Amazon’s Owner Bezos Owns Washington Post


And now for an editorial about the other tower of terror, the Washington Post, another rag that is pure propaganda, nonstop, day and night. A major player like the NYT in the Bilderberg Rule the Planet scheme.  Amazon boss Jeff Bezos who owns Washington Post unleashes on Donald Trump | Daily Mail Online reports.  He bought it, his name doesn’t appear anywhere online where it is published unlike the NYT that has full disclosure of who is running that disaster area. Bezos, as I reported in the past, bought the WP as a tax dodge as well as to run nonstop propaganda against Trump.


As billionaires battle over the US corpse, it is interesting to see how far down into the cellar our media has fallen.  The WP is running on fumes now. Bezos is too stupid to see how his paywall preventing people from reading his trash, is keeping propaganda OUT not IN.  HAHAHA.  This need to make oodles of money while shrilly trying to put out propaganda and thus, influence elections and via that, gain more power, doesn’t occur to this demented Bezos bozo.


No, he is his own worse enemy at this point which I find is hilarious.  He even toyed with censoring anyone at Facebook who disagrees with his plots to rule us via vicious international conspiracies.  Hooray!  I wish he would censor Facebook and then go bankrupt.


The purchase of the WP just a few months ago saw utter deterioration in news reporting and analysis to the point, I roll my eyes every time I read anything there.  It is a madhouse.


It is so terrible now, I get 90% of my political news and even any news at all, from Europe.  The US news system is so polluted with political manipulation and outright lies about real events or worse, hiding events for example, the nearly daily killing of cops or running them over, etc. excites virtually no headlines anymore except locally where it happens.


This refusal to reflect reality is contagious.  Bezos appearing at a ‘tech conference’ to boast about his control of the WP is hilarious.  ‘Transformers’ indeed.  He succeeded in turning the paper that broke the Watergate stories into a laughing stock rag no sane person should read or your brains will rot.


But then, Amazon is destroying US businesses, too.  He loves that.  This is ‘transformation’ at work.  He loves doing this sort of thing so long as the loot flows to him and not someone else.  The main hilarity for me is, Bezos is backing Hillary who is falling on her face.  This screws Bezos up badly.  All his dear plans of world domination going down the tubes and if a very hostile Trump waltzes into the Oval Office, Bezos will be in lots of trouble because Trump can investigate HIM.


And I am betting he will make nice to Trump, too, to keep his billions.


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6 responses to “Amazon’s Owner Bezos Owns Washington Post

  1. Petruchio

    Somebody ought to inform that ultra spoiled rotten rich kid Jeff Bezos that NOBODY believes that slop he prints in his agit-prop rag called the WP.
    Public confidence in the media is at yet ANOTHER all-time low. Facts like this don’t seem to register with delusional freaks like Bezos. I’ll bet he fits right in with the elites.\
    I’m further guessing that Bezos’ next objective is to join the Bilderberg gang–if he isn’t one already. Guys like Bezos and the Bilderbergers can’t stand the light of scrutiny; they scatter like rats when you put these delusional idiots under the spotlight. The Bilderbergers at least have the sense to realize this fact; that’s why they covet secrecy above all else.

  2. Jim R

    The WP, soon to be seen at the checkout line in the grocery store.

    Complete with pictures of celebrity women bearing space alien babies…

  3. tio

    “Americans’ trust in the media hits a new low, as the latest survey shows less than one in three people believe what their news sources are telling them”

  4. Christian W

    Interesting to compare the above article with this blast from the past by Elaine 🙂

  5. emsnews

    The WP is now longer AIPAC territory. The NYT is.

    But Bezos is now a Bilderberg gang member. Has joined recently. So much for that. Remember: HILLARY is the ‘black and Muslim’ go to candidate, not Trump.

  6. Hans Schekel

    News from Europe isn’t better. For unfiltered information only primary sources and even those have Propaganda written all over them.
    Never forget the 6 million.

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