Bezos And WP Think Will Of The People Is EVIL

The Battle of Vienna, September Eleven 1683 Ottoman Empire movie – YouTube is some history for people who are unaware how deep into Europe Islam came using the sword in the last 300 years.


The E.U.’s biggest threat is the will of its people the Washington Post writes!  HOW DARE THE PEOPLE HAVE A WILL!!!  No, they are to be SLAVES!  The Real Rulers give them their orders and they must obey, eh, Washington Post?  How The Washington Post changed after Jeff Bezos acquisition reflects his belief in being a Real Ruler now.  The steep downhill slide of this paper is astonishing.  I cannot imagine a headline this evil before Mr. Bezos of fame took over.  Here is his story written by two reporters about How do you stop migrants? In Hungary, with ‘border hunters.’  and it is a nonstop attack on anyone protecting their borders.


This nation that once sat behind the Iron Curtain is offering a rare glimpse into a world where the build-a-wall mentality to keep migrants out rules the land. On Sunday, Hungarians will cast ballots in a national referendum on European Union quotas for accepting asylum seekers, with polls showing an overwhelming majority of likely voters poised to reject them.


There is an ‘Iron Curtain’ of extreme height and length and it is in Israel.  Israel is the country our Real Rulers Really Love.  They hate the US and especially hate the Despicables, aka, voters.  They hate borders except when Jews make borders then these are to be bullet proof and impenetrable.


Donald Trump may want a wall, but Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban — a vocal fan of Trump’s immigration plan — has built one. Now, the nation is launching a massive recruitment drive for 3,000 “border hunters.” Their mission: beef up an already formidable migrant blockade, turning Hungary into a global model of how to prevent even the most determined asylum seeker from slipping through.


The Hungarian ‘wall’ is a mere fence which Muslims attack and run through but are collected by troops guarding the place.  There is nothing even slightly ‘wall-like’ to compare with the gigantic wall in Israel.


“Hungary does not need a single migrant for the economy to work or the population to sustain itself or for the country to have a future,” said Orban, who likened migration to “poison.” He added, “Every single migrant poses a public security and terror risk.”


Very true.  Over and over again, in Europe and in the US, we are attacked by people born in some Muslim nation who screams ‘Allah Ackbar!’ while killing people.


In one series of national ads, billboards in cities, towns and villages asked Hungarians, “Did you know?” before answering their own question:

  1.  “Since the beginning of the migration crisis more than 300 people died in terrorist attacks in Europe.”
  2. “Since the beginning of the migration crisis, harassment against women in Europe increased dramatically.”
  3. “The Paris attacks were carried out by migrants.”
    Critics concede it is within the limits of freedom of expression for anti-migrant supporters to make such blanket claims. But what is extraordinary, they say, is the zeal with which the government itself has become a mouthpiece for ethnic and religious caricatures.


All of these ‘questions’ are obviously true.  So where is the evil here?  Oh, it is aimed at waking up people to dire danger.  Life and death danger, no less!  Doing this with ‘zeal’ is evil except when in Israel.  There, talking dirty about killing off all the Palestinians is official business.  There, it is OK to shoot little school girls who are 4 feet tall, carrying scissors!


These same globalists want Free Trade Policies, TPP Agreement Leading US Industry ‘To Slaughter’ but they don’t care.  So long as Israel gets its regular billions from US taxpayers and Europe is kept in line by scaring them with armies of angry Muslim males, Israel is safe.


  Trump said Florida had already lost one in five of all its manufacturing jobs since Clinton’s husband, President Bill Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994…Moreover, Trump called Hillary Clinton the candidate of a disastrous status quo.


“We exposed Hillary Clinton’s real position on NAFTA and TPP. She called it ‘the gold standard.’… [But] TPP will be a disaster for Florida… Pennsylvania and Ohio,” Trump stated.


This is news from Russia, not the US.  None of the big media giants who are pushing Hillary’s corpse across the finish line mention any of this.  This is life and death for Americans.  Want a life of poverty?  Kill all manufacturing here!


On board the USS Eisenhower as its Top Guns blast ISIS with bombing missions because when Russia bombs screaming Muslim radicals, it is pure evil but when we drop bombs on everyone, we are gods.  Especially when we bomb our allies or hospitals.  Then we are super gods.  And Russia is evil to point out this hypocrisy.


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9 responses to “Bezos And WP Think Will Of The People Is EVIL

  1. Petruchio

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here. The immigrant invasion into Europe has two main purposes: a.) to protect Israel by removing potential recruits out of the Middle East, and b.) the migrant invasion into Europe is the Ruling Class’ way of destroying the native peoples in Europe. You can’t overestimate the deep, bitter HATRED the elites have for the ‘proles’. The migrant invasion into Europe is one final “F#ck You!!” by the elites to the “masses” they so bitterly hate. I think even the coddled elites are starting to realize their days are numbered.

  2. Lou

    When Le Pen almost won and when Pat Buchanan was running, the news was similar. Yikes, The will of the people is in their interest, not in the interest of the Jews ((()))).

  3. Christian W

    Bezos is also heavily invested in those driverless vehicles the elites want to impose on us, costing even more jobs obviously.

  4. Christian W

    The Battle of Vienna isn’t the only major battle against Muslim expansion. In 1565 the Ottoman Empire suffered a major strategic defeat in the Siege of Malta, where fanatic Christians and locals defeated the invasion.

    Perhaps the most important victory for Europe was as early as 735 in France, when an ancestor to Charlemagne won a decisive victory against the Moors (Arabs) coming up from Spain at the Battle of Poitiers (or Tours).

  5. emsnews

    Yes, and the crusades. Ah yes, the crusades! Took the Norman/Viking stock and sent them on a fool’s errand to stop them from stomping all over Europe. Ditto the colonization of the New World….invasions: history is all about invasions of various sorts over the eons over and over and over again.

  6. melponeme_k

    In the 15th century, Vlad Tepes was the bulwark in Eastern Europe against the Ottomon empire. He was one of the reasons why none of us have to kneel towards Mecca for the call to prayer. And for that amazing feat, he has been demonized and turned into a vampire legend Dracula.

    His people still think of him as a national hero.

  7. KHS71

    Try the Gates of Vienna web site. Talking about this issue now.

  8. Seraphim

    Actually, Israel’s is a Concrete Curtain. I saw it from both sides. It’s absolutely horrible.
    Hurray for Vlad Tepes! Actually, his brother was a hostage at the court of Mahomed Fatih who ‘fell in love’ with him and had his way with him. Vlad chose to impale the Turks through their lower orifices as retribution.
    Who actually curtailed his succesful resistance was (sinister irony) Matthias Corvinus, the King of Hungary, his ally, but who chose to make peace with the Turks and arrested Vlad and kept him for years in prison under the accusation of cruelty towards his subjects! The lurid stories about Dracula have been invented as justification for the betrayal. What contributed to his fame was the fact that the story of his attrocities was one of the first printed books which aquired instantly (and kept for long time) the staus of best-seller!
    Anyhow, after years the King pretended to restart the fight against the Turks and sent Vlad back to his country to organaize the fight, only to be again abandoned alone against the Turks and eventually assassinated.

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