Bill Clinton Wants to Wheel Hillary Into White House So He Can Run America Again

I have finally decided the reason the Democratic leaders who secretly met and chose to run Hillary for President, were doing this for her husband who wants power again.  This is why Hillary won’t resign from running, she can’t even walk, much less run.  But Mr. Clinton is pushing her along and he bases this on previous precedent:  President Wilson Suffers a Stroke, 1919:


A special train left Washington on September 3 making stops all across the country. The President appeared on the rear platform, delivered a speech to the gathered crowd, and the train then sped on to the next stop. It was a grueling schedule and it began to take its toll on Wilson’s health. Severe asthma attacks and splitting headaches started in Montana. In Colorado, his headaches almost blinded him. Finally in Wichita, his doctor found Wilson close to a “complete breakdown.” On September 26, the train sped back to Washington to give Wilson a rest.


On the morning of October 2, Mrs. Wilson found her husband unconscious on the bathroom floor of their private White House quarters bleeding from a cut on his head. Wilson had suffered a stroke – a massive attack that left his left side paralyzed and impaired his vision. She immediately summoned Dr. Grayson. Then the conspiracy began. The two of them formed a bulwark between the invalid President and the rest of the country, simultaneously shielding Wilson from intrusion and hiding his condition from outsiders.


For seventeen months the enfeebled President lay in his bed on the brink of death, barely able to write his own name. The outside world knew none of this. All communication with the President went through his wife. She entered the sick room with messages and emerged with verbal instructions or the scrawl of a signature on a piece of paper. Edith Wilson called the period her “stewardship.” Later, others called her the first woman President. The Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles with its provision for the League. Although Wilson’s health improved, he never fully recovered.


Hillary Clinton may not recover from her pneumonia until late October is full of all sorts of nonsense since they can’t discuss the real issues anymore but the comments sections shows that readers are fully aware of all the real news and the real videos and are not being fooled by feeble propaganda schemes.

foo dog
9/14/2016 10:46 PM EDT
Curiously, Cilliza leaves out “aspirational pneumonia” a symptom of advanced Parkinsons, due to swallowing defects. The saliva inhaled due to loss of involuntary control leads to continued coughing, raspy hoarse voice, and pneumonia.

9/14/2016 5:53 PM EDT
One would think that Hillary’s doctor should be aware that there are two pneumonia vaccines on the market that doctors recommend for people over 65 and with on going medical conditions. The pneumonia diagnosis is still doubtfull! It was made after the video showed how incapacitated Hillary was!!! Hillary is all about Secrets and Lies!!!

9/14/2016 7:16 PM EDT
Bill Clinton: “…there’s a lot of it (pneumonia) going around and a bunch of her staff has gotten sick…”

Wait a minute Bill. didn’t Dr Barduck say Hillary’s pneumonia was “non-contagious”?


Sales Data Qualifies Hillary Clinton’s Newest Book As ‘A Flop’…who wants to read a pack of lies?  WOW! Maps Shows Hillary Camp Passed NUMEROUS Health Clinics on 2.7 Mile Drive to Chelsea’s Apartment to hide her symptoms from doctors.


Everyone in the family knew that Hillary was very sick which is why the Metrocare Home Services and Chelsea’s Condo are in the same building– With the Clintons there are no Coincidences | US Defense Watch.


Meanwhile, the Wikileaks continues:  Colin Powell’s opinions about Bill and Hillary Clinton laid bare in leaked emails | Daily Mail Online


That’s the other reason Bill wants to be in charge of the Oval Office again, I suppose.


And in the real world, Hillary and her gang and Obama stab US workers in the back yet again:  Ford ignores Trump’s criticism, confirms plans to expand production in Mexico meanwhile, Hillary says nothing- The Washington Post.


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7 responses to “Bill Clinton Wants to Wheel Hillary Into White House So He Can Run America Again

  1. ziff

    Just saw Trump on ‘OZ ‘ , straight up goods on his health AND he mentions verboten health care topic , pretty damm good . He is healthy [ for now ] .
    Spoke to a couple of americans up for a car show today, they seemed to have a good grasp of clinton / trump.

  2. Jim R

    It can be “Four Years at Hillary’s”, along the same lines as “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

    Though I’d think someone would notice the smell before 4 years were up…

  3. Lou


  4. Petruchio

    Aw, gee whiz, Elaine. Are ya trying to tell me that the love affair between Bill Clinton and his wifey-poo isn’t real??!!! That their love for each other isn’t both pure and true? That Bill and Hillary’s love for each other is one for the ages? Say it aint so, Joe, er, Elaine. Boy oh boy. Another myth shattered….

  5. JimmyJ

    Elaine, I thought the same thing for a bit but now I think the ‘Bill wants in’ thesis sells Hillary’s degree of hubris and entitlement far short. Especially likely she must think she deserves the position in spite of Bill’s personal misteps, for which she has long been martyred publicly.

    One wonders that HRC and Huma are in the positions they both find themselves due to their own alleged personal choices, hastening their respective spouses drinking from unpoisoned wells. Imagine the deep self loathing from the pretense of a lifelong political marriage at the forsaking of real, openly expressed love and the voracious entitlement resulting from that. Bill would be the last person she’d want to wield any real power.

  6. Christian W

    I agree with JimmyJ. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been on a power trip all her own for decades. The Presidency will be her crowning achievement and she will have it come hell or high water or if it kills her. She wants to be the first female President and she wants to leave her mark.

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