FBI Warns Flood Terrorists From Syria, Putin Warns WWIII Will Destroy Us All

Putin Issues Desperate Warning of WWIII – YouTube

The US entered Syria, unleashed hell there and now Russia and Assad are kicking out US terrorists who will go…to Europe and the US!  We shall have many years of fun and games here with Hillary and her Bilderberg buddies claiming we must have more refugees here and arm them, too.  Proof:  FBI Director warns of massive ‘terrorist diaspora like we’ve never seen before’ | Daily Mail Online in England reports since this news is verboten in the US where we are to worry about Trumps’ taxes.


FBI Director James Comey warned on Tuesday that in the next two to five years a massive ‘terrorist diaspora’ will happen.


Comey made the statement while testifying before Congress on Tuesday alongside Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Nicholas Rasmussen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center.


The three men were at a hearing to examine threats to national security in the country 15 years after the horrific September 11 attacks.


I am armed and prepared.  But hopefully no terrorists will come to my little farm on a mountain that is rather isolated.  And my new puppy dog, Saffire, can give me warning but then the three bears or the bobcat might scare off any terrorists who don’t know their danger and the wild turkeys will cluck and call if aliens invade.


Yes, we are ready.  Even the three cats know how to patrol from the roofs of the buildings here.  But the rest of America: WATCH OUT.  But then, our rulers want nuclear war with Russia and China.  Ahem.  Very few will survive WWIII.


Damascus Has Audio of Daesh Talks With US Military Before Strike on Syrian Army but it isn’t released yet with translation.  It would not surprise me.  I bet it is true.  We will never hear about this except if we go to foreign news.  Indeed, all my links today are all foreign, I have utterly given up on US news except for humor attempts.


Putin: The Russian President Says Something About ISIS That Western Media Won’t Air like 99% of all the other stuff going on that the Bilderberg gang doesn’t want us to know.


A great example right now is the ongoing situation between the United States and Russia. Here in Canada, newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently called Putin, Russia’s President since May of 2012, a bully, and the United States did the same.


HERE is what Putin had to say after Russia was accused of being a bully.

On the other side of the pond, you have millions of people listening to Russian and Chinese media outlets saying something completely different.


Apart from mass propaganda that’s dished out to us regarding political issues via the mainstream media, where are we to turn to get more information on this subject when global media outlets are basically supporting the interests of their own country? On some issues it seems a little clearer, for example, what is the United States doing with regards to their infiltration of so many countries across the world? Why have they established so many military bases? What is going on here?


Lavrov: Russia to Demand ‘Most Thorough Investigation’ Into Aleppo Convoy Attack and the US refuses this, of course.  War crimes are buried once the victims are dead.  What you did in Iraq & Libya is the real barbarism – Russian FM spox rebukes US envoy to UN — RT News reports.  I am transported back to my youth.  Pinch the arm, is this the stupid cold/hot war again?  When do we bomb Vietnam?


US wants to distract attention from coalition strike on Syria troops – Lavrov complains after the US did in Syria what is did daily in Vietnam.


We are ordered to take in millions of angry Muslims and a the same time, support ethnic cleansing of thes Muslims trying to live in their homeland where the Jews want to live instead.  So, Iceland’s Capital Votes To Boycott All Israeli Products and the Jews will punish them all severely.  Of course.  Liberalism is lamb’s wool covering a slavering wolf.


LBJ was a ‘liberal’ who murdered peasants in Asia, killed children, we sang ‘Hey, hey, LBJ, how many children did you kill today.’  He didn’t care.  He loved children and then slaughtered them by the thousands without batting an eye.


President Barack Obama’s fresh attack on Donald Trump after debate claiming loudly that Trump ‘doesn’t have the preparation, the temperament, nor the core values’ to be president| Daily Mail Online in England reports.  Yes, he has killed NO ONE!  Imagine that!  No blood on his hands. Oh my.  He should slaughter a few hundred toddlers and then he might be a real man, a real leader.


Hillary has tons of practice killing people of all sorts.  She is good at it.  So is Peace Prize Obama.  The now-dead former President of Israel, Perez, killed lots of Palestinians and then got the Peace Prize so I assume now that to win it, you have to first kill poorly-armed minorities or natives of lands you want to steal.


Based on that, my ancestors who invaded England with the other Normans should get a pile of Peace Prizes!  We killed lots of people in Europe and the New World and it was very peaceful once we finished our labors.  Then, all was well.  Build a couple dozen castles and ride out periodically to keep order and voila: peace prize time.


