US Media Again Trying To Hide Hillary’s Parkinson’s Disease Events


Hillary embraces child – despite contagious ‘pneumonia’ – The American MirrorThe American Mirror.  Digging up this video took a lot of probing, it is so well hidden.  This was on ABC news which put out this video to prove Hillary isn’t collapsing…after she got some sort of emergency shot while in the van which is her rolling ambulance.  Shades of Typhoid Mary!


Others speculated that the big black van was really an ambulance and now I am certain of this.  Her cheerful, ability to walk again, publicity stunt is typical of someone shot up with drugs, mood changing drugs, no less.


SHOCKING: None of the YouTube Trending Videos were of Hillary’s “Episode” today (September 11, 2016) « InvestmentWatch: it is very tricky to get any videos of Clinton collapsing via Google search of You Tube, both of which are run by big time Hillary supporters.  They are jiggering things to make it nearly impossible to casually look up these political videos.


This is the words that got the information, after six tries using other words to describe what I wanted:  videos hillary 9/11 collapse – Google Search.  None of the word combinations for her touching that little girl while her gang claimed she had pneumonia, is showing anything at all,  not even news stories, much less, the above video.


I will note here that others online are complaining about the same problem using Google now.  Sundar Pichai  who is CEO of Google is working with You Tube’s CEO who used to work for him before moving to You Tube, to hide stuff so voters can’t find anti-Hillary information.  It is there, so far, just doesn’t pop up effortlessly.

Clinton cancels West Coast trip due to pneumonia after collapsing at 9/11 memorial – as doctor reveals she was diagnosed on Friday.  So, the video of her chipper and OK while KISSING a small child, note that she was with no body guards and I suspect her daughter called a buddy to come with a little girl for this photo-op.


The photo-op was to prove Hillary was fine.  But it came out at the same time the campaign staff claimed (falsely) that she has pneumonia, a very dangerous disease and one shouldn’t be waltzing around Manhattan, hacking up on everyone!!!


The excuse that is was a hot 76 degrees is insane.  The ‘recovery’ from heat prostration doesn’t happen in two hours.  I grew up in the desert and have suffered from heat prostration and it takes at least 24 hours to recover.


As each lie is exposed, they pop up a new and often, contradictory lie.  And instead of being pushed hard by reporters to get to the bottom of things, the opposite happens.  Just like reporters obeyed Clinton’s orders, they not film her collapsing so they all stood back and it was scooped by an outsider, instead.



Hillary’s dark blue sunglasses she wore during her collapse which was on a very cloudy day, only she was wearing dark glasses.  No one else.  These are special glasses for people who have seizures.


Now, yet another big big TV personality has dared to cross swords with the Bilderberg gang:  Tom Brokaw: Hillary Needs to ‘go to a Hospital and see a Neurologist’


 On Sunday morning’s Meet the Press political show with Chuck Todd, veteran reporter Tom Brokaw raised questions about Hillary Clinton’s fitness to assume the office of the presidency and highlighted the damage that has been wrought on social media following the incident in light of a steady campaign by Republicans who have questioned her physical and mental stability throughout the campaign.


That campaign, once dismissed as a fanatical conspiracy theory sideshow became mainstream only hours after Hillary Clinton wobbled and appeared to convulse in front of a black van until a team of a half dozen staffers rushed in to prevent the former Secretary of State from falling face first into the pavement.


Brian Williams’s Crash and Tom Brokaw’s Role – The New Yorker reports on how Brokaw retired and Williams is crummy.  But Williams is a puppet.  Brokaw is a puppet master (Bilderberg) and for a Bilderberg to suggest another Bilderberg retire, it is time for Clinton to go.


Borowitz is a Zionist writing for the New Yorker and has this story today—Poll: Unconscious Clinton More Fit to Be President Than Conscious Trump.  Who on earth were polled?  Did the people called up know that this is not a joke, she really is collapsing totally???  I bet not.


