Obama Fiddles, Hillary Panders While America Burns As Blacks Demand No More Cops


Every police/black interaction has increasingly become violent the more the police back off and the more Obama and Hillary push the story that cops are evil and we should give rioters whatever they want…repeating every single horrible mistake of the 1970s.  During that disaster of a decade, I was right in the middle of a totally pointless riot caused by…the lights turning out, nothing else!  My neighbors thought this was an energetic and wonderful opportunity to…loot the neighborhood and then they burned the place to the ground.  The mayor, governor and President all sat silent or praised the lack of police killing anyone while two friends of mine, terrified of screaming mobs, shot two rioters dead.


This pissed me off greatly and began a huge fight between myself and the entire Democratic Party of NY.  As crime soared out of control, a young cop was shot in the back right in front of me and I was instrumental in his capture, being the only person who saw him fully enough and who had the training to identify him thoroughly, making his swift capture possible.


It was inevitable considering that many black people feel they have the right to resist any police request like, ‘Get out of you car,’ and instead fight, argue or refuse to comply.  There are many videos on You Tube showing this.  I understand the frustration of the black community because they are more likely to live in ghettos that are horrible places to live as well as dangerous places to even pass through…due to crime, not cops.


NO ONE wants to live near or in any black community today due to this black crime wave.  Just like in the 1970s, no one sane wanted to be anywhere near a black community.  It was a good way to be killed.  When I had my car break down in one of the burned out, looted neighborhoods in Newark, NJ in 1984, it was the moment I met a group of fine black men trying to stop the crime there because they came to me to protect me when they spotted a white woman, alone, there.


When they learned I was the Housewife from Hell, we became instant friends and I began working with this Newark crew to take back the streets from the criminal class which ran the city.  Like in NYC, this made me very, very unpopular with the Democratic mayor and he and his minions hassled us endlessly while telling citizens, they couldn’t stop the ridiculous crime wave that was destroying the entire city!


So…since both Hillary and Obama have pandered to obvious rioters, criminals who lie and their families who lie, too, since there are actual cases of police mishandling things or getting brutal, we have a toxic mix: riots burning down already badly damaged Democratic cities as black mobs go on a looting spree exactly like in the 1970s.


Charlotte man killed by cop ignored warnings to drop weapon – NY Daily News reports:


Scott, 43, was shot and killed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Brentley Vinson Tuesday afternoon as officers were en route to serve a warrant to someone who lived at The Village at College Downs apartment complex in Charlotte’s University City neighborhood.


According to Putney, Scott stepped out of his car near the apartment complex armed with a handgun. North Carolina is an open carry state, which means residents can carry firearms openly in public without a permit or license. Police have not yet revealed whether the gun Scott was carrying was legally obtained…Scott exited the car again and still held onto the gun as officers kept yelling to him. Vinson, who was in plainclothes, fired after police determined he was “posing a threat,” Putney said.


Vinson was not wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting but other officers on the scene were, Putney said. A police source told WSOC-TV that an unreleased dash cam video confirms that Scott had a gun in his hand when he got out of his car and was coming toward officers before he was shot.


All the elements are set to repeat the past.  Nothing good will come from this.  As back then, the Democratic solution is to pour in more money into the dying cities which are worse off than in 1977 in that our rulers including most of the Democratic Party have decided to ship all manufacturing jobs overseas and of course, school integration which has been a total failure due to black children being quite violent in school as well as at home.


I saw that first hand, too.  It was suicidal to send a white child to a school with more than 20 percent black children because of the out of control violence.  My children went to integrated schools and both were pulled out by myself due to black children being too violent.  Talking about all this would mean political suicide as liberals and black politicians pandering to violent black families would accuse me of being a racist when I was being a sane, pragmatic adult.


I even began an organization I named ‘Save Our Schools’ and took it deep into the black community to talk about discipline in the school and at home. This was way back when the black out-of-wedlock birth rate was around 40% of the children.  Today, it is over 80% rapidly going to 100%.  Obama’s girls who both were not put in the violent public black schools in DC both went to a private school which was 80% white in a city that is over 50% black.


Here is what the front page editorials at the crazy Washington Post had today.  It is unusual in that only 5, not all 6 editorials are ‘we hate Trump’ trash:


Ironically, it is all about why can’t we make Charleston’s port deeper…for ships overseas to come here to dump more manufactured goods!  It certainly won’t be used to ship overseas stuff made in the US.  I will note that all year, there were virtually no headlines about our trade or budget deficits at the WP or the NYT.


