Infantile ‘Debate’ Is ‘Won’ By Hillary With Huge Assists From NBC: SHE KNEW ALL QUESTIONS BEFOREHAND

Black cops can be violent with blacks as we saw in Charlotte, too.

Yes, Clinton’s ‘preparations’ for the ‘debates’ involved learning carefully how to deal with all the questions which were fed to her beforehand.  This is why she had to take two weeks off from campaigning to memorize everything.


Clinton brands Trump a racist AND a sexist: Donald complains about ‘nasty’ Hillary after she torments him over backing for ‘birther’ question, discrimination and treatment of women.Barely a question or word about the world, focused mainly on Trump’s private affairs, the US media is trumpeting that Hillary won the debate (this was not a ‘debate’) and Trump lost.  This was also Trump’s fault: he doesn’t know how to really ‘debate’.  Amongst the many things I studied when young was to be part our school’s debate society as well as raging debates in college particularly on the topic of the Vietnam War.


This ‘debate’ which was really an interview, not a debate, had a host who interrupted Trump 30 times and Hillary not even a dozen times and this unprofessional behavior which was actually hectoring Trump while not asking Hillary any substantial questions, was deliberately designed to attack only Trump.


It didn’t work so hot.  Majority of snap polls show Trump won debate by a landslide despite CNN’s overwhelming victory for Hillary.  Two reader’s comments at the Mail in England:


FLMom, Palm Harbor, United States, about a minute ago

I can see how she gets under his skin. I don’t want him to play so nice with her next time. He needs to address her as Hillary. She kept word playing with his name. He shouldn’t show her respect.


Treviso29, Houston tx, United States, 11 minutes ago

This was a low energy debate, hopefully somebody will step up the next debate and so i can comfortably eat my popcorn, Hilary, was just lecturing Trump throughout, and i saw trump just nodding his head like a kindergarden listerning to an interesting story.


Cop Deaths Double in 2016, Amid Obama’s Anti-Cop Rhetoric …and it was not a hot topic at this ‘debate’.  Keith Scott WAS carrying a stolen gun, police say – and his wife filed for a restraining order against him saying he was armed, violent and had threatened to kill her and for this, blacks poured into Charlotte to burn the place down and demand the police cease patrolling black communities.


The topic of why all these lies about police/black criminal interactions was not discussed at the debate.  Nor was this a hot topic: Stock markets in turmoil over fears for Germany’s top bank: Billions wiped off the FTSE 100 after Merkel rules out rescue at Deutsche Bank. Insane zero interest rates like Japan is causing the same thing as Japan: stagnation coupled with a collapse in civility as millions of angry Muslims pour into the country.


THAT topic should have been huge last night.  Instead, it was rigged deliberately between Hillary’s machine and the media machine, the TV presenter being a MSNBC tool which is always hitting at Trump, to have only questions embarrassing to him and petting her.


Not one peep about her international connections or activities or accepting bribes from Wall Street and foreign governments, for example.  Trump, being a rich dude who couldn’t win a debate with me on any international/economic argument, was at sea when trying to debate a Bilderberg gangster who is all about exploiting the US military power to work for aliens and rich people.


He was too naive to turn the obviously rigged ‘questions’ against MSNBC and Hillary to a debate about these very vital, life and death questions like as I had in my news last night, the rush to WWIII and nuclear annihilation.


Questions about his taxes, for example, were crude.  He couldn’t figure out that turning it away was easy: all he had to do was say, ‘I did everything legally just like this television interviewer here and Hillary herself.  All rich people evade taxes!  Very energetically.  MSNBC certainly knows this.  The news today in the big press is all about ‘Hahaha, we got Trump on the tax issue’ when the issue here is how the Democrats and Republicans, both owned by the rich, have created this thing we call THE BUDGET DEFICIT.


Obama doubled this.  This shocking news isn’t a debate issue, is it?  Of course not.  The infantile debaters and the infantile press together, after refusing to let the other two candidates appear in the debate claiming they had little support in public when of course, the media never mentions them or lets them talk to the people.


China debt could wreck the global economy: Leading economist warns country could suffer a calamitous slowdown not because China is bad but because EXPORTS TO US AND EUROPE are down since both are in a slowdown and this is directly connected to the flood of Muslims and in the US, flood from south of our borders, and the social and political chaos in the ‘useless workers cities’ where most of the people seeking welfare and crime gravitate.


The issue of why all major former manufacturing cities are ringed with mostly white/low crime suburbs that are dying and the cities that once were our crown jewels in manufacturing are now dead hell holes filled with young people training hard to be professional criminals, we have a collapse in the ability to run schools, police unable to restore law and order, social chaos and looming WWIII and the topic of debate last night was childish, trivial, and above all…stupid.


