Explaining How And Why The NYT Owner Arthur Ochs Sultzberger Jr. Want Us All Enslaved


NYT headlines today as Trump stomps Hillary to the ground, are all anti-Trump, full of the usual lies like the one that the Clintons didn’t start the Obama isn’t really an American rumors.  Bombshell: ‘Washington Post’ Confirms Hillary Clinton Started the Birther Movement – Breitbart published yesterday.  The NYT ‘reporters’ still haven’t seen the news so the editors there published yet another editorial screaming about Trump lying when it is really the NYT’s Bilderberg owners who are lying…HAHAHA.


The lies pile up on top of each other like a dizzy wedding cake baked by a drunk baker.  They can’t stop.  It is impossible to stop.  They have to lie about absolutely everything and hope their readers never ever look at any other media to see how demented the NYT has become.    Here is another highlight from their bizarre editorial page:


Note the ‘devil’ here.  HAHAHA.  I think they should use this as their own icon.  It suits them all perfectly.  Why did the Jews who own the NYT go totally against Sanders who is a Jew, too?  It is simple: he was not a Bilderberg gangster like themselves.  He was an outsider.  So they shoved him aside and crowned fellow Bilderberg gangster, Hillary.  Even knowing she is very ill, they did this so that Bill could reoccupy the Oval Office.



These are the clowns who run and or own the NYT.  Note they have a ‘black’ editor.  He is in charge about lying about the dying inner cities and squealing about cops arresting black criminals.  Why do the Jews want black mobs running riot?  Don’t they understand that these black mobs absolutely hate Jews???  This alliance between black mobs and Jewish elites is heading towards utter disaster.


My family is half Jewish!  I lived in the Jewish community of NYC for years!  I have been warning them all about their political alliances for years and years.  Nothing changes.  This tragedy is set in cement.  The elite Jews imagine they control the black mobs.  Note how many blacks are moving to become Muslims!  I have been upfront about this for years, too.


Watched it happen very close up.  Very, very close up.  I know what the black Muslims say to each other privately.  They itch to kill all the Jews.  Telling US Jewish political masters in DC and NYC this information is useless, they think they control these people and can’t imagine a violent situation when armed black Muslims hunt them down because these elites are guarded by heavily armed guards and all live in protected, gated communities or high towers surrounded by guards.


So the naked manipulation of black anger continues relentlessly onwards.  Also the demands that non-Jewish, non-private school white children be forcibly integrated into violent black schools continues as the DNC destroys our school systems.  None of the elite children go to inner city black schools.  They let in token blacks to private schools so their kids can not see the end scheme up close and to groom one or two or four black children to be tools of the elites later in life.


Donald Trump slammed by Ford after he claimed they would fire their US staff | Daily Mail Online in England reports. Hillary attacked him, too.  ‘Ford would NEVER EVER ship US jobs overseas except for a few million jobs but who wants these?  No one!’ she said, more or less.  Actually, she said nothing, she was silent as the workers protested this.


Who is telling the truth?  Trump or the DNC and Ford’s elite bosses?  The Democratic Party was built by workers who left the GOP when offered union help by FDR.  The Democrats had a long run in power thanks to this.  Now, unions are being attacked by the DNC!!!  They are screaming at unions to shut up.  Only the teacher’s union remains and teachers are getting fed up with their union that isn’t protecting them from violent students anymore as the DNC calls for no more even faint discipline in schools claiming it is racism.



Teachers have been reduced to slave labor by the university systems.  First grade teachers are paid more than professors who are now mostly part time slave labor working for fees with no healthcare, etc.  Nothing.  Piecework labor like in 1900.  The professors in this school were all locked out and replaced with staff that knew little of what they were teaching and didn’t care, either.  They were simply strike breakers.


Saranna Thornton • 10 days ago
An examination of some of LIU-Brooklyn’s expenditure categories sheds some interesting light on the University’s position.

Long Island University Brooklyn Campus participates in NCAA athletics in what used to be called DI-AAA (DI – without football). Although administrators cited in the article above claim that they need to keep faculty salaries down in order to keep tuition from rising, let’s look at the data. Data submitted by LIU (for the Brooklyn campus) to the US Department of Education under the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act shows the following changes in athletics spending between 2004-05 and 2012-13.

* Grand Total Varsity Athletics Spending (measured in 2012$ — using December CPI)

2004-05: $9,659,396
2012-13: $14,475,236
% Change: + 49.9%

* Spending per Varsity Athlete (measured in 2012$ – using December CPI)
2004-05: $35,512
2012-13: $53,023
% Change: + 49.3%

Data on Instructional Spending per FTE student and spending on Academic Support per FTE student on the Brooklyn campus comes from the figures reported by LIU to the US Department of Education under the Integrated Post-secondary Education System (IPEDS).

* Spending on Instruction/ FTE Student (measured in 2012$ – using December CPI)
2004-05: $14,150
2012-13: $11,583
% Change: -18.1%

* Spending on Academic Support/ FTE Student (measured in 2012$ – using December CPI)
2004-05: $4168
2012-13: $3529
% Change: -15.3%

* Number of Athletes as a Percentage of Undergraduates
2004-05: 6.2%
2012-13: 6.3%


So, the school is going for more sports and these sports are 90% black athletes.  These sports wreck the bodies and lives of these athletes but bring in huge amounts of money from selling tickets while the students (sic) play for a pittance and are only one step above slavery, themselves.  All hope to hit the Big Time and make oodles of money if they are winners.  But playing the odds in the lottery are just as good.  That is, nearly hopeless.


Note how all systems are being set to ‘enslave’ and not ‘free’ people?  Student debt is slavery, too.  Pleasure Island – YouTube illustrates how this works.  The slave drivers encourage the children to laugh, play, destroy stuff, riot and then ENSLAVE THEM as donkeys!  This 140 year old story written by an Englishman who was very upset about how labor was exploited back then, is illuminating to us all today.  Every college student should be required to study Pinnochio to understand the true story of enslavement.


Remember: get a college degree and become a cheap deep in debt slave, citizens!


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