NYT And WP Are Both Desperately Trying To Cover Up Clinton Collapse

The NYT is going insane trying to cover up Hillary’s rapidly deteriorating health conditions and it is publishing as ‘facts’ every lie that lying woman and her gang cooks up and is so infantile a newspaper, they cannot see how stupid they look while they peddle her naked lies.  But then, the NYT exists only to peddle lies and be insane, anyways.  Proof is easy to find like this top ‘story’:  screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-6-46-07-amHAHAHA.  Netanyahu’s insane rants are ‘genius’ just as Hitler’s rants against Jews was pure ‘genius’.  But then, the Jews who own the NYT don’t realize they are Nazis.


Clinton says she didn’t think pneumonia diagnosis disclosure ‘was going to be that big a deal’ says Fox News.  So it isn’t just the NYT that struggles here.  Fox does question all this garbage but is curiously not outraged by this garbage.


Hillary Clinton says she feels ‘so much better’ because, of course, she isn’t having a full blown fit right now and can stand up without being held up by her gang.  Even so, the NYT has to pretend both candidates have health problems and should give a  Full Disclosure on Candidates’ Health which is stupid and childish.


No, they should be examined by a board of doctors chosen by opposing sides!  Have them get a full physical that is honest.  HAHAHA.  No way in hell does Hillary want that to happen nor does the NYT.  Instead, their editorial stable of idiots are shrieking like banshees today.  Here is one stupid example: Did You Hear the Latest About Hillary? which makes fun of all of us speculating about what demons possess this lady.


She is getting into ‘demonic possession’ territory.  I expect her to cough up green goo and her head spin around during the debates at this point.  HAHAHA.  That would by a big winner in TV ratings.


Scared that the propaganda about her declining health is causing big, big problems, the NYT has a long article that forbids any comments, of course, with this title:  Decision to Keep Illness Secret Sets Clinton Back.  Duh.  And the reason she never announced she had pneumonia was…she is a horrible person who wants to cough, choke, gag up yucky stuff and faint while in public, messing up everything for everyone while saying in a strangled voice, ‘Nothing is wrong, I am healthy and strong.’


Shortly after receiving a diagnosis of pneumonia on Friday, Hillary Clinton decided to limit the information to her family members and close aides, certain that the illness was not a crucial issue for voters and that it might be twisted and exploited by her opponents, several advisers and allies said on Monday.


So, she deliberately decided that going out in the public, sick as a dog, gagging and choking and coughing on everyone and do note, we have many videos of the diseased lunatic coughing INTO HER HANDS and then shaking hands with her supporters.  YUCKY!!!!  ICK!!!  Disgusting and where is her hanky?  Oh, she doesn’t do hankies!


To those she did inform, Mrs. Clinton was emphatic: She intended to “press on” with her campaign schedule, she said. Her confidants concluded that she did not want to be challenged over her preference to keep the pneumonia private and continue working.


So they didn’t tell this disgusting woman, that coughing all over everyone and coughing into her hand and then touching other people including that poor child yesterday, is EVIL.  It is disgusting, horrible, my Victorian grandmother would spank her for being so indecent.


My Victorian grandfather lost his first fiancee to a coughing disease right after WWI.  He would look at Hillary like she is some sort of low class dirty woman who needs lessons in hygiene.

Mrs. Clinton’s inner circle was mindful of both her guardedness and her expectation of loyalty once her mind is made up. And she was optimistic that she could recover over the weekend, when she had only two brief events on her schedule, said the advisers and allies, who insisted on anonymity to disclose private conversations.


HAHAHA.  She and her crew of criminals talk only to buddies and one of the Bilderberg buddies happens to be the owners of the NYT.  They conspire all the time and keep each other’s secrets.  Of course, the NYT won’t tell readers they are Bilderberg buddies and why this is extremely important information but then, the Bilderberg meetings are totally secret and they had one recently in Austria and they hate publicity like vampires hate sunshine.


