Very Rich In Manhattan Dress In Expensive Raggedy ‘Cheap’ Expensive Clothes As Disguises


Jennifer Aniston in New York amidst Brad Pitt’s divorce with Angelina Jolie | Daily Mail Online reports and I am mentioning this stupid story about really stupid Hollywood idiots who are all screaming at us about global warming from their private jets and yachts and palaces and who hate Trump…because it is hilarious.


Look at how this elite star dresses!  She spent lots of money for fake ‘worn’ jeans.  How do you wear holes above the knees and on the side of the leg?  Did wild horses drag her over sharp rocks?  HAHAHA.


Nope.  All her clothing is worn by all the Elites when roaming around the Street.  They dress like this as a disguise.  They want to pretend to be poor in between dressing in the opposite extreme to prove they are very rich, too.


Over the years, this has amazed me.  I have said in the past that this is exactly like pre-revolutionary France. The Queen of France would retire to her little farm and pretend to be a farm wife, for example.  Then appear in court dressed to the nines in expensive gowns.  She even told everyone else to ‘eat cake’ with disastrous results.


The super rich fret about all this but roll onwards, blindly.  They live either in Manhattan, top shoreline communities, parts of California, and have armed guards, gigantic estates, etc…and this isn’t enough, they want to expand these to infinity like Zuckerberg’s Bid to Tear Down Neighboring Homes Rejected by Palo Alto voters who are furious that the super rich are eliminating THEM!


And the rich do this heartlessly.  They don’t give a F about the rest of us.  Zuckerberg spent $30 million buying up an entire community.  He, like all the rest, wants to build this gigantic wall like the one in Hawaii, around their vast estates.


This kind of reminds me of ancient Rome before the fall.  The elites left the cities which were filled with angry, riotous mobs demanding bread and circuses who had no real work anymore and wages collapsed due to slavery and foreign labor.  Debts were super high, government deep in debt, coinage debased to nearly worthlessness and then it all collapsed.


All the great estates in the countryside were looted and burned to the ground so non survived even as ruins, the great cities were looted and burned and the worthless population put to the sword and these also died or were reduced 90% in size.  Etc. Mirror image of what is happening now, right?


The Roman elites fled to Byzantia which is not in Europe and hid there and were overrun later.  By screaming mobs of Muslims!  HAHAHA.  History loves to chase its own tail, of course.  So here we are: the elites want to disguise themselves, they live in giant palaces, they flee crime and disorder while screaming at us that we have to live more like third world peasants or the planet will burn up!


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10 responses to “Very Rich In Manhattan Dress In Expensive Raggedy ‘Cheap’ Expensive Clothes As Disguises

  1. Old Ari

    The first sack of Byzantium, was by a bunch of Crusaders, on their way to the Holy Land, 4th Crusade I believe.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Palo Alto was pushing the Kommunalka style housing for any new apartment buildings (public or otherwise) built in the area. Really, they were updated versions of the USSR mess with shared bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. This was all being pushed as heaven on earth. Just don’t remember the rampant crime and misery of the Kommunalka that Russians suffered during the communist revolution.

    It’s the Buell Hypothesis

    I suppose they will call them Buell homes.

    Anyway, this is what they have planned for us. All of us being pushed into communal apartments with no opportunity for any ownership. This will go over as well as public schooling in the US.

    All so Zuckerberg and Friends can knock down neighborhoods to create huge Downtown Abbeys.

  3. Lou

    Kanye West, refugee camp, Slave auction fashion.

  4. Lou

    $3 or $3000?

    Can people really tell the difference between Kanye West’s fashion line and a Goodwill outfit?

  5. Lou

    The comments from the fans [negros] at ‘Goodwill or Yeezy’ are hysterical.
    I knew Blacks are dumb as can be but if you need a laugh, check it out.
    Yeezy is Kanyes stuff.

    And he has the ultimate status symbol, a riche White ho.

  6. Jim R

    @Mel #2,
    436 pages for a HYPOTHESIS? … tl;dr

  7. Jim R

    Elaine, not all the Italians were killed off when Rome fell … there were some tiny enclaves like San Marino, where life continued. Because they were way up in the mountains, and very hard to get into. The proles really didn’t want to work that hard. And the residents of the enclave could just roll big rocks down the road at them if they did.

    (Perhaps Berlin will be spared?)

  8. emsnews

    No, not all were killed at all, but in ENGLAND, yes. Not one survived.

    Also, you can’t roll stones in Berlin, it is as flat as Kansas. 🙂

  9. Maddie's Mom

    I got a good laugh out of those rags being sold as ” fashion”.
    A fool and his money…..

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