So, the WP wants taxpayers to increase our national debt even more to build yet another port so we can have a deeper trade deficit.  Why build anything there?  Charleston is being looted and burned to the ground by raging mobs of unemployable black people who have no use to society except to have children, 80% of whom have to use public tax debt money to exist!


For what?  Why are black children nearly universally refusing to learn anything in school?  Why are black schools extremely violent, dangerous to life and limb? SYLMAR HIGH SCHOOL FIGHTS // 05-09-2016 // “STOP HIGH SCHOOL VIOLENCE” // – YouTube is a classic example.  A massive number of black students are attacking each other over nothing.

Guards do nothing as inmates fight at Rikers Island Gladiator School ! – YouTube

I have been inside prisons to talk to black prisoners.  Prisons are hell holes and extremely violent places.  The staff, like cops, are heavily punished if they get violent so they stand back until prisoners are tired of fighting and then move in.  I have taken prisoners out of this hell and know a great deal of what really goes on there.


It is nearly identical to going to school in a black school today!  I gave up on ‘Save Our Schools’ aka, SOS because the teacher’s union gave out millions to politicians to keep the status quo going. A member of my own family was against me because she was a teacher in NYC…who sent her two daughters to a private school!!!  It was utterly insane.


This level of insanity with rich people, middle class teachers, everyone either moving to safe white enclaves far from the horrors of the cities or sending kids to white private schools including rich or powerful black people like Obama.  While lying about nearly everything, they stir up black resentment, black anger while keeping their own families a million miles away from any blacks in the real world.


When people flying private jets, traveling in armored vehicles surrounded by guards, tell me to go unarmed into a black city, this is criminal.  Now that Charlotte will  be thoroughly looted and burned to the ground as if this were the Civil War all over again, I can safely say, thanks to Obama, we are in another cycle of destruction.  The exact same demands are being made, for example.


Demand #1 is no more policing in black neighborhoods.  When the 1977 black looting of NYC happened, the police were ordered to stand down and we citizens were not warned about this.  To my horror, the rioting ran on and on and on even after the lights came back on…for days, weeks, months!  Every day, a gang of black youth would go hunting for something to attack and burn, I could sit on my roof and watch one fire here, one there, the sound of fire engines night and day was astonishing.


And annoying, too.  When these people destroyed their community, they moved to ours to continue this.  In one case on my own block, a black terrorist threw some explosives into a brownstone occupied by a black woman with two small children.  I helped save her life.  No cops, of course, anywhere to be seen.


A year later, thanks to our political battles including raging fights with Mayor Koch after Beame who was a weakling, was voted out, I forced the city to respond to crime in black neighborhoods again.  It was like pulling teeth.  The mayor hated me so much, when he was to give a ‘community organizer of the year’ award, the people who nominated me hid this from him so when he come on stage, thinking he was going to give it to a group of black women, they invited me on stage to get it instead, laughing with the joke on him.


He stormed offstage and the media watched as he and I clashed in the hallways minutes later where he called me ‘little woman’ and I called him ‘little mayor.’  None of this got on TV, of course.  The censorship of reality was running strong back then as it is today.


The media hasn’t gotten worse, it is merely doing what it alway does: lie about most everything that is really going on.  When I went to DC to give Congress the ‘Uniform Voting Act’ it was on the radio and TV only not one of these dared interview me, they only interviewed Congress people who said ‘a woman’ gave it to them even though all of then knew exactly who I was, they recognized me!!!


This act was dropped like a hot potato when the Supreme Court ruled, we don’t have to count any actual stinking votes.  And thus died our democracy.  This dead horse continues to exist, barely, and the media giants, the super rich who are terrified that flying private jets, sailing private yachts and living in huge mansions means our earth is going to roast to death, none of these clowns knows how to stop the voters again.


They are frantic.  While Obama fiddles and more black communities burn to the ground, while Hillary kills Muslims overseas and demands they be brought here to kill us, Trump is rising in the polls while being attacked nonstop by our Real Rulers.  They hate him!  This is funny as all hell.

OBAMA THREATENS VOTERS: A VOTE AGAINST HILLARY IS “AN INSULT MY LEGACY” – YouTube: he did this at the same time he used the UN to attack Trump which was very undiplomatic as well as treasonous.  Telling foreign powers that he wants Trump stopped is dead wrong.