But Mrs. Clinton’s penchant for privacy backfired. On Monday, her campaign scrambled to reassure voters about her health, a day after she grew visibly weak and was filmed being helped into a van: unsettling images that circulated widely and led her aides to disclose the pneumonia diagnosis two days after the fact…


Which is a total lie.  She did NOT have a coughing fit when she went rigid and then collapsed.  She obviously had another Parkinson’s event.  Her head bobbed and then her legs got stiff and they had to shove her forwards to get her in the door, she didn’t fit in it so they tilted her sideways and shoved her into the van.


Her desire for tight control over personal information deepened during the partisan wars of the 1990s, influenced her use of a private email server as secretary of state and now threatens to make her look, again, as though she has something to hide….


HAHAHA.  And she has a lot of corpses to hide.  Lots and lots of dirty tricks, secret deals, collection of a billion, a BILLION in bribes from aliens overseas who want to control the US via bribes…good lord.


The new onslaught of questions about her health and medical records has been deeply frustrating to Mrs. Clinton and her team, who have sought to highlight the disparity between her and Mr. Trump over issues of transparency. Mrs. Clinton has released her tax returns, while Mr. Trump has not. She has provided exhaustive details about her policy proposals, while he has not. And she released considerably more medical information last year — in a letter from her physician, Dr. Lisa R. Bardack — than Mr. Trump did in his doctor’s letter, which contained little more than over-the-top boasts about his “strength and stamina.”


Oh, how I love the Bilderberg gang!  So charmingly childish.  We have not asked for Hillary’s fake tax returns.  We want to know what she said to Wall Street overlords in private speeches where they handed over millions in cash to bribe her!!!  We need to know what the truth is for she intends to carry out what she said to them so very privately.


And her very private meetings this month when she went from mansion to mansion collecting loot for her illicit run for President.  What did she say?  Why were reporters totally locked out?  How many NYT top editors were there and heard every word?  HAHAHA.  What a hell hole of hellions.
Trump says Clinton running ‘hate-filled campaign’ at tense North Carolina rally where violence flares up – The Washington Post which the stable of Post reporters blame on Trump and not the Red Guards who support Hillary who are the ones attacking his people, interrupting his speeches and rioting.  All the blame goes onto the white people at his rallies.


Which is causing the elites to loose a very important political base: working class white males.  Not to mention a host of other people offended by this obvious propaganda excusing radical rioting leftists so long as they attack only Trump supporters.  Not Cruz supporters, for example.


The GOP nominee sought to keep the focus squarely on Hillary Clinton’s comment that half of his supporters are a “basket of deplorables.” He was interrupted repeatedly by protesters and, at one point, a man pushed and grabbed male protesters during a verbal exchange.


Note how uniformly over the last year, any time leftist rioters attack Trump supporters, the Bilderberg gang frames the story as Trump supporters attacking, not these crazy young people who have no manners, using political muscle to prevent speeches and rallies!  This reminds me a lot of pre-Nazi Germany.  The Jews at the NYT and WP should be ashamed of themselves but then, they are full blown Nazis, themselves.  Who believe in ethnic/religious/racist cleansing in Israel.


Below is the Washington Post stable of unstable lying creeps howling for the 1,000th time about Trump:


The hysterical lunatics at the Washington Post continue to pour bile all over Trump while overlooking the fact that Hillary is literally dying.  One writer at the WP, Alexandra Petri, has this ‘humor’ article:  How is Hillary Clinton still alive? – The Washington Post laughs.


Duh.  She avoids direct sunlight and sucks blood.  Lots and lots of blood.  As does Obama and the Bushes and certainly Cheney.  We call these sorts ‘blood suckers’ for good reason.  Of course, the tool of the WP trying to make fun of the fact that Hillary is falling to pieces, mocks the idea that we are concerned.


Well, the Elites are not just concerned…they are just utterly hysterical with fear Hillary will up and die on them at last.  The writer boasts about Hillary’s ‘accomplishments’ which was…the destruction of functioning governments and replacing them with utter chaos and the creation of ISIS.  Great successes, that!


Time for a trip to the distant past, 10 years ago.  From my blog a decade ago:  Military Investigators Think 9/11 Failures Was Due To Sloppy Record Keeping By Pentagon!















