Chelsea Clinton Jets To SC To Scream About Jets Heating The Planet To Death


Trump is a creep (who hates me because he bet against me and I won over and over again!) but the Clintons are criminals.  The US choice this year is typical of a dying empire.  Today’s news we won’t see in the US in big print on the front page with full photos is spoiled brat Chelsea boarding a PRIVATE JET so she could fly to Asheville, SC to talk about how people flying around in private jets like she and her family do all the time, is very evil and we are all going to roast to death thanks to these people flying private jets.

Gumby Tax – YouTube


The comments to this story are all similar and all are furious that the Clintons are total hypocrites, liars and in some cases, war criminals.


More Gumby Clips – YouTube since one isn’t enough.  The NYT is a publication that rants every day about how rich people like the owners of this rag, are fine people and the rest of us are evil because we sometimes fly on cheap airliners while they all fly private jets all over the planet screaming ‘We are all going to DIE!’ due to ‘global warming’ caused by these very same jets.


The NYT isn’t carrying the story about elitist Chelsea flying in a private jet to talk about global warming.  It does have praise for corrupt Clintons collecting huge stashes of loot from the very rich jet setters who are all trying to roast us all to death!  This is a sign she is good and Trump is evil, of course, she gets much bigger bribes than he and his is nearly all from Little People who should live in hovels and walk while the elites jet set.


Note, please, that the idiots at the NYT have a top editorial about…GLOBAL WARMING!  Next to it is Perez’s funeral where every ruling elite especially the ones ruled by Israel, show up to increase global warming so they can all smooch over a corpse.


Also note how aliens want desperately to vote.  The DNC hopes they will vote for them.  Vote for corruption!  Yeah, team!  Why the rest of the world would hand Clinton a landslide victory because they all run trade SURPLUSES with the US and want to invade our borders at will to take US jobs, etc.  Yes, open borders/free trade pleases them all greatly.


Note the shrieking about Britain putting up some protections at home!  Oh, the agony.  And so it goes: Americans are told, protections are evil and having floods of immigrants are good which is why wages at the bottom 1/3 of society if not 1/2 has been stagnant for years and years while inflation eats up their pay checks and it is harder and harder for children of citizens to get jobs.


Hillary’s solution is more of the same.  Thanks a million.  Oh, and one country that exports to the US and imports nearly nothing is Germany:  Deutsche Bank stability concerns grow as clients pull their assets | Daily Mail Online reports.  Hedge fund tricks are at fault here.  How quaint. I remember how these same tricks destroyed Japan and the US, too.  They never, ever learn, do they?


Time to jet set around the planet, screaming ‘We are roasting to death and going bankrupt, too!’


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19 responses to “Chelsea Clinton Jets To SC To Scream About Jets Heating The Planet To Death

  1. Jim R

    … and never mind the wars in the Middle East. It’s not like war causes carbon pollution. Or uranium pollution …

    When is Chelsea going to talk about that?

  2. Lou

    War is a racket.
    Are the war mongers concerned with radiation?

  3. Chelsea’s been out to the Hamptons on the East End, fundraising among the elites for a run at Congress.
    Not even bothering with state or local office. Nothing but the national stage will do for her.

  4. floridasandy

    she seems to have trouble drawing a crowd, so maybe they don’t want her on the national stage.

    I found it interesting that Hillary picked Merkel for her favorite politician when asked. That sounds exactly right for her.

  5. emsnews

    Yes, the lady who is busy destroying Germany.

  6. Petruchio

    “The NYT isn’t carrying the story about elitist Chelsea flying in a private jet to talk about global warming.” Actually this seeming inconsistency between what that Icon of Journalism, Chelsea Clinton says about global warming and what dear little Chelsea does is actually no inconsistency at all.
    Chelsea Clinton–and her kind, like Al Gore–really ARE for getting rid of jet travel, but ONLY for the peasants, the ‘proles’, the common folk, NOT the Elites themselves!!! Our elites really do not see ANY inconsistency in banning (or at least severely limiting) jet travel for the common folk, but unlimited jet travel for themselves.
    BTW Elaine: remember this about cute little Chelsea. Hillary Clinton is her mother (who Chelsea’s father is? Another question entirely). With that kind of a f#cked up start in life who wouldn’t be flawed? Personally I think it is a miracle Chelsea isn’t the biggest mass murderer of all time. I’m surprised Chelsea doesn’t have demonic horns sticking out of her head and who occasionally belches fire from her mouth. Or maybe it would be a pea green slime that oozes out of Chelsea’s mouth, maybe that would be a better representation.

  7. tio

    “Hedge fund tricks are at fault here” aka Josef Ackermann, member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, suicide bankster. RIP Deutschland.

  8. Christian W

    @ 5

    The NATO supported “Muslim terrorists” (the FSA ie the real deal, not the psychotic meltdown nutcases) specialize in human trafficking too. They offer routes from Syria to Germany for about $7000 USD per “refugee”… to be paid AFTER the refugees have been accepted into the new country.

  9. Christian W

    French authorities lied about key facts in the Nice massacre. Hardly surprising in Zio France.

  10. Christian W

    Also look at the picture of the truck and it’s windshield. The police must have tried really hard not to shoot the driver. Even I am a much better shot than that.

  11. Lou

    (who Chelsea’s father is? Another question entirely—I guess Web Hubble, compare photos.

  12. floridasandy

    just wondering

    is that why webb is still alive, and foster is dead?

  13. Lou

    Is that why Webb is still alive, and foster is dead?

    —-You know too much.

  14. I’m voting for Hilary. My reasons are my own. Flame me all you want.

  15. How do you think Trump travels around? On a bike???? All politicians fly in private jets. So do big business magnates like Trump. To scream that Chelsea does it, as if Trump doesn’t, is pure hypocrisy.

  16. emsnews

    Um, excuse me, TRUMP isn’t screaming about ‘global warming’ but Hillary and her gang ARE! I hope you can figure out what this means in the real world. Start with ‘lying’ and ‘hypocrite’.

  17. Global warming is real. I figured it out a long time ago. Elaine, is that you or someone else posting?

  18. I seem to remember you (or Elaine if it’s someone else) telling me global warming was very real, and that it could trigger an ice age. It made perfect sense to me.

  19. Well, like I said, Hilary is not a member of any ‘gang’. She is neither a liar or a hyopcrite, and neither am I just because I oppose Trump. Nothing you say will change my mine. Flame on at your pleasure, I can take it.

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