DNC Secretly Meet To Decide How To Get Rid Of Hillary

Vito Corleone Dies the Perfect Death – YouTube

This video came up two days before she collapsed in NYC:  CLINTON CAMP WARNS THE MEDIA TO NOT REPORT ON HER CRIPPLING CONDITION – YouTube.  So, this is why the press, instead of following Hillary as she tried to disappear, they stood back and ignored the obvious.  Now, they are being egged into actually being reporters that tell us things we need to know…but they can’t do it anymore.  Make a scoop??? A great way to be fired or even assassinated.


So the flock of incurious weanies that call themselves ‘press reporters’ hang back and are the last to know what is going on.  Over and over again, citizens show the reality and the ‘reporters’ are reduced to repeating lies issued by our rulers.


With Clinton sidelined, Obama steps up attacks against Trump…a waste of time since you can’t vote for ‘nobody’ and win.  Since ‘nobody’ can’t win, attacking Trump on this little thing or that itty bitty thing isn’t going to cause a landslide vote for ‘who is this?’


Of course, being smart is hard work.  Hillary could drop out of the race but this crippled horse wants to race to the finish line so she will limp along until they put her out of her misery.  There is one way to win a ‘three legged horse race’: shoot the other horse.  And I expect this to be the next thing that will happen.


Former DNC chair Don Fowler says Democrats must find Hillary Clinton’s successor now in case pneumonia forces her out of the race | Daily Mail Online in England reports.  What’s this??? Oh, Americans are not hearing much of this news, of course.


The DNC’s guidelines state that, if Clinton was to drop out, it would have to be completely her choice. If she confirmed she was stepping aside, senior party officials would hold an emergency meeting.


A vote would then be organized among members, with the new name on the ticket having to be elected by a simple majority.  But it is not clear when or how that would take place.


Probably after someone pulls a gun and threatens the others who then surrender and say, ‘Hail Caesar’.


It is likely the Democrats would do improvise slightly in order to choose another candidate.  There would be no special preference given to any candidates who have already been involved in the process.


Why bother with campaigns anymore?  Meanwhile, the deteriorating condition of Hillary who I presume is trying desperately to get into the White House, is so that her husband, Bill, can be the actual President and she, the sickly, nearly blind puppet.

Hillary Clinton Zeiss Z1 blue lenses to treat Photosensitive Epilepsy – YouTube

When she appeared in Manhattan after getting her booster shots and drinks or drank some human blood or whatever, she was most careful to appear without her super blue dark, dark glasses.  She can keep up the fiction that she is normal for a few minutes at a time.


BREAKING VIDEO : Hillary Drowns Anderson Cooper in a Sea of Lies as She Tries to Explain Away Her Medical Episode – TruthFeed

One of the comments covers some interesting points:


Nunya Business
We not buying this “okie dokie”!routine! You clearly have Parkinson’s with an onset of dementia you have the droopy leg the weakness and slojens dry mouth you’re not drinking water you probably have thicken in your water because you have paralysis in your esophagus like my mom had she had to drink thicken in her water so she wouldn’t drown yourself and choke and why every time you have a coughing fit you have a bottle of water in your hand but you always have somebody bring you some water so quit lying! You are clearly unfit and you won’t acknowledge that fact you’re going to die trying to be president


Now on to the liars who run ‘liberal media’.  It is all a joke, of course.  Anyone sane who gives information that clashes with ideology or lies told by leaders of the ‘left’ are banned at places like the idiotic Huffington Post.  Here is a little gem about that ideological nightmare place:  That’s Weird?… Huffington Post Takes Down ‘Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s’ Article After Her Collapse at Ground Zero


Editor’s Note: this article about Hillary no longer exists.  And the young man who wrote it no longer exists, either.  Except he does and he is all over You Tube, complaining bitterly.  LIVE: Is Hillary Clinton Finished? The Last Live Show – YouTube, David Seaman used to write for Huffington Post and now he has been utterly terminated for talking about Hillary’s many problems.


Google+ is now shutting down its ‘live stream’ option because they don’t want Americans talking to each other about the election anymore.  This decision came out of thin air and I stumbled across it this morning by accident.  It is not an accident that this Google drastic slashing of citizen interactions comes on the heels of Hillary’s collapse.