From 2006:

The Pentagon investigated themselves because of the embarrassment of allowing a continuous attack upon America on 9/11 that went on for hours during which the military sat on their asses, goofing off or if they were in the lower ranks, utterly confused by an UNANNOUNCED WAR GAME involving everyone pretending multiple airlines were hijacked and rammed into buildings…!!!! What? Um, how do we say, ‘conspiracy by traitors’?

This entire article needs to be examined closely.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – There is no evidence that senior Pentagon commanders intentionally provided false testimony to about the military’s actions on the morning of the September 11 attacks, according to a report by the Defense Department’s watchdog agency cited in the New York Times on Saturday.


Sherlock Holmes solved a case of a racehorse owner crippling his own racehorse by noting ‘the dog guarding the stables didn’t bark.’

The Defense watchdog agency didn’t bark, did they? So we can assume the owners of the Pentagon signalled to this watchdog to stay silent and it did. So this report confirms the fact that not only did traitors conspire to attack America, they continue to have power sufficient to silence anyone set on the trail to seek the truth about 9/11 if they work for the government.

The many organizations out there in the cyberworld that have all sorts of goofy theories about 9/11 like the bizarre idea that the WTC buildings were deliberately destroyed after the jets damaged them so fatally—sorry guys, there was no reason for the government to do it. No motive! What did they gain? They wanted an attack, not the WTC destroyed! Even the hijackers were not aiming to destroy the twin towers! If they were, they would have aimed lower. Anyway, the entire movement to understand what really happened that day has been twisted aside by childish theories based on scant or no evidence. The government encourages this because they want disinformation out in the public, leaving everyone confused. Confusion means everyone is unable to attend to reality which is of vital importance. It would not surprise me at all if government black ops people weren’t the ones behind all these false theories.

The stark fact remains: the USA had no defenses on 9/11 because the people at the very top of the government didn’t want to defend America. PNAC was egging on for some ‘Pearl Harbor moment’ and Bush was fully informed of a possible attack especially via hijacked civilian flights. For the previous three months before the attacks, a small group of political insiders suddenly stopped using public aircraft because of such fears.

The ‘put options’ set against American Airlines and United Airlines the day before the attacks is another seldom examined event. The fact that Rumsfeld didn’t show the slightest alarm when he heard of the first jet hitting the WTC is another non-barking dog in this kennel of mute canines.

The nonbarking dogs of the military top echelons pretend they didn’t know how to keep records despite the fact they have vast computers tracking absolutely everything on this planet and have a huge bureaucracy that pushes paper and takes in even the tiniest details….and they don’t know how to keep records?

The Pentagon’s office of inspector general said the Defense Department’s initial inaccurate accounts could be attributed largely to poor record-keeping, the newspaper said in an article on its Web site, citing the newly released report


Every general should be taken outside and shot. If they are this stupid, this careless, this dumb, they should be shot. The Chinese would shoot them if they allowed such an attack on China! Good barking grief! The military invented writing in order to track these things! Geeze, anyone looking at the history of anything knows the first attempts at tracking stuff was done in the name of strengthening the military back when the very first cities on the Nile and the Euphrates Valley were being built! All successful military entities keep a close track on many details, how many people they have, where they are, what they have in their possession, where they are going. I bet Hezbollah has better record keeping than the Pentagon…HAHAHAHAHA. Right.

In a report dated May 27, 2005, but not released until Friday, the inspector general’s office found that “the inaccuracies, in part, resulted because of inadequate forensic capabilities,” including poor log-keeping at military air traffic control centers, the newspaper said.

A spokesman for the inspector general’s office, William Goehring, told the Times that the question of whether military commanders intentionally withheld the truth from the commission would be addressed in a separate report, but he suggested it would exonerate them. “We haven’t found any information to indicate that testimony was knowingly false,” the newspaper quoted Goehring as saying.

The report said commanders had found it difficult to create an accurate timeline of the events of September 11 because of the lack of a well-coordinated system in logging information about air-defense operations, the Times said.

