Miracles Happen: Mass Bomb Attack In Manhattan Finally Knocks Trump Attacks Off Top News!


The New York Times: I am preserving front pages of the top US newspapers to prove how manipulative and evil they all are.  We have gone for months now with Trump being trumpeted as the Antichrist and Devil incarnate for months now and all this has done is, make Trump wildly popular.  Our clueless lying press can’t figure out why this is happening. They then decided collectively to not cover the news when cops are murdered by black activists.  This also didn’t work especially since BLM and Muslim terrorists are attacking the US public as well as our police.  So what will the media giants and the DNC/RNC cabal do next to stop Trump?  We all know the answer to that terrible question.


Vile Trump attacks continued at the NYT front page, just not every other story today, just a handful.  What amuses me is, the NYT loves the super rich in Manhattan and loves Hillary since she is their servant and is desperate to have her ‘rule’ us except she is half demented so they expect old Bill to do this for them all.  They know Trump in Manhattan and hate him as a dirty upstart, not one of the Elites, but a gambling boss.  I recall here that NYC bosses in the past were all ‘dirty’ guys, gritty people except the last 20 years with rich dudes like Bloomberg running things.


Oh, other big news: the US attacked allies again.  They claim it is an accident.  HAHAHA. Nope.  It was deliberate.  It was an ‘in your face’ attack on Putin.  Our clever Pentagon geniuses want WWIII and are trying their best to provoke it with the blessings of the DNC and RNC elites who rule us ruthlessly.  What they want is a race war at home and a major war overseas to unite us which is exactly what they all remember so fondly about the Vietnam War years.


Back to the present Vietnam war/race riots, De Blasio, the NYC mayor, a liberal Democrat, said that the bombing might not be terrorism.  The fact that it followed on the heels of a bombing that was slightly mistimed due to the vets in the race being delayed in NJ, is to be ignored.


At the bottom of the NYT front page is this story:  Black Female Playwrights Want You to Face Facts.  Raging on and on about how blacks are misunderstood and we are mean, nasty people who point out the terrible problems causing disintegration of the black community…I seriously doubt these playwrights wrote plays about black women tearing out each other’s weave and having serial babies out of wedlock.  This means facing reality and maybe trying to understand why marriage vanished in the black community (strong hint: welfare money).


Hey, what happened to the WP?  It has a positive story about Trump winning the election.  Of course, it says, ‘Battered by missteps…’ before raging onwards.  Hillary now has mere pneumonia according to all the mainstream media which is nuttier than squirrels in fall.  There is this story also of white people carrying guns.  No counter story about all the black criminals openly carrying guns, of course.


Unlike the NYT, the WP does put the news about the bombs in NJ into the NY bomb story, thank god there is a tiny light of sanity there. The NYT is completely insane and totally unreliable. But the WP editorial page is still utterly bonkers.  Here is one stupid example:  Voters barely worry about their own health. Do they really care about the president’s? a Jewish editor writer, Mr. Caplan, frets.


What planet is he on?  Every Jewish person I have ever known worries daily about their health.  Hell’s bells, every person over the age of 30 I have ever known frets about availability of healthcare, good lord, since age 16 I fretted about all this very much when I joined the Free Clinic seeking healthcare!  If Trump was slightly ill, the NYT and WP and all the media giants would be freaking out over this news.


Hillary collapsing over and over again is a big yawn for them.  It was for her husband, Bill.  He didn’t leave with his wife when she collapsed.  He just goofed around.  I suspect, due to the fact she was freezing up like a board over and over again at home.  But then, she probably had been freezing him out for years.  HAHAHA.


Deniers club: Meet the people clouding the climate change debate is another editorial.  Attacking scientists again, eh?  There are many experts who dispute the global warming theories which are theories.  Erasing the possibility that our cute Interglacial might suddenly end any day now, this being the usual end of all Interglacials which happen like clockwork, we are supposedly going to roast to death.


This is highly unlikely and since we still have only various theories why Ice Ages dominate the last 2 million years and we do know that the yo-yo effect from these is swinging wildly more and more with deeper, colder Ice Ages and warmer Interglacials, predicting the future being opposite all this is has to have very powerful proof since the history shows the opposite.


We learned several years ago when the private emails between ‘climate scientists’ were hacked and we saw up close the conspiracy to lie about the weather, none of the ‘scientists’ conspiring to lie were arrested and all the world leaders met and decided with zero input from the rest of us, to tax Europe and the US heavily to ‘pay for global warming’ while China and India get to build coal burning power plants…the revolt against the global warmists is heating up, isn’t it?


It is just another looting expedition by our own rulers who all live in mansions where it is nice and pleasant and they don’t live in North Dakota.  I want them all to move there first before lecturing us about the weather.


Well, the onesided attacks on Trump did migrate to the Campaign 2016 slot on the front page of the WP.  HAHAHA.  There is zero mention of that crazy lady who falls down in fits and has head wobbles all the time.  She just isn’t there at all.  In this election, most voters will wonder, who is that Clinton person on the ballot?  HAHAHA.


So, Obama has to address BLACKS to tell them that Trump is pure evil and they must fight him in between attacking US citizens with bombs, guns and running over people deliberately.  That’s the trick.  Then the WP says Trump Jr. is a Nazi.  HAHAHA.  So this means Hillary is a BLM terrorist?  I think so.  Then a ‘reporter’ was arrested at a Trump event.  About time, they seem to be more allied with the terrorists, the way they report the news.


Now off to England to get the real news:  New York mayor de Blasio under fire for saying ‘no evidence of a terror connection’ even though he said Manhattan explosion was ‘an intentional act’ | Daily Mail Online reports.  Yes, the mayor actually tried to pretend bombs built to kill that were planted all over lower Manhattan was ‘accidental’????  He is insane but then the entire DNC is looney at this point.

