Black Riots And Muslim Terror Now Biggest Issues, Not Global Warming


A Deadpan Hillary Clinton Visits ‘Between Two Ferns’ – The New York Times reports her daily visits with TV ‘comics’ who handle her with kid gloves while she sits in a chair with pillows.  Good lord.  Trump goes from city to city, addressing huge crowds and Hillary is escorted into TV studios, petted and primed and then appears for ten minutes or so with comedians!  What a bizarre way to run for President.  She  is obviously a joke at this point.


She isn’t appearing on any shows where serious questions are asked and certainly isn’t fielding hostile questions.  When I was in the public eye years ago before being eliminated as a public person, I enjoyed the hostile give and take politics involves.  I had a hoard of snappy come-back comments, for example.


Hillary Clinton Vows to Speak ‘Directly to White People’ to Stop Racial Police Shootings – Breitbart


“We gotta tackle the systemic racism, this horrible shooting again, how many times do we have to see this in our country?” she said in an appearance on the Steve Harvey show. Clinton was specifically referring to the police shooting of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, saying he had his “hands in the air” when he was killed.


“This is unbearable and it needs to be intolerable,” she said.


Clinton told Harvey that if the African-American community came out and voted for her, she would work to stop racial shootings by police officers.


Preventing black rioters from burning down entire cities and attacking any white people who stray nearby is a top topic this year.  Electing a black President and having a black Attorney General and black mayor of burning cities didn’t do the trick at all.  If anything, it made everything worse.


This is simple to see: blacks at the bottom have destroyed all forms of discipline in life from chaotic homes with no steady fathers, no discipline in schools and I saw that first hand decades ago, no desire to achieve via hard work as millions literally millions of illegal aliens flood the job markets especially jobs at the bottom ranks, we now have a situation where there are entire cities filled with humans who are completely alienated from mainstream society and who make their living via peddling illegal stuff and other crimes.


That is, a classic criminal class that has no other means of support except the State welfare systems and crime.  How to escape this trap is not mentioned, talked about or examined by our Rulers.  The right wing is pleased we have rioting, violent, dangerous black people trapped in our former manufacturing cities and liberals politicians need this population that wants more welfare, to keep themselves in power.


Hillary’s main power bases are two opposite poles: the very rich and the black masses concentrated in major cities.  Poor whites are excluded from this matrix because they tend to live in the countryside like where I live today, lots and lots of poor whites living in trailers and run down Victorian farm houses.  Since both the GOP and DNC killed our protection of our borders, all the farms here have declined into slums or are abandoned.


No one talks about THAT!  No one here is rioting but everyone has guns, too.  And dissatisfaction with what is happening to us all is rising like a hidden storm.  Unlike city dudes, people in the countryside know how to shoot very accurately and are good at hunting.


Tulsa shooting cop who killed unarmed Terence Crutcher is CHARGED with manslaughter now that Obama, Lynch, the entire DNC and liberal media have decided cops and robbers are the same thing.  Now, you shoot someone, if a cop, you are put on trial and even put in prison!  So who on earth wants to be a cop now?


As things devolve in black communities, no one will stop crime there.  Cops will do what they did in the 1970s: they will stay away and only come to collect the bodies.  I fought long and very hard to bring some law and order to parts of Brooklyn (couldn’t even extend it much past my own neighborhood!) and it worked wonderfully in that small corner of Brooklyn which immediately took off as a top neighborhood to live in…because of little crime!  Duh.


The reason our cities are segregated is simple: black criminals chase out everyone else.  They literally and brutally hunt down everyone and anyone and after chasing out or killing all white or Hispanic or Asian neighbors, they hunker down and kill each other.  Our cities are kill zones.  So…screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-6-58-38-am

the Washington Post is furious that whites in the countryside who are heavily armed cause far less crime than inner city blacks with much fewer firearms but are far more likely to use these all the time.  And ‘tackle racial bias’ is code for ‘stop policing black neighborhoods and maybe the people there will stay there and kill each other and not go hunting elsewhere nearby.’


That ends badly, except for the very rich who have heavily armed guards and cops in their neighborhoods can kill anyone and no one says a peep.  Mug a rich person in Manhattan and the place will be flooded with cops.


The black female writing about tackling police ‘bias’ didn’t mention the black female cops who shoot black males because they know this is the only way to insure black males follow orders.  That is, raised by black females, black males are used to not listening to momma.


There are endless videos on You Tube of black teachers in black schools battling black students.  There are ones where a student will literally take the ‘boxing’ stance with black teachers and then begin fighting.  It is literally a gladiatorial school, all black schools teach students how to not read and to riot, not write.


When a black female officer gives an adult black male any instructions his instincts tells him to challenge her and if possible, intimidate her and when a WHITE woman cop tries the same, the desire to resist is extremely high.  And what if a black male officer stops and examines them?