Two top national security leaders blast Donald Trump for embracing Russian President Vladimir Putin    Morell and Vickers: An open letter to Donald Trump – The Washington Post


Michael Morell was acting director and deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 2010 to 2013. Mike Vickers was the undersecretary of defense for intelligence from 2011 to 2015. Both writers have served in Democratic and Republican administrations and endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.


Yes, the CIA wants Clinton and WWIII with Russia and China.


Mr. Trump, with all due respect to you as the presidential nominee of the Republican Party, you cannot credibly serve as commander in chief if you embrace Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader has repeatedly shown himself to be an adversary of the United States. Putin, during his long tenure, has repeatedly pursued policies that undermine U.S. interests and those of our allies and partners. He has steadily but systematically moved Russia from a fledgling democratic state to an authoritarian one. He is the last foreign leader you should be praising.


I warned everyone long ago, the CIA and the Bilderberg gang want WWIII.  Voting for Clinton means WWIII.  Perhaps the entities that rule the Outerdarkness are being kind to me for once and we are getting to see the truth via citizen reporting the real news, no thanks to our rulers who run our media outfits.


The  NY Daily News has leftist Lupica editorializing like he is Joe McCarthy’s love child, spreading Red Scare stories.

A MEDICAL DOCTOR LAYS OUT 10 POINTS PROVING THAT HILLARY CLINTON HAS PARKINSON’S DISEASE – YouTube: this is probably the best video by a doctor explaining Parkinson’s disease.


Also from the WP warmongers:  Michael McFaul: Why Putin wants a Trump victory (so much he might even be trying to help him), nearly every ‘editorial’ goon has been attacking Putin and desperately trying to tie Trump to Putin.  These traitors should be sent to Gitmo but won’t.  They need to face a war crimes tribunal.


The war criminals are squealing like stuck piggies:  David Ignatius: Don’t be fooled — Donald Trump’s foreign policy is as scary as ever Even one of the two token NWO black editorial writers are doing the Red Scare game:  Colbert I. King: For Russia, Donald Trump is a dream come true, every one even the black lady is doing this disgraceful red scare crap.


Speaking of war crimes:  Senate investigator breaks silence about CIA’s ‘failed coverup’ of torture report | US news | The Guardian


For six years, Daniel Jones was the chief investigator for the Senate intelligence committee’s inquiry into CIA detentions and interrogations carried out in the post-9/11 Bush era. Jones and his team turned 6.3m pages of internal CIA documents into a scathing study which concluded that torture was ineffective and that the CIA had lied about it to two presidents, Congress and the US public.


But before Jones’s investigation was released in December 2014, the CIA searched through Senate files on a shared, firewalled network that had been set up by the agency for Jones and his team to securely receive classified documents.


The CIA accessed Jones’s work and even reconstructed his emails, sparking an unprecedented clash between the agency and its legislative overseers on Capitol Hill.

Still Report #1182 – Clinton Foundation – Greatest Fraud in US History – YouTube: the You Tube link won’t work here, click on the Still Report to see it.


Last: The most ridiculous Pravda paper online is the silly Huffington Post.  Here is today’s headlines:


HAHAHA.  It’s very hot!  She is ‘walking pneumonia’ but…she DIDN’T walk, she collapsed!  Ooopsie. Try better propaganda, dudes.


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48 responses to “US Media Again Trying To Hide Hillary’s Parkinson’s Disease Events

  1. Mewswithaview

    How odd she had no make-up on, greasy, unwashed hair, dark glasses hiding her eyes, and yesterday’s clothes. Was she supposed to be home in bed, recovering? Did her handlers force her to go out?

  2. emsnews

    No, that picture is from yesterday, she hid for 2 hours and then went outside, claiming she was just fine, nothing was wrong and she didn’t mention she has pneumonia.

  3. Christian W

    Her cheerful, ability to walk again, publicity stunt is typical of someone shot up with drugs, mood changing drugs, no less.

