Yet Another Muslim Immigrant Terrorist Did Mass Murder In Washington State


The #1 story at Google News is the news that the mass killer in Washington state was…a Muslim terrorist!  In Baltimore, a non-terrorist black street thug of the normal sort shot eight people because black lives matter so much, they kill each other as well as anyone stupid enough to be in the vicinity.  The War on Reality continues as our media giants push Bilderberg gang members to be our rulers over and over again and this means creating a race/religious war by enabling terrorists of all types, races and religions to attack Europe and the US over and over again.


The fact that terrorists attacked us again and again every week has to be hidden from view because it makes the Democrats look really bad.  Obama was supposed to do two things: make blacks feel better and perhaps improve their own conditions and being raised part-Muslim thanks to his Muslim African father, he was to improve relations in that area, too.  Both are utter failures.  The Washington Post:


Note that the top news there is more attacks on Trump.  That is the #1 story.  Trump isn’t perfect and who is running against him?  We don’t know because the NYT won’t run any stories about that person, we should call it ‘What’s it’s name’ since we don’t even know the sex of the opponent.  Many attack media giants do the same dumb thing thinking that running nonstop ‘We hate Trump’ stories is working.


The #2 story is the riots in South Carolina which are usually total lies on all sides since everyone has to lie about a black female officer killing a black man who, like all blacks today, seems unable to cooperate with cops.  This screwy story leading to riots demanding the BLACK WOMAN BE PUT IN PRISON…Jesus Christ on a popsicle!  This is insanity since our media giants nearly never mention, when covering this latest looting expedition by blacks, that the excuse to riot is utterly insane!  Below: the New York Times, another insane rag:


The top three stories across the front page are the blacks ‘protesting’ via looting in Charlotte, the final front page admission that a woman did this but no mention of a black woman.  What?  #3 item is ‘Hillary for President’ editorial.  We need a lying Bilderberg gangster for President who is also brain damaged.  I was against Reagan for this reason, too.


Way at the bottom of the front page is the news that the ‘Hispanic’ killer in Seattle has been arrested.  No headline mention that he was as most people who commented about the story yesterday said most loudly, that he was a Muslim.  Wherever I went online yesterday, visiting the very few places that still dares to allow any comments at all, the Daily Mail Online being very much one of them, virtually everyone said he looked Muslim, not Hispanic and I thought so, too.


And we were right!  Many thousands of people were right.  It was based on the man’s nose and eyebrows, he had features that are not common to Mexicans and I grew up on the border of Mexico so I am not naive about this.  It was obvious to me and in particular, people from the Muslim community in England thought he was one of them!


How stupid is our government?  Why did they issue that information?  It made the hunt harder, not easier and it was all very political.  Obviously, if a Hispanic did it, he would be ‘a nut case…nothing to see here.’  But he wasn’t just a Muslim in America, he was an IMMIGRANT, not born here like several other Muslim terrorists including emphatically the 9/11 terrorist gang.


‘Zombie-like’ Washington mall shooting suspect, 20, is arrested 30 miles from crime scene as cancer survivor, 16, and Macy’s make-up artist are revealed to be among the five shot dead.  This terrorist shot women dead for political and religious reasons.


Now back to the riots:  Shot dead as he walked backwards with hands at his side: Charlotte police finally release Keith Scott shooting videos and say cop fired at him because his ‘movements were perceived as physical threat’ which is true, I come from the part of the world in Arizona where you put a gun up to someone, you order them to put their hands up.  This guy didn’t do that.


He wasn’t reading any books or doing anything innocent.  He was standing in ‘shooter’s stance’ with hands ready to draw.  I have actually confronted adult males in Arizona AS A CHILD carrying a rifle, ordering them to put their hands up while in the driveway of our ranch while defending the property!  I convinced them I would gladly shoot if they moved even one inch or kept their hands in ‘fighting’ position.


I grew up where the only cops were…ourselves.  We were miles from other people.  My present place is the same: calling the sheriff means waiting half an hour or more during which if someone is really stupid, they can challenge me.


Cops on the street at night in black communities are forced to figure out if they should relax or if they should shoot.  This is why they ask that people stand still, put their hands in the ‘up’ position and then turn their backs to the cops.  This is to prevent shooting of cops.  I have made a huge number of citizen’s arrests thanks to our police backing off from 1970-1990 and got away with this due to being a woman and the Housewife from Hell.


