Facebook Is Big Brother, Germany Demands Facebook Stop Spying On Users

PBS and Facebook Censor Jill Stein’s Criticism of Hillary Clinton – YouTube

No more need for election farce.  We have this ongoing push by all the fake liberals who run the Internet and our government which on Oct 1: Obama Gives United Nations Power Over Internet so foreign powers can destroy freedom of speech which is being systematically destroyed here as anyone says anything online to anyone that irritates liberals here, is banned for life and lose their jobs, etc.  Shut up, citizens, or else!  Meanwhile, these liberals in California are spying on everyone…ILLEGALLY!  Imagine that!

Protest Against YouTube Censorship – YouTube: PBS censores Jill Stein when she talks about the Bilderberg gang’s plots.  PBS edited it so it looked like she said nothing of the sort by clipping it here and there changing the meaning.


[114] Media Censorship Hits New Level, New Leak Shows Collusion Against BLM, Huge Prison Strike – YouTube

Facebook censored the video showing how Jill was clipped deliberately by PBS.  They took it down.


New from Europe thanks to an independent minded German Kommisar:  Facebook Was Ordered to Stop Collecting WhatsApp User Data in Germany but can do this with impunity in the US which is Occupied Territory under the rule of cruel people who are out to hunt down and suppress anyone working in the government for not being PC:


A German privacy regulator ordered Facebook on Tuesday to stop collecting and storing data of German users of its messaging app WhatsApp and to delete all data that has already been forwarded to it.


The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information said Facebook was infringing data protection law and had not obtained effective approval from WhatsApp’s 35 million users in Germany.


“After the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook two years ago, both parties have publicly assured that data will not be shared between them,” commissioner Johannes Caspar said in a statement.


I tried out Farcebook just once and was displeased with the format.  People send me Farcebook links and I don’t use them because I hate the interface as well as the spying which I assumed since Farcebook is run by a bunch of hysterical ninnies who want to censor people and control them.


Foolish black kids post their crimes there making life easier for cops, which is OK with me.  I hope they continue doing this and do it more.


But aside from being a fly trap for the cops, Farcebook is a Big Brother operation like many parts of the Internet.  Thanks to ‘liberals’ who are really Maoists.  Facebook’s Biggest Meme Pages Boycotting the Site to Protest Censorship | Observer


Starting Wednesday, you may notice significantly fewer memes floating around Facebook. While we’re sure your friends will be sharing some (especially in the aftermath of the first Presidential debate), the pages that exist solely to pump out viral meme content won’t be.


Over 100 of Facebook’s biggest meme pages have coordinated a three-day blackout in protest of what appears to be random censorship on the platform. Collectively, these pages feature the work of over 175 content creators and have more than 20 million followers and likes. This amounts to “reach” in the hundreds of millions and easily accounts for 10 percent of Facebook’s daily user base, according to the movement’s website.


“Our hope is to expose and make transparent the reporting and deletion process on the world’s largest social network, and show how it contributes to the censorship methods of the future,” reads the movement’s website. “Today we are announcing our next action, #Zuxit. After the abrupt deletion of many influential art and comedy pages from Facebook, we are frustrated and taking action.”


THE CENSORSHIP AIN’T RANDOM.  It is very precise.  It is aimed squarely at anyone daring to talk non-PC.  It is a liberal scheme to control the conversation via threats, pulling the plug, being very nasty, copying the Chinese Red Guard (yes, they are copying Madame Mao!).  I saw this in the 1970’s and I can detect it today.


TRUMP: ICANN’T EVEN! America won’t hand over internet control to dictators overseas… and this is another reason they will eliminate Trump by hook or crook or assassination.  After the totally rigged fake ‘debate’ that was utterly one sided with the Machine controlling everything and Trump the outsider, we continue with the DNC stabbing us all in the back over and over again while claiming to be ‘liberals’.


THEY ARE NOT LIBERALS AT ALL.  These people grew up in my own era, they are my contemporaries and they are practicing the arts of Madame Mao.  Thus, the screaming mobs of illegal aliens, blacks, students, etc. mobbing Trump while Hillary stabbed them all in the back.


America to Hand Off Internet Domain Name Control : snopes.com is this liberal site that originally was to tell the real truth but has devolved into lying about nearly everything to cover up liberal crimes.


The change is expected to have little, if any, effect on end users, nor do proponents of the global multistakeholder model foresee negative consequences to setting ICANN free. Opponents beg to differ, however, viewing it as a threat to both the stability of the Internet and the security of the United States.


Former U.S. Representative Newt Gingrich, for one, termed it “very, very dangerous”:


But NTIA administrator Lawrence E. Strickling, who has cited Cisco, Google, the Brookings Institution, and the Center for Democracy and Technology as supporters of the transition, insists there is nothing to fear in privatizing the supervision of domain names and IP numbering:


Our announcement has led to some misunderstanding about our plan with some individuals raising concern that the U.S. government is abandoning the Internet. Nothing could be further from the truth. This announcement in no way diminishes our commitment to preserving the Internet as an engine for economic growth and innovation. We will continue to advocate for U.S. interests and an open Internet through our role on ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) and in other international venues including the Internet Governance Forum.


