TV Democratic Joker, Fallon, Violently Mussed Trump’s Hair

Donald Trump Lets Jimmy Fallon Mess Up His Hair – YouTube


Recently, this ‘comic’ had Hillary on his show and he had her ‘open’ a pickle jar and used this to claim, nothing was wrong with her health.  Then it turned out, the jar was opened beforehand so she could fake it.  To cover their tracks, the Tonight show host had Trump on and asked if he was wearing a wig.  As if that is a big deal or has anything to do with Trump’s health compared to Hillary’s collapses.  Fallon asks to touch Trump’s hair, Trump says yes, so the rude man then proceeds to violently shove the candidate’s hair all over the place, pushing down hard.


Now, this is being sent all over the earth showing how Trump has allowed himself to be humiliated by a sneering liberal TV personality.  It brings down Trump and makes the comic superior to him.  Any child who has an adult doing this to them would kick the adult in the shins and run away.


Trump had to sit there and take the abuse.  The abusive ‘interview’ was designed to be sneaky/nasty and all children know instinctively, someone doing what Fallon did is grounds for a beat down.  This election business has been the most juvenile, insanely stupid business I have ever witnessed.


Anyone participating is spat upon, screamed at, hounded, if they hold responsible positions in society and tweet anything slightly rude about Hillary and her gang, they are fired!  Trump was wrong to go into the lion’s den, one of the things that makes me shake my head is how easily he is duped by the smarty-pants people.


I would never, ever be on a show like the Tonight Show because we would end up with someone in the hospital and not me and I am old and weaker than when in my prime but still know how to fight.  The childish level of the Tonight show has descended never ceases to amaze me.  It used to be adult humor with Johnny Carson, for example.


Remember how it all started?  A Brief History Of The Tonight Show – YouTube

Johnny Carson King Of Late Night PBS American Masters – YouTube


I bet anything, the juvenile delinquent now hosting this dying show thought he was very clever and had a big laugh with his buddies.  Har, har, har.  But I am also betting it backfired on him since the DNC playbook is set up to ‘make Trump irritable and lose his temper’ and instead, he outfoxed them by remaining calm in the face of obvious nastiness by a ‘host’ who is actually a hostile tool of the Bilderberg gang which is why he is so unfunny.

Hillary Clinton’s Greensboro, NC Rally: Photos You Need to See | | Page 4


The official photos used by the propagandists pretends this is a big crowd.  But it isn’t, as usual.


A number of people were Hillary protesters and note how polite they are unlike the mobs cheering Trump.


Look at this odd photo.  Hillary is wearing this rug-like thing while most of the audience ladies are bare armed.  All of Hillary’s clothes hang very loose to below her hips and on the hottest days, this ‘fainting from the heat’ elderly lady is covered from head to foot.


Note the above picture: behind her are people holding strange signs saying ‘Love Trump’s Hate’.  WTF?  Does this mean they support Trump because he dares to show anger at illegal aliens and criminals?  HAHAHA.  all the pictures of her campaign show virtually no black people or even fewer than Trump has at his rallies where he is chastised for not attracting more blacks.


Trump Starts Rally Without Traveling Press: ‘They Can’t Make It, Love It!’ he tells cheering crowd.  Hillary’s events look like funerals with the eldest auntie giving the final speech.  Trump rallies are noisy, energetic and very crowded.  The press is so stupid, they actually think Trump is a nasty man because he won’t travel with a gaggle of geese acting like hyenas seeking to rip up a corpse.


In fact, past candidates have waited for press out of deference and respect.


Trump forces them to fly separate as did Hillary.  He did it to stop them from acting like deranged junior high kids throwing spit balls.  Hillary didn’t allow it to hide her fading health.  Utterly opposite reasons for this refusal to have the hyena chorus around.


Furthermore, almost all presidential candidates in past cycles have agreed to a protective pool that travels with the candidate to all stops. The Trump campaign has bucked this tradition, opting only for pooled press at events that they deem worthy.


When herding howling hyenas around, you don’t want them at Aunt Margret’s picnic.  They will rip apart everything and scatter bones all over the place.  They also drool a lot.


The same can be said for the Clinton campaign, though their candidate now travels on the same plane as press and has begun giving relatively frequent media briefings and press conferences.


Glad the writer had the brains to not lie about that!  Press credibility is falling much faster than Hillary’s poll numbers.


The behavior Thursday solidifies an already well-worn narrative of Trump: hatred of the press. The Republican nominee has been known throughout his candidacy for inciting the crowd against the press. He has specifically singled out reporters at events and online, subjecting them to harassment from his fans.


