Obama Goes To UN To Demand US Citizens Let In Armies Of Raging Aliens To Kill Us

President Obama Addresses UN General Assembly FULL Speech 9/20/16 – YouTube

Yesterday, Obama delivered his keynote final Bilderberg speech at the UN.  It was all about how we have to have open borders, attack countries that have nothing to do with 9/11, we must go to war against all LIBERAL (that is, women’s rights) Muslim leaders on the left and not Saudi Arabia (severely represses women’s rights) on the right.  Obama uses last address to the United Nations to hammer Trump for ‘crude populism’ saying ‘a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself’:


First, news from Europe about Muslim terrorists being trained overseas and then returning to the US to attack us:  Revealed: Wife of the chicken-shop terrorist fled America to Pakistan with their child DAYS before he launched terror attacks… and is now being questioned in the UAE as his mother also left the country, too.  And we now have proof he went overseas several times to be trained as a terrorist in Pakistan.


Obama warned that ‘alternative visions of the world’ will succeed if heads of state don’t force a ‘course correction’ from the current path of globalization.


This sentence is garbled by the writer, what Obama warned us about was populations in Europe and North America stopping the army of millions of angry Muslim males who are invading us all.


Delivering remarks to dignitaries at the United Nations gathering for his last time as President of the United States, Obama aggressively pushed for global unification and the spread of liberal democracy.


This globalization movement is all about letting foreign invaders into formerly liberal democracies.  This way, the voters get swamped by hostile aliens who hate the lifestyle, culture and even language of the citizens.  Then the citizens are accused of being ‘racist’ while religious fanatics attack over and over again and other minorities riot and burn down our cities like this news today:


This happened in NYC and Baltimore when black cops killed black citizens by accident or even deliberately because this isn’t about racism it is about the disintegration of the black community:  Twelve police officers injured as protests break out in North Carolina after cops shoot dead a ‘disabled’ black father-of-seven they claim was armed – but witnesses say was reading a book.


Officer Brentley Vinson, who is also black, was identified as the one who shot Scott and he has been placed on administrative leave as is standard procedure in officer-involved shootings.

Yes, it was a black cop who shot the black man who wasn’t the suspect.  The point of the riots is to remove all policing in black communities which are already rapidly descending into hell holes as children born to single mothers there creep up to nearly 100% and the social fabric tears asunder.


It appears to me that the main motivation in these riots is to loot what is left in a black community, usually places that sell hair weave, liquor stores and convenience stores.  Back to Obama’s speech about how we should allow alien invaders enter countries and destroy them:

He said ‘real problems’ with globalization have been neglected and that has given rise to ‘religious fundamentalism, the politics of ethnicity tribe or sect, aggressive nationalism’ and ‘crude populism.’


Yes, populations protecting themselves from alien invaders are evil.  Those that let in barbarian hordes that seek to overthrow the government and impose new religious and racist systems are to be encouraged.


The embrace of brutish nationalistic tendencies comes ‘sometimes from the far left but more often from the far right,’ he contended, ‘which seeks to restore what they believe was a better simpler age free of outside contamination.’


This is why Saudi Arabia gives zero civil rights to women, anyone not born there, and has outright slaves as domestic workers, etc.  Then there are all the gated communities in the US: you get in by being rich and the Obamas are let in, of course.  No dirty street urchin blacks are allowed anywhere near these communities inside the US which conspire to overrun our country with illegal aliens.


‘We cannot dismiss these visions; they are powerful. They reflect dissatisfaction from too many of our citizens,’ he advised.


What on earth is he saying?  He is acknowledging that we citizens have good reasons to be angry and freaking out?  And what is his solution?  We all know: Re-education camps along the lines of Madame Mao.


The exiting U.S. president said he does not believe that positioning will bring about security and prosperity because those visions ‘fail to recognize at a very basic level our common humanity.’


Nazis were all humans, too.  So was Madame Mao.  The difference between ‘human’ and ‘mass murderer’ is intellectual.  All mass murderers justify their killing sprees do to ‘gods’ ordering this or ‘fix social problems’ or ‘justice’: all are great excuses and the US has done this to native American tribes fighting off European invaders and my own family was, from 1600 onwards, invaders.