It’s getting a little bit old! Trump mocks Hillary for recycling line saying he shouldn’t be trusted with the nuclear codes and that, everyone, is the level of debate about WWIII.  Hillary jokes about this.  Trump has no idea what WWIII is all about.


But it perfectly mirrored our media which is all these negative things!  I didn’t watch the debate last night because I hate being bored out of my mind or being angry due to the stupidity of everything there.  Previous debates did talk about important things to some small degree.


But here we are: facing WWIII which Hillary is helping to cook up…and Trump is totally naive about…and it isn’t topic #1 especially since the Joint Chief of Staff himself talked about all this YESTERDAY.  What?  No mainstream headlines?  HAHAHA.  Sigh.


This is why I live deep in the mountains.  Totally safe and quite deliberately.40 years of the US bringing war and destruction to Muslim nations and Russia in order to ‘stop communism’ has continued onwards even after communism fell eons ago.  And the wars to help Israel ethnically cleanse the Holy Land has harmed the US for my entire life.


THAT certainly was not a topic of discussion.  The meeting of both candidates with our Real Real Ruler, Netanyahu, was certainly not going to be questioned by MSNBC.  ‘One of these two is our next President!’ Web users make fun of furious debate with hilarious memes – and mock Trump for having the ‘sniffles’: yes, liberals are mocking Trump for sniffling.  While the US mainstream media giants studiously ignore or lie about Hillary’s serious health issues.  ‘He sounds like he was fighting off a cold…. of cocaine’: Colbert adds to Twitter hysteria surrounding Trump and his constant sniffling throughout debate, this ‘comedian’ who never joked about Hillary’s health problems.  Sheesh.  Is this Junior High School?


‘A 400 pound hacker sitting on their bed might have hacked the Democratic emails’: Trump’s amazing claim as he is challenged over Putin breaching U.S. security: this infuriates me.  Our media has been pushing the fake ‘Putin is spying on us’ issue.  Perhaps Russians using computers did the breech, it is not even slightly proven that PUTIN did this at all.  Chinese hackers do stuff, too.  So do, ahem, American hackers.


‘Was Lester Holt auditioning for Hillary’s press secretary?’ NBC moderator is criticized for Clinton bias by failing to ask about her emails or Benghazi notes the British press.  Don’t see that headline in US media, of course.  Nor was this brought up:  John Boehner Cashes Out, Joins Corporate Lobbying Firm That Represents China!!!!!  HAHAHA.  Our leaders: owned by foreign powers.


Amazon is accused of removing negative reviews of Hillary Clinton’s campaign book ‘Stronger Together’ after readers slated it online as the internet collapses as Google, Amazon, Snap Chat, You Tube, etc. all go into Soviet-style censorship to rig things so their ideology is pushed and anyone disputing their owners politically, are punished, censored or banned.


Liberals are not bringing us more freedom and more rights, they want civil rights for all sorts of people who do deserve these rights but simultaneously, they are taking away very basic civil rights from all sorts of people who argue with these fake liberals.  Liberalism should stand on its own two feet.  I am a very angry liberal who is against the new form of ‘liberalism’ which is really a copy of Madame Mao’s ugly regime.


I recognize Maoism from far off, having intimately interacted with it all many years ago.  The same leftist intolerance, contempt for authority while simultaneously doing thug tactics to silence people and intimidate them.  Yes, this is thug politics we are seeing in our nation as it refuses to grow up and take responsibility for what is going on that is, the trade deficit, the government spending deficit, the huge rise in school debt being loaded on the next generations, the collapse of marriage that is engulfing all races and which has been nearly totally annihilated in the black community: social disintegration.


For the first time, immigrants are also revolting: Hispanics refuse to learn English are a fine example.  Everything is now in English and Spanish as we continue down the path of ‘do not integrate’ and blacks are calling for black only systems too, while denouncing racism.  This increasing social isolation and refusal to integrate is due to a collapse in our school systems as whites flee city schools due to a collapse in discipline there.


I removed my children twice in two different cities due to black children openly rioting and defying teachers in schools.  This isn’t unusual, this is normal in the US.  The unlucky white children in mostly black schools are openly abused viciously and…neither MSNBC nor Hillary talked about all this and Obama openly lies about all this.


Our country is disintegrating rapidly.  Economic chaos translates directly into social chaos.  And both left and right won’t face the music here or see the connections that seem so obvious to me.  Families who are not on welfare are having fewer and fewer children due to the expense of paying school taxes for schools their children can’t attend while paying for private schools in the cities and in the suburbs, the commute to city jobs while living as far away as humanly possible is an economic and above all, a social toll on families leading to fewer children.


Then there is global warming: the liberal’s favorite freak out.  Where was it last night?  Did it vanish suddenly?  HAHAHA.  We are all going to die according to Obama and Hillary.  And…who cares, evidently.  They certainly are not too scared of this future, right?  It barely bothers them.  Where is the seriousness if we are talking about WWIII and burning in supposed hell?


