Supreme Court Coup 2000…Now DNC Coup 2016=Democracy Dies

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 6 (Lucerne Festival Orcherstra, Claudio Abbado) – YouTube


Just before WWI, Gustav Mahler captured the conflicting mood perfectly in his great symphonies.  Beauty, love, elegance and blunt, ugly military force crashing into each other.  Well, play the mournful music of the Death of Democracy.  For we are witnessing an actual coup…AGAIN.  For the stage was set by our Supreme Court that illegally ruled that we do not have to take time to count actual votes, no, throwing that business out with the baby, they ruled that we do NOT HAVE A DEMOCRACY.


I loudly protested but our media giants all yelled, ‘We are SAVED’.  From what, pray tell?  Oh, the voters were stopped!  Yes, those pesky little people, the nasty ones who have opinions and vote for stuff the Bilderbergs do not want.  The New World Order hates democracies and will use every evil trick to prevent real democracies from ever running anything.

Total Proof Hillary Is Seriously Ill – Set To Drop Out – YouTube: the DNC is meeting tonight to discuss how to pull off a coup.  But they have a HUGE PROBLEM: TRUMP.  The only way they can have a coup is to kill him.  I have been predicting this for an entire year.


It is now going to happen.  Watch!!!  They will openly kill him.  Gore surrendered when ordered, Trump won’t.  I never liked Trump and he hates me.  But neither he nor I ever back down, either.  We are similar, in other words.  And survivors.  And he is now in grave danger.


Most of the GOP ruling elites who are secret members of the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg gang and Skull and Bones, etc. are all against Trump and so they will have a truce in their pretend war against each other.


If Sanders were to edge anywhere near the White House, the same exact gang would do the same exact thing; KILL HIM.  My Watchers are highly agitated right now, they are salivating with excitement and it makes it hard for me to sleep since I can ‘see’ them best at night.


The only question is, how to kill Trump leaving no fingerprints.  I am betting they will do something to make it look like Putin is involved no matter how insane this is.  I would suppose their favorite method, a plane crash, is the #1 tool.


Getting a Black Lives Matter lunatic to do it is a great method but that would mean problems with cities burning down at the wrong time.  No, they have to have an ‘accident’.  Yes, that is the trick.  Someone screws up some system in Trump’s jet and it suddenly falls from the sky, if it hits something important, all the better.  Say, since Trump flies in and out of NYC a lot, how about the new World Trade Center?


Then we get a two-fer: Trump dead and WWIII with Russia and Iran and China.  Wow.  Fun for no one.  I can’t stop this stupid thing, and I have tried and tried in the past and learned the hard lesson of Cassandra: no one listens and no one wants to change course, anyways.

Lightning 1955 pt 2 running away from death

Lightning 1955 pt 2 running away from death | Culture of Life News

When Trump does get annihilated (along with his poor family, most likely) I will go to the Peace Pagoda in Grafton and drum for several hours and sing to the cosmos, in a vain attempt at reaching someone’s ears in the Afterlife. I will cry for Trump’s innocent children.


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14 responses to “Supreme Court Coup 2000…Now DNC Coup 2016=Democracy Dies

  1. Ken


    Could you explain again about your “Watchers”?

  2. ziff

    My Watchers are highly agitated right now ,, ?? !

  3. ziff

    I wish Alex Jones would have enough self respect to eat properly , so he didn’t look like a fat F*k.

  4. melponeme_k


    If he is talking to rogue Secret Service, CIA and other spooks of various stripes that he says he is doing, his anxiety must be through the roof. I don’t doubt that he over eats due to the panic attacks. He has a right to be frightened. These people would kill school children to cover up their lies.

  5. e sutton



    Correction: These people would kill (and then EAT) school children to cover up their lies. (fixed it for ya! ) 😀

    Seriously though, they are some nasty, evil bastards.

  6. ziff

    i thought jones WAS cia.

  7. ziff

    chief 9/11 nutter

  8. Jim R

    As of 2000, eighty Peace Pagodas had been built around the world in Europe, Asia, and the United States. There is only one other Peace Pagoda in operation in the USA, located in Leverett, MA (just north of Amherst). A third US Peace Pagoda is now under construction in the Great Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee.

  9. emsnews

    Yes, he is a ‘nutter’. I think a lot of people are insane including myself. Everyone has a ‘itch’ they hang onto for dear life.

    But I go to ALL sources for information and on the issue of Hillary’s health coverups, Jones is on the ball, totally.

    Look, our overlords are seriously deranged. Many of them belong to strange cults like the Skull and Bones. The Skull and Bones was launched as a Dark Magick coven by one of my ancestors, Henry Steele, when he was at Yale nearly 200 years ago.

    My seriously strange ancestors always lived on the furthest frontiers since 1600. We hit the West Coast by 1849 and entered Arizona soon afterwards.

    We always got along with the native Tribes, too. All the way to my own birth, we got along great with them all except the Apaches who fought us to the bitter end which is why the Skull and Bones wanted Geronimo’s skull and the Bush and Cheney duo 100 years ago, dug up his skull to use for Black Magick spells.

    These are our effing rulers I am talking about. Jones barely scrapes the surface of what is going on and is easily distracted. I don’t forget for a minute, what the Skull and Bones are up to…and they want Trump dead. Seriously dead and will kill his entire family to stop him.

    I am suspecting they will bring down his private jet.

  10. Jim R

    These days, a jet is just a flying computer — with an internet connection. Because they gotta have WiFi for the passengers, right? Even without passenger WiFi, they’ve had net connections on jets for a long time, for the flight crew to communicate with the ground and so forth.

    And, as Mr. Snowden has revealed, the spooks can hack into just about anything now. So Elaine, your prediction is entirely possible.

  11. DM

    passenger WiFi / net connections (!!!)

    Some of the drivel in the comments here is embarrassing. It maybe can be done – but not with Facebook or an iPhone app.

  12. Jim R

    If the fact emerges that the jet’s flight control computer was screwed up, they’ll just blame Russia.

    Never mind that it doesn’t make sense, as they’ve been saying Trump is Russia’s friend… it doesn’t have to make sense. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

    It’s like the islamist terrorists — we used to hate them, but now we love them and weep for their brave headchopping maniacs getting pounded by the Russians over in Aleppo. It doesn’t have to make sense.

  13. Christian W

    Indeed Jim. Bullshit baffles brains. You can’t reason with the Bullshitters. If they are called on their Bullshit they will just Bullshit some more.

    Sadly many people operate within the frames given to them by the Bullshitters without even realizing it.

  14. JimmyJ

    I doubt they will assasinate Trump. They dont need to. And they sure dont want a martyr. All they have to do is suspend the election. And there are real and false flag options galore for that. It would take time given a plausible enough pretext to have any serious repercussion probably a few months and by then the propaganda will have sold even more people on it.

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