But then, my family invaded England, too.  Not to mention France, coming out of the Norse homelands.  History is all about humans invading places and the Muslim surge into Europe and Hispanic surge into the US is all just that: invasions.  Resisting invasions is what populations already settled must do to survive.


If they don’t do this, their language, culture and society collapses and eventually, the humans will be all killed…I believe not one Roman settler in Britain survived the barbarian invasions of the Angles and Saxons, for example.


Technological advances that have accelerated technology and communication have made it impossible to retreat into isolation, Obama argued.


The elites are isolated.  They all live in this pretty, highly expensive bubble.  The street fighting rages in the slums while they lecture the middle class on accepting violent crime and letting aliens take our jobs at cheaper wages and how we must import everything.


‘So the answer cannot be a simple rejection of global integration….Russia has acted out by ‘attempting to recover lost glory through force’ and Asian powers by debating ‘competing claims of history,’ he said, making reference to fights over the South China Sea.


How charming: the US can take anything it wants and right on the borders of other major countries and we are not ‘imperialists’ but when they defend territory right offshore, they are evil.  ‘Competing claims of history’ is exactly how world wars begin, idiot.


In Europe and United States ‘you see people wrestle with concerns about immigration and changing demographics and suggesting somehow that people who look different are corrupting the character of our countries.’


The liberal leader there’s ‘no easy answer for resolving all these social forces.’


There is a very easy answer: PROTECT YOUR BORDERS.  This goes under ‘duh’.  Nations that let aliens hostile to the prevailing culture invade, DIE!  They are eliminated.  The inhabitants are either enslaved or driven out by the invaders.  This is true for the last million years and will be true in future years to the end of this planet when the sun blows up.


‘But I do not believe progress is possible if our desire to preserve our identities gives way to our impulse to dehumanize or dominate another group,’ he asserted, in a grand rejection of Trump’s candidacy.


So, are Obama and his wife going to get rid of their own identities?  No?  Well, neither do I or anyone else!  People who do this are suicidal.  History isn’t full of people with zero identity somehow running successful empires.  It is the exact opposite.


History is all about how the Romans were exterminated in dying Britain, stripped of the military when the troops were brought back to Italy in a vain attempt at stopping a barbarian invasion there (this is called ‘The Decline and Fall of Rome’ by Gibbon).  They sent messages to Rome begging for help.  None came, Rome was being looted and burned.


After this barbarian attack, Rome’s population fell from around 2 million or so to less than 35,000.  Where did all these Roman people go?  In Britain, in Rome?  Where?  How about DEAD.  They were killed mercilessly or enslaved just like they killed and enslaved mercilessly.


History is merciless.  If you let in alien populations, they will try to take over and impose their own rules and regulations and usually try to either enslave or eliminate the previous population.  All humans do this over and over again.  This is the bloody history we all read about.


It is fundamental to all humans.  Pretending the present US Empire can stop this historical reality is insanity.  It exists because this is how humans are hard-wired by eons of evolution.  Human populations can be integrated peacefully but usually only because the invaders are so strong and so many like the European invasion of North America, that the native population no longer is a threat and thus, can be embraced.


But then, look at our own native populations: they are collapsing culturally, internally.  Their amazing cultures, the clothing, the artwork, the societies they built, are dead, nearly utterly destroyed as drinking European stuff drives them all mad or causes them to cease caring for the land, themselves or their own children.


Go to any native community and you see dreadful living conditions identical to black slums only these are in the countryside, often some of the most beautiful country that tourists want to see.  The natives all dress like slum people, have slum habits, are now much dirtier than 100 years ago, that is, junk and ugly garbage surrounds them.


Native people once built their own homes and decorated these carefully whether they were tents or Hopi cities.  Now, that is all long gone and replaced with disconnected, dying people.  Or in the case of blacks from Africa now living in big cities, burning down the whole thing built up by other people who fled the city, handing over some very amazing architecture to be vandalized.