And, newly disclosed audio tapes provided to the commission by Norad demonstrated widespread confusion within the military on September 11, with many commanders uncertain whether the reported hijackings were part of an unannounced military exercise.

So, did Rumsfeld know of this UNANNOUNCED MILITARY EXERCISE???? Who knew about it? Is their excuse, ‘We didn’t expect the real thing’ hold water if, after the first jet hit, the defense systems worked.

They did NOT! Not only did a second jet hit, the hijacking weren’t even over as two more planes were hijacked when the Pentagon knew for a fact, ‘America is under attack’. When the third hijacked jet flew off and then turned around and flew over three states and several military airbases to fly into Alexandria and hit the Pentagon, this was an hour after everyone in America knew we were under attack and the military not only didn’t get their act together, total confusion raged because of the UNANNOUNCED wargames!

All the generals running these wargames should be shot as traitors.

Rumsfeld didn’t interrupt his important meeting about Iraq to see what was going on in the confused Pentagon war rooms. He didn’t react at all until the third jet hit his own building. Then he went outside to supervise the firemen! He didn’t rush to the war room.

Cheney was in a seperate war room as more jets were hijacked. This went on and on and on and no one has resigned nor been arrested nor shot at sunrise for being traitors.

There is zero excuse for any of this. If this was all due to INCOMPETENCY then the entire general staff and Bush and Cheney who goofed off and didn’t defend us should be all arrested and charged with treason!

Period! If they were so incompetent as to create a whole military apparatus that couldn’t do the simplest tasks on 9/11, they should be declared traitors and punished! The startling news that a ‘phantom flight 11’ appeared on the NORAD screens long after it hit the WTC is cause to launch a big investigation to discover who tampered with the NORAD computers. The silence of our political class who wanted war with Iraq and war against ALL Muslims is another mute canine that should trouble all Americans. Why are all our politicians complicit in this silence? Who is calling for not only a tremendous investigation but the arrest of obvious traitors?

I would point to the many wars we are now sponsoring against ‘the Muslim street’ as proof we are in the grip of a great conspiracy on more than one level, one that wishes to shove us into endless wars designed to cause a total change in the religious configuration of humanity, namely, the elimination of Muslims (and appended to this, the annihilation of all Jews!). Namely, the Apocalypse.

The many, many End of Time believers in our government and military is scary and is terrifying and is at the root of this disaster that is spawning a host of disasters. They want nuclear war! And they couldn’t drag us off this cliff if it weren’t for 9/11.

Culture of Life News Main Page

9/11 Commission Investigators Admit THEY LIED AND CONCEALED THE TRUTH















August 2006:

We all knew they were conspiring and lying to us from day one. Their refusal to ask important questions, the refusal to put Bush and Cheney under oath, in public, the investigators are criminals for they took part in a criminal conspiracy which is why their meeting about how to deal with pesky internet investigators was kept secret and they went into the public, calling us ‘conspiracy nuts.’ They are the conspiracy nuts, for they lied about a conspiracy they were part of.

Now they admit the entire ‘investigation’ was a farce.

By Dan Eggen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, August 2, 2006; A03


Some staff members and commissioners of the Sept. 11 panel concluded that the Pentagon’s initial story of how it reacted to the 2001 terrorist attacks may have been part of a deliberate effort to mislead the commission and the public rather than a reflection of the fog of events on that day, according to sources involved in the debate.

Suspicion of wrongdoing ran so deep that the 10-member commission, in a secret meeting at the end of its tenure in summer 2004, debated referring the matter to the Justice Department for criminal investigation, according to several commission sources. Staff members and some commissioners thought that e-mails and other evidence provided enough probable cause to believe that military and aviation officials violated the law by making false statements to Congress and to the commission, hoping to hide the bungled response to the hijackings, these sources said.

In the end, the panel agreed to a compromise, turning over the allegations to the inspectors general for the Defense and Transportation departments, who can make criminal referrals if they believe they are warranted, officials said.

Pegasus protect us all! What happened? Did the magic spells at the Bohemia Grove fail? Hahaha. WHAT IS GOING ON?????

