Massive Train Crash Hoboken NJ

New Jersey Train Crash Video Footage – YouTube


Train crashes in New Jersey station, several injuries reported…members of my family use this specific train and this station and I flipped out when I saw the news an hour ago and spent the last hour talking to everyone down there and my son-in-law was wondering why his train was being rerouted way out of the way, and he told the whole train car what was going on and everyone got on their cell phones mainly to tell family members they were OK.


MORE NEWS:  Three dead and more than 100 injured as commuter train crashes INTO Hoboken station: Blood-soaked victims are pulled from the wreckage and rescuers battle to reach many who are still trapped


I KNEW IT: more news!  Train crash in New Jersey station turns deadly | New York Post


“Unbelievable scene in Hoboken right now. Train crashed and went straight through the platform into the station,” @Chris_Lantero, sharing a photo of the chaos.


Leon O., a passenger in the third car of the train that crashed, uploaded a video to Twitter showing the chaotic moments after the crash – with people yelling and repeating, “Oh my God, Oh my God.”


“I think I’m still in shock,” he told CNN, adding that he saw numerous injured people walking past him.


He said he wasn’t in a seat with a window, but doesn’t think the train slowed down when it was approaching the Hoboken station.


“There was no brakes, all of a sudden just crash,” he said. “Something happened.”

The cause of the crash and the extent of the injuries were not immediately clear.


I am nearly totally certain now this was a terror attack.  


My daughter was very upset when I called and told her to call her husband, fast.  We are both very happy he is OK, of course.


Now…this crash is IMPOSSIBLE.  The only way it can happen is if someone does something to override all the safety systems, this is one of the more modern train stations an systems in the NYC region.  It was ‘fail safe’ EXCEPT if humans get around the systems.


So it is either terrorism or suicide or both.  I am betting on ‘terror attack’ considering that ISIS and others said they were going to step up these ‘lone wolf’ attacks.  I have zero proof but am thinking, since this was not something that could easily be accidental, it has to be deliberate, that is, the train was deliberately sped up to maximum speed before crashing through the station and into the waiting room.


It was NOT slowing down to stop.  Period.  This is the third very close call for my own family when terrorists attack, I begged and pleaded with my ex-husband and my dearest friends to vacate the WTC buildings before 9/11, for example,


When Atta struggled to take control of the jet on 9/11, this happened right over my house and I went outside to watch it happen because commercial jets never fly low over my mountain, ever.  But then, a Saudi pilot flew his jet in Tucson right where my little house used to stand, too.  YIKES.  Ahem.


I have very good reasons to be very paranoid.  I have to look Evil straight in the eye as Evil aims straight at myself and my family.  I don’t have a la-de-da feeling about things, I am highly alarmed by all this, it is not a distant issue but right square in my face issue.


It is literally and absolutely life and death.  I thought, after several very close escapes, to hide in the deep mountains only to have terrorists nearly crash a jet into my mountain!  So I am resigned to the fact that terrorists will aim at killing me, my family and friends and we have to be very aware of this and it pisses me off no end if this latest event is yet another terrorist attack.  YIKES.


This is Reality.  Damn.


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14 responses to “Massive Train Crash Hoboken NJ

  1. Lou

    I am glad your family was not on that train.
    How many children do you have?

  2. e sutton

    I am glad your family is alright. Stay vigilant. We all must remain so. Especially the White people. The savages are on the march, along with their well funded masters. Their aim is to form the NWO into their own Marxist model. Muslims, like negroes, are their weapon of choice.

  3. emsnews

    2 children, 1 grandchild.

    We all have to be ‘safe’ but wolves are hunting us and our own government is doing its ratted best to produce endless waves of terrorists! Every move our government makes, produces terrorists for no sane reasons.

  4. Melponeme_k

    I’m glad your family is safe.

    I also suspected terrorism when I heard the news as well.

  5. John lynch

    I think you’re right I think it’s all terrorist related there’s another still hanging out in New Jersey

  6. Lou

    3 dead, 100? or more injured.

  7. Christian W

    Remember the speed train crash in France recently where the driver was speeding for fun?

    And Elaine, nothing could be more obvious, the elites are producing terrorists because it suits their policies of war profiteering and domination.

  8. Jim R

    I’m glad to hear your family is OK.

    On the whole, and with a properly-grounded lightning rod system, I would say your mountain location is good for almost all kinds of disasters. Ice age, global warming, meteor strike, hurricane, etc. And I hope your family knows to gather there if one happens.

    If the disaster is nuclear, of course all bets are off, but still I think the mountain is a better than average place to try for survival. Only thing that might be still better would be a mountain in South America. Because trade winds tend not to cross the equator.

  9. emsnews

    Several of my friends did relocate to Chile and Argentina. The one who was in Chile was nearly killed in a COUP! Ditto happens in Argentina, not particularly politically stable places in any South American country, Central America, too.

    Can’t go to Germany…hahaha. They deported me but I changed my name twice since then so maybe…but then Germany is being even stupider than the US right now!

  10. emsnews

    LATEST NEWS: The driver of the train is alive, barely. So he can be questioned. This was unforgivable. He had zero reason to speed into the station at full tilt with not even the slightest braking and he wasn’t dying of a heart attack.

    So, it was either an attempt at suicide or he was on illegal drugs or too drugged up to operate any machinery or terror suicide attack. Not too many other possible options.

  11. Melponeme_k

    Lone wolf terrorist attack in Vienna today. Although the powers that be deny it just to gaslight us all.

  12. Lou

    It takes a pack to raise a ‘lone wolf.’

  13. Lou

    Can’t go to Germany… IN A BURKA THEY WOULD WELCOME YOU, YES?
    They deported me but I changed my name twice since then so maybe…but then Germany is being even stupider than the US right now!

    Any news on train crash?

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