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18 responses to “Obama Fiddles, Hillary Panders While America Burns As Blacks Demand No More Cops

  1. tio

    “Talking about all this would mean political suicide as liberals and black politicians pandering to violent black families would accuse me of being a racist when I was being a sane, pragmatic adult.”

    ROTFL! The most abnormal person in an abnormal society is the one who appears most normal, meine Hausfrau aus der Hölle. Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?

    Imagine being a native Argentinian constantly being put upon by people devoted to lager, sausages and industry. Oh the humanity.

  2. emsnews

    Argentina! Home base of former Nazis. My condolences.

    The worst of this stupid looting riot is, a black female cop shot a bigger black male. Female cops can’t put down large males! I warned people about this years ago.

    How did I arrest people years ago? I was frankly, rather violent or if not violent I represented the possibility, if we fought, I would fight ferociously so most yielded when I hissed, ‘I’m the Housewife from Hell’. More than one was excited with this information! They thought it was great!!!

    Another aspect of my own patrolling: I also got guys out of prison. People who surrendered to me, when going before Judge Becker, would be treated well because they cooperated and it made a big difference at sentencing.

  3. Petruchio

    I was watching cable TV the other night. I watched this “Ask a random persons in the Street” type of interview. They asked white folks and black people the same question: “What do you think when you go into a store and a clerk there asks you, “May/Can I help you?”. The white people all gave an answer such as, “Where can I find such and such an item?”, or “I’m just browsing”. The black people asked the question “May/Can I help you” all took offense to the question. The blacks took this question to mean “What are you doing here? Do you have money to buy anything?”
    I’m thinking, there is NO pleasing these black people. At least some of them, maybe a majority of them. I mean, if the clerks ignore these SAME black people, their reaction is, “They ignore me because I’m black. They’re racists.” There’s no pleasing them. They get preferential treatment in the workplace. They get the same kind of treatment in the TV/movie industry. I guess this is what happens when you overlook their flaws and coddle them anyways, despite their (repeated) bad behavior.
    Maybe the ‘take-away’ from this interview is it had no meaning, but I think it’s indicative of the attitude a lot of blacks have towards the society they live in. A persecution complex. No making amends will EVER be enough.

  4. tio

    Ich gebe auf! (not really). This has a sobering graph.


    {But the biggest news is Trump is earning MAJOR support from segments of the population which almost exclusively vote for Democrats. SurveyUSA announced that Donald Trump would receive 25% among black registered voters. That is news that has Hillary Clinton terrified, and is shaking the political establishment to the core!}


  5. tio

    Money can’t buy you love (apparently). Total advertising spend: Trump $4,420,819 Hillary $145,299,727

    The m$m has bet the farm on Hillary, oh dear.

  6. emsnews

    Yes, isn’t it pathetic? Oh, all the Bilderberg money isn’t buying love, luvs! She should pack her bags and move into a nursing home. And I am not joking. She is less mobile than my 95 year old inlaws.

  7. floridasandy

    petruchio, I totally get that. I remember when there was a black athlete (don’t remember the name) who refused to tip a white waitress because she asked “what do you boys want, or something similar.

    He was offended but any southerner knows it is a friendly greeting designed to be approachable to everybody and not acknowledge age or anything else.

    She was deprived of her tip for trying to be friendly, basically, and maybe because mr. superstar athlete really was cheap. 🙂

  8. Lou

    What is Hillary Clintons height and weight?

  9. floridasandy

    shorter video from daily mail:


    haven’t seen this story on the news.

    There are a lot of outside agitators there. They need to get the hell out.

  10. Lou

    Anonymous said… “Aspiring rapper” (yes that is actually in the real headline) convicted of killing 3 other groids in Dallas:

    Aspiring rapper convicted in bloody Dallas drug house robbery that left 3 dead


    Justin Pharez Smith [LOL] once wanted to be a famous rapper. Now he’s a convicted killer who could be sentenced to death.

    The day before Smith systematically gunned down four people in a Dallas drug house robbery, he released “Fear,” a song in which he rhymed “body bags” and “toe tags.”

    The former University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff student once delivered an anti-drug, anti-violence spoken-word performance in Washington, D.C.

    But in the early hours of Aug. 2, 2014, Smith was driven to kill three people and seriously injure two others because he needed money, prosecutors said Friday during closing arguments in his capital murder trial.