    I showed the Hillay collapsing at 9/11 event video, and the other one where she was having odd facial and body twirks reactions video, to my brother’s girlfriend who is a nurse. She knew nothing about Hillary or any related supposed illnesses she might have, but said instantly that Hillary was showing typical signs of Parkinsons.

    In Parkinsons the part of the brain (Substantia Nigra) that produces dopamine starts to fail and doesn’t produce enough, so medication in dopamine form is needed to balance dopamine levels. The twirks and weird facial expressions Hillary has shown on several occations are typical reactions when the dopamine level in the brain isn’t balanced due to the dopamine medication being off target. Dopamine obviously is a key hormone when it comes to moods.

    Also the way she walks, with very broad strides seeking stability and the need for support, has nothing to do with the “Flu” or “Pneumonia” it’s the brain overcompensating her instability issues.

  4. Interesting the comment on video about blue glasses for Parkinson’s .

  5. Lou

    I saw the 30+ seconds clip on Youtube and you can see a bodyguard at the end of it. He is following her.
    ‘the video of her chipper and OK while KISSING a small child, note that she was with no body guards.’

    ‘her daughter called a buddy to come with a little girl for this photo-op.’
    The Left has no problem using children. Read, ‘Hell To Pay’ [about Hitlery] and it mentions that in the 1970s or 80s her theme was ‘The Year of The Child’ or ‘Child Welfare.’
    No surprise.

    The clip I saw earlier has more of body guard. This one shows his foot, then ends;

  6. Blue glasses can help with dyskinesia,involuntary movements caused by the disease or (more likely)the drugs that are taken by a Parkinson;s patient.
    SO why is Hilary wearing blue glasses????On a day no one else in the picture is wearing sunglasses.

  7. I wonder if Michael J Fox has commented,as someone with Parkinsons’s I bet he recognizes it.(is he a Democrat?)

  8. floridasandy

    the media rarely shows the videos that people get of Hillary’s odd behavior:

    at 8 minutes in the video she has a very strange head twitching that can’t be explained by pneumonia. It is clear from that entire video that all the people around her know what her problem is, and are covering it up,.

  9. Jim R

    So they are shooting her full of dopamine.

    A neighbor of mine had Parkinson’s and they gave him dopamine. It only worked for a little while, and he died in about a year or two.

    He didn’t have the shakes, but he’d go into a stiff paralysis, where he couldn’t move. It would happen at random, so he’d be standing and just fall over. His wife would try to catch him and soften the fall. I had to help catch him one time.

  10. Jim R

    @Lou #30, Haha, it looks like Ellen DeGeneris.

  11. Lou

    Jim, I dont care if it is her. I posted bc it shows a tiny bit of bodyguard. More of guard can be seen at facebook.

  12. e sutton

    So, are we going to see over the next few weeks a version of ¨Weekend at Hillary´s¨, with the press fawning over how well she looks, or are the PTB going to choose another horse for this race? We have a little less than two months going forward and I cannot fathom who they will pull out of their hats to replace her.

    Tim Kaine? No one has any earthly idea who this goofball Irishman is, let alone what he stands for. All we know is that he is really good at carrying Hillary´s water and is ready with the cough drops when needed. A good water boy is nice to have around but not exactly presidential material. I think we can all readily agree that good ole weird ¨Uncle Joe¨ Biden is proof of that. They have a few short weeks to either replace this dying race horse or find someone else to sell.

    They have spent no less than eight years trying to sell this broken down, drug dependent, disease ridden harridan to the general public. I also don´t believe for a minute that Obama wants to stay in office. He looks as though he has been waiting to spend his retirement on the golf course for the past six years. Maybe I am missing something, but I don´t see any up and comers in the Democratic party. Hell, you could say the same thing about the Republicans. It used to be they´d trot out a Jack Kemp or some other slick or veneered candidate, just to kind of show him off. Not unlike dressage at Devon.