Manhattan LIVE UPDATE: Explosion bombing in Manhattan, New York – YouTube

As per usual, You Tube citizens have more news up than news media.  This is all without commentary on this video but who needs commentary?  We all know what is going on these days.  the bombs were in front of a church, by the way.  Ahem.


I wonder if any of the newly arrived Muslims brought in by Obama did this?  I am joking, of course, but then, ISIS did say their plan is to insinuate into the US more and more terrorists.  Chelsea, where the bombing happened, is all wealthy white young people.  And this is where Hillary ran off to hide from the media with her daughter, for example.


Google News dropped the nonstop howling at Trump to report the bombings and this news:  Police: Several injured in stabbings at Minnesota mall as black terrorists there attack the people of Minnesota over and over again.  The police had to shoot the lunatic.  Will the BLM goons burn more businesses due to having to kill yet another out of control black person?


After poking around the net, I found more information than at Google News:  Off-duty officer kills man who stabbed 8 at St. Cloud mall so this ended due to a citizen who was armed.  Man references Allah before stabbing 8 at Minnesota mall; killed by off-duty officer is from another source not used by Google.


Will this be news across the country?  Will the media leave out key points?  Will this make the NYT and WP?  One sits on pins and needles!  This news is great news for Trump.  Hillary and Obama want more Muslims brought in from war ravaged countries.  Like Europe foolishly did.


News from Russia:  Home for the Holidays: Jobless German Refugees Vacation in Countries of Origin in that they all went home again!!!  And will demand the German people pay them to come back to Germany to terrorize German citizens again.  Merkel, if she wasn’t a destructive Bilderberg gangster, would keep them all out. But no, she won’t.


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8 responses to “Miracles Happen: Mass Bomb Attack In Manhattan Finally Knocks Trump Attacks Off Top News!

  1. melponeme_k

    Over the 4th of july weekend a buried IED exploded in Central Park, taking off the leg of the teenager who tripped it.

    Absolute no news on it nor did it seem they investigated further.

    Now we have this crime.

    They want the Muslims to come in and cause danger. They don’t want the general populace to be united and fight the elites.

  2. e sutton


    Thanks for your on-the-spot reporting. Incredible what they are doing! Notice this latest bit has had the effect of wiping the military ¨accident¨ in Syria off of the screen. Meanwhile, Putin scratches his head, wondering why the US aren´t making nice. Complete and utter lunacy.

  3. floridasandy

    Obama is also being used. He said he will take it as a personal attack if democrats don’t pick Hillary.

    How creepy can one man get selling out his fellow Americans?

    We all know that was no military accident, either. Thank you for reporting actual news, which is getting harder to find.

  4. floridasandy

    in more “could our foreign policy be any dumber” news we have this:

    In the report entitled “Al-Qaeda’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq,” Felter and Fishman also analyzed Al Qaeda’s documents captured in 2007 showing personnel records of militants who flocked to Iraq for the war. The documents revealed that eastern Libya (the base of the anti-Gaddafi rebellion) was a hotbed for suicide bombers traveling to Iraq to kill American troops.

    Our leaders target those who try to stop suicide bombers from killing Americans.

    Could it get any more surreal? Could the foreign policy stupidity please end now?

  5. e sutton

    @Florida Sandy,

    How creepy can one man get selling out his fellow Americans?


    Obama has no ¨fellow Americans¨, black or white. He is a globalist, a NWO sycophant. The blood all over his hands has no affect whatsoever on what he says or does. He will throw anyone, black, white, Muslim, Christian, you name it, under the bus to further the cause of his handlers. He has been promised, along with Madame Clinton, a place in the sun, at the feet of the Illuminati.

  6. e sutton

    The censorship of Youtube is getting around among the younger (under 40) set. I was bitching about how long it was taking for a video to download and was casually informed of the ¨new censorship¨ being imposed upon us. Dear God, are people FINALLY starting to wake up to this madness???

  7. Lou

    E Sutton, Google-You Tube is ((( ))).

  8. Lou

    NYC bombing
    NJ “
    St Cloud riot at Mall Of America

    4 Cops shot today 9/17/16.
    2 Ft.Worth, Texas, 2 in Philly.
    Texas cops.shot are Hispanic officers.
    I’m not sure of ethnicity of Philly officers
    Background of Perps unknown but the good news is they are DEAD!

    ISIS has already come out and taken the responsibility for the attacks in NY and the Stabbing attacks in ST Cloud Minnesota.

    Its all over face book now, the reports. Imagine little ST Cloud Minnesota, surrounded by farm communities, it has to be sheer terror for those living there, which of course was the plan.
    Coming to a City or town near you, Obama gets his next wave of 100,000 of these next year.
    Are they all terrorists? Who knows, they cant be vetted. Its unlikely they are all terrorists, but what is this, America, we take the good with the bad now and hope for the best? What kind of message are people like Obama and Clinton and NY Mayor sending to the Country, by allowing any of these , no, enabling all of these so called refugees to come here?

    They are no more than puppets, controlled by certain few and a couple of Countries who are all making this happen. Its their agenda, has been ever since the so called “Arab Springs”, pouring millions of so called refugees into Europe and making the people here (only the sheep) acceptable of their plan to populate our soil. to spread their terror across our land. Did every one really believe we would be the monetary standard (petro dollar) for the entire world forever?? Not if those I referred to have their way. It all comes down to money and power. Here is another example of what we are being set up for. WWIII any one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur64xVRp5L0&list=WL&index=31

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