NYT Attacks Trump For Being Weak While Propping Up Collapsing Hillary


Proof that size DOES matter! Hillary gets customized podium to offset ten inch height difference with Trump ahead of tonight’s debate – as latest polls put them neck and neck


The ‘latest polls’ are a farce.  I just came back from driving nearly 300 miles and visiting the NYC area and…the only political signs I saw in yards were Trump signs of if Democratic supporters, signs for other positions that are local.  Not one Hillary sign to be seen.  Anywhere, any time.  This is amazing to me, never have I witnessed a more invisible candidate.  90% of the news is about Trump.  My own children were all for Sanders and will vote for Hillary by holding their noses.  But zero enthusiasm, indeed, open hatred of her.  Yet our media giants push her carcass along hoping she won’t collapse totally in the next several weeks.


Google News has this as the top story when the top story really is, ‘Hillary: can she even walk to the podium?’  Typical of our rulers and super rich foisting this lame horse on us all.  They hated Sanders!  He didn’t get any breaks from the media and his delegates were abused by the news media who lied about the entire Democratic convention.


The only reason most people want to watch this ‘debate’ which is really a grilling by news media personalities who are very biased, is to see if Hillary is even alive.  There are bets going on as to when she will stagger off stage or collapse at the podium.  Trump continues to campaign while she snoozes and only appears on comedy shows like this one:  Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: Hillary Clinton – YouTube

Yes, this was the real show and the real Hillary.  Propped up by a bunch of pillows, she looks like death warmed over.  She was singularly disengaged.  She looked very pissed off, in fact.  ‘Why did my handlers put  me here?’ she was thinking.


Supposedly, Trump is the cartoon candidate who does stupid things according to the news.  But when she, the one who is avoiding addressing ANY crowds of ANY size, is going from comedy night show to comedy day show, sitting on cushions while comics sweat bullets trying to make her look alive.  In this show, she looks like one step from the grave and she is my age.


I spent the entire day yesterday, running around with my grandson and doing all sorts of energetic things!  The day before, I worked on my backhoe doing roadwork, digging up boulders and building a stone wall, climbing up and down from my machine for six hours.


She couldn’t spend six minutes doing any of this!  I will note here that we have zero pictures of her picking up her own grandchild, too, by the way, I think because she is too weak for even that.  Today’s top NYT propaganda story is all about Hillary Clinton’s Sick Days – The New York Times by notorious Bilderberg gangster and NWO top propagandist, Frank Bruni.  Below is a screen shot of a previous editorial by this man:


He wants ‘ranting’.  Hillary rants, too, but this isn’t noted by the NYT which is nakedly pushing her along in her wheelchair.  I pray that Trump moves around the stage because she can’t physically do this without collapsing and it will prove once and forever that he is active and she is a cardboard cut out.


Before we delve any further into the coughs heard round the world and the swoon that changed history, some perspective: Running for president isn’t hard. It’s brutal. The oddity isn’t that one of the candidates would succumb to illness and be forced off the trail for a few days. The oddity is that all of the candidates don’t drop like flies.


How many candidates collapsed in the last say, 50 years?  Or even 100 years?  Let me count them all: ZERO.  Some have been assassinated.  Some have been assassinated by the press lying about them and thus, dropped out.  But this reality is totally ignored by the NYT and all the Hillary pushers.  If Hillary, an elderly lady my age with half my energy levels, thinks that she can run the US empire running on empty, she is nuts and the DNC is crazy.


What we ask of them is less preparation than mortification, physical as well as psychological. Between formal speeches and informal rallies and briefings and fund-raisers and long flights and short bus rides and coffee-shop huddles and state-fairground scrums, they endure 20-hour days in which they cram in twice that many hours of work. They’re miracles of perseverance, so much so that a certain 68-year-old Democratic nominee can get a pneumonia diagnosis and deliver a big (if cloddishly rendered) speech at a fund-raiser that same night.


She didn’t go to any hospital when she collapsed recently.  She ran off to her daughter’s rich apartment building got her shots and ran outside and announced that nothing was wrong with her.  Which is insane.  Only hours later did she claim with zero proof that she had ‘pneumonia’ and this didn’t do the job since her collapse was due to going rigid suddenly, not a coughing fit.


Trump goes all over kingdom come and has not collapsed even once.  He hasn’t even tripped and fallen like she has over and over again.  He hasn’t fainted or coughed repeatedly for many months every time he come to the podium.  There is no comparison.  He is strong and she is amazingly frail for a lady of this many years.  She is many times weaker than I!


Their stamina isn’t at issue, just their sanity.


A frail old lady who can barely stand up and who coughs uncontrollably for months and who faints, falls, staggers, turns rigid suddenly, whose eyes wander about in opposite directions, and then who is in total denial about all this even after millions of people have seen these things happen…is insane.


