Les Deplorables: Trump Strikes Back At the Empire, I explain why he will win election


The Trump Revolt continues unabated. Today’s outrage on the left is Trump’s open call that Hillary disarm her own heavily armed guards if she is so intent on disarming say, me.  I have considerable arms on my mountain, for example.  Recently, I got permission from the state to shoot the family of three very large bears if they visit me again.  Hillary’s voter base is nearly only entirely in the big former industrial cities and Hollywood.  Hollywood makes most of its money producing movies about people who shoot guns of various sorts now, with female stars shooting everything like in the newest Star Wars hit.  Meanwhile, misunderstanding deliberately Trump’s message, the media screams like banshees at him making him laugh even harder.


The media just doesn’t get it.  Why are all the Democratic leaders including our President, surrounded by an army of heavily armed guards?  What scares them?  9/11 came and went with only Hillary falling to pieces while Trump talks from strength.  9/11 saw a band of Muslim terrorists brought in mainly from Saudi Arabia to ‘learn how to fly’ who then used box cutters to attack jet crews and then flew jets into various buildings including the Pentagon.


Then our Rulers used this as an excuse to attack innocent Saddam who had zero to do with all this.  This war crime continues today with the US continuing to make it worse and worse as Iraq and then Libya and finally Syria were all ripped to shreds and ceased existing as ‘countries’ leading to Europe being flooded with angry young Muslim males who are now systematically ripping apart all of Europe!


This is our vaunted ‘leadership’ which Hillary is very much a big part of and it is a total, complete and epic failure.  And why is that?  Well, our ‘leaders’ are surrounded by heavily armed guards, high fences, lots of security from top to bottom to protect them while they unleash all unholy hell on the citizens in Europe and the US.


Obama has brought in an army of angry Muslims this week, for example, telling us we should bring in at least a million more or else he and his ilk will be very angry with us.  Why our Jewish media is demanding this is astonishing.  I would suggest darkly that it is so that Muslims piss off Americans and Europeans who will then eradicate them all in WWIII.


No other reason can I see.  I have been writing about WWIII all my long life.  It looms over us, this gigantic mushroom cloud, our Götterdammerung death dance.  Note how diplomatic our Rulers have been under Peace Prize Obama, doing all they can to restart the Cold War, arming Europe, pushing troops to the border of Russia, menacing Russia, irritating China, pushing both into a military alliance.


The plan is to then have WWIII with the US using its many factories to arm Europe and Japan…HAHAHAHA.  These idiots moved our factories to China.  Um…they have no brains.  The are trapped in their own schemes.  Why are Trump voters so very angry?


I would strongly suggest the killing of the Working Man’s ability to make money is the root cause.  The flood of alien labor causing wages to collapse, turning the staff at universities into part time labor which is then abused verbally as well as physically, driving PhD holders into a life of deepest poverty, the destruction of marriage which has virtually ceased to exist in Democratic black cities and which is rapidly tearing asunder the Catholic Hispanics pouring in to break the unions and provide cheap labor, slowly, marriage is also collapsing in European white populations here.


The Democratic solution is more of this.  Full steam ahead!  Obama and the Clintons parade their own marriages as a model to their voters who are rapidly destroying marriages.  Trump was a serial husband with a parade of young wives but this is exactly how all our elites operate.  Political ones have fake marriages to hide their true nature.  Trump is ‘in your face’ the way our nation really is.


We are a very violent nation.  Our cities are some of the most dangerous places for anyone unarmed to venture.  I had run street patrols in NYC back before the Republicans suppressed the violence and it was extremely violent back then.  I witnessed more than one murder…people using guns, knives, bombs, you name it.  Helped with the capture of these killers.


The Democrats are pushing hard for more of this.  They nearly destroyed NYC.  Free trade was pushed hard by the Bushes AND the Clintons.  Free trade destroyed our economy which is running on pure red ink now, not trade.  We don’t trade, we consume.  This is highly dangerous.  This is why the Democrats are running only on the fumes of race war fears.


That is, if white voters irritate Democratic black inner cities filled with unmarried welfare families and drug dealers, they will issue forth and burn down white communities and thus eradicate whites.  So vote for Hillary, she will keep the mobs in their dying cities and give them bread and circuses to distract them all and they will stay put and all we have to do is avoid breaking down on the highways that all run through very dangerous black cities seething with criminals.


Great future!  Have hope!  I remember Obama running on ‘Hope’ as his slogan and he gave us…race riots and burning cities and black children raising their fists, refusing to salute Obama’s flag and position, screaming they want to have a full revolt and produce what?


This is where it all literally dies.  They want more welfare.  I have watched videos of speeches by angry black young people and they want goodies.  Lots of goodies.  They wave guns on their videos and wave piles of money while rapping about killing cops and making tons of money dealing drugs.  They all want flash, hair from India to hide their own hair, no laws or cops or anything like that and pure chaos so they can exploit this to get rich…looting cities!


Wow.  And the DNC encourages this which is why the DNC should cease to exist.  I have a daughter who was born a boy but who was born not a ‘boy’ physically who has become a lovely woman and thanks to liberalism, is succeeding in this change.  Liberalism has so many fine things with women’s rights being a major part, sexual rights, also.  This revolution has been good and has been hijacked by other movements.


Bringing in millions of angry Muslims who hate women’s rights is terrible.  Why are liberals bent on doing THIS????  Suicidal!  College Course Bans Use of ’Offensive’ Words Such as ‘Illegal Alien,’ ’Male,’ ’Female’: this is what Liberalism has become.  Big Sister screaming at us to shut up and to deform the English language so we don’t have the wrong thoughts.  How dare anyone use our native tongue?


We are to rename everything so it VANISHES.  This is the ideal world of leftist dictators like Mao.  It is pure Maoism.  The Chinese officials who went to live with me when my father met with Chou Enlai many years ago, were pure Maoists when they arrived and a year later were pure capitalists after living with me and running around with me as I made money and I also made money off of them.


They dropped every bit of their Maoist rhetoric and books and views nearly instantly when they had a new vision appear and we need a new vision.  Trump is very imperfect on all this.  But at least he has a vision!  Which is better than the dark nightmare world cooked up by our crooked internationalist Bilderberg gangsters two of whom are the two Clintons who lie to this day about their promises to Wall Street and their secret meetings with foreign powers.


How dare they pretend they are fighting for us!  They are most certainly not.  Since the media hates Trump utterly and totally and to a deranged degree, this is good because he will be under the spotlight all the time instead of co-conspirators in the Bilderberg gang who also run our media conspiring behind our backs to do stupid things to us destroying our industrial base, destroying our family farms (they wrecked my business!) and destroying our cities by letting violent mobs of screaming unemployable minorities run riot.


This is what they are offering us.  Obama’s victories simply made our black cities more violent, more destructive and utterly incapable of doing anything sane or useful.  It was pure ruination.  Utterly destructive.  Useless.  Painful, too.


No papering over this: Obama made our inner city black populations highly dangerous now and virtually out of control, four cops were shot last night in our black cities…they are shooting or running over or attacking police all over our Democratic controlled cities.  And this, under Obama and after voting heavily for Hillary in the primaries.


And what is she doing about all this?  Making it much worse, of course.


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