More News About How Hillary Cheated In Debate With Trump

YouTuber Savagely Attacked By Blacks Over Holding Up An All Lives Matter Sign! – YouTube showing clearly how the violent people are Hillary supporters.


More news about the fake debate that was rigged from day one to be false.  Since we live in the New World Order Soviet Union Maoist Matrix, news is floating around and we have no idea what is true or not but here is someone else seemingly with more information than I, saying what I said from day one, that Clinton Got The Questions A Week Before The Debate – Report:


Earlier last week an NBC intern was seen hand delivering a package to Clinton’s campaign headquarters, according to sources. The package was not given to secretarial staff, as would normally happen, but the intern was instead ushered into the personal office of Clinton campaign manager Robert Mook. Members of the Clinton press corps from several media organizations were in attendance at the time, and a reporter from Fox News recognized the intern, but said he was initially confused because the NBC intern was dressed like a Fed Ex employee.


The reporter from Fox questioned campaign staff about the intern, but campaign staff at first claimed ignorance and then claimed that it was just a Fed Ex employee who had already left. No reporters present who had seen the intern dressed as a Fed Ex employee go into Mook’s office saw him leave by the same front entrance. The Fox reporter who recognized the intern also immediately looked outside of the campaign headquarters and noted that there were no Fed Ex vehicles parked outside.


If this is true, then Hillary and her gang should be arrested for fraud.  And NBC executives should be arrested, for certain.  Of course, Hillary should be in prison for war crimes.  Obama, too.  And the Bushes.  And Mr. Clinton.  But then…look!  More terror attacks!


Make America safe!  This election sounds very much like the Nixon election stuff more and more…


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45 responses to “More News About How Hillary Cheated In Debate With Trump

  1. Lou

    Her memory did not fail her during the Fake Debate.
    And she was not coughing.

  2. csurge

    Are you saying Trump is like Nixon, or Clinton is like Nixon? And to hell with the current petty distractions. Obama is about sign over the internet to the communists if the reports are to be believed

  3. emsnews

    Yes, Putin will soon run the Internet, I suppose, since he seems to have brains. Sheesh. We have the DUMBEST rulers, ever.

    Ever read the Decline and Fall of Rome? I read it when only 12 years old, since then, I reread it every five years as a harsh reminder. Read it this last month.

    Ahem…debasing the currency, only nasty people can become the Top Leader, assassinations, military uprisings, barbarians invading the homeland all the way to the capital, terrorists scaring everyone, elephants over the Alps…oops, no more elephants since Hannibal but worse things: Germanic tribes!

    Then came the super-barbarians out of the Arctic regions.

    Over run, deep in debt, gold currency gone, even pennies debased, religious fundamentalist fanatics screaming for everyone to repent or die…we tick off a lot of boxes from the Decline And Fall Of Rome, don’t we?

  4. floridasandy

    that was some video on black lives matter.

    I never heard of TJ Sotomayor before.

  5. Lou

    Obama is about sign over the internet to the communists if the reports are to be believed—The purpose on the UN is world government, Soros ‘open ‘society’ [in quotes].

  6. Christian W

    Which communists exactly, Lou?

  7. Mewswithaview

    RIGGED: Damning Video Busts Hillary Using Hand Signals To Trigger Lester Holt

    Inside correct the record

  8. Tom W Harris

    You’re all wackos on this bus.

  9. Petruchio

    @#4Elaine: Also like during the Decline of Rome, the US has a heavy reliance on mercenaries, just like the ‘Declining’ Romans did.

  10. I have to admit, I’m shocked that my old friend, Elaine, is a Trump supporter. She’s always hated Big Business. Oh well, to each their own.

  11. Trump lost because he didn’t prepare properly. Hilary didn’t cheat, she did her homework was ready for the questions. Trump didn’t; even his own staff admitted he didn’t. The only who won’t admit it is Trump himself. He might learn from this mistake, but probably not.

  12. emsnews

    Correct. Hillary worked VERY HARD to memorize all the questions and have standard answers. I am happy you figured this out. I would demand all candidates have the same privilege but then, our ‘debates’ have been farces for years now (guess how long!).

