Another Hysterical Black Teen Arrested By Cops Leads to Demands For No More Patrols In Black Neighorhoods

How to get pepper sprayed in Hagerstown if you are black and break the law – YouTube is a classic ‘resisting arrest’ after committing a crime by a young black female in this case.  The police wanted to question her about an accident and she gets hysterical, foul-mouthed and violent, yelling and crying and trying to get an audience.


Years of schooling where children get their way when they misbehave, we get violent, obscene, loud and unco-operative populations.  No pride or dignity, these children run riot and throw childish temper tantrums when any authority, no matter how calm, try to get them to cooperate.


I was arrested when about her age.  In Berkeley back during the wild late 1960’s.  I fully cooperated with the cops and went peacefully but others on the Street were angry and attacked the cops.  And were all arrested after a small riot.


At first, I was considered the cause of this riot but everyone agreed, that was not true and I was not charged.  Today, people being arrested in black communities try hard as possible to create a riot and there are seldom charges for this.


Three generations or four of living in this bubble whereby children grow up fighting school authorities and then graduating to being full criminals, we get this sort of a-social behavior.  This out of control female then provoked demonstrations and demands that cops no longer interact with black children.


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5 responses to “Another Hysterical Black Teen Arrested By Cops Leads to Demands For No More Patrols In Black Neighorhoods

  1. Lou

    A couple lessons from this video making the rounds:

    1. Notice that the 911 operator kept asking “how many was they” even though she already told her. She keeps repeating questions and talking to the Asian like she is a little kid. You can’t even rely on 911. If there might be perps in the area then don’t sit and listen to their BS. Leave the phone on and they can trace it.

    Don’t let some idiot get you killed.

    2. Her house is full of inventory.

    Blacks will assume that business owner = millionaire with gold in the basement. You have to maintain separation from the business and keep a low profile. Odds are there is a mercedes or bmw out front.
    Not saying it is in any way her fault, just something to be aware of.

    3. I’m amazed she was able to hit one of them. Shooting a handgun while running requires either luck or a lot of skill and practice. Encourage people to keep shotguns or ARs/AKs for this reason.

    4. Youtube comments are entirely in her favor.

    Overall she deserves a medal. Glad to see someone fighting back after reading about that White that was beaten and stripped during the protest.

  2. Lou

    In clip 911 operator sounds like one more dumb lazy black.

  3. Joe

    Bump you but racism between cops and AFRICAN AMERICANS is real, maybe not in that situation but it is so watch youtube and look it up

  4. Elizabeth Carrozza

    I had the same thought that this young girl was hysterical and defiant refusing to give her name. She had apparently ignored a traffic light and rode her bike into a car. The police wanted to question her. I did find the pepper spraying to be unnecessary. I’ve seen other videos of hysterical foul mouthed humans resisting arrest screaming, kicking, acting like a 3 yr old. I feel the police should do public service messages on how to behave when you are being questioned or arrested. I’m also tired of the canonization to sainthood of victims who were suspects and known career criminals. If you live by the sword no doubt you will die by the sword. Is there police brutality and are mistakes made – absolutely. Please, stop being judge and jury before all the facts have come out. The other issue is media bias so you are not seeing the entire story and yet when the videos are posted rioting and civil disobedience is the reaction. I’m baffled as to how destroying other peoples cars, properties and attacking innocent people is justice. It is not justice. It’s criminal behavior and you should be prosecuted.

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