To keep me out of the news, the NYT and other papers would either not be told what was going on or if they knew, they pretended I didn’t exist so they couldn’t rouse people to attack me although Al Sharpton tried his best, even confronting me when I was giving a speech in Bed-Stuy which is all black and I was the only white person in a five mile radius.


So, in a nutshell, the general public was suspicious and correct in both instances: we figured the black community was lying about the events leading to the riots and the media and government were stupid lying creeps about the mass murder in Seattle.


And where is our ‘President’?  He didn’t go to Charlotte to stop the riots nor did he go on TV to tell blacks that they were utterly wrong about things nor did he talk about how riots are destructive and wrong and nearly totally confined to black communities and it is a problem blacks have to face.  The riots in black communities in NYC when the lights went out in 1977 were never addressed, either.


It led to a great crime wave as blacks thought correctly, this was a green light to commit more crimes which led to me working with others to create our own police force since the taxpayer one ceased operating.  And here we go again!  Same story, same ‘solutions’ same disasters.


And foreign Muslims attacking NATO from within?  DUH. We attacked them!  DUH.  This is war.  What is our solution to that? After 9/11, our media especially the Jewish owned parts of it, and our government screamed at us that if we attack Iraq, we would fix things and 9/11 won’t happen again.  This war crime of ours led to more attacks, endless attacks by Muslims both foreign and domestic, nearly nonstop!


And we did a great crime back then and a lot of the terror attacks are directly linked to the unleashing of millions of angry Muslims broiling out of countries we illegally attacked with Syria being the latest crime.  Our leaders should be put in prison and this emphatically includes war criminals like Hillary Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama, too.


I forgot to look up the news in England to learn about the mass shooting in Baltimore: Three Baltimore gunmen shoot and wound eight people including a three-year-old in violent revenge attack for Labor Day weekend shooting.  So, it was a mass of black males attacking a family!


Three gunmen shot and wounded eight people including a 3-year-old girl on an east Baltimore street Saturday night, police said, adding the suspects fled and the victims were all expected to survive.


The shooting erupted outside some rowhouses about 8.30pm after the three armed men converged on the group from different points, Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said at a news conference.


Davis, who went to the scene, said the shooting was a premeditated act of retaliatory violence in response to a Labor Day weekend shooting in which a man was fatally shot and two women were wounded, one of them pregnant.


He did not immediately explain how investigators believed the shootings were linked.


Note that these Black Lives Don’t Matter clowns were shooting at women and children!  This is the sort of cowardly thing these gangsters love doing, they mug people that way, in groups.  They break into homes and stores in groups and they do a lot of crimes in gangs.  And Obama is silent about this, too, of course.


Hillary’s solution is to put the cops in prison and to pander to criminals in the inner cities who vote for her.

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12 responses to “Yet Another Muslim Immigrant Terrorist Did Mass Murder In Washington State

  1. e sutton

    CNN is my go to source for discovering whatever bull shiite the MSM is serving up on any particular day. Needless to say, I am rarely if ever disappointed. Today was no exception. Seems our ¨hero¨ who gunned down the ¨folks¨ at the mall (Obamaspeak, bitches!) emigrated from Turkey. CNN admitted that much, but inserted the word ¨legally¨, and he was apprehended at his ¨home¨, surrendering non violently. He was just an ordinary, disconnected young chap, you see. Nothing further to see here.

    Hey, world, America has gigantic WELCOME mats all up and down our ¨borders¨! Ya´ll come on in now, ya hear! Stay a spell! Why work? YT is here to do the heavy lifting, so ya´ll just Chillax!. Welfare and gibs are there for the taking.

    Oh, and look at who this ¨docile, gentle, zombie-like¨ killer went after…women at the ….ahem….MAKEUP counter at Macy´s. I won´t hold my breath waiting for anyone to make that particular connection.

    Now, think hard, my fellow Americans….what is the ONE thing you don´t see Muslim women wear………I´ll give you a few minutes……okay…time is up…..if you guessed makeup, ding, ding, ding….You are correct! Collect your prizes on the way out the door and thanks for coming!

