all.  The Huffington Post has no mention at all, either. Even when I scanned the lower stories, nothing at all.  HAHAHA.  So, this revolutionary move by black entertainment semi-slaves will be ignored?


The Daily News in NYC doesn’t have the news, either.  But very interesting to me is this news story on their front page:  SEE IT ROUGHING THE REF: College football lineman punches out referee who was trying to stop dispute.  This news doesn’t surprise me at all.  Our schools in all the major black cities have decided collectively to not punish black children or make them follow any rules.


I have seen this first hand, it is why I pulled my children out of public schools in the NYC region and moved upstate where schools still have rules.  In NYC today, very few city white parents send their children to any public schools.  If they can’t afford this, like me, the parent flees the city when their children reach school age.


Back to black kids going to barely functional schools: they are learning now to defy all authority all the time. The cops see this first hand, most ‘resisting arrests’ are blacks who are accustomed to attacking teachers and staff when going to school.  This is the lesson they all are learning today: defy authority and hit anyone that annoys them.


This defiance is rubbing off on everyone else and will lead to disintegration of society.  When everyone does this, we have a collapse of all systems and chaos.  This is highly dangerous.  Who excels in school today?  Asian children.  They work hard and gaining knowledge and are moving forwards rapidly, they are a smaller ethnic group than blacks or Hispanics yet are dominating any and all tests of intellectual attainment, big time, nearly entirely in math, for example.


Asians greatly fear black thugs and black violence and they fear chaos, knowing what that leads to after escaping Madame Mao’s ‘Cultural Revolution’.  We have our own ‘Cultural Revolution’ going on here which is all about denial of all the massive forces ripping up the country and instead, imposing lock-step Maoist-style solutions that don’t address the real problems at all but instead, create vastly worse outcomes as we see in the black community that is reeling under near-constant terror from violent blacks who grew up defying authority while collecting welfare payments.


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8 responses to “US Media Barely Mentions News: Entire Seattle Hawks Football Team Won’t Salute US Flag

  1. e sutton

    I have seen this first hand, it is why I pulled my children out of public schools in the NYC region and moved upstate where schools still have (white folks).

    There…….fixed it for ya! 😀

  2. e sutton

    ……violent blacks who grew up defying authority while collecting welfare payments.¨

    Yep, we feed ´em so they can breed ´em. Thirteen percent, in five years will become twenty percent. In another five years, nearly fifty percent. Destroying everything in their paths. Ya gotta love it! Spreading that diversity around far and wide.

  3. Lou

    ‘Back to the story of our former slave population now working under dire circumstances’

    Uh, fact is more Blacks have moved to USA since 1965 than were here when slavery ended.
    If USA and South Africa [pre mandela] were so bad, why do those horrible blacks move here or to SA? Huh?

    What success do Blacks have in Africa?
    Haiti got its freedom from France at the same time Quebec did.
    Why the difference in the 2 places?
    Haiti has a better climate. And 11 million ‘smart’ negroes.

    The ‘Hayshanz’ took a tropical paradise and turned it into the poorest, most primitive, dirtiest and diseased shithole in the western hemisphere.
    They also transformed one of the world great languages – French – and transmogrified it into the unintelligible gibberish of Creole AKA eboniques.

    Africa has a billion of them.

  4. Lisa


    From the article:

    Hillary Clinton left the New York City memorial marking the 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks after becoming “overheated,” her campaign said.

    Nick Merrill, a campaign spokesman for Clinton, said in a statement that the Democratic presidential nominee felt “overheated” and “departed to go to her daughter’s apartment.”

    Clinton was “feeling much better,” Merrill added.

    Fox News first reported that Clinton suffered a “medical episode” and possibly fainted as she was helped into a vehicle and rushed from the scene.

    A witness told Fox that Clinton lost a shoe during the incident.

  5. Heads are spinning at CNN as they try to bury this story. “Overheated” at 72 degrees? It was obvious she collapsed as she left the 911 event but why?

  6. Petruchio

    “Back to the story of our former slave population now working under dire circumstances to get briefly rich playing violent arena games….” During the Roman Empire, these people were called Gladiators. In Roman times it was called Bread and Circuses. In the USA of today, it is called, “Are you ready for some Football?”

  7. Lisa

    Supposedly, video of them getting her into the van:

  8. emsnews

    HILLARY IS DYING. This is now beyond painfully obvious. She cheated to ‘win’ the primaries and now this. Note how, in the video, no one around her says a thing as she obviously falls apart and can’t even take a step forwards.

    Note also, her shaking head. Parkinsons is a terrible disease and I feel sorry a tiny bit for her…but look at all the children she has killed in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan.

    This woman has NO IDEA how the Outerdarkness works. I have had the displeasure of going there when hit by lightning when I was only a child. The key feature of this place is, as you pass through the Gates of Death, you suddenly see all reality clearly, no more making up excuses.

    I have walked to the very Gates of Death a number of times when holding a dying person. All of them face their own reality at that point in time and it is shocking and wonderful to see. That is, good people share some really beautiful stuff even if brief, whereas cruel people see the Watchers and cry in horror and fear. You cannot evade the Watchers, they are kind of like cosmic vultures. Very attracted to death.

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