Clinton Spends Many Millions, Trump Spends Nearly Nothing Running For President



Hillary Holds Small Rally at Temple=> Is Helped Up the Stairs parking most of the very few people who showed up.  The mainstream media didn’t show the tiny group, opting for Pravda pictures pretending there was a crowd.


Clinton campaign raced through $50 million last month while Trump spent nearly no money.  The article doesn’t mention that 90% of Hillary’s loot comes from overseas or fellow Bilderberg gangsters or Wall Street.  Whereas Trump has beaten her to the ground with $100 million nearly all of it coming from small citizen donations.  The media giants lie about everything at this point which makes it hilarious reading.


According to the article, Trump is the cheapest candidate to run for office in the last 40 years.  But the media giants are too stupid to figure out why.  Guess?  HAHAHA: they are giving him tons and tons and tons of free publicity, screaming at him, calling him names, making fun of the way he looks.  I begin to think he is running alone, he makes the news constantly and the only time his rival makes the news is when she collapses in public.


Four years ago, President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney each raised and spent about $1 billion, a formidable number that Clinton’s national finance director has also set as a benchmark.


Hillary wants her billion from the billionaires so they better pony up, time is running out.  But they aren’t opening their purses.  They can obviously see she is a three legged pony!  She limped to a ‘win’ against an elderly outsider, Sanders, who started off with zero money.  So how is she going to beat a mega-monster rolling in free publicity?  It is impossible.


Hillary Clinton spent $645,000 more a day than her opponent Donald Trump last month, but even with her $50 million campaign outlay, she has not been able to pull away from him in the race for the White House.


Duh…she not only ‘didn’t pull  away’ she ‘fell like a rock’.  Why can’t even simple news stories be correct?  Why lie so frequently, obviously, and stupidly.


Clinton’s campaign had its most expensive month to date in August, eclipsing its previous monthly high by more than $12 million. And combined, Clinton and the national Democratic Party paid out $78 million in August, while Trump and the Republican National Committee spent about $47 million.


One of the things Clinton and her gang are screaming loudly about is how to budget money and spending money.  Note how frugal Trump is compared to Hillary.


 While both candidates are raising huge sums from donors, their lopsided spending lays bare the difference in the two major party presidential campaigns. Clinton is running a conventional operation featuring multimillion-dollar ad buys and expansive voter outreach. Trump has kept spending down by enjoying seemingly limitless free media coverage and outsourcing the guts of his voter contact duties to the Republican Party.


Note how the reporter mentions the ‘media coverage’ without saying it is nearly totally negative and this is the very thing boosting Trump’s voter strength.  His voters want very badly to teach the media giants a big, fat lesson.  Will the media giants learn?  Naw.  But it is fun watching Mr. and Mrs. Main Street destroying the media giants.


Much of Clinton’s spending has been eaten up by advertising, which is costing her about $10 million per week. Through August, she blanketed 11 states with 35,714 broadcast television commercials to Trump’s 7,457 in five states, according to Kantar Media’s political ad data.


Hillary is peddling herself along side laundry detergent and car tire sales.  Her wares look shabby next to clean laundry considering how dirty her own laundry is.


 Clinton also has built a robust campaign team of 800 employees who cost a total of about $5 million last month. Even after an August hiring spree, Trump has a far smaller shop of about 130 employees and more than 100 consultants.


HAHAHA.  So, who will cut back on the Washington Bloat?  Hillary and her huge gaggle gang or Trump?


Lou Guilette tweeted this news about his teacher who thought high school kids have to learn about patriotism by being openly unpatriotic.  Well, he discovered that they didn’t need any lessons, they figure out his scam the minute he did it.  Since when is talking about flag burning require doing it?  Does he murder students to explain students being murdered?


A (BLACK) teacher stepped on an American flag during a free speech lesson. Now he’s facing death threats and an investigation. – The Washington Post


The civics teacher from Massey Hill Classical High School in Fayetteville, N.C., was giving a lesson last week about the Bill of Rights that touched on Texas v. Johnson, the Supreme Court case upholding the constitutional right to burn the American flag.


To illustrate the landmark decision, Francis pulled out a full-size Star-Spangled Banner and laid it on the classroom floor.


“Does anybody have a lighter,” he asked the class. When no one responded, Francis stepped on the flag several times.


Two students stormed out. The others stayed for the rest of the lesson.


This was not a debate about the flag, it was an excuse the black teacher wanted to upset his students and make himself look like Jane Fonda.  It worked.  It taught the students that when you do something like this, no one arrests you and if you are a black male teacher, you aren’t even fired.  But people will be very angry and not like you.


He wanted this lesson and got it.  I have witnessed flag burnings during the anti-Vietnam war demonstrations.  I explained over and over again, this was very stupid and not working well, so I waved the flag correctly and would salute it, enraging the Maoists no end.


Speaking of Madame Mao, Green Panic: Hillary Barely Mentions Climate Anymore after Sanders surrendered to her.  So much for that scam.


And about our many wars in Muslim nations:  SuperStation95 – Russia Issues New “Rules of Engagement” in Syria: Any Aircraft Threatening the Syrian Army WILL BE SHOT DOWN (US/Turkey/Israel in the cross-hairs!) meanwhile, in Afghanistan: US Airstrikes Kill Eight Police Officers in Southern Afghanistan.


The world’s most heavily armed, powerful empire…can’t shoot straight. And a news tidbit:  “Panic Gasoline Buying” In Southeast Leads To “Massive Lines”, Gas Shortages, Price Gouging | Zero Hedge reports. The NYT and WP think this isn’t news, the 1,000 ‘Trump is Evil’ news stories have pushed aside all possible other news that is life and death for American citizens.


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2 responses to “Clinton Spends Many Millions, Trump Spends Nearly Nothing Running For President

  1. e sutton

    About the gas shortage. Yes, there was a pipeline that ruptured and several stations around my area, Greensboro NC are without gas – at any price. The governor has issued some strong warnings about price gouging, and prices are higher but not out of control. Gas can be found near the interstates for between $2.11 and $2.70 per gallon, so the situation is not as dire as the Zero Hedge article might suggest. It will probably be about a month before things go back to ¨normal¨, but I certainly don´t see panic in this area. Most people consider it an inconvenience as well as unfortunate.

  2. e sutton

    Addendumb (sic) to the above – yes, some people are manic about ¨topping off¨ their gas tanks, but those of us who remember the oil crunch back in the ´70s are used to this sort of knee jerk reaction among the general public.

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