  13. Lou

    This shows that she did collapse. Like fainting,

  14. nani

    Google is biased in favor of Hillary Clinton, research reveals

    Read more:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all.

  15. Joseppi

    The revenge of karma is problematic for the corrupt Democratic party……

  16. Melponeme_k

    All of this is so bizarre, I can’t believe I’m watching reality unfold before my eyes. This woman will die before her first 6 months in office (if the PTB steal the election). Then we’ll have Tim “Charlie McCarthy” Kaine.

    I bet the skull bones people are dancing naked in their crypts nightly praying to their dark god to keep the breath in Hill’s body. They probably even sacrificed a chicken or two.

  17. Lisa

    I had a few questions from the photos.

    Is she leaning on the child for support?

    Yesterday, was her face puffier than normal? Would any of the drugs she may be taking cause the puffiness?

  18. Lisa

    One more question. She stayed in Chelsea’s apartment. It is always called Chelsea’s apartment in the news reports. Does Chelsea now live apart from her husband or does she no longer have a husband?

  19. Christian W

    @ #8 Sandy

    That’s the video I showed to the nurse who said Hillary was showing signs of dopamine medication imbalance.

  20. ziff

    oh well, any stooge will do , just no outsiders !

  21. Petruchio

    The fun part of all this, for me, is to watch the MSM being FORCED to tell the truth about dear Mrs. Clinton’s health. The MSM can call people who suggest that Mrs. Clinton has serious health issues “conspiracy theorists” up until the day Mrs. Clinton passes away or withdraws from the campaign! The MSM will look like the paid media wh#res they are and all the King’s horses and all the Numbskulls and Boneheads aint gonna put THIS Humpty Dumpty back together again! (Mrs. Clinton as Humpty Dumpty! LOL! That’s a good one, if I do say so myself–and I do>)
    I would love to be a fly on the wall at these MSM meetings where they discuss when they should start to “transition” from hiding Clinton’s serious health issues to telling the truth. I can hear them now. The dialogue will go something like this:
    Boss Man: “OK, people. Sooner or later, we are going to have to tell the truth about Mrs. Clinton. Any ideas?”
    Department head: “Maybe we could do another hit piece on Trump? You know, talk about how Putin owns Trump?”
    Boss Man: “No! Been there, done that. Let’s get creative people!! We have to tell the truth here, so everyone TRY to think out of the box here.”
    HAHaHaHaHaHaHa!! There you have it folks. The USA’s unbiased media hits a HUGE mental roadblock when FORCED to tell the truth! Ya can’t script this sh#t, but it is going to be fun to watch the media wh#res squeal like little piggies.


    ELAINE: I would love to be the polar bear in the room….yummmy.

  22. Melponeme_k

    The Chinese Silk Road will move forward as planned with Iran jumping on board with Russia AND INDIA! Gee I guess our stupid elites plan to bottleneck it via Ukraine is failing especially if they win Turkey. How much pull does Russia have with former territories such as Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and Belarus?

  23. Christian W

    Belarus a lot, Serbia a lot. Bulgaria and Romania are run by the mafia and are hopeless, also they already are in NATO.

  24. Melponeme_k


    The new Silk Road could potentially reach Europe two ways.

    Through Mongolia via the Trans-Siberian railway which is a done deal. Belarus wouldn’t turn up its nose against being connected to that railway. I don’t believe Poland would pose a problem either. So there you go, Northern Europe almost in the bag.

    Now Southern Europe hits two potential snags…Pakistan and Afghanistan. The next snag is Bulgaria and Romania. Unless Greece plays ball like they said they would a few years ago. That means the road would go the sea route through Greece, through Macedonia, Serbia then Hungary. Then easy access to Austria and Italy. Unless they go by sea from Greece to Italy. Hmmmm decisions, decisions.

    Does anyone know anymore about the status of the proposed Trans Russian-Alaskan route? There was talk about building tunnels.