HAHAHA…Snopes is stupid.  Childish, or rather, a co-conspirator, which is it?  I say, all the above.


Google is evil!  They have changed their system of pulling up stories to screw us all, it is hardly worth using Google anymore, it is so crappy now.  Google my name and you get three or even four of my stuff the rest being total junk!


Google is all for censorship, too.  The Brookings Institution: OMG.  Bilderberg operation from day one from top to bottom!!!


And the promise here is to ‘operate the open internet for US INTERESTS’.  Not users’ interest, the US government’s interests!  Good lord, Snopes thinks we are all as stupid as he or she or whatever this evil creature is.  Perhaps no sex.


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11 responses to “Facebook Is Big Brother, Germany Demands Facebook Stop Spying On Users

  1. FB is deleting many of my posts that concern the NWO and items pertaining to the chaos in Europe aka the “refugee crisis” or whatever they want to call it in PC-speak!

  2. e sutton

    Obvious question: What are they trying to hide? If talk about the NWO agenda is so ¨out there¨ and ¨conspiracy stuff¨, why not just let it roll and laugh about it? Same goes for negro degeneracy and low IQ/ lack of impulse control/ high level of testosterone in negro males AND females? Why not tear it down with facts and figures disputing the science and empirical evidence?

  3. emsnews

    Hi, Patrick! Glad to hear from you here. You are right, of course.

    Sutton, correct, you sound insane when you talk about the Dark Side. Sad, isn’t it?

  4. e sutton


    I find it worse than sad, frankly. ¨Sad¨ for me is when a favorite pet dies or something like a cherished antique piece of china gets smashed or chipped. I am at once both terrified and angry at the same time when confronted with such twisting of the truth into something akin to a pretzel.

    You have certainly been around for a long time and seem to have always been awakened to the evil that has been around us. There are many who come to your site who I suspect are similar to me in that we never had an awareness of how deep the ¨Deep State¨ runs. In my own experience, problems can and will be solved, but only when there is an acknowledgement that number one, a problem exists, and number two, rational solutions are proposed, discussed, debated, and finally implemented. Where we are right now is nowhere near that kind of resolution.

  5. nclaughlin

    Mr O’Connell, clinking on your link shows that http://www.theamericancommons.com no long exists. Do you have a new site?

  6. emsnews

    Sigh: the birth of the Deep State happened in Germany in 1945 when my father entered the secret rocket caves outside of Jena and Leipzig. The Nazi scientists were there and they were all war criminals on MANY LEVELS.

    The first thing my father did there was CUT DOWN THE BODIES OF DEAD SLAVES the Nazis put across the entrance to the cave complex. He had other Nazi evil to deal with and then TOOK THEM ALL OUT and shipped them to the US to work for the Pentagon!!!!

    This was criminal. I knew most of these men, these former Nazis, played with their own children when I was a child, I spied on them all and on my own dad for this crime was top secret…STILL IS TODAY.

    I confronted my father about all this in 1966 and was kicked out of the house after he hit me very hard in the face with his fist. I spent my life exposing this and I know every detail because I spied on them all and got it all and was arrested heading towards the caves in East Germany back in 1968 and the East Germans told the West Germans I was coming so I was arrested and shipped back to the US.

    This crazy story of my life and my father’s life pisses off the elites a great deal so they say I am making things up. Ha. In the Afterlife, where Pegasus hangs out being a dead god so to speak (Pegasus isn’t dead) everyone there knows that I am telling the truth and our government is lying.

    Good lord, the things our rulers do! My poor father, he was actually an honest man whose life was a NIGHTMARE due to what happened in Germany. It tortured him all the way to his grave and I feel sorry for that.

  7. emsnews

    1945 saw two threads of the Apocalypse rise up: the nuclear bomb program in the US and the rocket program in Germany. The two were thoroughly intertwined during the 1950s-1960s. I got to watch both the bombs and the rockets in person as they were developed.

    I decided when I was only 13 years old to try to stop this monster creation when a girlfriend whose father worked along with the other scientists died due to exposure to the nuclear bombs.

    This early heartbreak hit very hard. Then I began looking for other people dying from the same reasons and this is how I ended up getting to know survivors of Hiroshima, one of whom is still alive and a friend.

    I sudder every time I think of WWIII for I know what this means. The pure horror of this event is imprinted on my brain at a very young age.

  8. emsnews

    The reason I didn’t die also was due to my father teaching us since earliest childhood to pay attention to where we are so we are never downwind from nuclear bomb tests. To this day, when the West wind blows, I get very uneasy and even rather hysterical.

    Worse, when I told classmates and older adults this vital survival information, they thought I was a stupid, nutty, lying child. Then they died. Remember the cancer epidemic?

    Caused by nuclear bomb tests.

    Kennedy signed the treaty with Russia about stopping nuclear tests and was killed and this put my father in a panic at first since he agreed this would be a good thing to do and advised him to do it. I flipped totally out and became VERY paranoid.

    But then, a long life with people periodically trying to kill me cured me of that. And I learned quickly how to deal with anyone stupid enough to try it now.

  9. Lou

    Was Donald Trumps microphone lower than HCs? So he had to slump?

  10. Lou

    Elaine, I will raise you 20—-

  11. Lou


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