US Media Forgets Clinton’s Collapse And Resume Nonstop Attacks On Trump


After three days trying desperately to make the visuals of Hillary totally collapsing, after making every excuse in the book to hide her obvious Parkinson’s disease, the US mainstream media is back to bashing Trump ferociously and ignoring Hillary’s deteriorating condition, both political and physical.  Note Pelosi’s big, fat lie that she and her party of Bilderberg internationalists ‘don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking…about Trump’.  HAHAHA.  They are obsessed and too stupid to realize, the more they talk only about Trump, the more popular he gets!


Here is an editorial from one of the staff at the WP:  This is what’s ‘deplorable’ about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and this campaign – The Washington Post.  The NYT has a near identical editorial with an identical title, too.  I find that immensely funny.  These Bilderberg gangsters talk to each other way too much.  HAHAHA.


 Funny how people who flocked to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign because he “tells it like it is” or because he’s not politically correct got their tender feelings hurt because Hillary Clinton had the temerity to speak the truth.


HAHAHA.  The Washington Post hates normal Americans.  Absolutely loathes especially working class, dirty from doing dirty work, dudes who are men who do the actual hard labor.  The elites are so cut off from working dudes, they haven’t the faintest idea what their mechanics really think of them all…dare they ask?  Nope.


Sure, it would have been better if the Democratic presidential nominee had not said “half of Trump’s supporters” belonged in a “basket of deplorables.” But after Trump’s 15-month rhetorical rampage of racism, xenophobia, misogyny and othering that helped win him the Republican presidential nomination, color me unmoved by all the breathless bleating from the right and bed-wetting from the left…


Black Lives Matter is a very racist organization based off of the Black Panthers who were very racist. I personally knew all the top Panthers back in 1968 and they certainly knew me because they told Greene to stay away from me, I was a bad influence and then at a convention, they surrounded me and tried to stop me from giving a speech which I gave in the end by standing on a chair while they shook their fists at me…then came running to me when the FBI was hunting them all down in 1969, begging for help.


Clinton is being judged by the normal and rational standards by which we (should) judge presidential candidates. So “basket of deplorables,” her health, the work of the Clinton Foundation, her state department emails and questions about her transparency and trustworthiness are to expected and are fair…


HAHAHA again!!!!  Yes, the right is using standard tools to attack Clinton while she and her media buddies use the old hoary ‘Red Scare’ on Trump, for example.  And examples abound which is why I have several screen shots of the WP and NY doing Red Baiting like this is 1955 and they are McCarthy.


The only problem with this standard is that it is not being applied to Trump by the media or the public. His irrational campaign defies the rational standards being applied to Clinton and lowers the bar on what is now acceptable for a candidate seeking to be the leader of the free world. And I think that’s because, on a certain level, many in the media and public view Trump’s candidacy as a long-running joke that must be taken somewhat seriously because he is the Republican nominee.


Good lord, the WP and NY staff are going literally insane.  This disconnected with reality requires hospitalization.  Their alternative reality clashes so severely with reality, they might get run over by a car or fall off a cliff if not attended by nurses like Hillary is all the time…HAHAHA.  Good lordie, I am going to laugh to death except I broke my little finger yesterday and it hurts when I type.



This is Google’s front page news.  The real news is all the juicy junk when we get to see the House Servant, Powell, talking with Hillary.  To read this stuff, we have to go to Europe and read the news there:  Hillary Clinton ‘HATES’ President Obama for defeating her in the 2008 election according to leaked emails, and refers to him as ‘that man’  and ‘was so sick giving speech she could barely walk up steps’ | Daily Mail Online


Leeds also wrote to Powell about other problems he believed Clinton would be facing in the upcoming election. ‘No one likes her and the criminal thing ain’t over,’ wrote Leeds.


‘I don’t think the president would weep if she found herself in real legal trouble. She’ll pummel his legacy if she gets a chance and he knows it.’


That message was sent with a forwarded email from Politico declaring that Bernie Sanders had won Maine in the primary election…


He also complained about the media’s coverage of Trump in an email late last year. ‘You guys are playing his game, you are his oxygen,’ he told CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria in December 2015.  ‘He outraged us again today with his comments on Paris no-go for police districts. I will watch and pick the timing, not respond to the latest outrage.’


Too funny.  Politico is a fool and Trump was 100% right when he talked about the ‘no go’ districts in Paris which are also in Sweden, England, Brussels, etc. where the cops fear to go so they stay out.  Lying about reality is crappy when reality can hit back so hard as it is doing over and over again to delusional leftists who, after 8 years of Obama, are on another planet.


Look at the NYT today: pure McCarthyism.  Oh, Putin is an Orthodox Russian!  Well, Jews hate Orthodox Russians with a passion due to history.  It was the Czar and the Orthodox church that tormented Jews in the shtetls of Russia 120 years ago, after all.  So Putin connecting to the Church is very toxic to Israeli Jews who run the NYT as their propaganda machine.  Yucky!