And Obama wants more of this chaos and destruction, in between trying at the UN to start WWIII.  And that will end civilization pretty fast.  In minutes, perhaps.  And all done by our insane rulers who hate us all and want us eliminated.

Broken.Rainbow.DVDRip.XVID-neocon80.avi – YouTube

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10 responses to “Obama Goes To UN To Demand US Citizens Let In Armies Of Raging Aliens To Kill Us

  1. e sutton

    What on earth is he saying? He is acknowledging that we citizens have good reasons to be angry and freaking out? And what is his solution? We all know: Re-education camps along the lines of Madame Mao.


    Mrs. Clinton said the exact same thing with her ¨Basket of deplorables¨ comment, directed at anyone who agrees with Trump. The unanswered question is, of course, what exactly does she (they) intend to do with us deplorables once she gains office? Well, to find that out, we need not go back too very far in history…1939 Germany, to be exact. Re-education camps indeed. Perhaps the ghost of Madame Mao will whisper sweet words of advice into her ear as to how to properly ¨deal¨ with us.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Forced Settlements (which is what the Muslim migration actually is) is a far leftist tactic to destabilize communities on both a local and national level. People are pushed out of their neighborhoods. They lose contact with their social network. A depressed people without ties to their community are easy to influence and menace.

    Yes, the elites will give the Muslims carte blanche to terrorize the culture in the US and Europe. This will eventually turn all lands into third world hell holes.

    As I’ve said before, the elites think Brazil is a paradise on earth. They get extra thrills when they can drive past starving children in the street and debased people willing to sell anything in order to eat (including themselves).

  3. Petruchio

    The elites are insulated from reality. They think these hordes of violent immigrants won’t eventually target THEM. Wrong! Pirates go where the money is. The famous bank robber Willie Sutton said it when asked why he robbed banks: “‘Cause that’s where the money is.” The wealthy will be targeted and all the video surveillance and all the 60 year old security guards aint gonna keep these hordes of angry Muslim plunderers away.
    And the younger cops, will they protect the wealthy elites? These guys will put the squeeze on the elites. They are going to demand more and more MONEY to protect the Elites. Why will this happen? These young cops are greedy for one thing and protecting the Elites is going to become VERY hazardous duty is another reason.
    Note how HEAVY the body armor was on the typical American soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan. They all looked like “Robocop”. Troops in those two countries had to drive around in vehicles so heavily armored a 500 pound bomb could score a DIRECT strike on a US armored vehicle and no one in the vehicle struck would notice.
    I wonder if these Muslims hordes invading Western countries use the guillotine?

  4. Lou

    Pet — The Riche [I wont call the ‘Elites’] may be secure. They may kill – sterilize us via
    Chem Trails

    and working us ala Stalins work ‘camps’–notice Whites family size went from 4 children to 2?

    However just because someone has a guard at their estates gate does not mean the guard will guard them. [esp if guard is muslim, black, felon, etc].

  5. emsnews

    Oh, the horror of jets disturbing the atmosphere and causing trails of clouds to appear thanks to the wind created by the jets!!! We are doomed!!!! HAHAHA.

  6. melponeme_k

    @Petruchio and Lou

    The Elites aren’t going to use humans as their guards. They will use robotic technology such as drones and unmanned guns.

    At this point they would need humans to monitor the machines. But within 10 years or so they won’t even need them.

    So outside can be vast swaths of slums, they will have their barbed wire DMZ zones with shoot to kill tech guarding their acres of palaces.

  7. Jim R

    … until the robots decide to kill THEM …

  8. Christian W

    In Israel they use female soldiers to “man” the remote controlled machine guns on the walls cutting up Palestine. The female soldiers have proven themselves very ready to shoot Palestinians who get into the wrong areas close to the fence.

  9. Lou

    Mel—But within 10 years or so they won’t even need them.
    Them meaning humans to repair and create technology?

  10. Lou

    The rich aren’t going to use humans as their guards.
    BUT THEY DO NOW. Blacks n Brown gate keepers and security guards. Many of these guards can be bribed, if the money is big enough.

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