Forget Terrorist Attacks By Alien Muslims, Trump Is Super Scary! Screams US Media…


NYT front page is no longer 100% ‘We hate Trump’, now it is ‘We love Muslim immigrants and hate Palestinians in Israel’ and ‘voter fraud by Democrats is a MYTH’ and ‘Can’t Bernie Sanders save Hillary?’


Lots of overseas headlines today due to our media being run by traitors who lie openly about nearly everything or conceal information by not reporting it.  This election is driving them all nuts because there is so manythings to lie about or cover up, they are tearing their hair out trying to figure out how to lure voters into voting for sick Hillary. EXCLUSIVE: Terror suspect was arrested for STABBING but a grand jury let him walk despite cop’s warning he was ‘a danger’ – as it’s revealed he was a deadbeat dad who hated America and gays.


EXCLUSIVE: Wanted New York and New Jersey bomb suspect and his father sued his local police claiming they persecuted HIM for being a Muslim: see, these aliens, these terrorists have been obnoxious for years and years not to mention, very violent.  Nasty, no?  And yet they were allowed to stay and stay and stay, not deported.  We learned yesterday that ‘accidentally’ 500 violent alien criminals were given lifetime right to live here.  Why is that?


Furious Trump says Manhattan bomber should be stripped of his constitutional rights and bemoans the ‘amazing’ hospital care and ‘outstanding lawyer’ he will get and the liberals are shrieking, ‘How dare you,’ forgetting conveniently that Bush Jr. and Obama used Gitmo in Cuba to do exactly this same thing.  Oh my.  We already heard that Bush Sr. is voting for Hillary because she does what he did.  That is, she is a warmonger who lies about events to start illegal wars.


New York bomber’s father denies all knowledge of his bomb plot as school friends reveal terrorist was a class clown before he ‘found religion in Afghanistan’ two years ago which is false.  The father gave it to him, that is, the hatred of Americans and the desire to punish us all after we let this terrorist family move here.  This is true in Europe as well as here.


‘The chicken is seasoned with HATE’: Reviewers trash “First American” restaurant owned by bombings suspect’s family on Yelp after his arrest and I  include this story because of the astonishing name.  This isn’t a proud immigrant family grateful for coming to the US, instead, they complained and lied about things and tried to punish  us all and were anything but ‘grateful’.


‘The most famous bro-mance going’: Hillary Clinton mocks Trump’s cosy relationship with Putin during Tonight Show appearance as Hillary and her gang of New World Order Bilderberg lunatics try their damnedest to start WWIII.  This is NOT A JOKE.  They seriously think we will win WWIII.  No one will ‘win’ that war, it will cause the collapse of culture not that our rulers are wrecking culture to begin with…they are highly destructive people.


So, the very sick Hillary won’t have a single honest adult press conference but she can appear on COMEDY night shows to yap with men who are ‘entertainers’ and who have her do goofy things.  Trump did this, too.  But was abused, not propped up.  Hillary and her gang if international criminals are desperate to get the US public to hate Putin because he saved Russia from looters.  They will never forgive him for this.  But then, they are looting the US and dumping trillions in debt on us all.


Clinton’s rebuke to Trump as she tells Ukraine’s embattled leader she would defend its borders if she wins which means WWIII.  He’s with her! Former president George H.W. Bush ‘plans to vote for Hillary Clinton’ because she will start WWIII which he tried to start, but failed.


Washington Post continues nonstop anti-Trump ‘stories’ forgetting all about Hillary’s messes, how convenient.  Every time I go to a US media outlet, I feel like I’m in this cesspool.  Makes me sick.  And all the Bernie voters who are being told to vote for Hillary or else: remember how these same media owners trashed him, too!


Looks like the NY Post is actually carrying news!  Wow.  They must be reading Brit news.


Clinton vows ‘we will not turn on each other’ and says Trump’s rhetoric has been ‘seized on by ISIS’ – as Trump camp blasts ‘treason’ attack—we can see in European news how Hillary is attacking Trump for being patriotic while she promises war over Ukraine’s lunacy when there was a CIA coup there that put in a fascist who hates Russia.  Hillary ’caused the problem’ says Trump as he bashes her for ‘weakness’ at the State Department while ISIS terror army grew which is half true.


Superduper ‘liberal’ online rag, Salon, is featuring this insane story!  The sex rights for everyone rag wants us to love and bring in more Muslims who want to kill people like the staff at Salon!


President Assad ends Syrian ceasefire blaming rebel groups for breaking the seven-day truce after the US bombed Syrian troops and other innocent Syrian civilians and hospitals this week.  The entire truth is, ISIS was created by the US government.  The attack on Syria by ISIS was desired by both Israel and Saudi Arabia.  The Obama administration just gave Israel over half a billion of our tax dollars this week.  ISIS isn’t attacking either Saudi Arabia OR ISRAEL.  This is painfully obvious.


EXCLUSIVE: Hillary in for a new walloping with ‘Clinton, Inc.’ movie that digs deep into her psychology – and Bill’s – as it prepares to hit 1,000 screens in October.  Didn’t see one bit of news about this at the NYT.  HAHAHA.


