More Damning Videos Of Hillary Health Crisis


Pneumonia? Hillary Received Neurological Test Before She Collapsed: in the 9/11 park event, Hillary was obviously falling to pieces long before she was removed and the key here is, she didn’t dare appear in public without her black male doctor who gives her injections and this private nurse.  This is now reaching ridiculous levels and Hillary should quit but of course, Trump isn’t stupid, he wants her to go on and on and his numbers are already climbing rapidly despite mainstream media lies and evasions on behalf of Hillary, the New Nixon, ‘I am not an invalid!’


 Despite her campaign claiming it was pneumonia that led to her ill health in New York on Sunday, Hillary Clinton was caught on camera receiving a neurological test from someone who appeared to be a nurse.


The image shows Hillary grasping the woman’s fingers with her fist, which is a classic motor neuron test to determine abnormalities in the nervous system.


The NYU School of Medicine details how the test is conducted;


“Test the patient’s grip by having the patient hold the examiner’s fingers in their fist tightly and instructing them not to let go while the examiner attempts to remove them. Normally the examiner cannot remove their fingers. This tests the forearm flexors and the intrinsic hand muscles. Compare the hands for strength asymmetry.”


NYC is the land of a million, many million cameras.  Hillary was at a big time public event with press and cameras.  The press  revealed again, their uselessness, corruption and inability to chase down obvious news, when Hillary had another Parkinson’s episode.


The press can’t be sued for malpractice, of course, but we can loudly condemn them all for lying about vital, important matters.  All the big media played down this obvious event and focused entirely on scripted, stupid, minor issues with Trump yelling about how evil he is while ignoring the gorilla in the medical van.


This event is a turning point in the election.  Trump’s numbers will continue to climb rapidly, Hillary won’t be able to debate anyone in two weeks because she can’t even stand up, vocalize without choking, or remember much of anything, she is finally done, and good riddance to a lying hypocrite.


Donald Trump wants ‘Hillary Clinton and I sitting there talking’ at presidential debates and do away with moderators or doctors (I am joking here)| Daily Mail Online in England reports.  By the way, the NYT today has changed how their wretched hive of hysterical NWO tools are read and I can no longer quote them or read them…HAHAHAHA.  I read that filthy paper only to see what stupid things they have cooked up.


This means no one else can read unless they give the Zionists lots of money.  Well, no way.  The NYT cannot influence anymore elections by lying because NO ONE WILL READ THEM.  HAHAHA.  I Washington Post already locks out everyone and thank the demons in hell, they are no longer being read by millions of people.


Back to our dying heroine, Hillary:  Has LEPROSY hit California? Two elementary students ‘diagnosed with the rare disease’ | Daily Mail Online also reports.  Good lord.  Well, if she had that, her nose would fall off.  So she will simply die of brain destruction.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, myself.  But then, according to her and her gang, she doesn’t have any fatal diseases.  So to hell with her.


Wells Fargo executives are spared the chopping block after 5,300 employees were fired and the executives were given golden parachutes and it turns out half of the West Coast staff were crooks and millions are missing or misrepresented and California is voting heavily for Hillary.  Yes, crime does pay.


Now on to foreign news really quickly:  Former Lebanese Minister Says Erdogan Hid at Russian Base During Coup and I wondered how we went from Erdogan shooting down Putin’s jets to them kissing each other.  Putin’s gigantic coup was to save the new dictator and now they are buddies and the US is locked out of the relationship to the great ire of the Israelis.


And here is a message from our Overlord, Great Ruler, King of the Bilderberg Gang and good friend of Hillary:  George Soros Warns Europe: Accept Refugees Or Face Extinction | Zero Hedge


The refugee crisis in Europe was already pushing the European Union toward disintegration when, on June 23, it helped drive the British to vote to Brexit the EU. The refugee crisis and the Brexit calamity that it spawned have reinforced xenophobic, nationalist movements that will seek to win a series of upcoming votes – including national elections in France, the Netherlands, and Germany in 2017, a referendum in Hungary on the EU refugee policy on October 2, and a rerun of the Austrian presidential election on the same day.


Rather than uniting to resist this threat, EU member states have become increasingly unwilling to cooperate with one another. They pursue self-serving, beggar-thy-neighbor migration policies – such as building border fences – that further fragment the Union, seriously damage member states, and subvert global human-rights standards.


The current piecemeal response to the refugee crisis, culminating in the agreement reached earlier this year between the EU and Turkey to stem the flow of refugees from the Eastern Mediterranean, suffers from four fundamental flaws.


First, it is not truly European; the agreement with Turkey was negotiated and imposed on Europe by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Second, it is severely underfunded.


Third, it has transformed Greece into a de facto holding pen with inadequate facilities.


Most important, the response is not voluntary. The EU is trying to impose quotas that many member states strenuously oppose, forcing refugees to take up residence in countries where they are not welcome and do not want to go, and returning to Turkey others who reached Europe by irregular means.


Suicidal Sweden used to boast about taking in millions of violent Muslims and now Perennial Police Problems: Swedish Cops Quitting in Droves.  Duh.