We haven’t learned anything new about Hillary Clinton’s penchant for secrecy. We’ve had it confirmed — for the millionth time. Her self-protection is a perverse form of self-destruction. It’s borderline pathological. But it’s something that most voters accepted or rejected somewhere along the quarter-century timeline from Travelgate to her emails. A roadside crumpling and a round of antibiotics aren’t going to change that.


Note how Bruni says, ‘OK, so Hillary is as secretive as Trump.  So what!  I don’t give a damn.  FU.’  He, a rank supporter of highest level of lying admits ‘she is BORDERLINE pathological.’  Good, so she is one step away from ‘totally insane’.  Thank you.


And he has to lie yet again.  The propaganda of the left is, she ‘crumpled’ after ‘getting hot’ on a cool fall day when it was cloudy.  She didn’t do this at all.  She was rigid as a board and couldn’t bend her knees and had to be manhandled into her ambulance vehicle.


A screen shot of other editorials at the NYT, all of them attacking Trump nonstop.  The Bruni editorial rants onwards after dismissing Hillary’s obvious terrible health problems and utter frailty by suddenly switching to attacking Trump for being weak!


He’s the master of phoning in to news shows rather than appearing on set, which would require more exertion. He has often done just one event a day, near an airport, so he can fly home in his plush private jet and sleep in his own comfy bed. He’s the rare exception to the slog I described above. During the primaries, it was huge news when he finally overnighted in a chain hotel in Iowa and, that same weekend, sat through all 60 minutes of a church service. Praise the Lord and pass the Gatorade.Although his hair refuses to accept it, he’s 70 years old, and if there’s footage out there of him doing the P90X workout, I missed it. I have seen him playing golf, which isn’t much more aerobically demanding than backgammon.


Note the highest level of insanity here.  Trump has this huge, punishing schedule to appear in many cities across the country.  Hillary had planned one speech before a large crowd and ditched this!  Otherwise, her only appearances are on comedy shows that give her a big comfy chair, no couches, too hard to sit upright.  And that’s it!  Nothing else except two short sessions with young reporters on her private jet.


Trump plays golf like Reagan or Eisenhower, etc.  But not Hillary, I would like to see her play any sport including tiddly winks.  Nope, she does nothing, not even carrying her grandchild.  I carry my grandchild!  Easily.


All of this makes him a singularly ineffective critic of Clinton’s health. And his surrogates and supporters are bungling the case by overstating it. To hear them talk, she’s some sporadically animated cadaver, a mash-up of “Weekend at Bernie’s” and “The Candidate.” They’re going to look ridiculous when she stands sturdily on the debate stage for 90 minutes and speaks in sentences fuller, more coherent and more grammatical than his.


Wow.  She hasn’t stood anywhere for 90 minutes!  Period.  Every time she does stand at all, a handler or her husband are literally at her elbow, supporting her.  In the plane, she looks drugged up and clutching at things to stand upright.  I would like to see her stand for 90 minutes.  I can do this, easily and I am only two years away from her age and had a hard health year and am not as strong as two years ago but am working towards regaining my strength again.


Maybe she and I can have a death match!  First, we can arm wrestle.  Then run 100 yards or I should say, limp 100 yards (ha) and then climb onto my backhoe and dig a ditch while getting out every five minutes to dislodge a boulder.  Then babysit for six hours.  Then she can say she can be President.


How about chopping firewood like Lincoln?  A good test.  I am pretty good at that, nay, very good at that!  I have chopped literally tons of firewood over the years.  Or maybe do roofing tile work.  Did that last week.  I am disgusted with these liberals pretending Hillary is ‘normal’ for a woman my age.  She is not unless you are talking about women in nursing homes.


I almost forgot to visit the lunatic asylum of the Washington Post.  A funny screenshot:


HAHAHA.  So, last month the storyline was, the Democrats would take the Senate due to Trump being so very bad, naughty, even.  Now, it is admitting the lower candidates in the GOP are doing just fine.  Then there is the story about a golf pro who played games all his life, fun, no?  Heroic games!  Hooray for eternal childhood!  Well, he declined to run for office which the WP says is ‘wisdom’ instead of ‘too lazy to do this’.


You can buy this Arnold Palmer with President Richard Nixon and Friends Feb 13 1969 Wire Photo |at  eBay if you want. HAHAHA.  I have a very long memory and immediately remembered he was friends with Nixon while I was actively fighting Nixon in the streets.  Revolutionary times!  HAHAHA.  I tracked Nixon a lot back then.

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12 responses to “NYT Attacks Trump For Being Weak While Propping Up Collapsing Hillary

  1. Melponeme_k

    When I saw the podium story this morning on DM, I couldn’t believe it. The woman can’t walk up one step much less stand for 15 minutes. How is she going to do this and appear relatively normal?