  13. emsnews

    Caley, I hate cheaters. Hillary cheated. Isn’t the first time she has done this. I could beat her in any debate if I were allowed to do this (impossible, of course) but Trump is a newbie to all this.

    He didn’t know our elites cheat all the time. He was naive. Remember, I boast about how I beat him in the past at his own game, he hates me for this.

  14. Hilary didn’t cheat. She’s an experienced debater. Trump is ‘naive’???? He’s one of the most un-naive people on the planet! he lost because he didn’t prepare for the debate and wouldn’t listen to the advice of his staff.

  15. I seem to remember you saying you liked President Clinton. Now you seem to hate every president since Reagan. What changed your mind?

  16. And another, much more important question. Now that you know I support Hilary, do you hate me? I don’t hate you. I disagree with your politics, but at one time you were one of my best friends. You took me in when I had no job and no place to live other than crawling back to parents (I did eventually, but that’s another story). Seriously, I’m not trying to insult you or make you angry. We simply disagree on the presidential candidates and some other issues. I really hope we can agree to disagree, and remain friends.

  17. emsnews

    You are taking this very personally. Hillary cheated because her ‘preparations’ were assisted by CBS which supports her candidacy.

    It was unfair. And the fact that the ‘moderator’ went after Trump over and over again over even tiny issues while totally ignoring any questions about Hillary’s actions overseas creating wars and overthrowing governments.

    How insane is this? Totally insane. SHE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND she is WALL STREET that hates us all.

  18. I’m not taking any of this personally, I simply disagree with you. I thought you were taking it personally. Am I wrong? Still friends? I hope so! Intent can be hard to decipher it text only communication! 😮

  19. emsnews

    Look, I was for Sanders and am voting third party this year even though NONE of the candidates are my ideal at all. I just have this thing about the Bilderberg gang which is a bunch of international crooks who are stripping us of our collective citizenship via forcing us into international laws that violate our right to survive here at home.

    Thus, the transfer of most US manufacturing jobs to alien countries like Mexico and China, for example.

    This is all life and death. Hillary made secret promises to the Wall Street gangs and international groups in PRIVATE speeches which our news media never ever mentions nor are demands made IN our own media, for her to release all these speeches and let reporters go to Bilderberg meetings which are held OVERSEAS in HIDDEN PLACES where reporters are kept out by MILITARY which surrounds these utterly secret meetings.

    And this, in a nutshell, is why I despise Hillary personally.

  20. Lou

    To my mind, it would be unthinkable that the (((media))) would not get the questions to Hillary beforehand.
    And the moderator harassed DT.
    The deck was stacked.
    Elaine is right.

  21. Ok. Originally, I would’ve voted for Bernie, too, but he dropped out. My opinion, *opinion*, mind you, not ‘fact’, is that all these stories about Hilary are just that. Stories and lies. Truth be told, I despise Trump just as much as you despise Hilary. You believe these stories about Hilary, I don’t. But so what? Who cares who believes what? Live and let live.

  22. Christian W

    @ 23

    You only need to read wikileaks to understand that they are not stories about Hillary, but fact.

    But then I don’t think you Caley are here to really learn anything new but just to spout nonsense to distract the discussion – in other words just trolling.

  23. Christian W

    Even IF Sanders had been a real candidate, rather than a phoney, he would not have changed anything fundamentally important.

    The US has to pop the debt bubble, reboot it’s monetary system (give up Bretton Woods dollar system), blow up the MIC/Pentagon Murder Inc system, reform the CIA, kick Israel out of it’s decision making processes, and prosecute the mulititude of criminals running things at the top of the chain and below.

    Of course there is no sign Americans are sane enough to do this, so we will get WWIII in spades instead.

  24. emsnews

    Caley is NOT a ‘troll’. I am very glad she is here. She shows how propaganda works on people’s emotions. Hillary is female=she is like us normal women and not an elitist plotting with aliens to rule us against our collective will.

    Propaganda is highly important. I, for example, didn’t begin tracking the Bilderberg gang closely until the last 20 years when they were dug out of their dark closet by brave people in Europe who defied them and tried to enter their secret meetings.

    Now, military tanks and guns and lots of troops make a ring around wherever these gangsters meet and they no longer meet in Brussels or Bonn or Paris but tiny little towns deep in the Alps.