Hungary should be kicked out of EU for ill treatment of refugees – Luxembourg FM demands.  Well, across Europe, right wing nationalist governments are winning elections and soon the EU won’t exist.  Headline from the NYT whining about Trump and pinning Putin on him by association:


US ‘tests’ Iran’s reaction to spy plane flyby, complains about ‘unprofessional’ shootdown warning just like our rulers fly close to China and Russia: they want an Incident as an excuse to start WWIII.


3 Syrians suspected of ISIS links arrested in German refugee camps…DUH.  Send them to Luxembourg and give them guns before they leave to take over that tiny kingdom of idiots.


Subs, jets & tug-of-war: Russian-Chinese naval drills kick off in disputed South China Sea:  THEY ARE NOW ALLIES and we can thank Hillary the Sick Beast and Obama the Stupid Beast for this disaster in diplomacy. Speaking of disasters:  German Cops Tell Women To Outrun Muslim Rapists.


Last of all this this NYT story, propaganda time for the toddlers who still subscribe to this rag:



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12 responses to “More Damning Videos Of Hillary Health Crisis

  1. Jim R

    Send all the refugees to Brussels.

    That’s the center of the cause of refugees, or one of the biggest of them. It’s where NATO and the EU are headquartered. The same NATO that keeps bombing the sh*t out of places like Syria and Libya, where the refugees come from.

    So, send ’em all to Belgium until Belgium can no longer function.

    Then send them to Washington..



  2. Lou

    That Jews are aiming to destroy Christianity and Christians.
    That ((( Schwartz-Soros))) now openly proclaims this.

  3. Christian W

    I went to the doctor’s office this morning. In the waiting room there was a TV with rolling text news – the news told me that Hillary is leading over Trump with a few points and that the Trump campaign is to be investigated for a donation irregularity. Not a peep about Hillary’s problems with Parkinsons and other health issues, which obviously is the real news.

    See how insidious the propaganda programming is? Even here in Europe we get the same MSM brain washing as in the US.


    ELAINE: It is very childish of our rulers. They imagine if Pravda says something, it is real. Sad, isn’t it? They will be stunned when the election happens. On the other hand, Trump stays alive if the elites fool themselves into thinking that a dying Hillary is ahead in the polls. This means, they don’t have to murder him.

  4. floridasandy

    you gotta love that-telling women to outrun their would be rapists. There are some real geniuses out there making decisions =.

    Slightly OT, The Clintons are a gift that just keeps giving. I was looking at WikiLeaks documents and found this when BIll lost the security codes. Does anyone doubt that Hillary -who lost how many devices?- would repeat this

    Clinton lost nuclear codes, claims ex-aide
    By Daniel Dombey in Washington

    Published: October 22 2010 20:33 | Last updated: October 22 2010 20:33

    Bill Clinton lost the secret codes that would be used to authorise a US nuclear strike during the last year of his presidency, a new book has alleged.

    General Hugh Shelton, who served as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff under Mr Clinton, says the codes were lost for months, leaving the US unable to launch its nuclear weapons.
    “This is the one point in the system where there is no backup and it failed,” he says in his book, Without Hesitation. “Without [the presidential authorisation codes] it doesn’t matter if we’ve got a thousand missiles verified inbound to the US, we would be unable to launch a retaliatory strike.”
    The allegation about the frailty of the world’s biggest nuclear deterrent – the US retains more than 5,000 operational warheads – comes after a 2007 incident when a B52 bomber flew across the country with six nuclear weapons accidentally on board.

    I bet the Clintons hate WikiLeaks and wish them all dead.

  5. Hillary Clinton is an emblem of the United States of America: gravely sick, in complete denial, and with a consuming and demonic ambition. In the old days statesmen would consider the good of the nation. No more. This is the day of egos severed from all that gives humanity some claim to respect: loyalty, the land, truth, reality, God, tradition, law, goodwill. My only explanation is that when people stopped believing in Hell, they started to create it on earth.

  6. emsnews

    No, it is the ancient rule: Power corrupts and absolute power is pure evil. Doesn’t matter what system or what beliefs, all, when in power and can do as they please, become pure evil.

  7. nani

    I can’t think of a more vile, evil and disgusting creature than George Soros. This bilderberg NWO billionaire who lives in a guarded palace wants to see Europe flooded with millions of muslim males. This insane policy will eventually destroy the social fabric of Europe, and transform entire cities into crime ridden hell holes. We can see this in many cities already where certain suburbs are no-go areas for white people.

    And that advice for German women to run away from rapists.. wow, just wow. How deep are Germans and Western-Europe willing to sink in order to accommodate the cultural sensitivities of the invaders?

  8. Lou

    ‘Lost the Codes’–sounds like ‘threw them away.’

  9. Lou

    Nani, you still have much to learn about Jews.

  10. Petruchio

    It isn’t a coincidence that many of these refugees are military age males. These are exactly the people the elites want to leave their native countries. The reason is this: IF these military age males stay in their native countries, they join militias or the army or an ‘insurgent’ group. The larger they are, the more powerful they are. In fact, they might actually strike Israel if their numbers are large enough! Better to disperse these potential insurgents lest they threaten the rulers plans in the Middle East.

  11. Maddie's Mom

    I’m sorry, Lou… I’m lmao at that Hillary photo…
    I believe she’s seriously ill and of course, up to no good, but…
    Photoshop much???

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