    There is no one in NYC who likes or wants Clinton. I’ve yet to meet a person who does. People forget, the town (as well as the whole state) is staunchly conservative and Republican if the Ghetto areas are not included.

  2. CK

    Same is true in my area. Lots of signs for Trump & Pense, a few still for Bernie, and several Hillary for Prison 2016. No visible support for Clinton & Kaine.

  3. Petruchio

    Personally I find it offensive that these media rulers think people in 2016 are still going to be scared by the Big BAD Russians! Gee whiz. Think how money billions of dollars the US War Machine got from those Soviet baddies during Cold War 1. Now we get slop/drivel like this, today in 2016: “Donald Trump’s Putin Crush” by that Zionist troll/lackey Thomas Friedman. “^) Minutes” last night had a anti Putin hit piece. What interesting timing.

  4. DeVaul



    While Elaine and others complain about podium heights (how low can you go intellectually?), Trump and Bibi emerged from a closed door meeting (secrecy, secrecy, secrecy) with Trump yelling: “Israel, Israel, Uber Alles!”

    Trump has transformed himself (he is an actor, after all — did y’all forget that?) into the leading warmonger in the current race against a known warmonger faster than any sane person could possibly have imagined, despite the same happening to our beloved “Peace Prize President”.

    I said here that Obama was a gangster a year before he was elected, and I was right. People here voted for this gangster, and now they have chosen a new gangster to vote for while thinking the outcome will be different.

    That is the definition of insanity.

    Here is another prediction: Trump will not hesitate to start a hot war with Russia if he thinks he can make a buck off of it and get his family to Paraguay in time on his private jet. He’ll leave us holding the bag.

    That’s textbook Trump: “The Art of the Deal”.

  5. Christian W

    Wow, does “Trump’s residence” look like the halls of Versaille or not? Actually there is even more bling in there than in Versaille.

  6. floridasandy

    Trump doesn’t need any more money—that’s a good thing. He doesn’t need to sell us out, and he is using his own money to run.—that’s a good thing. He was a businessman who opposed free trade agreements years ago, while BIll and Hillary were foisting them off on the American people. He doesn’t need name recognition, or his name on any more buildings, or a library built as a charity for which he can siphon off money for himself–that’s a good thing.

    DeVaul, what do you say about Hillary then? I am curious. You see her as the :peace president, like Obama? She promised to run as his 3rd term so, by your own admission, she would be the next gangster candidate.

    Interesting times, going to get more interesting in the next few weeks.

  7. floridasandy

    Maybe Trump won’t feel the need to steal the White House furniture when he leaves.

  8. DeVaul

    “DeVaul, what do you say about Hillary then? I am curious. You see her as the :peace president, like Obama? She promised to run as his 3rd term so, by your own admission, she would be the next gangster candidate.”

    Sad. Still putting words in other people’s mouths?

    “…in the current race against a known warmonger…”

    Who the hell do you think I am referring to here? Jill Stein? Ralph Nadar?

    This is one reason why I stopped coming to this site. The level of deliberate illiteracy is astounding, as is the double-speak and hypocrisy.

    I just wanted to let the Trumpet lovers know that their savior has just allied himself with a neo-Nazi war criminal and known mass murderer. I expect him to be kissing the toes of King Saud next (a widely known mass murderer of women and children in Yemen and Syria, in case you even care).

  9. emsnews

    Good grief! The media is endlessly covering up Hillary while screaming at Trump so I tell the truth about him and whoever!!! I don’t have to push Hillary because the entire Bilderberg machine is pushing her hard!

    We are a dying empire, stripped of its manufacturing by our own rulers, our currency is trashed, the coins are no longer real silver or copper even…and of course, to win elections, our rulers have to be friendly with other despots!

    I just point out the garbage in/garbage out. Every time I say, Trump hates me because every time he gambled with me, I won! It infuriated him no end.

    I am not voting for him, I am DISCUSSING his chances of winning which are really high now thanks to Hillary being a really nasty candidate. A murderous war criminal.

  10. Petruchio

    Latest news on Jill Stein The Green Party Presidential candidate, was escorted out of the Trump/Clinton debate locale today. Rumor has it she will try to re-enter. No word on Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential candidate and what he’s doing tonight.

  11. Christian W

    Well, what will win Trump the election is most likely the fact that Hillary is falling to pieces. She will have to be drugged to the gills to do well in the debates and chances are something goofy will happen again that even the PTB simply won’t be able to cover up. This is the main reason Netanyahu hedged his bets and had a tete a tete with Trump.

  12. emsnews

    No, the MSNBC ‘debate’ was totally rigged with no questions of Hillary’s activities and constant attacks on Trump’s personal life.

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