The Nobel committee owes me at least 20 Peace Prizes, no?  21 if I am included.  But I haven’t killed anyone yet, certainly no babies.  Must try harder!


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14 responses to “FBI Warns Flood Terrorists From Syria, Putin Warns WWIII Will Destroy Us All

  1. Christian W

    Come on Elaine. It isn’t “Muslim” terrorists you need to worry about. In fact all of the best “Muslim” terrorists were trained by US Special Forces, the 101st Airborne or the British SAS. They are known by name by the US and UK.

    The real terrorism is the destruction of the US political and economic and media etc by self serving powers that have nothing directly to do with “Muslim” terrorism but everything to do with it indirectly. Ten fully equipped divisions of “Muslim” terrorist could not do more damage to the US than what your own sell out leaders are doing this very moment.

  2. Petruchio

    “Putin: The Russian President Says Something About ISIS That Western Media Won’t Air like 99% of all the other stuff going on that the Bilderberg gang doesn’t want us to know.” This is one of the main reasons they hate Putin. The MSM has plenty of space for anti Putin vitriol. At all costs, demonize Russia, facts or the truth be damned.

  3. emsnews

    My Russian is very rusty now but way back in 1965, I learned enough Russian to work my way through Pravda and I used this knowledge frequently to learn what was going on.

    That is, when reporting what the US was doing, Pravda was usually right! To learn what the communists were doing in Russia, I went to Radio Bulgaria whose ruler was pissed at the Russians back in the 1960s so they had real news about Russia all the time! HAHAHA.

    And this is how we get information: from odd corners. It is the only way.

  4. Lou

    It isn’t “Muslim” terrorists you need to worry about. –wrong again, Christian. There are Muslims who would drop a bomb on a city, if they had it. They would delight in killing millions.

    Also, I do not support or defend USAs imperialism.

  5. Christian W

    Well the US elites do have bombs, and they do drop them on cities and they do kill millions.

    This is reality. No doubt the terrorists embraced and supported by the US elites would love to get their hands on more and bigger bombs, But they would only be following in the foot steps of their masters.

  6. Christian W

    The only way to fix the “Muslim” terror threat is to fix Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

  7. e sutton


    True enough, Christian W. In all seriousness, which entity should we start with? Or to put it more directly, which is the tail and which is the dog?

  8. Christian W

    The Saudis are the obvious tail in the Petrodollar system. Wahhabism is the House of Saud’s tool of political control. There is no serious “Muslim” terrorism without Wahabbism fed by Petrodollars. Petrodollars are the one weapon the Saudis have and they weild it with great effect in Washington and in London and in Paris.

    Petrodollar addiction is not the reason the Western elites are collapsing into barbarism, but it is one important factor contributing to it.

  9. Christian W

    It was the British who back in the day (around WWI) discovered the usefulness of the blindly fanatical and backwards Wahabbis as a tool to prevent pan-Arabic unity. That is the reason the Brits, always experts in Divide and Conquer, chose the “House of Saud” in the first place to create “Saudi” Arabia to control the oil wealth.

    The Western elites to this day are using Wahabbism as a tool to prevent Arab political unity and cohesion. And now they are importing it to Europe (definitely) and (maybe, but probably not) to the US as a means to sow more divide and conquer rot in the western world.

  10. nani

    Contrary to Western media propaganda about how evil and dangerous Putin is, fact is that Putin and Russia is a voice of reason on the international arena. The real lunatics are to be found in Western Capitals, most notably in Washington D.C. where War secretary Ashton Carter assured the world that the US will retain its first nuclear strike policy.

    In other words the US reserves the right to attack another state with nukes without any acts of aggression from that country, and without any warning
    According to Carter, this policy contributes to the “deterrence of conflict, and the deterrence of war”. Right..

  11. emsnews

    That is the hair trigger for WWIII. Whoever bombs first, wins. This logic doesn’t occur to the US rulers. They imagine paranoid Russians who have been invaded suddenly repeatedly in the not very distant past, will hesitate.


    And China: DITTO in spades. Paranoid for good reason after the European barbarians invaded 2 centuries ago and looted the place.

  12. emsnews

    Talking about hair triggers: I believe we just had a major terror attack in Hoboken at the station to NYC. My son-in-law was just two trains behind this event so he is safe.

    I think, if this is a terror attack, the election just ended for Hillary.

  13. Lou

    Elaine, you might want to check ‘Refugee Resettlement Watch’ –Syrians are being placed in Vermont [close to you?].

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