At one rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he said of the “hated” press corps: ‘I would never kill them. I would never do that.” Then he took a moment to reconsider, saying, “Uh, let’s see, uh … no, I would never do that.”


The press snarls and snaps at Trump and then when he retaliates with a joke, they scream bloody murder.  All of this is ‘oppressing the press’ which is hilariously funny.  I have dealt with the press in the past and yes, they were hyenas back then.  Unlike my opponents, I had to be very, very careful of what I said or joked about when around media.


Finally, they simply made me vanish totally.  I have zero face in mainstream media, can’t even get letters published and I used to be published way back before the Internet, now it is zero.  Back to the media hard at work:  Melania hits back amid questions over her immigration – Reuters TV reports.


It is the Democratic Machine attacking Melania.  This is real crossed wires: Trump is supposed to be the Evil One who wants to stop illegal aliens.  At the same time, Melania is an alien!  So they have to prove she is evil.  What?  HAHAHA.  Throw the kitchen sink too, guys!  Don’t drop it on your toes.


I just dug up this from the graveyard of last month:  The Trump Campaign Is Making A Rally Big Mistake | Huffington Post desperately reports. Knowing that Hillary is so popular, she can’t even attract flies to her events, the HP has to pretend that attracting gigantic crowds even in the teeth of screaming illegal aliens attacking attendees, is no sign of popularity or determination to vote!


Pointing to impressive rally crowds is a longtime tactic of candidates on both sides of the aisle when they’re hearing little good news from more scientific polls.


HAHAHA.  So, the  biased polls are ‘scientific’.  Right.


…More recently, supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) were prone to citing his ability to draw big numbers for his speeches.


And he was still winning primaries the very last week of primaries, Hillary was so weak.  Far from getting stronger and stronger in the votes, she was faring worse and worse.  She started off with the media saying everyone was going to vote for her and no one ran against her to falling flat on her face when one elderly man threw his hat in the ring out of anger that no one ran against her!


To put this year’s crowd photos into perspective, we asked Americans in a recent HuffPost/YouGov poll whether they’d been to any rallies in 2016. We found out two things: Only a small percentage had, and even by that metric, Trump wasn’t clearly ahead.


Just 8 percent said they’d been to an event for Clinton, only 6 percent said they’d been to an event for Trump, and 3 percent said they’d attended an event in support of another presidential candidate.


What their stupid poll showed was, they were polling their buddies!  Duh.  No rally for Hillary attracted as many as the smallest, backwoods rally run by Trump. By a gigantic margin, too!  The fact that this idiotic poll had such ridiculously low numbers of people who went to a Trump rally is due to virtually no Trump supporters responding to this unscientific poll.


The HP is a cartoon newspaper but isn’t that much stupider than the NYT and WP, supposedly adult rags that strive to mirror reality for us…HAHAHA.  Right.

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9 responses to “TV Democratic Joker, Fallon, Violently Mussed Trump’s Hair

  1. Jim R

    Probably hiding arm and leg braces / exoskeleton hardware. To keep her from falling down if she has another fit.

    Or maybe she’s having a troublesome reaction to the malfunctioning human suit, and hiding the scaly skin …

  2. Petruchio

    @#2 Jim R: aint that just like the Clintons?? They can’t keep it in their pants!!! HaHaHa!!

  3. csurge

    Oh, it certainly backfired, Elaine. Trump has come out of the whole thing *more* popular than before. If Fallon’s intention was to humiliate him, he failed miserably. He’s under fire from liberal banshees for ‘humanizing’ Trump. Ha ha.

    Perhaps Trump did see it the way you did and won’t appear on the show again. But one of his greatest strengths is to take abuse and turn it into the fuel that keeps his campaign rocket going upward. It is this seeming miracle that is driving his enemies insane. They just can’t torpedo him. Every attack just makes him stronger somehow….

  4. emsnews

    Correct, he is used to hanging out with the Elites, after all. He knows them all personally.

    HAHAHA. Yuck. Still, he is naive. He thinks, all he has to do is win. He doesn’t know how they all play hardball when push comes to shoving someone off a cliff and riddling them with bullets and then blowing up buildings and if that doesn’t work, destroying entire nations.

  5. ziff

    Just yesterday Trump tells it straight re his medical records , Obamas birth cert. but he can do no right it seems ”needs to show tax return !! ” ,”Trump Clung to ‘Birther’ Lie for Years, and Still Isn’t Apologetic !! ”’

  6. Lou

    off topic

    USA is helping pay for a wall.
    It will keep central americans outta Mexico.

  7. Christian W

    @ # 6

    Let me guess. The company building the wall is Israeli?

  8. emsnews

    Yes, Mexico wants a wall!!! This insanity is hilarious if it wasn’t so dire.

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