So Putin is evil for being religious!  Friedman, a Jewish Zionist of the worst racist sort, has his anti-Putin editorial claiming that Putin and Trump are best friends and therefore, pure evil.  Putin’s great diplomacy forcing the US to stop funding and protecting al Qaeda (!!!) in Syria, a country Israel wants decimated, attacks Kerry for being diplomatic and not a warmongering mass murderer like Hillary wants to be.


So…the generals in the Pentagon want more war?  Did they ask their own soldiers who according to one recent poll, 87% support Trump for President?  Do our soldiers want WWIII?  I would suggest, not.


Now out of the ruling elite cess pool news and onto real news from Europe, here is a story not on any ‘Google trending news’ or the NYT and WP:  ‘We’ll start with that child!’: Trump works squealing BABY into speech on erasing crippling childcare and providing six weeks of paid leave to new moms – as toddler (and Ivanka) steal the show 


So, he was nice to a lady with a crying baby and held up his own grandchild, too?  Oh, the evil of this.  Hillary, who had to do the fake ‘open pickles jar’ routine to stop people from talking about her Parkinson’s disease, doesn’t dare pick up any babies at all because she can’t do it.


Trump talking about daycare didn’t make any news in the US.  Here he is, talking about policies and discussing US difficulties and our media howling hyenas totally ignore this to continue lying about him and making up stuff about 50% of the voters, telling us we are filth and should all shut up and march behind Black Lives Matter criminals and stop the cops from enforcing laws passed by Democrats in our major cities and make it more like Europe with no police in criminal communities?  HAHAHA.


That is an election winner!  I am an old fashioned liberal and the DNC has left me behind years ago as they exploit inner city voters who are nearly illiterate and who want to simply collect welfare and commit crimes with no cops to stop them all.  And this alliance between the very rich and very poor is destroying the Democratic Party and the rich are too stupid to figure out where this all ends.  History shows when the middle class revolts, it works.  They can overthrow corrupt entitled rulers.


As per usual, Russian news reports reality:  ‘Trump supporters rising up, disgusted with elites, no trust in media’ — RT Op-Edge wrote during the GOP convention:


As protests raged outside the Republican National Convention, US Presidential candidate Donald Trump delivered his prime-time acceptance speech.


Anti-Trump demonstrators expressed their dislike for the presidential nominee and chanted “America was never great” playing on Trump’s campaign slogan…


RT: Why has there been such a reaction in the mainstream media to Donald Trump’s remarks?


Daniel McAdams: It is because the US Empire is the religion of the elites in the US, whether they are left or right. And to do that, you have to have NATO; you have to have the US telling the rest of the world what to do. So, he is challenging a central tenet of the religious faith of the elites in the US. And they cannot abide this. They are in full panic mood over Donald Trump’s interview in the New York Times recently.


RT: Do you think people would have reacted differently if it had been someone else, not Trump, saying these things?


DM: I think they would have been able to ignore him like they were able to do with Ron Paul in 2012. The media ignored him. But Donald Trump is now in a position when he may actually become president of the US where he will have the power to look at things like US participation in NATO. The left is screaming: “Oh, it is a treaty. We have to stay in this treaty. We have to abide by our treaty obligations.” You can simply get out of a treaty. The Warsaw Pact disintegrated after the Cold War, why didn’t NATO?


NATO doubled in size when Russia broke up.  NATO expanded greatly after promising Russia, we would not do this.  This led to the Russians voting for strongman Putin who knows how evil, devious and openly lying Bilderberg bastards really are.  Now that NATO rulers are demanding all the former USSR states take in millions of angry Muslim males, a number of states are reconsidering all this and deciding to join Putin and leave NATO.  This is extremely hilarious to watch.


Our Zionist rulers are stark raving mad and run contrary epic weirdness stuff all over the place causing chaos.  But then, they believe this: Out of Chaos comes Order.  Silly gooses.  Silly geese, even.

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5 responses to “US Media Forgets Clinton’s Collapse And Resume Nonstop Attacks On Trump

  1. Melponeme_k

    Ordo ab Chao is an alchemical idea. Most people know it from Freemasonry which uses alchemy in their tenets.

    These people actually believe they are turning themselves into enlightened super beings. Philosophical Kings (yeah they have twisted Plato out of proportion too) that deserve to rule. Darn tootin, we should all be so happy to have these great ones among us.


  2. Jim R

    And silly ganders.

  3. Lou

    Look at the NYT today: pure McCarthyism.

    Do not rewrite history. Senator MC was the good guy. Ethel, Julius etc were proven killers.

  4. emsnews

    He was NOT. And he was nearly going to attack MY FATHER who was protected by Eisenhower and I remember my father being so relieved when McCarthy fell to ruin and Kennedy came into the WH.

    Good lord. And the day Kennedy was assassinated, my father nearly left for Germany…But LBJ called him to the White House so he stayed.

    Then I began attacking LBJ starting in 1967 to my father’s great fury but when Nixon came in, I protected my father via my friend, Mo Udall who was a neighbor and so forth.

    Life in the fast lane.

    Today, we are seeing a major game change in the ruling elites. The chief question now is, ‘How can we get rid of this meddlesome Trump?’ Referring to Becket being killed by four drunk knights.

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