  25. Indeed, my friend Elaine is correct. I’m not a troll, never have been, never will be. You interpret my posts as ‘nonsense’. I can’t change that, but just because you disagree with it, it’s nonsense. I don’t think your posts are nonsense.

    As for Wikileaks, I don’t believe everything I read.

  26. Petruchio

    “As for Wikileaks, I don’t believe everything I read.” Well that’s convenient. That way you can reject any and all information that doesn’t align with your prejudices. You obviously weren’t paying attention to the Congressional hearings showing Hillary straight out lied to them about her emails. ELAINE; I’ll take your word for it that “Caley” is NOT a troll, but if it walks like a Duck and it quacks like a Duck, maybe it IS a Duck. Just sayin’….

  27. emsnews

    No, she is an old dear friend. No hostility there. She simply reveals how easy it is to convince people the sun rises in the west. I understand her difficulty in all this.

    The idea that foreign powers rule us and the Clintons who left the WH with NO MONEY are now super rich and note how the media today is howling about how Trump made money and didn’t pay taxes.

    NEITHER HAS THE CLINTONS. And their daughter is paid millions to do nearly nothing except push her baby carriage around her very expensive home in Manhattan. We have to wonder, who gave the Clintons all this loot and why?

    I know that Trump got his from gambling and TV. And I took some of it, too, and that this pissed him off terribly back then.

  28. Christian W

    Hillary is a war criminal and a corrupt crook. That is not an opinon, those are facts.

    Now people who disregard those facts and pretend Hillary is a liberal and a sane option for US President – despite the fact she supports Saudi/Gulf dictatorships, Al Qaeda, the Israeli apartheid state and it’s occupation of Palestine – all of which makes it impossible for her to be a liberal since her policies are all fundamentally anti-liberal – are clearly deluded. The inherent contradictions in their view makes their stance impossible if looked at rationally.

    I find that position offensive tbh, It is not personal Caley. I could respect it if there was a rational argument for supporting it, but there is none and it is very, very creepy that peope don’t see basic reality.

  29. emsnews

    Many liberals are fakers. This is alas, very common. It is depressing. I am a conservative liberal in that I believe in minimizing the state interference, I am very patriotic and want strong borders and protections from foreign and domestic terrorists of all types and I am very much against CRIME in our cities, big time.

    And the Democrats are embracing criminals, lying to them and using them to fool young people into voting for dreadful creeps saying, they want blacks and young students to run riot in the streets, hahaha.

    And then they will turn around and crush them all ruthlessly. Ahem. As always.

  30. emsnews

    By the way, I am very happy Cali showed up today. She is really a wonderful person. Don’t let ideology blind us to how good other people are.

  31. Petruchio

    @#32: Elaine: I can understand Cali. I used to be a brainwashed, brain dead Republican. Then I grew a brain. But I will say this: when I was a brainwashed Republican, I was an A##HOLE. Time, imho for Cali to wake up and smell the coffee.

  32. Umm. I’m not a Republican. I never have been. I’m a moderate Liberal. I support Hilary because I have the right to. I don’t need to justify my choice. But neither do you have to justify your choice. Nobody does has to justify their choice. They shouldn’t feel the need to.

  33. “Hillary is a war criminal and a corrupt crook. That is not an opinion, those are facts.” No, that is your opinion, not fact.

    ““As for Wikileaks, I don’t believe everything I read.” Well that’s convenient. That way you can reject any and all information that doesn’t align with your prejudices.” Aren’t you doing the very same thing? Rejecting any and all information that doesn’t align with your prejudices??? I love Logic; it cuts both ways.

  34. BTW, I’ve never been heavily involved in politics. I vote, of course. I investigate each candidate and decide to who to vote for. But I’m not passionate about politics the way the people here are. I think that’s why you are all getting so upset that I don’t agree with you.

    I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, just sticking to my guns, as it were. And to quote Sir Winston Churchill, “Courtesy costs nothing”. Phrases such as “well, that’s convenient” smack of sarcasm. Manners, please.

  35. Jim R

    Suture self, Caley. But a vote for Hil is a vote for WWIII.