On to another Hillary scam:  Jimmy Kimmel Admits Faking Hillary Clinton Pickle Jar Skit – Jar Pre-Opened Before Show – YouTube shows.  Yes, he popped the can for her backstage.  It was all a set-up and is mildly annoying.  Reminds me of Mao swimming in the Yanzgte River to prove he was strong right before he joined the frog chorus and croaked.  Here is a comment at the video:


Talking about croaking, I thought back to the very first debate which Hillary attended after fighting tenaciously to not debate anyone:


ABC News Cuts to an Empty Podium During Debate – YouTube—yes, she ran off to ‘drink some water and use the toilet’ right in the middle of the debate.  So a slew of commercials were used and then she still wasn’t there and then showed up soon afterwards making up stupid excuses.  She obviously went backstage to get a shot from her doctor there.


Here is a news story from back then:  Awkward: ABC Restarts Democratic Debate Without Hillary Clinton Onstage


Turning to a question for socialist Senator Bernie Sanders “in the meantime,” Muir read the question to Sanders and near the tail end of it, the audience raucously applauded as Clinton returned to the stage well over a minute after the debate resumed.


Before Muir continued with the question to Sanders, Clinton simply blurted out with a smile: “Sorry.”


And finally, here is Trump and no Hillary at the ceremony about 9/11:  9/11 memorial event in NYC. Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton. Rudy Giuliani. Sep 11, 2016. – YouTube

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11 responses to “DNC Secretly Meet To Decide How To Get Rid Of Hillary

  1. Another telling fact is Hillary lost 13! count em’ 13!!!! Blackberries ,one Macbook and a USB drive.Holy Crap!
    Even my father with dementia only lost one phone!

  2. Jim R

    Parkinson’s victims do not always have the shakes.

    A neighbor had Parkinson’s when I was young, and he would just freeze into a stiff catatonic state. It must have been awful because he was still aware of his situation, he just couldn’t move.

    That was what it looked like in that video where she’s leaning on the post, and then they load her into the hearse like a length of cordwood…

  3. laughinglions

    They can say now that Putin poisoned Hillary to Trump win.

  4. Christian W

    It’s pretty obvious the PTB is going to push Hillary into the White House knowing she will be gone a few months later IF she can hold together that long (big if as things are going). For Hillary it’s about making the history books, for the PTB they will have their own tool installed afterwards.

  5. Christian W

    @ Jim

    Yeah, if you watch that video and look at her right foot, which is clearly visible, you can see that she cannot move her legs much if at all. That is why they they have to lift and tip/push her into the car.

  6. emsnews

    She can’t win. Period.

    BUT there is the looming ‘Trump’s private jet today suddenly disintegrated midair as if flew into NYC and the crash destroyed several buildings, killing dozens of people,’ story.

  7. Lou

    ‘Trump’s private jet today suddenly disintegrated midair –Yikes.
    remember Paul Wellstone?

  8. Missle . Less complicated.

  9. KHS71

    Mel Carnahan, Jerry Litton. Any others?

  10. e sutton

    It is true, they cannot do another Oswald. Too many folks marching around with those irritating camera thingys on their phones. Still, a plane crash would bring lots of drama, but by now an awakening of the general public has already begun.

    I still cannot believe the Hilldabeast bitch was stupid enough to call out Alex Jones in one of her speeches. Alex Jones now has more hits on his website than he has ever seen. Mind blowingly stupid, Hillary! The only ¨bad¨ publicity is NO publicity. I guaran…freaking…TEE you there were millions of Mr. & Mrs. Americas out there who said something like, ¨Alex WHO?….honey, get on the computer!¨

    So how will they do it? Apparently this Trump guy is about as squeaky clean as Pat Freakin´ Boone! Does not drink. Does not do drugs. Never went in smoking, Pall Mall or otherwise. Likes the hot babes and is not afraid to trade one in every few years for a newer model (sorry, ladies!). Oh, and he seems to have this annoying habit of making lots, and lots, and lots of money. Did I mention that he was egomaniacal?

    No, my guess is they will pull a honey tap of sorts, even if they have to pull her out from the early 1960´s to pull it off. Vassar Homecoming Queen of 1963 reveals horrible rape, beating in the backseat of Trump´s limo. Film at eleven.

  11. Jim R

    I do remember. Trump may be “Wellstoned”.

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