Time to fight!  Years of fighting in school, years of defying teachers teach young black males that fighting is fun, it stops people from trying to force them to learn stuff and they celebrate their fights as great wins when little.  I have seen middle school black children, right in front of the principal, celebrate fighting in school and they all view suspension as a vacation, nay, as a GOAL.  It is what they all want!


Since there is near zero discipline at home, being home means playing video games, roaming the community looking for loot and getting high.  And how do we fix this dysfunctional situation?  The first step is for the black community to recognize the government programs has systematically destroyed their entire fabric of a community.


A ‘community’ that is a pack of wolves hunting and battling over carcasses is destructive but then, look at Africa in the last 50 years: chaos and destruction.  Elites jet set all over the planet, flying high and free while fretting that using fuels this way is going to roast everyone to death but this is how they avoid the rising chaos of the Third World former colonies of Europe.


Asia, on the other hand, being home of one of the oldest civilizations on earth, rose out of the ashes of the modern world to modernize and then catch up and become as strong as Europe and the US via free trade which has weakened the US (the EU is NOT a ‘free trade’ state with outsiders!).  Millions of US jobs are now in China and increasingly, in Mexico, too.


They are not here.  Illegal aliens come here to get on welfare, ditto in Europe.  The goal is to be like the black community: a hellhole no one else wants to enter while they live off of the State and get to do as they please all day long and all night long, too, particularly, hunting down and abusing, killing, looting and raping other ethnic groups.


Obama set to veto 9/11 victims’ bid to sue Saudis | Daily Mail Online reports in England, in the US, Fight Between Saudis and 9/11 Families Escalates in Washington – The New York Times reports as our Elites struggle to keep citizens from suing the Saudis for attacking us on 9/11.  Note how our government, who protected the Saudis after 9/11 by allowing them and only them to fly jets all over America after they flew jets into the WTC and Pentagon, and now the cat is out of the bag.


The super secret stuff in the 9/11 report is out in public and has to be dealt with and the way this will be done is via preventing citizens from using courts to get justice.  And Obama and the DNC as well as the top dudes in the GOP both want to stop this from happening just like both decided to stop the 2000 election vote counting and both stopped my Uniform Voting Act from being even discussed, much less, passed by Congress.


Nope, it was ‘business as usual’ all the way and here we are: 1977 all over again including a looming oil boycott by Saudi Arabia!  HAHAHA. Sigh.  I said years ago, History is a dog chasing its own tail.


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4 responses to “Black Riots And Muslim Terror Now Biggest Issues, Not Global Warming

  1. “We gotta tackle the systemic racism, this horrible shooting again, how many times do we have to see this in our country?” she said in an appearance on the Steve Harvey show.

    Christ, how about if a certain kind of young ghetto black people start acting like NORMAL people who INCLUDE their African-American betters, and not acting out when a police officer arrests them, or worse, go completely crazy and wreck things when a police officer does what he shouldn’t have been forced to do?

  2. Lou

    Comments at Yahoo news—–Yahoo—-The terrorist’s name is Arcan Cetin. He is a Muslim from Turkey.

    The media is trying to claim that he was targeting a girlfriend. They already lied and called him Hispanic.

    One of the victims was a man. Another was a senior citizen. Revenge against his girlfriend? Please.

    How many more lies to protect Islam? He is a Hillary supporter just like the father of the Orlando shooter.
    How many of us knew right away that the media was lying when they said he was Hispanic?

    We knew they were lying when they said it was not terrorism. Just like the NYC/NJ bomber.

    The shooter Arcan Cetin is a radical Muslim from Turkey. Apparently a Hilary supporter.

    Remember, the Taliban supporting father of the Orlando shooter was also a Hillary supporter.

    Terrorists love Democrats! Arcan Cetin is the mass shooter. Radical Turkish Muslim is a huge Hillary fan according to his Twitter page. Right away they said that he was Hispanic and it’s not terrorism. Liberal media lies.

    The radical Taliban supporting father of the Orlando shooter is also a huge Hillary fan.

    Terrorists love the left.

    The FBI won’t charge the NYC/NJ bomber with terrorism either

    They won’t even charge the NYC/NJ bomber with terrorism. It’s being called property damage even though 29 people were injured.

  3. Lou

    Demonstrated by a weekend of immigrant Muslim terrorism in Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey, Mrs. Clinton has left herself a hostage to fortune. While still the overdog in the campaign, her repeatedly passing up opportunities to pivot away from the Establishment’s extremist conventional wisdom on border security, Donald Trump’s best issue, has left her at the mercy of events.

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

  4. Lou

    The government refugee resettlement program have been unloading Somali’s in Idaho to UnWhiten it. Their doing it to every majority White area in the USA.
    Hopefully Trump will put and end to this madness.

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