British News Tells US About Black Terrorist Shooting Cops, Murdering In Philadelphia


LAST NIGHT a Cop-hater in mass shooting rampage in Philadelphia: Woman sergeant shot in patrol car; female bystander killed; another officer and two others injured by gunman who left hate letter at the scene.  He shot a black female officer in the chest half a dozen times.


Shootings occurred around 11.20pm on Friday night close to the University of Pennsylvania Campus
Nicholas Glenn, 25, has been identified as the shooter.  The injured Philly officers were Sgt. Sylvia Young, 46, a 19-year veteran with the force and Ed Miller, 56, a U of Pennsylvania police officer.

Four civilians were shot, including a 25-year-old woman who was killed and a man who is in critical condition  Police cornered Glenn in an alley and he was shot dead by officers.  Court records show Glenn has a history of drug convictions and was arrested and charged in a gang rape case in 2009.


Neither the NYT or the WP propaganda machines shooting machine gun rhetorical bullets at Trump, mentions any of this news about the black cop killer running wild in Philadelphia.  Hours and hours later, not a single headline anywhere on either paper online.  Nothing!!!!  Absolute silence…because they know this condemns their tool, Hillary Clinton, so they hide it.  But the pro-Trump New York Post has headlined it!


The NY Daily News which is anti-Trump does have half of the story in a headline:

No mention of who did the shooting in the headlines.  This all happened hours and hours ago and no information in the headlines is pure politics.  The Daily News has been cultivating black readers who hate cops for quite a while.
The Daily News has this terrible story just below the cops being slaughtered news:
Yes, a banana was left at a door there!  Oh, the terror, the horror!  And…what if this was a prank by black students?  This isn’t unusual, more and more frequently, blacks are pulling ‘racist’ stunts of various sorts and then try blaming white students.
The Daily News thinks this is wonderful fun.  HAHAHA.  What a joke!  I would wear a mask, too, for fear of her getting me sick.  She thinks this is funny stuff and hopes to cover up her weird brain problems via pretending we never saw a number of videos showing her bizarre behavior.



I like the ‘I’m not sick, I’m just crazy,’ solution.  And did she and the yapper on TV discuss her championing criminals killed by cops?  Ask her about her responsibility for upping the ante and encouraging blacks to kill cops all over the place?  What’s next?  More Muslims imported who hate us and scream ‘Allah Akhbar!’ while blowing up buildings or crashing planes or shooting people at clubs?

FULL VIDEO: Terrorist Tries To Shoot And Kill Philadelphia Officer – YouTube last year then this:  Philadelphia Police Officer Killed After 2 SAVAGES Tries to Rob GameStop. – YouTube: there is obvious a feeling it is OK to do this because Obama and Hillary say cops are equal to crooks.  That is, on the same level and therefore, should be fought off or even killed.

‘President Donald Trump’: Latest Polls Indicate Clinton Could Actually Lose This Thing | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community


Another shocking take-away from that poll is that Trump and Clinton are virtually tied among white women with 45 and 46 percent, respectively.


It is worth noting that this latest installment of the New York Times/ CBS poll is the first to include a measure of likely voters, which weighs respondents by their answers to questions about voting history, attention to the campaign, and likelihood of voting. As New York Magazine’s Ed Kilgore pointed out, this factor typically gives Republican candidates a “bump” that may continue to boost Trump in future polling as other surveys begin to include this measure.


Kilgore on Wednesday broke down the most recent battleground state assessments and determined, “It is possible, in fact, that Trump is opening up multiple paths to victory.”


White women fear being murdered or raped by crazy Hillary supporters in the inner cities who can easily drive to where white women live and commit crimes there which is increasingly happening since there isn’t much left to loot in the inner cities which have seen virtually all businesses vanish, for example.

Big cases of black violence in small town America, Iowa, Omaha, Lancaster – YouTube


In case anyone has any doubts that black celebrities are also fueling the race fires, watch this person talk about cops:  Shannon Sharpe explains why black people shoot cops and attack Asian people – YouTube


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8 responses to “British News Tells US About Black Terrorist Shooting Cops, Murdering In Philadelphia

  1. Petruchio

    I’ve always wondered why Blacks who want to loot and attack people don’t get the idea to GO WHERE THE MONEY IS??!! Why don’t you hear about small groups of black thugs joining forces and busting into the homes of the wealthy? There’s more money there–and for the same amount of effort. I think that day is coming, sooner rather than later. And gated communities and rent-a-cop guards likely won’t be much protection.

  2. emsnews

    The rich have servants, guards, DOGS, alarms that tie in directly with the cops who come very, very fast. Trust me on this one.

  3. Christian W

    And plenty of computerized surviellance that spots trouble from miles off.

  4. Petruchio

    Cops are already getting ambushed. The cops will come running to the rich people’s gated communities real quick now, but if there is more of a Societal breakdown, protecting the rich is going to become more and more dangerous. Same thing for the private guards, who are usually underpaid and working their guard jobs to supplement their retirement income. Computer surveillance? OK, so you know they are coming. Whatcha gonna do? Run? From the ‘protection’ of your gated communities? The Barbarians sacked Rome and these rich folks will get their safety VIOLATED.
    (BTW, ELAINE: I ALWAYS trust you!)

  5. Jim R

    Here, I’ll fix it:
    SO FAR, the rich have guards, dogs, security cameras, etc.

    When TSHTF, those systems may falter, no matter how much money they have.

  6. emsnews

    Exactly. As all rich people who let mobs run wild discover, when Napoleon shows up, he declares himself dictator.

  7. Jim R

    Umm, there was a brief interval between the Lords and Ladies big party and Napoleon.

    Napoleon actually put a stop to the insanity. And, amazingly, was able to impose his own insanity .

  8. emsnews

    Exactly my point. The rich couldn’t control the mobs, Napoleon did via violence.

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