Let me explain: Washington, DC’s rulers decreed several weeks ago there would be a nuclear attack exercise. The tools of the rulers had to go into nuclear bomb shelters and pretend all of America was A BURNING RUIN and everyone they knew was incinerated. Including their own families.

While sitting in these tombs, they had to think about death and the devil of nuclear war.

The rulers hoped this would egg them on into fighting all Muslims, for they had to pretend that Iran would nuke us. Of course, baby dragon is the one itching to nuke us. And we have zero influence over events in Asia, us being in hock to the Chinese and Japanese rulers.

I suspect, as these tools sat in their Hitlerian Götterdamnyouallungen holes, they thought about Berlin, 1945 and the spectre of death or being put on trial for crimes against humanity rose up in the back of their brains. All the illusions of power and control fell to the hammer of reality. I was very focused on this event, I hoped they all had terrible nightmares about WWIII afterwards.

These people were the secondary level of our criminal government. Now they see the Apocalypse unfolding its dark wings and stretching out its long neck, red orbed eyes glaring balefully, they cringe away, filled with fear, for the Beast will devour their own children just as it rends the children of Lebanon. These people went home and tried to forget it all but at night, when they are the most defenseless, into their darkening dreams crept the Ones who see All.

And the dreams turned to hideous nightmares. The ‘investigators’ chosen to cover up the multiple crimes of 9/11 had to be very smart and very scared. The rulers wanted that old nasty criminal, Kissinger, to run it but howls of protest scotched that scheme. So they had a more dangerous game of pretending to investigate while covering up everything.

Thanks to the net, this failed.

One of the major keys to this horrible treason, and it is treason we are talking about, was NORAD’s total failure. At every level, top to bottom, they collapsed faster than the WTC on 9/11. The second key was Rumsfeld who didn’t bother to even interrupt his war meeting concerning Iraq on that same day, coming out only after the Pentagon, one of the most heavily defended facilities on earth, was attacked.

The third key, the most important key, was Bush himself. He laughed when Andrew Card told him, ‘America is under attack’ and then proceeded to deliberately goof off.

Something very big is coming if it forced the co-conspiritors on the 9/11 Commission to suddenly come out with a tiny bit of the truth.

“We to this day don’t know why NORAD [the North American Aerospace Command] told us what they told us,” said Thomas H. Kean, the former New Jersey Republican governor who led the commission. “It was just so far from the truth. . . . It’s one of those loose ends that never got tied.”


I am sorely tempted to wring his neck. ‘Loose ends’???? The refusal of NORAD to protect America is the damn key to the entire conspiracy! Maybe I should summon the literary ghost of Sherlock Holmes! These pesky ‘details’ are exactly where one finds the truth, who the real murderers are.

And it gets worse.

In fact, the commission reported a year later, audiotapes from NORAD’s Northeast headquarters and other evidence showed clearly that the military never had any of the hijacked airliners in its sights and at one point chased a phantom aircraft — American Airlines Flight 11 — long after it had crashed into the World Trade Center.

All hail the Devil that is Death! How on earth could the military NOT have these jets on NORAD? Eh? What? The ‘hijackers’ deliberately flew, slowly, over several military airbases as well as four, yes, FOUR civilian radar bases….and were invisible?

We know for a fact that American Airlines was informed of the first hijacking within five minutes of it happening. So why were all the flights occluded?

How does black magic work? As I keep pointing out, it is really a conspiracy of a bunch of evil men and women chanting together to get the nerve up to commit crimes. They bond by swearing on Geronimo’s skull and they bond at the Bohemian Grove, they swear fealty to the Great Owl and the Devil that is Death and then they go forth to COVER UP CRIMES. Jointly.

So the real question is, how did they occlude NORAD? The honest men and women actually working there didn’t do this. Remember, no conspiracy can take in the ground troops, they have to be misled. Since we now know for a fact that NORAD was compromised to the point that SOMEONE ERASED THE HIJACKED JETS then the question is, who had access to the innards of the NORAD computer systems to do this nasty trick! We know for a fact, the computer was tampered with because the ‘ghost’ image of flight 11 suddenly appeared AFTER the attack was done! It was ON THE DATA BASE and slipped out.