  36. Christian W

    # 36 I disagree completely. There has to be some brain acitivity behind voting, voting just to perpetuate a corrupt system is ultimately self defeating…this defeat of regular Americans is becoming stark reality.

    I do agree you don’t have to justify your vote to others and can keep how you voted to yourself, that is an important right.

    Also to address the other point, we are doing something called comparing available information to make an EDUCATED decision based on analysis of facts – we are not lapping up disinformation but comparing evidence over a long period of times, many years in fact. Doing this determines what is disinformation and what is true facts based on the actual historic pattern.

    So, please show me some information as to WHY I should support Hillary that overwrites her long, long criminal record, and worse, proves she will NOT promote the US war on the rest of the world? That doesn’t mean I should automatically support Trump because he is not reflexively the ‘other choice’.

    When you are caught in a False Dilemma, a fake proposition, you do not pick either false choice. But sadly the majority of voting Americans never see past this simple scam. The False Dilemma is the entire point of the GOP vs DEM scam. No matter which candidate you vote for you vote for the agenda of the elites, the oligarchs, or plutocrats, that run the system.

    Why perpetuate a system where you voters have ZERO influence over real policies?

    Pride in Ignorance is not a virtue, if you ask me. No “wonderful person” supports war crimes do they?

  37. emsnews

    This election everyone is holding their noses to vote. It is a complete mess at this point and I am not shocked, this is how all empires operate when going downhill.

  38. Christian W

    Maddie’s mom had it right in her comment the other day. To use the Animal Farm analogy. You are holding your nose and voting for the Piggies. Piggie candidate 2 is bad says Piggie candidate 1. Piggie candidate 2 says Piggie candidate 1 is a liar.

    All the rest of the Animals, that do all the back breaking work but don’t live in the Party House at the top of the hill where the Piggies are becoming more and more human like, are now holding their noses and voting for Piggie 1 or Piggie 2 in the Pig election where only Pigs are allowed.

    What about if all the Animals got themselves sorted and did something about being useful idiots for the Piggies?

  39. Jim R

    Christian, didn’t you know some animals are more equal than others?

    And, Elaine, precisely! That is how empires operate when going downhill.

  40. emsnews

    Yes, and he let Clinton off the hook.

  41. Petruchio

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!! I think all those Congressional hearings “to get to the bottom of it all” are one, giant act of Comedy. Theater. Performed by people who should be taking some acting lessons. Actually, if they wanted to be honest–which they don’t, but if they did–all these honorable members of Congress should appear at these “investigative” hearings wearing Clown suits. They are a bunch of bozos who are trying to commit fraud on the American people. These (mostly) Republican members of Congress huff and they puff and they put on this act of righteous indignation, but at the end of the day NO CHARGES ARE FILED. Why? Because that was the plan all along!! Those investigative hearing where they brought in Loretta Lynch and FBI Director (puppet) James Comey and the hearings with Mrs. Clinton and her email “issue” had one and only ONE objective: to let Clinton off the hook! Now, after all this, the Clintons and their followers can say, “This was investigated by Congress. No charges were filed. The matter is closed.”
    Yes, boys and girls. It’s TRUE! All those indignant REPUBLICANS like Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy are part of the CLINTON team! They are working to help Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats cover up the latest scandals! These Republicans may genuinely dislike Mrs. Clinton, but they are still going to ferociously DEFEND and PROTECT her! Why? Because they know that if that sleazy, vile hag Mrs. Clinton (gee whiz. Maybe I should lighten up on Hillary. She’s a Grandmother for crying out loud!) goes down a REPUBLICAN scandal will be the hot topic in D.C. next.
    The dynamic working here is the political equivalent of MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction. Maybe some of these ‘honorable’ Republicans actually have to bite down hard to defend Mrs. Clinton, but they WILL because they know the Democratic Crime Family will put out dirt and sleaze on the Republicans So the elites in D.C. have to put on this charade of Congressional hearings. Nothing ever gets done because that’s the goal all along? Brian Pagliano gets a Contempt of Congress citation. Think he’s ever going to be hauled to jail until he testtifies? LOL Karl Rove got a Contempt citation and he ignored it. This is politics at its most cynical.

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