You Tube Executives Want Us To Censor Each Other Heavily

Getting Started with YouTube Heroes – YouTube


You Tube which is run by this elite woman working for the dude who owns Google and is rapidly ruining Google as a search engine by tinkering with it to hide politically incorrect stuff the owner doesn’t support or like, has decided to censor You Tube.  Already there has been a huge row over these clowns messing with You Tube by removing the money making parts of ‘politically incorrect’ sites, for example.  Now they want full censorship and already this month, have removed entire sites that say, go after the leftists who support black terrorists!  Wow.  Talk about ass backwards.


This is pure Madame Mao stuff, of course.  Our rich Madame Maos live like she did, with lots of protection in their mansions and they want to control the rest of us and prevent us from talking about verboten stuff.  I recall, her mansion, like many despots, fell to the masses.


The female president of You Tube who stepped into office recently, has funny things to say.  She claims, you can be a ‘hero’ by flagging nasty stuff she doesn’t want us to see!  Wow.  This was a huge failure.


New YouTube offensiveness offensive offends users. YouTube disables comments. – The Washington Post


The Internet, as everyone knows, is riddled with racist, sexist, sadist ranters, not to mention trolls, stalkers, savage bullies and inciters of mayhem, from sextortion to child pornography to terrorism. A whole industry now exists of “moderators,” thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of them, paid to patrol sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with news sites like The Washington Post and New York Times, weeding out offensive posts and comments.


YouTube, among others, has tried a variety of tactics, including real-name requirements using Google +, designed to subdue the beast, “flagging” by users to alert its moderators to content for possible removal and an elite corps of “Trusted Flaggers,” which the Google-owned company says “gives users access to more advanced flagging tools as well as periodic feedback, making flagging more effective and efficient.”



So on Thursday it proposed something new, “YouTube Heroes,” essentially a gaming effort to entice users into, among other things, “mass flagging” of offensive content, which would then be reviewed by professionals and if warranted, removed.


Dictators need censorship.  I remember when the dudes creating the internet wanted it to be free!  HAHAHA.  I was there at the very beginning, way before it became user friendly outside of the elite campuses and DC power bases.  Since my father had internet access from day one way back long, long, LONG ago, I played on the internet since its dawn.


We used it to plan antiwar demonstrations across the country, for example.  This was wonderful and is why so many demonstrations happened very quickly simultaneously.  Now, this latest generation of hosts of internet services are struggling to take control since they want only their own messages such as ‘we are going to roast to death unless we stop the rich from…YIKES! On the other hand, don’t stop the rich, stop the middle class from…OUCH!’


Yes, a revolt from the middle is brewing and You Tube has to stop this, nip it at the bud.

Scumbag Youtube Launches Youtube Heroes [MIRROR] – YouTube


The users are revolting.  Yahoo Says Hackers Stole Data From 500 Million Users during the time when the female running Yahoo is trying to make a deal to sell a lame horse operation which is now pretty much a dead horse, died of the plague.


As a reminder of what is really going on: U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time


‘Nobody Believes in It. Everyone on the Ground Knows They Are Jihadis.’ — US Special Forces Hate Their Syria Mission


Will the Roman troops revolt?  Will they refuse to hold down the walls across the empire?  We no longer have a citizen’s guard, they are all professionals and often, foreign labor just like the Roman empire.


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10 responses to “You Tube Executives Want Us To Censor Each Other Heavily

  1. Lou

    I avoid Google. Google is a spy operation. Google wanted me to log in to look at someones ‘Google calendar’ [NO THANKS].

    Google and its You Tube are owned by ((( ))) and EMS knows that and it is
    in cahoots with the government.
    Like Washington Post.

    Read a book, ‘The New Thought Police’ for information on the lefts war on freedom and free speech.

  2. Jim R

    “Dictators need censorship. ”

    And this is especially true if the economy is failing, and nobody actually believes the lies from the propaganda ministry.

    Like in ‘1984’ they want you to forget what they said yesterday. Arab terrorists are bad, and they demolished the World Trade Center. But today, Arab terrorists are good, and we must welcome them to our indispensable country.

    By the way, 70% of the Charlotte rioters were from out-of-state. How did they get there?
    Who Is Behind The Riots? Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs

  3. emsnews

    Yes and guess what? This happened 50 years ago, too. The pros join the plebs to riot. Then turn on them and put them into concentration camps. That is, if there is a ‘revolution’ the revolutionaries running along with angry mobs turn on them all and turn them into prisoners.

  4. Jim R

    Since I’ve been following the efforts to start WWIII, I have learned some recent history I did not previously know. There is a formula for these ‘color revolutions’, some asshole wrote a book that is used by the CIA. It’s all based on sociology work pioneered by Bernays about 100 years ago.

    These “spontaneous demonstrations” have been turned into bloody riots and destruction on multiple occasions, in the former Yugoslav republics back in the ’90s, and in the MENA more recently. Sometimes the ‘revolution’ fails, and they have to go to ‘humanitarian bombing’.

    This is what happened in Syria. Almost no Syrians actually supported the ‘rebels’, and the vast majority of them support the Assad government. So they had to bus in more ‘rebels’, smear Assad as a tyrant, and bomb his cities round the clock. Now, with a little help from Russia, they have some hope of resisting the proxy army.

    In other words, WWIII is coming right along.

  5. Jim R

    And I forgot to mention Latin America. Elaine, you described the most famous one, in Chile in the 1970s. Like the ones in Eastern Europe, it wasn’t so much a revolution as a takedown.

    And in Brazil today, they have taken over without the riots, or much fanfare. They just replaced the legitimate government with a criminal mob, and are telling the public to shut up …

  6. Hierophant


    It seems we have similar tastes in YouTube channels. The pushback against the YouTubes heroes has been very entertaining. What I find to be the most galling bit of it all is that Google wants to use unpaid labor to do their censorship! If we lived in a sane society the internet would be seen as part of the commons, the USPS would be our ISP, and all social media would be out of the hands of private companies. What use is the 1st amendment if the commons is owned by private hands!?

  7. Lou

    What I find to be the most galling bit of it all is that Google wants to use unpaid labor to do their censorship–HuffPo had unpaid writers. Huffington made big money. Know about Huffingtons and East Timor?
    I assume Elaine does.

  8. Lou

    Elaine, this is worth a thread of its own. Google wants Whites gone,

    Google ‘European people art’

    or even ‘white man white woman’ [I got white man white woman black baby]

    Is Google Blackwashing European Self-Image?

  9. emsnews

    If you Google ‘white woman white man’ you get this:

    That is, they found 2 white looters! Hey, we thought that was only for blacks. So it is finally ‘integrated’ with token whites.

    #3 on the Google Search is…5 tips for non-white men who want to date white women. huh???

    #4 is 13 famous white men who married black women! HAHAHAHA.

    #7 is a You Tube story about how using Google search words do bizarre searches when you type in ‘white man white woman’. So true.

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