The anthrax killer, also working for the NSA/CIA black ops organization was also unleashed after 9/11. It isn’t stretching the mind very much to suggest that one person, who probably hangs out at Jupiter Island in Florida, the secret base of retired or present CIA/NSA agents who the Bushes like to surround themselves with, paid NORAD headquarters a little night visit.

I was shocked at how different the truth was from the way it was described,” John Farmer, a former New Jersey attorney general who led the staff inquiry into events on Sept. 11, said in a recent interview. “The tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public for two years. . . . This is not spin. This is not true.”


Arnold, who could not be reached for comment yesterday, told the commission in 2004 that he did not have all the information unearthed by the panel when he testified earlier. Other military officials also denied any intent to mislead the panel.

John F. Lehman, a Republican commission member and former Navy secretary, said in a recent interview that he believed the panel may have been lied to but that he did not believe the evidence was sufficient to support a criminal referral.

“My view of that was that whether it was willful or just the fog of stupid bureaucracy, I don’t know,” Lehman said. “But in the order of magnitude of things, going after bureaucrats because they misled the commission didn’t seem to make sense to me.”

Shocked? Well, welcome to the Rick’s Casino, Casablanca is open for business!

When the ‘truth’ is totally at odds with someone’s story, they are ‘lying’. And if it is about thousands of deaths that launched hundreds of wars, then this is a criminal action and the traitors who compromised NORAD so people could attack America should be arrested, put on trial and shot.

I found this article really hard to write for I kept losing my temper or crying. I was furious on 9/11 and the more I learned afterwards, the more pissed off I was. And we all are. The nuttiest ‘conspiracy nut’ is saner than the brain-dead public officers like Kean who knows perfectly well, when people lie to investigators, they do this because THEY ARE CRIMINALS!!!!


Arrest them all.

Culture of Life News Main Page


Also from 2006:  War And Peace: Pentagon Admits Israel May Have Deliberately Let Hezbollah Bomb Israel


The hysterical lunatics at the Washington Post continue to pour bile all over Trump while overlooking the fact that Hillary is literally dying.  One writer at the WP, Alexandra Petri, has this ‘humor’ article:  How is Hillary Clinton still alive? – The Washington Post laughs.


Duh.  She avoids direct sunlight and sucks blood.  Lots and lots of blood.  As does Obama and the Bushes and certainly Cheney.  We call these sorts ‘blood suckers’ for good reason.  Of course, the tool of the WP trying to make fun of the fact that Hillary is falling to pieces, mocks the idea that we are concerned.


Well, the Elites are not concerned…they are just utterly hysterical with fear Hillary will up and die on them at last.  The writer boasts about Hillary’s ‘accomplishments’ which was…the destruction of functioning governments and replacing them with utter chaos and the creation of ISIS.  Great successes, that!


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And North Korea is in the news and is exploding nuclear bombs right  next to Japan and South Korea just this week!  North Korea Shoots At South Korea While Israel Fiddles With Failure from a decade ago.

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20 responses to “NYT And WP Are Both Desperately Trying To Cover Up Clinton Collapse

  1. Christian W

    Love your cartoons, Elaine.

    In the last one with the psychotic Lady “Liberty” intent on destroying Lebanon (2006) it should today (2016) read Syria. The last few days the Israeli Air Force has been bombing Syria in air support for Jihadis (real live Muslim terrorists) attacking the Druze in the Golan heights.

  2. Melponeme_k

    I think Hillary hasn’t made a full collapse because of their black magic. Its at a point where I feel sorry for her poor body slowly collapsing under her own power hunger and being the scapegoat for the elites.


    I love how photographers take these huge landscape photos of Trump rallies. Just so they don’t have to show the number of minorities in his audiences. Or they will focus in on a white only portion. They couldn’t avoid the Asian woman behind Trump. DANG NABBIT!

  3. e sutton

    Oh, she doesn’t do hankies!