Clinton donors DID give money to get access to Hillary admits Bill: Bombshell admission from ex-president as the final Clinton Global Initiative starts in New York , in other words, thanks to overseas news, we learn that Bill is still collecting money from Wall Street and alien governments!  Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, McDonald’s and Western Union give cash to the Clintons at last outing for foundation’s ‘Initiative’ at center of pay-to-play claims because this corruption is now ‘in your face’ and doesn’t even pause during an election cycle featuring either the Bushes or the Clintons!


Trump shatters Republican records for cash from small donors as he brings in $100m from in small increments during the campaign because virtually none of the New World Order Bilderbergers are giving him a dime or a shekel.  Nope, he got his loot from voters and only from voters.


Obama Sees ‘Personal Insult’ if Blacks Don’t Rally for Hillary Clinton: Obama actually said that!  Amazing.  Threatening blacks who don’t think Hillary is a good choice is a sign that his work on behalf of the Bilderberg gang is turning him into a race traitor.  This is because the Bilderberg gang is encouraging blacks and Muslims to attack Western Europe and the US in order to scare us into blaming Putin (????) and thus, starting WWIII.


The show will go on! Michelle Obama vows to keep pushing for women’s rights even after leaving the White House as she joins Broadway stars and Stephen Colbert in charity event.  See the insanity?  Illegal aliens from Catholic countries south of the border and demanding she and her husband bring in millions of angry Muslims, and she is for women’s rights???


She and her hideous husband can move to Mexico or Iraq and push for women’s rights in these places, OK?  Kill two birds with one stone.  That is, they will be killed if they do that and they  know this so they stay here and lecture us while doing all they can to destroy women’s rights.


Philadelphia Eagles players are the latest athletes to join Colin Kaepernick in protesting the national anthem: it is spreading like wildfire.  Black athletes are doing the Black Panther salute (yes, they are fisting in anger) and alienating white viewers of football which is a good thing because this game is very bad for their health and should be abolished.


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14 responses to “Forget Terrorist Attacks By Alien Muslims, Trump Is Super Scary! Screams US Media…

  1. I stopped watching pro sports long ago. Even though it seemed like sacrilege to not watch hockey up here in Canada.
    Never could understand how people could get so involved.
    Bread and Circuses

  2. Jim R

    The only chance Trump has is if he musters the US Marshals and Secret Service on day 1 and starts rounding up the dirty tricksters. Otherwise, he will be their victim, and it will happen very quickly.

  3. Petruchio

    Notice how are Rulers’ agenda dovetails PERFECTLY with Israel’s agenda? The power of AIPAC. And to add insult to injury, our “Rulers” are bought off cheap–like the cheap wh#res they are.

  4. Lou

    Jim– DT must put the Clintons and their death squad in jail?
    I wonder if he has seen ‘Clinton Body Count?’

  5. Jim R

    The hench-demons first, and THEN the ones whose names you might have heard. Not just the Clintons.

  6. Christian W

    @ # 3

    If you want to become a millionaire quickly, start a think tank that praises Saudi Arabia. If you want to become a political heavy weight, write that Israel can do no wrong and everything Israel wants is a must.

  7. Christian W

    Also, AIPAC, like the Bilderberg gang, is only one aspect of Establishment power.

  8. ziff

    killing trump may not be that easy, plane crash means killing others incl. secret service, lone assassin ? how to get volunteers when result is death or jail .

  9. ziff

    ”ISIS was created by the US government” ok , but how to explain US attacks on ISIS ?? although they seem sporadic in the news unlike other wars .

  10. Christian W

    The US is just nibbling a little at ISIS. The whole war is designed not to be “won” by either side but just keep bleeding the Muslim world as much as possible.

  11. Jim R

    I haven’t really heard of any US attacks on ISIS.

    The grand plan seems to be to force all the countries in the MENA into chaos. In order to keep “Team America” the top dog in geopolitics, the way it has been for the last sixty years or so. If peace breaks out, we’ll have all those little countries hosting “Yanqui Go Home” rallies.

  12. Nani

    “Superduper ‘liberal’ online rag, Salon, is featuring this insane story! The sex rights for everyone rag wants us to love and bring in more Muslims who want to kill people like the staff at Salon!”

    I’ve always found the liberal leftists embrace of islam most peculiar. Do they know what Iran does to gay people? Do they know how women are treated in Saudi-Arabia? Do they believe that muslims will abandon their values and beliefs the moment they put their feets on American or European soil?

  13. e sutton


    They are stupid, they are libs, and they are proud of it. There seems to be this idea in Liberal Land ™ that land whites occupied have magic dirt covering them, which makes them wildly successful and bastions of civilization. See, it is a mere accident that the entire continent of Africa is still a dung hole held together by twigs.

    It is therefore necessary to displace the white man (oh, white women can come too!) with a new kind of ¨citizen¨ who does not mind taking orders from a central Imam….er….government. These next twenty years are going to be so much fun!

  14. Nani

    You’re right about that e-sutton. According to leftist extremists, western countries do not have the right to preserve their own culture or way of life. The islamization of our societies according to them a ” cultural enrichment”.

    “Nationalismus ist keine alternative” some leftists have written with huge letters on one of Berlin’s main boulevards.
    According to the fake liberal leftist we are all “global citizens”, so anyone who wishes to come to our countries must be able to do so. Dare to speak against this lunacy, and you’re an bigoted racist.

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