  25. Mewswithaview

    DNC to Clinton: We want Joe Biden to run.
    Clinton to DNC: The job is mine. I’m going to be first woman president.
    DNC: You can go quietly on compassionate health grounds.
    Clinton: Over my dead body
    DNC: We don’t want to wait till January.
    Clinton: I’m selected candidate, you can’t replace me.
    DNC. The committee that selected you has resigned. You and Bill can go quietly now and keep the loot and we’ll call off the FBI and IRS investigation of the foundation. We have all the emails you know.
    Clinton. What do you propose?
    DNC. You step down by next Wednesday (21st). The media will play tribute to your courage for a week. We’ll come to an arrangement with Tim and Bernie and Joe gets the gig with your endorsement. The Donald must be respectful towards you and he has no ammo to attack Joe.



  26. Charles Stegiel

    The 2nd Hillary is a body double thinner and younger and not bloated. Everything about Hillary is a lie.

    [link to (secure)]
    [link to (secure

    Look at the first finger vs ring finger in each photo.
    This is the most telling difference other than her weight.

    IMAGE ( [link to] )

    IMAGE ( [link to] )

    IMAGE ( [link to] )

    A New York ABC outlet had the feed cut after they ran a story she had died.

    Hillary has congestive heart failure-coughing, puffiness-as well as Parkinson’s.

  27. billibaldi

    One of the warnings you get in life is “Be careful of what you wish for, you might get it.” I have just watched a little old lady who was a user just get used. She has gone from victor (victrix) to victim.

    Hillary has just gone from having guards to having warders.

    We have the libretto now we need the composer for the music for the great tragic opera “Clinton, a cautionary tale.”


    ELAINE: Wagner’s Ring cycle! Hillary can light her funeral pyre and scream, ‘Siegfried, Siegfried!’ as she jumps into the fire.

  28. Melponeme_k

    “We have the libretto now we need the composer for the music for the great tragic opera “Clinton, a cautionary tale.”


    I would just settle for hearing her sing Weill’s “Moon of Alabama” off key to complete the picture of what she truly is.

  29. Jim R

    @Mel #25,
    There won’t be any Russian connection transiting Alaska until the current spate of Russophobia is over. In fact, that’s why we have all the discussion of Belarus / Poland, and Turkey as possible “Silk Road” transit routes.

    And the Russophobia won’t die down until the current crop of Russophobes is thoroughly discredited and ignored. I just hope it doesn’t require a military defeat…

  30. emsnews

    The neocons have to all die, then.

  31. Melponeme_k


    It looks like China and Russia are still hoping for the project to continue.

    If our leaders weren’t so stupid, they could play it right via good diplomacy and create a job bonanza for US Citizens AND revitalize our whole train network perhaps even grow the infrastructure.

    But you are right, this won’t happen until all the neocons are kicked out.

  32. Mewswithaview

    lookup “Progressive supranuclear palsy”

  33. emsnews

    Progressive supra-NUCLEAR palsy sounds like a good name for WWIII.

  34. floridasandy

    alleged leaked records:

    her health issues are blowing up all over the internet, so it’s hard to know what may or may not be real.

  35. Jeff Wolenski

    Hillary is outdoors on a New York Street without any secret service? Or her usual entourage?

  36. emsnews

    Exactly. And with a small child, supposedly (ha) a ‘stranger’ who just happened to ‘recognize’ her.

  37. Lou

    Looking at the pictures, ITS NOT HILLARY CLINTON. SERIOUSLY.
    The double is much thinner and looks 10 years younger.

  38. Look at the video again. Her hands are behind her back. She looks handcuffed. She seems to be digging in her heels as she is being forcefully drug to the waiting car. She is being arrested.