    Yes, in our ¨modern era¨, hankies have gone the way of the fedora and the trench coat. Useful items, all, but no……old fashioned, doncha know! Handkerchiefs, while a disposable tissue is most preferable, are at least effective in putting a barrier between the microscopic drops that shoot out of one´s nose and mouth when sneezing. (double yuck!)

    The fedora and trench coats were great to keep the rain (and sun) off of a man´s head and body when he was caught without an umbrella. We are much too MODERN for common sense, doncha know!

    What next, cars without running boards?? Reportedly, when my great grandmother saw the new 1949 Hudson (sans running boards) my grampa drove home, she said, ¨Well how the hell are you supposed to get into the damned thing?!”:D

  4. billibaldi

    Dear Elaine, I have decided that DJT decided to run for President as an enormous practical joke on rival Manhattan property developer and owner of the New York Daily News, a Mr Morty Zuckerman.

    Back in January 2015 when DJT put together his marketing campaign for President (not political campaign), when they analysed Hillary’s weaknesses, one of them was her health. Running for President is physically very strenuous. This has been very damaging to Hillary the brand. The campaign has made Hillary the person sick. Now when you have been positioning Hillary as somebody’s lovable granny, sick grannies get put in hospital and not in charge of things.

    The DNC has a conundrum.

    What a cliffhanger. Dear America, I cannot wait to see what happens next.

  5. Mewswithaview

    old lady shouts at frogs

  6. Lou

    My link does not have comparison photos of their bodies. The stand in is much thinner than Ms Clinton. The comparison pictures that I saw convinced me.


  7. Melponeme_k

    The fact that I’m seriously contemplating the possibility that they are using acting doubles to hide Hillary’s illness tells me we are beyond the twilight zone now. This is full on CRAZY ZONE!

  8. emsnews

    Yes, it is crazy. But then, why not? We have had virtually no choices for President for 30 years now.

  9. Petruchio

    I have to be completely honest here. (Petruchio is always completely honest here on Culture of Life News. I’m using a figure of speech.) The #1 thing that really angers and frustrates the “Clinton Team” about Hillary’s grave health concerns is this: The Clinton campaign can’t murder their way out of the Hillary health issue. The Clinton track record is pretty clear when it comes to murder; they won’t hesitate to use the “Kill!!!” option.

  10. emsnews

    None of our rulers fear the idea of killing people to win something for themselves. They all do this, you know. Nature of the Beast.

  11. Ken

    The idea of using stand-in doubles for Hillary is amusing, but unpersuasive. Look at the ear lobes. These are unique among people. Not quite like finger prints, but still pretty unique. For that reason the ears are often used to identify people in old photos when someone has aged a lot and identity cannot be confirmed. Look at the earlobes of the younger people. It will be the same.

    The earlobes on Hillary and the supposed double are the same. Hence, no double.

  12. nani

    ..and Israel is a bloodsucker who leeches of the dying US empire.

    “US will supply Israel with at least $38 billion in military aid over the next ten years”

    I bet this is non-news in the US.

    Read more: https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/20160914/1045278258/us-israel-record-aid-deal.html

  13. emsnews

    I reported that deal two weeks ago. Yes, it was very bipartisan vote, too. Everyone was most anxious to sign onto it and get some election geld from rich Jewish donors.

  14. Lou

    The earlobes on Hillary and the supposed double are the same. Hence, no double.

    –But she lost a lot of weight?

  15. Lou

    But then, the Jews who own the NYT don’t realize they are Nazis.


  16. Double’s ? already called this dogshit on another forum , but who cares ?POTUS is a sock puppet anyway ,so run the double. This reply is a waste of time.

  17. emsnews

    Even if it is triples, it doesn’t change what has happened. It makes it a hell of a lot funnier, though.

  18. Petruchio

    @#10 Elaine: No, people like the Clintons have no problem killing people which is why I am enjoying this Clinton health issue. Murdering people isn’t going to help them. Their favorite option for “conflict resolution” will do NOTHING to help them. It burns. It BURNS….

  19. Lou

    Pet, ‘the Clintons have no problem killing people’-when I posted link to ‘Clinton Body Count’ [here, long ago] EMS said it was stupid.

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