Oh, Trump has the sniffles.


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9 responses to “Infantile ‘Debate’ Is ‘Won’ By Hillary With Huge Assists From NBC: SHE KNEW ALL QUESTIONS BEFOREHAND

  1. floridasandy

    Lester didn’t want the Matt Lauer treatment, and he certainly won’t get it now.

    I think Trump tried too hard to be respectful because he knew how the media would go after him. What we can clearly see is that the media will go after him no matter what he says, so he needs to come down hard on her.

    I think there were no breaks so that her medication wouldn’t wear off. They should have an intermission in the next debate.

    I don’t think the needle moved for most people, and real issues were never really discussed—- the birther thing, the tax thing, all diversionary from real issues you are exposing daily on your website.

    It’s pretty easy to see why Trump did not want a moderator.

  2. emsnews

    Thank you. I have debated in politics much of my life. I also know how the insiders operate having grown up ‘inside the system’s very heart’. This is why I often sound insane because the crazy things our Real Rulers are doing are hardly believable.

    For example, when I learned about the Skull and Bones, I was stunned when the list of the founders of the Skull and Bones was released and thus learned what I feared greatly: my own ancestor, Henry Steele, was a top founding member.

    The news about Geronimo’s skull being stolen by a Bush and Cheney pair way back during WWI stunned both the Apache tribe and myself. The Tribe and I had a conversation about all this and tried to force the Bushes to return the skull and release it from Yale’s clutches and we failed when they sent a child’s skull being used for black magic instead.

    NONE OF THIS is mentioned by the media, no questions about all this, it was buried by the news media and it is at the core of what is going on: we are ruled by people who use black magic to gain temporal power.

    And are INSANE. Totally and completely insane. And criminals. And we don’t get any news about this and anyone mentioning any of this is called ‘insane’ and so it goes.

    My family has been strange for the last at least 600 years. We are weird, weird lightning weird and I hold the world records of being hit by lightning bolts and surviving and on top, being hit indoors every time, too.

    And this is all connected, insane, bizarre and life and death to everyone else because we are in this matrix designed to destroy all humans in WWIII.

  3. floridasandy

    we are literally being endangered by our leaders. Market ticker had a very good piece today, in part:

    Obama has denied that Islamic terrorism was responsible for the massacre.  He lied and he knew it.
    And Hillary Clinton’s State Department blocked an investigation into the mosque the killer attended because it “unfairly” singled out Muslims (Gee, you mean Muslims attend mosques, and nobody else does?)
    Then the shooter’s father, who is a supporter of hers, showed up at one of her campaign rallies.
    Oh, by the way, where is the shooter’s wife — it does appear, does it not, that Obama’s government, that is, HILLARY’S party, let her leave the country and of course she will never return to face the music as an apparent accomplice since there are reports in the media that she drove him to the club, heavily armed, to commit his massacre.
    View this entry with comments (registration required to post)
    I urge people to remember and to read this piece on his website.

  4. Petruchio

    Did anyone besides me notice Mrs. Clinton’s eye movements? I watched Clinton blink and blink and blink. Hillary blinked so often and so frequently that it got irritating and distracting to watch. I also noticed Mrs. Clinton’s eyes–when she had them open, which wasn’t that often–Clinton’s eyes looked lifeless. Mrs. Clinton didn’t otherwise SEEM to be heavily ‘drugged up’, but I bet she was.

  5. emsnews

    There was nothing there because robots don’t do ‘life’ stuff. 🙂

  6. e sutton


    Yes, I did notice the eye blinking from Mrs. Clinton, Pet. I also noticed she appeared somewhat tipsy. In no way do I mean to suggest drunk. She pulled off last night´s performance reasonably well. I think most people were amazed she did not fall face first into the podium. Nevertheless, there was something a little bit odd about her demeanor. She had that quiet glow a woman gets at a cocktail party after a glass of champagne. I also noticed that her head was ever so slightly bobbing. I have been watching replays of the debate. It is clear she is on something very powerful, if to control the nervous twerks if nothing else.

    My mother was dependent most of her life on ¨Mothers Little Helpers¨. I should know the look when I see it. This woman has it in spades.

  7. floridasandy

    Agree 100%,, especially with the inappropriate affect.

    Maybe that is why there were no breaks in that debate-perhaps the next debate could be longer. 🙂

  8. emsnews

    She is back to uncontrolled ‘coughing’ again. They gave her some sort of drug for the debate.

    Trump doesn’t know how to debate. I used to take debate classes so I could win debates. This is why my life has been filled with nasty people threatening to beat me up or kill me at various public forums.

    This includes politicians who should know how to debate but hate losing.

  9. Maddie's Mom

    I still believe it is very possible this is all one big charade.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Trumps and Clintons all had dinner together in some posh private dining room afterwards. And they laughed and they laughed and they laughed…..

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