    Matter of fact, you don´t see most Muslim women´s FACES, either, cuz, you see, wearing makeup brands you a WHORE in Islam. AS does showing more than an ankle underneath your burka. Why our SJWs don´t catch on to that in between their bleatings that we are ¨all the same¨, and ¨all cultures are equal¨ is beyond me.

    Feel a little light in the loafers sometimes and want to try being queer? Well, don´t try that shiite over in the Middle East or you will find yourself being hurled off of a cliff or tall building.

    Our rulers have successfully brought the war here to us in our own backyard and if we notice anything or dare speak about it, we are ¨rayciss¨. See, negroes are forever oppressed and must be given space to destroy ….because…..slavery. Things have gone beyond the Twilight Zone stage. If you had told me this country would look like this thirty years ago I would not have believed you. I visited Europe twenty years ago and the Muslim invasion was only starting to take root back then. Today, cities like Paris are virtually unrecognizable. The ladies in France were so jaw droppingly gorgeous that every thought in your head vanished as soon as you saw one of them stride elegantly down the street. Today that same woman would be beaten within a half inch of her life, raped, and forced to wear a burka. Thanks for all you Bilderberg Bitches have done to destroy the world!

  2. nani

    @ e sutton

    It’s sad, isn’t it? The once “beautiful garden” of Europe is slowly turning into an islamic hell hole where women and children get raped and molested on a daily basis.

    Her are some of latest horror stories from “culturally enriched” Europe:

    Young couples severely beaten up in France, because the women wore shorts:

    Jewish girl, 13, forced to flee Sweden after being brutally raped and harrassed by Muslims – See more at:

    Now the Bilderberg gang with Obama and Hillary as their servants, tries to introduce the same cultural enrichments to America

  3. e sutton

    @ nani,

    Yes, it is sickening to see happen. It is quite obvious to me that the negroes and Muslims are being used as weapons against White, Western civilization by the (((usual suspects)), cough, cough…..

    Point in fact, every Western society has thrown this (((group))) out of their countries due to their covert racist ideology. That little Jewish girl forced to flee in Sweden was simply collateral damage. The fact that the Zionist cabal wishes to destroy our democratic republic, shameful and blatant as it is, has always ended up in misery and unmitigated disaster since Christ first threw their asses out of the temple.

    Elaine´s remark about how history is akin to a dog chasing its own tail (or some such) is pretty spot on in my view. The (((Chosen Few))) will eventually, once again, come to complete and utter violent ruin, either at the hands of the Muslims or the quite pissed off White Europeans (if there are any left in a few scant years). While that in itself is a comforting thought, I sure as hell wish they were not bringing the rest of us on for the ride as well.

  4. Lou

    ‘Legally here’
    ‘Lone Wolf’
    ‘Not related to Islam’

  5. Petruchio

    “And foreign Muslims attacking NATO from within? ” I’ve always thought that one of the reasons Muslim women living in the land of The Great Satan, the USA continue to wear their native clothing is for making identification difficult. A Muslim woman can commit a terror act and how do you identify her? Their head and most all of the faces of Muslim women are covered. Just wait, Muslim women will make their presence felt in this country. It is men now, but Muslim women will be heard from.

  6. Floridasandy

    I don’t know how many people predicted the outcome of this story on Zero Hedge- but it was a lot. I noticed the media used the least mideastern appearing picture in their story.– but there were other pictures because it was a mall.

    This propaganda BS is so in your face stupid.

  7. vengeur

    “This screwy story leading to riots demanding the BLACK WOMAN BE PUT IN PRISON…”. I think the officer in Charlotte case (Brently Vinson) is a black man?

  8. Lou

    Vengeur–I have lost count of who dunnit in the police shootings.

  9. Christian W

    Turkey is sliding rapidly into Islamism under their Muslim Brotherhood leader Erdogan. Yet, the US, NATO and the EU has no problem with this. In fact the US actively supports this kind of extremist Islamism as a policy tool. The secular Syria is to be destroyed though.

  10. floridasandy

    look at the difference between Erdogan and the cleric that he wants Obama to turn over, Gulen.

    Troubling times. .

  11. CK

    It takes a wolfpack to raise a lone wolf. ( I wish I could claim that bon mot as my own but it isn’t. I borrow from the best )

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