  39. Paul Noel

    Anyone researching matters regards Hillary Clinton’s Diseases is hereby advised to immediately download all sources when found for data. When such sources become publicly known. Google will memory hole them and YouTube will pull them. This is all an effort to try to make people out for Conspiracy Theorists rather than admit the truth. This happened to the proof of the Glasses Hillary had for 9/11/2016 events at GroundZero and other photos that day. Hillary’s Glasses were profoundly obvious proof she has Parkinson’s Disease or Epilepsy. They have wiped the net of evidence for this fact. Now if you say it you are a “fool” because there are no supporting web pages. This is also evidence that we must not give the net away. The USA must retain the net names registry.

    Finally anyone who believes that Hillary Clinton should be elected must realize that they are voting to establish a dictatorship!

  40. emsnews

    She isn’t ‘arrested’ she put her arms there, herself via convulsive fits, and they are PUSHING her into the ambulance car (the vehicle is an ambulance) as fast as possible to avoid publicity. The attempt to hurry her into the ambulance and thus, not be filmed, failed.

    This video pisses them off, badly. They tried very hard the first six hours to suppress it but so many people mirrored it very fast, this failed.

  41. emsnews

    About the Clinton double story: she is her own double. She does have a lady who imitates her but that lady does it for money and is traveling around the country right now, making fun of her but in a mild way.

    What is ten times scarier is THAT IS HILLARY we see suddenly transformed. What did they inject in her???? That is the pressing question!

  42. Christian W

    @ # 40

    They have wiped the net of evidence for this fact. Now if you say it you are a “fool” because there are no supporting web pages. This is also evidence that we must not give the net away. The USA must retain the net names registry.

    These statemements are contradictory. The US is by far the biggest threat to net freedom and it is, as you point out, gradually taking complete control over it. In reality the US (that is, US/Israeli Deep State that actually runs things) must lose control over the internet.

    Your use of the word “we” is also interesting. The US is an Oligarchy, not a Democracy. Are you “we” the people – who have next to no say at best in US policies? Are you “we” the ruling eilte who call the shots?

    The USA that “must retain” the net names registry only exists in the imagination of a lot of US citizens. That US is an artifact created by propaganda. Reality is different and it’s high time US “citizens” woke up to that fact.

  43. emsnews

    The Bilderberg gang is terrified about how we have used the Internet for ourselves. For years and years they have struggled to make money off of the internet which means letting us all use it a lot at the same time, they want to control the message and this means controlling the medium and this means censoring news and information that irritates them and makes their looting harder to do.

  44. floridasandy

    Christian, I think the point was to recognize that extreme liberals try and control the US internet and therefore monitor and remove information as deemed necessary.

    we all know what is going on here and that is why we post it as soon as we find it so the information isn’t completely lost.

    I can’t believe how embarrassingly bad the NYT and Washington Post headlines have become. They have completely doubled down on stupidity.

  45. Christian W

    Sandy, it’s not the “liberals”. It is systemic.

    Liberals, neocons, Republicans etc are all just labels to hide reality. Behind them, at the top level, is ONE single policy that has been in effect for decades, if not centuries, namely US supremacy at all costs.

    The US is run by the Fed/Wall Street, the
    Pentagon, the CIA and the MIC. The politicians are nothing, nothing, but window dressing. The last ones that tried to be independent were shot. Even Reagan had ideas until he got the point in the form of a bullet and surrendered to the neocons.

    People who blame Obama for this policy or that policy are fools. Trump is hated by the PTB because he is not yet potty trained politically (compare with Hillary a most perfectly honed tool).

    If Trump gets into the White House he will either learn to play ball the way he is told to or he’ll be destroyed one way or other.

    Reality is that Trump does not carry enough political weight to radically take on the self-destructing US system at the level he needs to in order to reform it. Since he cannot reform it he will merely be another President that kicks the can down the road.

  46. emsnews

    It is basically the international Bilderberg gang. The reason they don’t even allow the list of members is due to it exposing that there are not left/right political parties in the US and Europe but a dictatorship.

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