    Smith fatally shot Tyteanna Brown [LOL], 21; Kimberly Montgomery, 36; and Demarcus Walton [LOL], 37, at a drug house in the 5100 block of Wynell Street.

    ——– Check out the murderous groid (redundant, I know) in his African/we-beez-Gypshuns clown outfit speakin out against all da bilence n’—t yo:

  11. Lou

    Has Black violence [on all races] spun out of control? With the help of Barrys 8 years, Holder, Lynch, ad nauseum;

    Anonymous said…

    Teenaper shoots 2 cops in Seattle. I knew it was a groid just from the TNB. It’s stupid ghetto name confirms it. Luckily it is dead


    SEATTLE — Multiple police sources have identified the two Seattle police officers wounded in Thursday’s shooting after a robbery in Downtown Seattle as Officer Elizabeth Kennedy and Officer Hudson Kang.

    Both officers, along with a third, were hit while exchanging gunfire with a 19-year-old man who had just robbed a 7-Eleven store near Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood. The man was later found dead in a nearby building. Police have arrested a 17-year-old girl and another 19-year-old man who are suspected as accomplices in the robbery.

    On Friday, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office said the dead man is Damarius Butts, 19. It said he died of multiple gunshot wounds and ruled his death a homicide.

  12. Lou

    In six percent black San Francisco, we get a glimpse of the horror of egalitarian terror taken to its extreme. [Report: African Americans arrested in San Francisco face more serious charges than whites, ABC7News.com, June 27, 2017]:

    San Francisco’s public defender says he is forming a new unit to help prevent racial disparities in the city’s judicial system. The conclusion of a report he released today showing that African Americans receive more serious charges when they’re arrested than whites.

    “I didn’t think this could happen to me in America, but it did,” Leslie Elliott said.

    Elliott was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and other felonies in an incident where Elliott says she accidentally spilled coffee on a woman who told police she assaulted her and her dog.

    A jury eventually acquitted her of all charges except for resisting arrest, which is a misdemeanor.

    Public Defender Jeff Adachi said Elliott is an example of what the report found – that there are racial disparities in San Francisco’s judicial system.

    The report says it all starts from the time a person of color is arrested.

    “It results in people of color, particularly African Americans, being charged with more serious charges earlier on and more charges,” Adachi said. “And essentially that sets the tone for the case throughout the entire system.”

    The district attorney’s office says it looks only at facts and evidence in making charging decisions.

    “They’re reviewing evidence submitted by the police and that does not include evidence of race,” District Attorney Spokesman Max Szabo said.

    The report appears to support that saying there were no significant statistical differences in the severity of charges prosecutors added for blacks of Latinos compared to whites.

    The San Francisco Police Department responded with a statement that says in part, “our officers charge individuals based on the elements of the crimes present. The standard for an arrest is based upon probable cause.”

    In response to the report, Adachi is creating a new unit with deputy public defenders ready to intervene between the arrest and arraignment of those taken into custody.

    Adachi’s new unit will be launched in October.

    What happens if we lose?

  13. I left the Bay Area many years ago due to leftists loving violent blacks. Moved eventually to NYC which was the same except I was able to carve out a sane corner of Brooklyn there and run it.

    Most of the liberals are babies protected by others, just one black out riot away from being annihilated by the mobs of angry people surrounding white upper class enclaves.

  14. Lou


    The local youffs like to ride around on stolen dirt bikes, and three and four wheeler atvs.
    Naturally they aren’t licensed and the negros commit all sorts of traffic violations on them. It turns out the mayors grandson is one of the youffs, with a long criminal record.

    So the mayor decrees that the police shouldn’t stop them or ticket them, and the negroes really start running wild, blocking traffic,etc.

    If these youffs see a cop car they don’t give a shit and start kicking it from their bikes.
    The mayor believes if these youffs had a dirt track to ride on, like suburban kids, they would obey the law. Therefore his answer is to spend two million dollars on a dirt track. Meanwhile, swimming pools are closed because of no funding. The head of the police union was on the radio and said most of the bikes are stolen, have no license,and they sure aren’t going to lawfully trailer them to the track.
    What isn’t mentioned is that any dirt track suburban kids ride on was probably built by the kids themselves or their parents.

  15. Lou

    man w 40+ kids by 30+ women convicted of child sex trafficking,


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