Crazy Lawyer From India Shoots 6 People In Mall While Dressed As Nazi

Crime Is Up, But There Is Context – YouTube in nearly all black-dominated cities.


Before going into this bizarre story about a guy whose family came over not too long ago from India, running around gunning at people while dressed like a Nazi…to open this casket up,we must look at this lunatic asylum editorial from a liberal paper:  Violent Crime Is Up, but Donald Trump Is Still Wrong – The Daily Beast


John Pfaff, a law professor at Fordham University and a nationally recognized expert on crime and prison data, said it’s hard to draw any trend line at all from one or two years of data.

Yes, actually it was a FOUR year up tick each year.  Not one year.  Lying about this basic information, the notion that we have to wait, say, ten years of constantly rising mostly black murderers acting out, before we can say, ‘Murders are up!’ is ridiculous.


Obama and Clinton both encouraged black violence in word and deed.  Both praised criminals who were killed by cops and both want to withdraw the police from black communities because this will stop cops from killing anyone as they disappear just like in the 1970s-1990s.


I lived in that sort of hell back then and became a huge fan of fighting very aggressively in the streets to stop criminals, 90% of whom were black.  I did punch out a white lawyer who was breaking the law.  That was fun, too.  But most of my clients who went to jail were black.

“You might hear comparisons like ‘we haven’t seen a jump like this since 1990’ and it’s important to understand what that means,” he said. “It means a lot less than it sounds like.”


HAHAHA.  Right.  It still isn’t as horrible as when I was dubbed ‘The Housewife from Hell’ back then due to capturing so many criminals.  But it is trending in that direction, very definitely.


Pfaff joined more than half a dozen experts including police officials, prosecutors, community activists and victim advocates at a press conference on Friday hosted by Harvard Law School to discuss the danger of politicizing the FBI’s data. “We’ve had declining murders for 21 years, but in seven of those years the murder rate actually went up…including four years in a row — and you didn’t see people panicking,” Pfaff said.


Oh my, the liberals are up in arms, warning us to not get worried now that crime is shooting up again and cities are burning as raging mobs of very dangerous young people who hate whites are going nuts and…what?  This is a repeat of the past?  I am betting, it will be much worse now that they have experienced pandering by politicians who do this to citizens:  Hypocrisy! Major league baseball fires catcher for telling the truth about black violence and Obama – YouTube.

Not a single black athlete who are now enmass refusing to stand for the national anthem, has been punished in any way, shape or form.  But this baseball dude who sent a private message that got spammed, is punished for life!  Amazing.  So much for ‘free speech’.


Texas lawyer in Nazi uniform opens fire at strip mall, 9 injured – NY Daily News reports breathlessly.  The Daily News has all these ‘nasty whites are responsible for all crimes’ stories so this one is perfect for them but the minute I saw the name, I thought, ‘I bet he is from Pakistan or India’ and…he is…Nathan DeSai Of Houston, Texas: Facebook ‘Muslim’ Lawyer Buzz, Photos Of Attorney Who Hurt 9.  Who is Nathan DeSai?


Ken McDaniel, DeSai’s law partner for 12 years, said that they decided to go their separate ways in February for economic reasons. He said he hasn’t spoken to DeSai since then.


“If he did do something like this, it’s out of character. It’s shocking and upsetting,” McDaniel said. “I don’t think you would expect anybody to go do anything like this… if Nathan did do this.”…”He said he right now is busy and he has to go. So he left. We didn’t have too much of a conversation. He talked to my wife because I was inside,” Prakash DeSai, his father, said.


He is definitely not a white supremacist.  He isn’t a Muslim terrorist, either.  He is a crazy Indian from India.  But then, India is a very racist society with various castes that hate each other including abusing the oldest group, the Untouchables who are not one of the invaders from 2,000+ years ago.


The English Daily Mail has this charming story:


Yes, that is my charming friend who tried to get me killed when I gave a speech in Bedford/Stuyvesant many years ago.  He was a cheat and a fraud back then and is one today.  He is embraced by HILLARY CLINTON which is a good reason for me to hate her guts and I do, certainly.  Here he and his spawn are, looting the city to enrich themselves illegally.


It doesn’t shock me at all.  The jerks.  To hell with them and their buddies, all of them including the present mayor and the TV company that hired this clown to talk to America about race relations.

Students are racist if they support Trump, says Teacher in Long Island – YouTube

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